Devastator Will Be In Transformers 2

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transformers 2 devastator Devastator Will Be In Transformers 2[NOTE: The photo that appears at the top of the post is NOT an actual pic of Devastator from Transformers 2. It is a fan-made mock up of what the big guy might ultimately look like.]

So I’ve been informed that there’s not a lot of love around these parts for Michael Bay’s robot extravaganza, Transformers. Now I’ll be the first to admit that Transformers was not without flaws, but come on—seeing your favorite ‘robots in disguise’ transforming in full CGI wonder didn’t send just a little tingle down your back and cause you to gush with 80’s nostalgia?

Ah well, you probably won’t care to hear that the famed ‘Constructicons’ will be a big feature of Transformers 2, and that yes, they will be combing to form fan-favorite colossus, Devastator.

(If you are psyched to hear that news, however, there’s some pretty cool concept art you can check out.)

Thank Comic Book Movie for the art, and for doing rumor control on the following facts surrounding the Constructicons/Devastator portion of Transformers 2:

– Seven construction vehicles merge to form Devastator
– Devastator has lots of upper body strength, like a gorilla
– Not just green, some of the vehicles are red and yellow
– The previously Long Haul concept art (below) by Josh Nizzi is legit.

devastator Devastator Will Be In Transformers 2

Honestly, look me in the eye and tell me that concept art isn’t badass. You know it is.

However, if I must gripe about one thing, it’s that Devastator is going to made up of multi-colored robots??? That’s blaspheme if you’re any REAL Transformers fan. I mean, Constructicons roll as a team, that’s what they do: they’re a team of construction vehicles. (Last time I checked, Mr. Bay, those still came in uniform color.)

That one gripe aside, I predict I will be wearing moist pants after the Transformers 2 trailer if those seven robots jump up and turn into Devastator. And unless Michael Bay TOTALLY screws this up, I’m betting some of you naysayers out there will, too.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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  1. Refresh my memory. Wasn’t the tank in the movie called devastator?

  2. i heard that they were gonna put a jetfire in transformers 2 and he looks like a big bomber airplane from what i have seen

  3. Wes, ya it was but by last minute decision my Bay (idiot move).

    In the script and in the voiceovers in the film, he is called Decepticon Brawl. I belive Jazz shouts out his name when attacking him. They changed the text under his name when the decepticons were reporting in because Bay (idiot move) thought it sounded cooler.

    I dunno what the fix was, but what a retarded decision. Something so simple to leave right, and he intentionally screws it up AND contradicts what he’s called in the film.

    In any case, I agree Kofi, there was a pile of stupid stupid things in Transformers, but my mind was blown by the visuals and the way the autobots fought and worked together (Ironhide, Ratchet I love you!).

    I’m really excited about the next film, although my hopes are already kinda shattered by them bringing back John Turturro who in my opinion was the worst film character in cinematic history, I’ve never seen so much stupidity and corniness piled with bad dialogue and acting thrown at one character in my entire life. Him alone can bring a movie rating down 25%

    • For SHAME! He is a great actor and great comic relief I think you are just an uptight anal retentive moron.

  4. “Honestly, look me in the eye and tell me that concept art isn’t badass. You know it is.”

    I can’t. I’ve never seen your eyes, so I can’t look you in the eye. However, I hate that concept art. It looks just like the other robots from the original movie, and I have nothing good to say about that aesthetic.

    Just shows how presumptuous it is of you to tell me what I know.

    “And unless Michael Bay TOTALLY screws this up, I’m betting some of you naysayers out there will, too.”

    He already has TOTALLY screwed it up. He so totally botched the first movie, along with Orci and Kurtzman, that I’m not going to waste my time or money on this or any other sequel.

    “Wasn’t the tank in the movie called devastator?”

    According to the movie itself, yes.

  5. LOL, Kofi, I warned you. 😛

    For the record (as regular readers already know) I couldn’t stand Transformers. I sat in the audience literally confused at the cheers coming from the audience while i was thinking “Man, this is awful.”


  6. FlameStrike…its not presumptuous, its a figure of speech, heh.

  7. True. Lighten up just a teeny bit there, FS. 😛


  8. Forgive me. There’s a hurricane coming my way, so I’m a little more stressed out than usual.

  9. Awesome!

    @ Vic

    What about Soundwave!!?

    Anyway, who doesn’t like Transformers — and why?

  10. Wow. I hope this pans out to be true. This is already looking better than the first one.

  11. I read in several articles and in an interview with the writers that there’s these two robots called ‘twins’ that are an icecream truck or something. How stupid is that? Are the original characters (like sunstreaker and sideswipe) not good enough? Oh wait, there’s been a dozen TV series’ made out of it and now a second live-action film…Idiot move Bay

    I am not too excited for this film anymore because im sure it will be incredibly childish and full of holes :(

    with the inclusion of tons of new robots, it means the story wont be fleshed out from their perspective (which is what ALL the transformers shows were about) so the movie will be Mr. drink-and-drive smoker running around with his broken hand talking really fast while random and plot-holed events take place. Maybe John Turturro will tell him he’s hot because he’s got a broken hand from a car crash.

    hmmm…I think this site is turning me into a transformers hater

    • good so we don’t have to hear from you any more

  12. “because Bay thought it sounded cooler”

    don’t you mean “awesome-r”?

    I know so many on here hated Transformers. I would have liked to see a lot changed, but it was still cool to see them in CGI and some of the battle scenes were really entertaining – if you skip though the Section 7 crap and computer hacking.

  13. Wow, I don’t see many movies on this elicit so much response. I love the movie, holes and all, but I grew up with transformers so I’m probably biased. Anyway, I thought the one that transformed into the helicopter seemed to resemble soundwave.

  14. Loved the animated movie..hated Bays’ version after the opening scene. You know that once they introduce “Wheeljack”, we stand a good possibility of seeing the dinobots. oh, wait, nevermind…. Bays’ movies don’t follow those guidelines, cuz he’s all about himself and the $$$$$. Love Devastator – hate the concept art.. the robots still look like crap. I’m ready for a real transformers movie and not a BIONICLE / GOBOTS hash up!!! Is it really that hard to give them decent faces people, ya know like one that doesn’t look like swampthing…….

  15. Uh, that’s not “legit concept art”.
    That’s fanart Josh Nizzi showed off months ago before TF2 even went into production.

  16. “I love the movie, holes and all, but I grew up with transformers so I’m probably biased.”

    Wes, I also grew up with Transformers, and I am a fan of the franchise to this day. None of that, though, stops me from hating this branch of the franchise, and virtually everyone involved in creating it.

  17. Coloered Constructicons??? are kidding???
    7 constructicons??? does anyone not know the history of the original series??

    With those to rumors alone i would think more people would be up in arms like i am right now!!!! Michael bay is the wrong person for this franchise!!!

    • I think the new franchise is awsome. Who cares if it’s different from the cartoon series. I for one don’t give a crap I just think it is cool for them to be shown in a “real life” looking movie. Not all series make good movies and likewise. they had to cram what they could into 2 hours and still manage to make it watchable. Its a fun movie and thats all it was meant to be. It’s not a fricken historical document people. Change is good, you should embrace it and break free from your dogmatic ways of thinking. waaa-waa-waa geez.

  18. Ummm… everyone except Whatheff & I have apparently glossed over the statement ‘7 Constructicons’…

    Let’s see. Who knows how to count? Hook, Longhaul, Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Mixmaster, Scrapper. That’s it. There ain’t no mo’.

  19. Also, I agree (& disagree) with Dannyboy. It stands to reason that intelligent mechanized lifeforms who would have evolved so differently from what humans could ever imagine, & have mastered the ability to mimic/camoflage themselves into any form they choose for survival’s sake, would naturally be pretty generic & not easily recognizable in robot form. But if they are separate individuals (not a hive-mind, like the Borg), then they still have to be able to recognize & ID each other. And the only way to do that is by face or by voice. And yet, with a few exceptions, their faces were hardly recognizable. If I had seen Bumblebee’s face or Jazz’s face, I might have guessed their ID’s correctly (maybe), but Ironhide? (no mohawk?) Ratchet? (no forehead boomerang, but large insect mandibulae?), or ANY of the Decepticons? Forget it. I was confused & disgusted out of my gourd about Megatron (Mr. Squidhead, sigh) The only ID’able face was Optimus, but even that was still weird. Why Bay couldn’t throw us poor curs a bone by having just an ounce of familiarity & logic? [rhetorical & obvious. no need to respond.]

    BTW, don’t criticize GoBots, I loved them as much as I loved Transformers (Bionicle you can bash all you want). 😉

    And yes, Wes. We can assume that Blackout (if not being some mutilated version of Soundwave himself), could have filled that role in the first movie. If you recall, during Blackout’s first attack (on the military base), Scorponok or Frenzy “popped-out” of him. It sure reminded me of tapes popping-out of a boombox. But imagine trying to have a 40+ foot tall robot try to transform into a boombox; it’d be a boombox the size of a minivan… & tapes the size of VCR’s (both of which are outdated forms of technology)… not realistic.

    And Bay did say in the beginning that he wasn’t going to mess with the size/mass/density issue. That’s why a 60+ foot tall, several ton, Megatron ain’t gonna transform into an 8-inch, less than a pound, P-38 pistol.

    Besides, Frenzy was small enuf to transform into a boombox (tip-of-the-hat), & that was fine with me. Close enuf.

    Anyway, I figure it like this: Alien machines arrive on earth, try to blend in as best they can with what was available upon arrival, & so at first their forms are really strange, but as they stay on earth, & become more acclimatized to not just what will help them blend in, but also to the preferences & styles of our culture, then perhaps they will get more familiar looking, like Ironhide going red, & Ratchet changing to white/red. At least that’s my hope. We’ll see how (ir)responsible Bay turns out to be.

  20. “And Bay did say in the beginning that he wasn’t going to mess with the size/mass/density issue.”

    And yet, the robots were more massive than their vehicle modes would allow for. Surprise, Bay lied.

  21. This is the real Devastator, and in my opinion this is what he should of looked like in the movie.

    not that thing on the other page.



  24. “And yet, the robots were more massive than their vehicle modes would allow for. Surprise, Bay lied.”

    Upon watching the movie again very carefully, it appears that the size/mass/density was correct and consistent.

    Flamestrike, perhaps it appears the way you say because when they are in robot form, they are “stretched out”, with exposed areas (joints) and “air pockets”(abdomen), where as when they are in vehicular form, they may be more compacted or condensed.

    As far as I could see, there didn’t seem to be any problems with mass simply vanishing into nothingness, or generating from nothingness.

    And each Transformer stayed consistent in its transformations… even moreso than the original cartoons. So I don’t have any problems with that. Bay actually pulled that off correctly…

    I just wish that he had kept their heads/faces/coloration more recognizable… and also left Brawl’s name alone, instead of wussying out (Besides being the correct name, “Brawl” is just as tough a name as “Devastator”).

    Rest assured, time will tell if he screws up again, and diehard TF fans will be sure to complain about it.

  25. I love the pic of Devastator (at top), and would hope it ends up that way, but probably won’t, if the pic of Brawl is any indication.

    His modified form (and the presumably modified forms of the other 5) will ultimately make Devastator look somewhat different.

    I just hope it’s not too different, though.

  26. to mr bay i am not happy with what you have done with devastator or sound wave. that is not what they look like when i was a kid. shame on you for not trying to make to look like they should. sometimes thank when hollywood gets a hold of something like this they just mess it up. next time you try something like this angin make sure and do it right. brian a big transformer fan.


  28. Well, I liked them both. But then again, I’m a chick. What do we know?

    I was a huge fan of Transformers, Volton and GI Joe when I was a little girl. I’m tickled pink (no pun intended) that these shows are being brought back in a way that my tech. advanced 8 year old twins and I can share together. I tried to get them interested in the old school version but they couldn’t get past how dated everything was. Now my boys and I have an awesome way to bridge that age gap and have something to talk about.

    Not any parents have anything in common with their children anymore. I think I can overlook a few discrepancies for something that precious.

    I love all of these live action retro movies they’re making!