Revealed!: Devastator & The Fallen From Transformers 2

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Finally, we have the first high quality images of what the fully constructed Devastator will look like, as well as a detailed and properly colored image of “The Fallen” in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

It was just three days ago when Screen Rant covered the first ever look at The Fallen, which was through images of a Hasbro toy (like most of our first looks at the new Transformers).

That figure presented the character to be of a design even more distant from the original Transformer designs than what was featured in the first live action film. Well believe it or not, this new image of the title character makes the character look even more skinny and non-transformer like. As someone pointed out in the comments of that post, the design belongs in a Lego “Bionicles” movie.

Here is the first detailed look at The Fallen:

transformers 2 the fallen Revealed!: Devastator & The Fallen From Transformers 2
The Fallen from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Next we have the first detailed look at the character I’m sure most of us are more excited about: Devastator. In the 30-second Super Bowl spot for Revenge of the Fallen we got a first look at one of the Constructicons  – which represent only one component that makes up Devastator… and it was massive.

Knowing that and seeing the full put-together robot here, it is going to be ridiculously HUGE.

Take a look:

transformers 2 devastator1 Revealed!: Devastator & The Fallen From Transformers 2
Devastator from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

The Devastator is noticeably different than the fan-made concept art that showed up online last year. For comparison purposes, you check that out here.

And just for fun (and not nearly as cool as the previous images), here is a picture of the packaging for Wheelie, the Transformer I’m least looking forward to seeing:

transformers 2 wheelie Revealed!: Devastator & The Fallen From Transformers 2
Wheelie from Transformers 2

The description of this horrible character reads as follows:

“Autobot Wheelie never really wanted to be a Decepticon. It’s just that, when people started yelling at him, he tends to do whatever they say. He’s easily startled and simple to scare. His tiny size makes him an ideal spy, and even though he doesn’t like or agree with the Decepticons, they scare him so much he doesn’t know what to do except obey.”

I totally dig Devastator’s design (minus the face) and I don’t mind the design of The Fallen despite it not feeling like a Transformer.

What do you think of two of the major new characters in Transformers 2?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen debuts June 26, 2009.

Source: ACToys (via SHH!), TF08

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  1. Looking Cool

  2. Thats devastator? Sorry to be a negative dude but I do not like.

  3. Since I haven’t kept a close eye on this movie or really know much about it– from the interview of another article Bay said they shot on pyramids. Taking that in mind with these new designs, AT LEAST I see where they’re coming from.

    All the new baddies seem to have a very Egyptian look to them.

    Oh, and even though Devestator looks badarse(can I say the other?) as all get-out, he still reminds me of a Big Daddy.


  4. @ Reverend,

    Awesome point man, it totally reminds me of Big Daddy from Bioshock – even the stance is similar.

    I made mention of the Egyptian design of The Fallen and it explaining the Egypt Location shooting but he’s the only Bot I’ve seen so far with the Egyptian style.

  5. Wheelie was stupid whether he is in the movie or not. He will probably be some stupid character meant to appease small children. I think Devastator looks completely bad-ass (although wasn’t he in the last movie?…Stupid Bay). Fallen looks pretty good, however I side with you Rob that it’s not as good when they don’t even look like robots. It’s more like he belongs as a new character from AVP.

  6. Isn’t the mouth of Devastator a huge turbine type grinder? Both of the new decepticons look cool.
    Also heard that the a few of the new Autobots are:

    Jolt: Chevrolet Volt
    Mudflap: Chevrolet Trax
    Skids: Chevrolet Spark

    ALOT of Chevrolets and betting at least one get to see the inside of Devastator’s mouth. Hmm, Hmm, Good!:)

  7. Wondering if Wheelie will be in the film or just a new toy.

  8. @ Adrian

    I think I briefly read somewhere about a scene with Sam trying to use Wheelie or something and it sounded like he was in the movie.

    I hope that’s not the case though :|

    We knew about Jolt but we didn’t know the names of the twins – thanks for letting us know!

  9. @ Rob
    Thanks for the info and great article. I’m with you Wheelie, I can definitely without.

  10. Is Mr. eBay ever going to make a movie about Transformers… you know with Transformers in it?
    I saw a 2 hour episode of Even Stevens with Bionicles, but it didn’t have any Transformers in it.

  11. Wheelie. Man, now even the Transformers series has Ewoks.

    MaybeI’m just too old-school, but so far, the only design I like is Devastator. It leads me to believe that whoever the (good) new designer is, they could handle a UNicron design, but otherwise, these Decepticons are hideous.

  12. Devastator’s head/mouth looks horribly organic. Goes with the Bionicles vibe, gah.

  13. Devastator actually looks like a transformer, which is better than 90% of the other designs I’ve seen out of this franchise so far.

    Unfortunately, whatever kudos that particular design earned are quickly mitigated by the design for “the fallen”. Just like a good deal of the designs from the first film, it looks like it belongs in some other sci-fi universe.

    Wheelie looks like this movie’s “Frenzy”. In other words, excessively annoying and only able to be topped by John Turturro in another over-the-top goofy government agent role.

  14. Dey got to go back to the drawing board and do Devastor better than that c’mon now. They already messed up by allowin MegaTron to be killed on da 1st episode which I was real salty about. He was the most biggest and powerful robot in the movie and he gets killed so easily by a human. He should of atleast died in the 2nd or 3rd not da 1st.

  15. i have to agree with you on the fallen he doesnt look like a transformer but i know he will during the movie

  16. Wheelie looks like Wall-E with legs.

    Devastator … 2 thumbs down. his head looks weird. I would rather them use the G1 design of Devastator because he looks like he can live up to his name.

    In this new vison of him hes got the face of a Maori Carving and looks more like a robot animal than the Devastator that i remember.

    Ill end up loving this movie but would love it even more if they just stuck to the G1 design or changed them a little bit and not have a whole revamp of what they look like.

  17. Compared to wahat the other Transformers look like, Devastator looks way more like the G1 designs! I think it’s awesome. Can’t wait. I think (if that’s the final design) of the Fallen is pretty damn cool too.

  18. devastator looks so mean. i’m very excited i can’t wait!

  19. i think it will be a fab movie but i do agree with some comments about the organic look i taught that they would all change when they came to earth i also think that they rushed to quick into bringing the army big war thing in what about ultra magnus + the head robots

  20. The Fallen is one of the original 13 Transformers, created by Primus himself.

    The comic book design of The Fallen looked far too much like a normal TF, whereas I think the movie design conveys that The Fallen is an ancient being; the organic look fits him being one of the first TFs.

  21. @Relugus
    Well said and I total agree about the Fallen’s design. I’m interested in see if the Fallen was found and wakened in the Eygpt.
    Also curious to see if Unicron will be mentioned in this film.

  22. Devastator’s head in the current design is the cement mixer bowl (i’m pretty sure anyway) so maybe he spits cement at autobots? i mean, that would really put a downer on your day, getting cement on your bodywork lol.

    Seriously though, I think he looks cool, I hope the face and head get a bit more composed though, looks too ‘un-robotic’ in the image above. The Fallen looks absolutely wicked.

  23. @ nick

    If you check out the more recent post I did on the TF2 toys, Devastator has a more defined “face” compared to what’s seen here.

  24. Ok, I said it before. Let’s just wait until the movie comes out before we judge. So far 90% of the images we have seen are from the toyline, and as a collector of transformers since childhood (i’m not 30 years old) I can safely say that the toys are not always accurate representations of what is shown on screen. Bay has said in multiple interviews that he is going to put false rumors out there to keep everyone guessing. Just wait for the movie. I’m sure it will rock as much as the first one.

  25. you know maybe the design for the fallen up there is actually the design for ravage another decepticon (about the size of frenzy) which may be appearing in transformers 2 beacause it looks a little to small for the FALLEN

  26. Well i would say, since The Fallen is more of an ancient Transformer, it fits, and Devastator looks like, well, 5 Decepticons combined together…wish they were color coded.