‘Devil’s Due’ Trailer: Demonic Pregnancy in Found Footage

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Sometimes, trailers give their movies away by showing off too much footage, but the above clip for upcoming found footage horror story Devil’s Due shows off just enough to paint the film as broad and very, very borrowed. One part Paranormal Activity (the entire series, really), several parts Rosemary’s Baby, and with a dash of off-brand fare like The House of the Devil and The Last Exorcism (1 and 2) sprinkled in for good measure, it’s obvious that Devil’s Due is the sort of genre movie that’s totally unafraid to blatantly wear its influences on its sleeve.

The problem is that none of them look like they mesh very well. The basic conceit here revolves around a newlywed couple (Allison Miller and Zach Gilford) who, upon returning from their honeymoon, find themselves expecting a bouncing bundle of joy much sooner than they’d anticipated; as the pregnancy progresses, signs suggest that their child has far more sinister origins than they realize, while a mysterious cult takes a vested interest in the baby’s birth from afar.

In other words, the set-up is pretty standard. Maybe the clip intentionally doesn’t hint at some major script development that turns the entire premise on its ear, but at a glance, Devil’s Due looks about as rote and by-the-numbers as possible, with the added twist of being completely nonsensical to boot. Sure, hubby wants to capture his pregnant wife on tape for memories and posterity, but when she starts going berserk in parking lots and doing physical harm to herself, you’d think he’d catch the hint and put his camera down.

Devil’s Due comes to us courtesy of Fox and filmmaker Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, who genre aficionados may recognize as twenty five percent of directing quartet Radio Silence. If that name rings a bell, then you’ve probably seen 2012′s horror omnibus V/H/S - to which Radio Silence contributed the final segment, titled “10/31/98.” In the whole of that film, their skit easily ranks as one of the best, but none of the inventive panache that makes it so good appears to have made it into Devil’s Due at all.

Devils Due Devils Due Trailer: Demonic Pregnancy in Found Footage

Maybe the fact that Fox is just unveiling this movie now, only a few months ahead of a January, 2014 release date, should serve as something of a clue to audiences: Devil’s Due doesn’t have a lot going for it, and the studio knows it. Alternately, Bettinelli-Olpin could have a surprise winner on his hands, but first impressions don’t speak favorably to the film’s success.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Does Devil’s Due have potential, or does it look like too much of a copycat for its own good?


Devil’s Due starts its US theatrical run on January 8th, 2014.

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  1. This mash up mentality that seems to plague movies across the spectrum (not just horror) is so much wasted time and effort. Just because I like chili and I like ice cream doesn’t mean you should throw them together just to ruin to whole experience. Anytime a ‘horror’ movie releases anytime other than October, you know there isn’t much faith in the project. The latest example to come to mind is Lords of Salem; as soon as I heard the April release date, I already knew it was going to be subpar at the very best.

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  2. The above comment shows how little you know. January is the place to go for good horror releases. The Devil Inside, Texas Chainsaw 3D (not to mention Paranormal 4 will be this coming Jan), were all big hits in January. This one looks scary, Rosemary’s Baby for a new generation. I’ll give it a shot for sure.

    • To back up your argument for January being a good month for horror releases, you give The Devil Inside (a steamy pile with a non-ending), Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D (remade more times than an attempt at “Rosemary’s Baby for a new generation”), and the fourth installment of the found footage invisible ghost movie. “How little I know” from you is like a paraplegic telling me I don’t walk straight.

      • Those movies were terrible but I have to agree with her because this whole “We HAVE to release a horror movie in October” thing is played out and boring.

        I hate cliches at the best of times and a horror releasing in October has me rolling my eyes and waiting until it’s on TV the following summer. Who says a horror HAS to be out in time for Halloween?

        Christmas movies can get away with it for obvious reasons but the sooner film studios release outside of that 2 week window in mid-late October, the better.

        Evil Dead released in April, it was as good as the original trilogy without being a blatant remake either.

        As for Radio Silence….I dunno, I liked their V/H/S segment but it didn’t satisfy me as much as the first segment with the succubus. Hopefully, they saw Safe Haven in V/H/S 2 and took a few notes from that demonic cult birth scene.

        • A valid counterpoint without attempting to belittle the previous commenter, what a concept.
          Deviation from the norm can be a welcome thing, The Conjuring was impressive (to me) and it did not come out in October, however, that’s probably because the director had TWO horror releases this year.
          I wouldn’t say a horror movie must release in October, but I would say it makes more sense to release it in October as opposed to January. The Saw sequel entries became more pathetic than Fred Durst trying to sing, but EVERY October one of them came out and filled the seats. Since that gore-bortion ended (thankfully), it’s been Paranormal Activity. Much like Saw, it’s original was a good movie, the sequels just suck exponentially with each one. People WANT horror in October, give it to them, it’s win-win. Releasing one in April-June could be to have the DVD/BluRay release in October, which would make perfect sense.
          Christmas movies can easily be released outside the month of December, but I think it makes more sense to release it in that month.
          The Evil Dead remake was a solid movie and proof you don’t HAVE to release it close to halloween to be good. I’m just a sucker for big screen horror during the month of October and I know I’m not alone.

          • Releasing this in January makes financial sense – it’s guaranteed to make money – but I think the fact that it’s being held outside of October does speak to what the studio thinks of the film. It’s going to make them a quick, easy buck, nothing more, nothing less; they know they don’t have another Paranormal Activity on their hands. Just something that’ll turn a profit before being forgotten forever.

            As for V/H/S, I also consider David Bruckner’s succubus the best of the lot, but nothing in that movie really compares to how awesome V/H/S/2 is from start to finish. (Especially “Haven”. Oh, man, “Haven”.)

            • See, I think horror movies that play up to the slasher flicks of the 80s or are actually scary should release close to Halloween and blatant cash cows like Paranormal Activity should be there in a different part of the year ready for DVD/Blu Ray release as stated and to give horror fans something to watch outside of that October period.

              It’s like summer blockbusters starting to move away from the summer months in recent years. Studios have a lot to learn about how to market towards modern audiences (amongst other things) and learning to release different genres at different parts of the year instead of the “traditional” seasons could be a good thing.

              Obviously, you avoid the big hitters (you won’t release a new concept movie of any genre while a potential box office draw releases on the same day) but it might help beat this slump in cinema attendance, at least in a small way.

              Definitely don’t agree about The Conjuring being good or scary but it’s still a good example of a summer horror release doing pretty well financially.

              • And yeah, V/H/S 2 was such a huge improvement.

                The only weak segment in my view was the first one with the cybernetic eye (non-scary jump scares to add tension, pointless excuse for a sex scene to feature in the movie, pretty stupid conclusion) but Safe Haven was definitely the high point.

                Alien Abduction Slumber Party also felt like a better version of The McPherson Tapes but without the documentary style talking heads popping up to interrupt the flow.

          • You know, there are a whole bunch of us horror fans who don’t just watch horror in October, but all year round. We’re funny that way. To only release movies in one of the biggest money-making genres one month a year would be kinda… stupid.

    • one of the absolute worst movies I’ve ever seen. you must obviously be a horror newbie. had to leave the theater because the inconsistency of the filming made me nauseous and gave me a huge headache. don’t waste your money watching this.

  3. No one wants to see another Paranormal film. Only dumb idiots want to see those films. And The comment ABOVE is actually pretty accurate. When has a horror movie come out and you were like MAN! THAT WAS GREAT!!!!.


  4. This looks good but I wish they’d stop with the found footage. If this was a ‘normal’ horror I’d go cinema to see it but think I’ll just wait for DVD

    • Agree. I’m over the whole genre in general. It was novel for Blair Witch. And I was even okay the first Paranormal Activity. But now, in every one of these, I’m tired of thinking, “There’s no way someone would have a camera on for this.”

      • This is why people need to start to revolutionise the genre because honestly, I love found footage and think there’s still a lot more they can do with it. It’s just lazy film-makers who have a character conveniently carrying cameras around that ruins the experience for some people.

        Cloverfield, Grave Encounters, Welcome To The Jungle and the first Paranormal Activity had good reason to do it because they blatantly showed that the footage had to be documented in some way for varying reasons (in order: to document for future generations right in the heart of the incident, filming a TV show, getting proof of finding a lost person for monetary gain and finding out what was happening as they slept).

        I’m just annoyed that I was just putting the finishing touches to a found footage slasher script I’d been working on for a couple of years before I could put it on websites to try and sell it and then I read that a similar movie was being considered as part of the Friday The 13th franchise.

  5. This just looks bad. Found footage horror film with a January release and a copy cat? All the ingredients for a crap sandwich..

  6. I for one can’t wait for it. I haven’t seen a mainstream pregnancy horror movie since Rosemary’s Baby and that was what, 45 years ago? And don’t say Hell Baby was a horror movie, since it wasn’t. And I think the idea that the husband is recording stuff because they have a baby coming makes perfect sense. All my friends who are pregnant have kept copious records through their iphones etc. Add some scares to it and it looks awesome.

  7. Also, it’s the same weekend as MAMA came out last year. And that was SUCH a bomb *sarcasm*

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  10. This movie gave everyone in my family a headache and I myself almost threw up because the camera is non stop moving every second! Put the frickin camera down!

  11. I expected so much more, I was very very disappointed.