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While we do have anĀ  Devil review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss Devil spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. icon smile Devil Spoilers Discussion

And while you’re at it, you can give Devil your own rating right here:


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Discuss away!

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  1. Just saw devil and i LOVED it!!!!

  2. Some of you are really dumb. The older woman was obviously the Devil and not possessed by the Devil. If the Devil was in the elevator and killed her why would he need to possess her body at the end. He would have possessed someone else’s body beforehand and they would have been in the elevator too. Therefore she was already the devil. The suicide scene was just to draw the cop to the building. The driver’s license scene and the hanging was just to throw you off on who the devil really was. This movie is all about Catholicism where you can confess and all is forgiven and there was only one person who confessed. Very simple.

    • very well put, but I’d like to add that the movie was about Christianity in general. all braches and denominations have Communion, Saving Grace, and redemption as key concepts

    • I would say that the philosophy of the movie is VERY Lutheran as apposed to catholic. for example when she says “do you think this makes you good enough?” and he says “no” that is the whole thing with Lutheranism we know we aren’t good enough. nothing we do can make us good enough. after confession in the Catholic church you still have to do something other then just asking in order to be forgiven. with this the man just confesses and the cop forgives him. much like how God forgives us. we don’t have to do anything other then ask.

  3. I enjoyed it; gave it 3/5. I keep reading above where people are saying that the Marine killed the detective’s wife and daughter; it was his wife and son, guys. And no, the devil did not possess the body of the old woman, he was the old woman. The bite the young woman received was to cause dessention, and that was all. I thought the Marine confessing and the detective forgiving him was a great part of the movie. If it wasn’t for The Town, Devil would have gotten the #1 spot, and deservedly so.

  4. When the Marine made his confession, He used the Security guys radio mike. I thought that his radio wasn’t working. Is this a movie-hole in a M. Knight Sham-alama-ding-dong movie?

    • Dwight’s (lift repairer) walkie talkie drops into the elevator and Tony, realizing he has only seconds, talks to Bowden and confesses why he thinks he’s here.

  5. I had a suspicion it was the elderly woman as soon as they showed the surveilance tape of her stealing the wallet in the lobby. I knew it when they untied the cord from around her neck. Body came down and wallets scattered everywhere.

    Satan: stealer of souls (aka: id’s)

  6. I apologize if I missed a comment that might have addressed this..

    The Jankowski name mix up happened because the final name that hadn’t been accounted for on the sign-in sheet was “jankowski” and they assumed it was a Jane something which pointed to the old lady. So everyone had a name except the Marine. That’s why they searched the bathroom; they watched the video and before they saw footage of him signing in as Jankowski, his last name, they thought he entered the building and went straight to the bathroom to avoid signing in and leave whatever was in the red bag.
    And the old lady was the devil. Not possessed by him.

  7. No one, not one damn soul ;-) commented on THE scariest scene in the entire movie. The maintenance man running to the edge of the roof after (almost after) his hat.

    I’m not a horror movie fan. This, of course, turned out not to be horror as much as suspense/mystery. But I’m not an occult movie fan either. Somehow this one seemed right, and I swam against the “Hate M Night” sentiment of all my friends. I thought it had a good arc and was well done. Early on I knew that the cop’s forgiveness was the key to….something. Otherwise why the prologue scene? I gave it 4 out of 5 stars…maybe an extra 1/2 of whole star just cuz it’s M Night’s (BTW I haven’t seen anything of his since Signs, and I was no fan of Unbreakable.)

  8. 2nd scariest feature: I agree with the passengers: The elevator muzak.

  9. Just saw this movie. Better late then never. I really liked it. Felt like a classic suspense movie to me with a moral twist. Acting was good and story was well written and plot was constant. What’s not to like.

    One thing I picked up which no one else seemed to have in this thread, was that if you look closley when the lights flicker for the first or second time (can’t remember which but it’s in the beginning) you can see red horns on the old lady in the security camera. It looks like the elevator buttons because it’s the same color but they aren’t. It was a quick flash as the lights flickered, I don’t know how I caught it but I did.

    Anyway that confirms the old lady WAS the DEVIL from the beginning.

    • This is a super late response but I wanted to have this somewhere on the internet: I saw the horns, too. No one else did – it was as if everyone blinked at the same time except me.

  10. So everybody who was in the elevator did something wrong/ bad that they needed to confess to?

  11. I think that it’s funny that people are saying the old lady could not have really been the Devil because why would the Devil go to the trouble of getting a driver’s license? Duh. He’s the Devil. He wouldn’t have trouble getting his claws on a driver’s license; for all we know he brought that and all those wallets with him from hell just so he could stay in character. I had no trouble with that at all, but then…I’m Catholic. LOL

    I think the Devil made himself look like an old lady for purposes of not scaring people out of the elevator; who is going to be scared to get on an elevator with an old lady? But if you step into an elevator and there’s a tall man in a black suit, with bloodshot eyes and barely-concealed horns on his head, you might think twice. Unless of course you are Marilyn Manson.

  12. i only got to see half the movie, so how did the girl and black guy die? and how did the devil reveal himself and why didnt anyone confess like the marine did? so what happened to the devil once he confessed

  13. This discussion is pointless. Those who saw the movie should be able to discuss and analyze the movie. Why be sensitive to someone who hasn’t seen the movie, but yet is in a discussion forum about it?? Not only that, but all you have to do is render a SPOILER ALERT in the title. Its useless to half azz DISCUSS the movie- why? To hear yourselves saying nothing?

  14. The older woman is the devil/killer. Now discuss that!

  15. The older woman is the devil/killer. She ‘comes back’ to confront Tony for not taking responsibility for a hit and run that killed the detective’s wife and son. But he is spared because he was truly remorseful. Now discuss that!

  16. Good movie with an odd twist and makes us think twice about being fake or lying never judge a book by its cover….

  17. Yang si katil tu sebenarnya apa kesalahan dia?