‘Dexter’ Finale: More Clips, Info & Spoilers

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dexter finale logo1 ‘Dexter’ Finale: More Clips, Info & Spoilers

With the season finale of Dexter only a few days away, you had to expect more promo info to come out. While the cast & crew of the show have taken drastic precautions (non-disclosure agreements, fake scripts) to keep what’s going to happen a secret, fans of the show can thank Showtime for not following suit and releasing a bevy of spoiler-worthy clips.

Not to be outdone, executive producer Clyde Phillips continues to make his rounds with Dexter news and should receive the award for being able to say so much, without actually revealing anything. Although, I have a feeling after we see the finale, there will be some clues in what he said that we just didn’t catch. My thought is that his promise that this finale episode “will blow the top of your head off” has some meaning as it’s not a usual phrase to use.

Phillips on whether or not things will be wrapped up or continue into the next season:

“I can’t say whether or not things get tied up because then the audience has an expectation of whether or not things are going to get tied up.”

See what I mean? He knows he has the biggest secret in the world and he sure is milking it. Still, there are other members of the cast that are a little more revealing (yet not) about the season finale.

Courtney Ford (Christine – Trinity’s daughter) says:

“The finale definitely has a huge twist.”

“It is a game-changer if you’re a Dexter fan. Fans are going to freak out. We freaked out when we were finally made aware of what was going to happen. They kept us in the dark about what was going to happen until the last possible moment. Initially, they even gave us a script that wasn’t the real finale script. I read it and I was like, ‘This is a little weird, but, okay, they know what they’re doing.’ And then I realized everyone else was kind of thinking that as well. Then it came time to film it and they said they had changes and we were given a few pages every day… only the ones we needed that day, so it kept us in suspense. It is a terrifying way to work because you don’t know where your character is headed.”

Hmm… Isn’t she supposed to be dead? If she’s dead then why would she be a part of the finale? Does that mean that she’s not dead or that there’s a possibility of her returning a la Harry in some memory, flashback or sub-conscious form? I can’ wait to find out!

New Clips

In the Dexter finale preview we got see Deb confront Dexter regarding his past, but in this video Deb finds out so much more. There’s also some family time with Trinity AND the conclusion of the Trinity/Dexter showdown from last weeks episode.

(Not so) Happy time at the Trinity house


Everything comes together for Deb [minor spoilers]

Those videos are great and have me even more excited about the season finale, but the thing that has me more excited than that, is the fact that Showtime is even releasing these videos. These aren’t just a little ambiguous clips – this is the second video that just straight up drops a major plot reveal. Still, the fact that Showtime is releasing these has me thinking that this is nothing compared to what else is going to happen. If Deb finding out Dexter’s past is just an appetizer, what’s the main course?


[Minor Spoilers Below]

With the Dexter finale preview came a slew of theories in the comments about what’s to come in the finale. While there are very few people that actually know what’s going to happen, Phillips had debunked some things during the horribly-hosted live chat.

  • Trinity is not Dexter’s father.
  • Neither Deb nor Rita are going to become victims of Trinity.
  • Deb will not find out Dexter’s “big” secret. (While Deb finds out Dexter’s secret in the book, most of the producers haven’t read past the first book and while they find such a reveal an interesting aspect, they have yet to consider it for the show.)

Now, on to some of the more far-fetched theories:

  • This season is not, in fact, a dream that Dexter has been having after the car accident. He’s not going to wake up handcuffed to a hospital bed after the police found him with the body of Benny Gomez.
  • Trinity is not a manifestation of Dexter having multiple personalities.

There you have it. Enough Dexter information to hold you over ‘til Sunday. Still, if you need something to supplement your Dexter-fix, you can always check out Dexter: Early Cuts.

What do you think? Am I missing anything? Are your theories now debunked? Any thoughts of the video?

People say that they come here for the articles, but we all know it’s for the comments. So, do your part and comment below.

Catch the season finale of Dexter next Sunday @9pm on Showtime.

Source: E! Online & The Ausiello Files

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  1. Why yes that has debunked some of my theories, I think the producers not bothering to read past the first book is a shame, although they obviously read the second, if my memory serves there are a few things from the book in the second season.

    I cannot wait to see it, Monday morning for me, being in the UK

  2. how could people think Trinity was in Dexters head?
    Trinity has interacted with plenty of people.

  3. And he has been around for over thirty years! Surely no one rally believed Trinity was in Dexters head.
    I kinda liked the whole in his head angle though.

  4. “Phillips had debunked some things during the horribly-hosted live chat.”

    WOAH! Some of those things he debunked were huge to me. Those were the very things I was wondering about. Not sure whether to be disappointed or relived.

    However – the wording could be adjusted in such a way as to still avoid the fact that certain things might happen … but in different ways than he specifically addressed.

    “Neither Deb nor Rita are going to become victims of Trinity.
    Deb will not find out Dexter’s “big” secret.”

    Why would he even directly shoot down such questions? I can’t believe that he actually debunked this stuff!

    Incidentally, I’ve only read the first 2 Dexter books and had no clue that Deb would eventually find out Dex’s BIG secret. Hmmmm.

  5. @Cyn

    Read the third book, its amazing, the plot would work really well on the tv show. Obviously I wont spoil it.

  6. @Cyn

    Maybe I should change it to “major spoilers?”

    While Phillips mentioned Dexter’s two main women being safe, he did not say anything about the kids.

    The one thing he did say was that Dexter has a very close relationship with Cody. Read into that as you will.

  7. My guess?
    Harry Morgan is alive.

  8. Dont we clearly see Harry die, in one of Dexter’s flashbacks?

  9. @drsambeckett

    He committed suicide.

  10. well, whatever the twist is, I hope it isnt some sort of psycological mind blowing thing .
    They SAY it isnt a dream.
    I just hope thats true.
    the official denials are kind of strange.

  11. Anthony,
    the reason I thought Harrys suicide might not have been real ,
    was because you speculated Based on Courtney Fords comments
    That Christine might be alive and it just occured to me that Harry might have faked his suicide and helped Christine fake hers.
    Just speculating wildly .

  12. @Gary

    During the live chat, he was simply asked about different theories such as “Is it a dream” and what not. His response varied from “that’s stupid” to “that’s less stupid.”

    If anything, I know there’s not going to be any cheap twists.. Such as a Newhart-esque dream reveal.

    I got ya, sir. I have no idea how’d they play her not being dead. I say speculate away.

  13. @DrSam

    I was about to listen to the 3rd book but read so many strange things about where it was headed that I figured it might cheapen the Dexter experience for me. I will most likely get around to it eventually, but those horrid reviews were disappointing and left me shaking my head, for it seemed Lindsay went off the deep end or something. Is there something I’m missing about that?

    “While Phillips mentioned Dexter’s two main women being safe, he did not say anything about the kids.”

    I have been reading many comments about Cody possibly becoming the next Trinity victim. Now that WOULD signify huge change for Dexter – and Rita as well. My, my ….

  14. The third book is transitional for many of the characters, a lot changes but it has a lot of interesting ideas, some of which should really be used in the show.
    I have a theory, and it does have to do with Cody, but more him killing than being killed!

  15. Wow. Some of those theories are pretty damn farfetched. Having said that, I don’t think the show needs such sensationalism to be good. The conflict between the Trinity killer and Dexter alone is rewarding to watch. What both bugs me and intrigues me is the carelessness that each man shows when spying on one another: Trinity being RIGHT BEHIND Dexter as he follows him in the van; Dexter walking out of his office to Trinity WITH his badge on.

  16. Well my biggest spoiler guess was that not only would Deb find out that Dexter is related to the Ice Truck Killer but was also the Bay Harbor Butcher and maybe she walks in on him finishing up with Trinity(if that happens) in the finale. But obviously the writers and producers for Dexter are much more creative than me. lol

    But hell, I like it that way, give me a challenge. D)

  17. he said Deb and Rita wont be Trinity victims – that doesnt mean Rita wont be killed by someone else in the show as that has been hinted and theorized to death on many Dexter forums.

    They never showed Harry dying in nay Dexter episode. he was sick and then being fed drugs by his nurse, whom Dexter later killed when he found out she was killing her patients.

    Later he was told Harry killed him self, but it was never shown.

    The writers also said that they never contemplated killing off Dexters family (using Trinity) so this leads me to think that Cody is safe for now.

  18. Is my memory wrong or isn’t Dexter not only the Ice Truck killer’s brother, but Debs half bio brother as well?!?!?!

  19. “Is my memory wrong or isn’t Dexter not only the Ice Truck killer’s brother, but Debs half bio brother as well?!?!?!”

    Dex is the Ice Truck Killer’s brother, but only the adopted brother of Deb.

  20. What if Trinity doesn’t kill Dexter’s family but maybe like someone else does?

    I just can’t see Dexter escaping from this season with his family in tact.

    My prediction – Trinity while about to be killed tells Dexter that his entire family is going to die if Dexter doesn’t let him go. Cody cemented, Rita jumps off building, Rita’s daughter killed in bathtub. Harrison left alive. Dexter kills trinity. Credits.

    It just seems way to weird that the producers would admit that Dexter’s family doesn’t get harmed, I mean why would you eliminate probably one of the biggest speculations if it wasn’t going to happen?

    The more people deny, the more true it is.

  21. If this is to be believed, it completely debunks my finale theory. This is a good thing though.

    @blahblah – No chance Astor is the one who dies in the bathtub. That’s a very sexual killing for Arthur (he was spying on his sister in the shower, very likely with impure thoughts) that involves him nude in the tub with his victim. If Arthur recreates the bathtub murder, it would be with Deb.

    Although, with these reveals, that wouldn’t be the twist.

    I’m starting to get this dreadful feeling that the ‘cliffhanger ending’ that ‘will make fans freak out’ is going to be Dexter getting arrested for connection to the “disappearance” of that photographer. I really hope I’m wrong.

  22. @Brett — ohh yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if something about the photographer doesn’t end up resurfacing again. They showed a flashback scene of that particular killing in the preview for episode 12, so who knows.

  23. the important thing is to down play your expectations , so you dont end up hating it!

  24. I think while everyone’s focusing on Dexter… La Guerta and Batista have slowly had a leadup to the finale as well.

    I would put 2 to 1 odds that one of them will not make it out of tonight

  25. So . . . the producer just lied through his teeth, didn’t he?

  26. Just what I was thinking, Matt. I don’t mind a little red herring action or subterfuge or refusal to answer. But I do mind outright lying. It is disrespectful to the fans, not to mention patronizing.

  27. yeah, I came back to re-read this to see if there was something I missed “Neither Deb nor Rita are going to become victims of Trinity” !??! Hmm, I guess that’s one way to keep things from getting spoiled in advance.

  28. Well, like I mentioned elsewhere – technically he wasn’t the “Trinity” killer, since his victims came in fours. But based on some things I’d read in earlier articles, I actually predicted Rita’s death weeks ago (not here, just in conversation with family). So the next season will focus on Dex as single father. I almost can’t believe how spot-on I was about the victim, but it was with a bit of help so I can’t take all the credit. The clues came in the following form: Julie Benz ‘freaking out’ when she read the final script, and Jennifer Carpenter ‘sneaking’ onto the set while the climactic scene was being filmed. It all pointed in one direction: Rita was the one to go.