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Zach Gilford and Allison Miller in The Devils Due review Devils Due Review

Consider this one stillborn, and put your faith in better horror offerings to come. The devil is in ever viewing this.

In Devil’s Due we are introduced to Zach and Samantha McCall (Zach Gilford and Allison Miller), two newlyweds who decide to honeymoon in The Dominican Republic where a final night adventure leads them to a remote rave party on the outskirts of town. When they wake in the morning feeling hungover and foggy of memory, they attribute it to a night well spent; however, soon after arriving home, they find that Sam is unexpectedly (nearly impossibly) pregnant.

Zach is overjoyed that they will soon have a family, but Sam doesn’t take to the pregnancy nearly as well. She begins to feel sickly, finds her self losing time in lapses of consciousness, and begins experiencing feral outbursts whenever she feels her baby is threatened. Before too long, Zach realizes that something is indeed horribly wrong, as he begins to suspect outside forces are manipulating him and Sam towards some unknown purpose, centered around the birth of their child.

The Devil Due starring Allison Miller Devils Due Review

To put it simply: Devil’s Due attempts to find a foothold as the Rosemary’s Baby of found-footage – and perhaps if it had been released half a decade ago it would’ve been a more impressive effort. However, in these days and times when the found-footage sub-genre has been stretched thin by films like Paranormal Activity, and given occassional creative jolts by films like ChronicleDevil’s Due comes across as a forgettable echo of so much that we’ve seen before – which is why it is even more condemnable for making so many of the same mistakes that plague other found-footage flicks.

Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett – who co-directed the “10/31/98″ segment of the VHS horror anthologyDevil’s Due is an ill-conceived and poorly-executed example of found-footage. The directors think they have a strong premise to circumvent the “Why are they still filming?” rule (i.e., Zach is a video nut wanting to document his wife’s pregnancy), but really the premise is paper-thin, as the film itself seems to realize about halfway through its 90-minute runtime, when mysterious cameras start being fitted into the plot in order to essentially provide an outside 3rd-person camera perspective masked as “found-footage.” (By the way, this film and so many others in the genre seem to have abandoned the idea that this footage must conceivably be found at some point. Switching perspective to cameras that no one is ever going to find is a cheat, pure and simple.)

The Devils Due Reviews Devils Due Review

The script written by newcomer Lindsay Devlin offers little solace; we get the barest bones of backstory and mythos, and the script takes the baffling approach of having its protagonists be totally oblivious to the events taking place around their lives. This means that the main characters are forced into the position of being as passive and unaware as the viewing audience, leaving little to no narrative drive (no mystery to solve, no plot to thwart) save for the experience of watching events slowly but surely careen toward the dark, demonic outcome – which is essentially spoiled by the movie’s “en medias res” story structure.

There are also TONS of logical holes in the story, the biggest two worth mentioning being the “villains” of film (international cartels of demon-baby makers?) and the main characters’ use (or rather non-use) of the camera. There are several sequences throughout the film that require the belief that a camera would be on for hours filming something, but that NOBODY would later come back and check that footage to see some of the very weird things occurring in Sam and Zach’s home. It’s a sloppy concept and sloppy implementation of it.

Allison Miller in The Devils Due 2014 Devils Due Review

Gilford (The Last Stand) and Miller (Terra Nova) are fine as the leads, despite being asked to work with some truly lackluster material. Miller gets to have more fun, playing the increasingly possessed host of a demon spawn, but Gilford is basically asked to run around the entire time alternating between an “aw-shucks” smile and doe-eyed expression of worry. By the time the final clock is winding down, his lack of progress (or even basic comprehension of the situation) turns him from being endearing to just plain annoying. Veteran character actor Sam Anderson (Justified) steps in to deliver one or two good moments as the McCall’s friendly priest.

Worst of all: Devil’s Due isn’t even scary. This movie goes for far more “creep outs” than it does actual jump scares – and when actual scares do arrive, they are telegraphed so far in advance you can practically call them out (“She’s going to turn around and be all demonish”). The movie presents itself as being almost like a documentation of some weird medical phenomenon – which is hard to maintain interest in, given how many other “doomed pregnancy” movies there are out there. None of this is new, so the novelty of watching it happen – just for the sake of seeing it happen – is non-existent. Consider this one stillborn, and put your faith in better horror offerings to come. The devil is in ever viewing this.

(NOTE: If it’s a choice between this film and Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, it’s PA all the way.)

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Devil’s Due is now in theaters. It is 89 minutes long and is Rated R for for language and some bloody images.

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1 out of 5

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  1. After reading this review I have decided I will just watch the “Devil Baby Attack” video on YouTube they used to promote the film for 90 minutes. It would be way better than paying to see this movie.

  2. Haha dang Im glad I didn’t see this.

  3. Some people making movies really seem to believe it’s enough to have a once-successful premise in their movie lol. This sounds totally missable.

  4. holy hell, 1//5

  5. A 1/5, wow. It makes me wonder if it’s even good enough to even watch on TV when it comes out, LOL. That is Grown Ups 2 bad

    • Didnt Grown Ups 2 get a better rating than that haha like 2/5 or something.

      • I don’t think SR bothered wasting their time reviewing Grown Ups 2.

  6. This is the dumbest movies I’ve ever seen. Super low budget. It turned out to be so stupid that I couldn’t even stay

    • i said the same thing!! i don’t know how it made it to theaters. it was SOOOOOO BAD!!!

  7. How did this movie get made and come to cinemas? Worst movie of all time.

    • Again, not defending this movie because it looked like utter crap judging from the trailers (maybe people need to start watching them more before spending full price on a cinema ticket, could be a novel concept) but I could show you dozens more that could take the “worst movie ever” title long before this could.

      The Driller Killer being one of them. Utter crap from start to finish with no real point to it and more like a cheap plug for a terrible NY punk band.

  8. Worst movie ever dont waste your money or time on this movie. I seriously almost feel asleep múltiple times watching this movie. For it too be a horror flick all 10 ppl in the. Theater where doing more laughing then anything. It gave me the worst headache from the camera jerking around and reminded me of the Blair. Which style movie. The ending sucked and I about cried when it seemed too set itself up for another one. I prey they dont make a devils due 2 cause the first one was seriously lacking in almost every aspect of what makes a good movie. Its sad too cause if they would of just filmed it differently and made the store line a little more unprodictible and actually would of has some good action and shock too it it could of been a decent movie not a great movie but not a total fail.

    • Haven’t seen the movie, have no plans to but something in your comment stood out:

      Everyone laughed throughout the movie. I hate when people do that, it completely ruined the US remake of The Grudge for me when annoying teens laughed throughout. A good horror crowd will sit in silence and react at the right times, even if they think the movie is bad once it’s over.

      Sounds like you were in with a non-horror crowd.

  9. This movie sucked!! I literally started day dreaming throughout the move!! I am so disappointed disgusted and irritated by this piece of crap!! I wouldn’t recommend watching this even once its out on tv. Serious waste of 89 mins.

  10. my daughter is scared of everything and she watched this the whole was through and jumped 2 and covered her eyes 2 and she didn’t need to close her eyes anyways it was a crappy movie