Showtime Renews ‘Dexter’ for Seasons 7 & 8; Possible Series Finale

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michael c hall dexter season 6 traier Showtime Renews Dexter for Seasons 7 & 8; Possible Series Finale

What to know what happens next? ‘Dexter’ Season 7 Details Revealed

Despite some ups and downs, Showtime’s Dexter continues to be a ratings hit and critical darling for the subscription network. While certain aspects of the fan-favorite series are less cohesive, and subsequently less entertaining, than others – there’s no doubt the trials, tribulations, and murders of Miami Metro’s “blood guy” continue to captivate audiences.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that Dexter has been renewed for at least two more season arcs – meaning fans will get to enjoy another 24 episodes of watching Michael C. Hall explore the battle between his onscreen counterpart’s growing humanity and ever-present Dark Passenger.

Dexter season 7, alone, was reported to be in jeopardy a little over a month ago – as Hall and his representatives were pushing for $1 million per Dexter episode ($24 million total for two seasons) and Showtime wasn’t interested in going above a combined $20 million total. As we previously reported, even the $20 million figure would make Hall one of the most highly-paid actors on television.

However, while the Showtime press release doesn’t (of course) address the actor’s compensation, Hall and the network have worked out a deal – as Dexter has been renewed for two more seasons. According to Showtime president of entertainment, David Nevins:

“The series is bigger than it’s ever been in its sixth season, both in terms of audience and its impact on the cultural landscape. Together with Michael, the creative team on the show has a very clear sense of where they intend to take the show over the next two seasons and, as a huge fan, I’m excited to watch the story of Dexter Morgan play out.”

Deadline caught-up with Nevins following the announcement, who clarified that the network’s negotiations with Hall weren’t nearly as difficult as we might have been led to believe – adding that the team has a plan for a three-year arc (which includes the current season):

“It’s been a pretty simple negotiation, and Michael C. Hall has been incredibly gentlemanly throughout the whole process. The biggest question was: what is the trajectory of the show creatively? And after speaking with (executive producers) John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton and Scott Buck, it became pretty clear that there was a very clear 3-year trajectory. Once we established that, this became a very simple negotiation, which went down pretty quickly.”

While this season of Dexter hasn’t been the series’ strongest narrative showing, there’s no doubt that with a few “kill of the week” episodes, a number of especially bizarre serial murders, and Hall’s compelling performance as the titular character, season six has (so far) offered a strong continuation of the over-arching storyline.

dexter season 6 michael c hall harrison Showtime Renews Dexter for Seasons 7 & 8; Possible Series Finale

Despite the “3-year trajectory,” Nevins also asserts that, while it’s a possibility, season eight isn’t guaranteed to be the series’ endpoint:

“I’m not going to say with absolute certainty that this is the end, but that is the likely scenario, that the series is moving towards a definite end.”

However, with Dexter becoming increasingly “Human” – not to mention Deborah’s near-miss discovery of her brother’s killer instinct last season – it’ll be especially interesting to see how the show runners keep things moving in the series or, should season eight be the last installment, how they intend to wrap-up Dexter’s story.

Can there be a happy ending for dearly devoted Dexter Morgan?

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Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9PM on Showtime.

Source: Deadline

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  1. This season was different then the last…. It had very little kills, but it largely focused on 1 case. Some people love this in depth form and others like constant action. Most people do not like change, so when they see this season compared to the first ones they are disappointed.

    • They need to please everybody, and that can’t be done by not changing things.

  2. I’m glad there’s going to be more as, while things have gone a bit off the rails, the show is still enjoyable to watch. I’m hoping for something more like Season 2 again, with Dexter having to defend himself against police threat closing in, but this time with Deborah questioning her own actions (help or hinder) as well. Though that might seem more like a final season arc.

    Still, I hope for a return to the Season 1 brilliance; more standard Dexter kills, but possibly tied up in, or conflicting with, any big-bad of the series. Personally I’m hoping for a big bad that is suitably sinister, but more strongly tied up in the characters trying to find them; in particular, I think that one of Season 6’s wasted opportunities is the fact that Dexter trying to find Travis is actually hurting his sister’s investigation and putting her career in jeopardy. So it was annoying to see that Dexter didn’t even think about this for a moment, there is was no conflict of interest in deciding whether he should help catch Travis or kill him for himself. I’d love to see some of that; perhaps with his Dark Passenger running riot while his more human side struggles with the need to kill, and what it’s doing to people around him (hurting an investigation, preventing the victims of Dexter’s subject(s) from finding closure and so-on).

    The writing talent is definitely all there, but the show needs more a cohesive and focused direction to make the important plot elements really stand out, avoiding story clashes and minor plots becoming too much of an air time hog.

  3. i loved season 6 and i already hope, there’ll be a season 9!! and 10 and 11 and many more :)

  4. season 6 was the worst so far

    this is the order i rate the seasons from the best to worst

  5. @ Eugene: I’d say but who’s counting .

    Now I know why it’s getting worse ( and don’t get me wrong i still love dexter) , Michael C hall and his people are asking 1 million per episodes, no wonder why it’s getting so weird. they’re trying so hard to pull off something amazing ( that’s the typical sign of people who are scared to lose the money they invested so they overdo things) that it just ends up weird, not natural. What’s up with Deb being attractd to Dexter ? ( waw they must have been really desperate to pull this one out of their a**es, but hey, people got to eat , despite the fans ) , and what’s up with the doomsday killer season ? it was just disgusting and overly shocking just for the sake of shcoking and buzzing. I hope they pull themselves together for the two coming season.

    ps: At last Dex got busted. thanks got it’s Debra, i sure hope she’s gonna cover for him or I don’t know what’s gonna happen

    • I would say that Debra covers for Dex because we’re gonna have Dex for season 7 and 8. We need Dex around for season 9 and 10…
      Hope the writers pull a good one out of their hats.

  6. Well, the 6th season was the weakest one. Maybe because it came after such an incredible season 5 that just blew my mind. Most of the episode in the latest season were – let’s face it – boring. And I’m not talking about the God-theme. A religious psycho is quite interesting (in a TV series of course ;)) but the realization of the whole thing was having major flaws. In almost none of the episodes the fans were grabbed with suspense and thriller. There was no drama. The only decent thing were the realization of the different murders. Even the ending was expected. Not because many of us have been waiting for this to happen for like the first season and it just kept us on edge, but because everything was rushed during season 6. We had like 4 seasons before that when Debb was looking in her and Dexter’s past and was slowly unravelling the secrets from the past. The ending of this season was more or less rushed and lame. It was like “Oh, well. We see that the fans of the TV series are growing tiered of the slow unravelling of Dexter’s past by his sister so let’s make pop out on this world all of a sudden.”. That’s what we have here – they decided to cut the chase but this cutting was too abrupt and it really obvious that it’s about to happen. I’m still a huge fan of Dexter’s TV series and I do HOPE that in the next season we will see some thrills and pumping adrenaline (like in the previous season 4 where each episode started to build up the suspense slowly and at it’s end it was like a hurricane!).

  7. Lol.

    I loved season 6, finally a cool new serial killer after that lame season 5.
    I’m going with 4-1-6-2-3-5 from best to worst.

    cant wait for the new season!

    • i go with 1-2-3-4-5-6 you can put every number in every place 😛

      lov them all, can´t wait for the nex one ..

  8. i’m going with 4-3-6-5-2-1

  9. If Dexter keeps killing the killers that there’s a huge man hunt after…Then wouldn’t that make some heads roll in the police force? I mean if they keep missing the worse killers like that someone would have to pay for what appeared to be a level of incompetence.

    I think the series should end by Dexter going after someone like himself only that killer puts the bodies where they can be found because he wants other killers to be afraid….Then who catches who? And what do they do once they meet each other? Respectfully alow each other to continue if the other guy moves on? Work together? Or one kills the other because they figure that the other killer isn’t any better than the people he’s killing….Now that would be a hell of a way to end the series…

    • well that did happen in season two. remember the ice truck killer?? he was being hunted, and dexter still killed him. he was also his brother.
      keep up on your dexter. except for the leaving the bodies part. the only body that he left out was miguels in season 4

      • dude, you say learn your dexter but, ice truck killer was season 1. And dexter was not the same as him anyway, dexter kills killers, rudy however killed anyone he wanted, to get dexters attension.

  10. Great ending, sh*ty psychiatrist messed lots of episodes and I hope that in seventh season they are going to hunt Dex for good…why stretch something that´s so good for so long it won´t be good…if here´s gonna be 8 seasons and even the 8th is gonna have opened ending it´s just goin to suck….

  11. People who say this season sucked are wrong. The hole point of in depth series are that you let your own imagination fill in the blanks left for you. The reason why this serie is so incredibly strong is because your imagination can go free. When I watch the episodes Im very much paying attention to minor details. There loads of em out there just test your brains a bit more while watching! Make yourself feel part of the hole adventure and see how alive the story will become to you. I already had several endings in my head before the last episode already! And enjoyed every dam minute of the season. Hopefully season 7 will include a bit more action and less talking thought. And season 8 a in depth investigation again to mayby close of the chapter of dexter. Who knows!

  12. who would want dexter to end?? I mean, we still dont know whats going to happen to harrison. remember, dexter has a son! i want to know if he grows up to be a killer like dexter.. or will the emotions finally take hold of dexter, and he will be able to feel things. and i agree with the last comment when i say that the 6th season was a good one too, and the premise of the season was phenomenal. I enjoyed it very much. and even though this was the only season that he didnt really kill anyone else aside from DDK was a little strange, but then again, all the seasons were mostly focused on killing one person, but there were more kills scattered in. i hope season 7 and 8 are as great as all the others. and i hope this show never ends, and they keep thinking up new ways for him to kill and not be caught

    • Lmao, “didn’t really kill anyone else” He killed 9 people this season, not including Travis and the poison gas chick. 4 of them were spontaneous though. (5 if you include ms. Poison gas .

  13. When will series 7 start ? X x

  14. In my point of view i think it’s 1,4,6,5,2,3.

  15. Season 6 was awesome. Don’t get me wrong I love the fast pace killing sprees in the beginning, but I enjoy the inner journey Dexter’s experiencing as the series unfolds. As for Deb, her emotions have to be weird and soap opera-ish, her over sensitive, uncontrolled emotions are an entertaining contrast to Dexters controlled and sometimes nonexistent feelings. I can’t wait to see what happens next with the intern too. I think they have the foundation for an incredible and edgy upcoming season.

  16. i love the show,the idea behind it was brilliant,and one of a kind,always process the tradition of suspends and waiting badly to see more seasons.

  17. All they have to do to avoid a problem with the ‘Dexter being caught by his sister’ cliffhanger, is the same thing that happened with Deb. He was just dreaming after having already done away with Travis and having gotten wierd vibes from Deb earlier. That’s how dreams intertwine events of the day. I’m pretty grossed out at the whole incest thing everytone’s referring to with her revelation about her feelings about Dex, and yes it’s incest – blood related to each other or not if people automatically tie sex to love. She said she loves him not “I want to jump your bones”. That;s the trouble with society today. People have completely forgotten what love is, and with porn freakin’ everywhere, everyone thinks love = sex. That’s really gonna turn off a lot of people. I mean c’mom, aunt Deb now potentially mommy Deb to Dex’s kids????? Not sure what the writers are thinking but this is way too out there even for a serial killer show to the point of causing revulsion.
    Worst case ecenario if it’s not a dream is Harry (Debs blood father) made Dexter what he is so how can she blame Dexter???

    • I love DEXTER, Michael Hall and Deb make the show as well as Angel, Quin and Masooka!!! We have Dexter dinner parties were we have guests come over and enjoy dinner with the BEST show ever, DEXTER!!! Do not end Dexter after the 8th series. It is still going very strong!!! I will discontinue Showtime if Dexter is no longer showing to save money each month.

  18. hi
    im iranian
    I love you Dex

    • That is really creepy. REALLY creepy.

      I’m American!

  19. I love Michael C. Hall and I’m glad Dexter the show exists! I wish Dexter could never end. It is almost like a soap opera and it reels you in and it makes you want more .I think that Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter make the most wonderful couple ever and I hope there marriage last forever.

  20. Whate date and time will Dexter season 7 be returning to showtime. I love this show, please don’t end it like all the rest of my favorites that were cancelled.

  21. Dexter and Deborah are not blood related. It has been established in the show.

  22. All seasons were amazing. with any doubt the best tv series! Portugal is with Dexter! Please come and kill all the portuguese politicians! Lol Come fast with the new episodes.

    love each and every single second of each and every single season of the show!

  24. when is seson 7 out cant wait !!

  25. ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT WAITING FOR SEASON 7!!! omg love,love,love it!!

  26. I was actually surprised by how good season 6 was – I expected worse.

    My ranking of the seasons –

    1, 2, 6, 3, 4, 5


  27. what date will the new season of Dexter be on Showtime. I love dexter in a bad way. He kills but for the right reasons so he A OK with me

  28. Season 6 was great even with the few flaws they all can’t be the same. Everyone still watched it, but I did have to admit the attraction Deb has for Dex is weird and they have to address it some how. Can’t wait to see how and I know Deb will cover for Dex but it’s so suspenseful 😉 can’t wait for season 8. Even though they did Quinn like they did him and Angel added extra comedy along with Masuka

  29. Deborah please don’t screw dexter, that’s gross, and if you do I will turn my faith against this show, and I have been a very loyal fan…