New Details On the ‘Venom’ Script

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venom cover New Details On the Venom Script

Superhero Hype recently caught up with Rhett Resse and Paul Wernick, the two screenwriters who penned a first draft of the Venom spin-off for Sony Pictures. The resulting discussion yielded a few choice tidbits about how the screenwriters view Venom, and what Sony and Marvel may be envisioning for the project.

The big question I know is on Venom fans’ minds: will we be getting the crappy Spider-Man 3 Venom? Or will the spin-off finally get the character right?

I won’t jerk you around and keep you wondering: Neither Resse nor Wernick could talk about whether or not the Venom we get in the spin-off will be at all connected to the (hopefully dead) version of the character that appeared in Spider-Man 3. I know it’s a big point of contention for any REAL Venom fans who were likely just as disappointed in SM3′s half-assed treatment of the iconic villain as I was.

(I know that Spider-Man trilogy director Sam Raimi was peeved about Marvel and Sony forcing Venom into the 3rd film. The only way Raimi would come back to direct Spider-Man 4 was if he was given back the total creative control he had in Spider-Man 1 & 2.)

From the sound of things so far, Resse and Wernick are fairly big fans of Venom, enough so that they took the proactive route, approaching Sony with a pitch for a Venom spin-off:

“Venom is something that we’re very fired up to be writing… We have turned in a draft and are waiting to hear back, so it’s early in the process. But it’s a thrill to be writing ‘Venom’ for obvious reasons.”

Of course, as with any Marvel property, there were a TON of sacred character and continuum guidelines (Wernick calls them “the 47 rules”) the screenwriters had to adhere to while writing the Venom script:

“Obviously, with a character like Venom there’s a ton of stuff to draw from… Then they had specific rules about the villain and the backstory and stuff like that, so there were certain things they wanted us… certain parameters they gave us. But largely we pitched them something and they liked it but they had changes, so we worked on the outline for a long time and then we wrote the script. So with Marvel and Sony and us it’s definitely very, very collaborative.”

On the one hand, I feel enthused that two guys who are fans of Venom are trying to do right by the character. On the other hand, I’m still pretty paranoid about Marvel and Sony mucking with Venom, after they did such a poor, poor, job with him in Spider-Man 3. The whole freaking movie should’ve been about the alien symbiote, “black Spider-Man” and the origin of Venom! Screw The Sandman and James Franco’s “amnesia!”

venom5 New Details On the Venom Script

Topher Grace ruining playing Venom in Spider-Man 3.

I’m not going to get too heated, though. At this early stage, what’s the point? But I will remain wary, and with good reason: getting the same tongue lashing, psychotically mischievous Venom we all know and love from the comics to translate to the big-screen in a believable way will be a helluva job.

There’s also the hurdle of trying to make a successful movie franchise out of a less-than-heroic character. Examples like Mickey Rourke as Marv in Sin City suggest that it is possible for psychotic comic book anti-heroes to resonate with audiences. However, The Punisher hasn’t done too well at the box office in the last few years, and the success of Watchmen, a film that was all about comic book anti-heroes, is certainly debatable. This could be a steep uphill battle for old Venom (his co-creator Todd McFarlane certainly thinks it will be).

What do you think, does a Venom movie have potential to be a box office hit? Do you think that Resse and Wernick are the type of guys who can come up with the kind of proper script that Venom deserves?

Source: Superhero Hype

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  1. i think the best bet is to have venom and carnage face off against each other and actually adapt each of them the right way

  2. I foresee Carnage being reserved for a future Spider-Man movie……

  3. “The whole freaking movie should’ve been about the alien symbiote, “black Spider-Man” and the origin of Venom! Screw The Sandman and James Franco’s “amnesia!””

    While a Venom centric movie may have been good, considering the movie we were given, I still say James Franco’s amnesia thing (as cliché as it was) was the most compelling of the whole movie. If the entire movie was about that (screw venom and sandman) it’d have brought the trilogy full circle.

  4. If they approached the movie like they would if they were gonna make a true to comic lore Pitt movie I think it could work.

  5. I hope they get some one else to play Venom in the spin off. Id kind of like to see Carnage or at least his emergence in Spiderman 4

  6. I miss the days when Venom WAS EVIL!!!!!

    At least they got that right SM3. The idea of him playing an “anti-hero” makes me want to vomit. That was the beginning of the end for Venom in the Spiderman comics, IMO.

  7. Two words: Vin Diesel. If this project is anything like Venom should be, Vin’s got Brock on lock(cutesy, but effective.) Plus, he’s looking to play a Marvel character anyway. And God knows Mr. Diesel(if that is, in fact your real name) needs a successful(Fast and Furious blows, Riddick’s gone off the grid, and XXX got Iced) film franchise to showcase his numerous talents(being a muscular, deepvoiced badass). Meanwhile, we need a representation of Venom exactly the opposite of Grace’s to get the taste out of our mouth(namely someone who can play a muscular, deepvoiced badass.)

  8. @huntthejest,

    Hmmmmmm… That’s actually not a bad idea.

    Let me ask you though: If you get Vin in there, do you go with Brock with hair? Or Brock without hair? And if do you go with the origin of Venom, or Venom already Venom? And if you do go with the origin story, do you include Spidey or no Spidey?

  9. Aloha all, 1st post for mwa ever!

    and one i felt pretty strongly about ever since the first spiderman. I told my budies venom coming in 3. (this had all the makings of a monster movie comparable to tdk. 1 on 1 same powers, bad guy stronger though, and a fight scene that should of been labeld epic… instead i got some buddy buddy action and a period of time , like 5 minutes where venom was afk, go watch it again, where does he go for like 5 to 10 min.) on the whole raimi not in control issue. lol the guy didnt even try in sm3, why was evil toby addicted to cookies and bad dancing? sandman invincible? Sandman can fly- dirt doesnt fly it moves and falls. Venom just randomly hits earth. And many many more wtf’s.

  10. “I miss the days when Venom WAS EVIL!!!!!

    At least they got that right SM3. The idea of him playing an “anti-hero” makes me want to vomit. That was the beginning of the end for Venom in the Spiderman comics, IMO.”

    @ INK

    I can’t see Sony & Marvel producing a film based solely on an evil character, there has to be conflict. Besides, I never really saw Venom as completely evil. I saw him as being driven mad by the symbiote and ‘their’ mutual hatred/jealousy of Spider-Man.

    @hutnthejest, Kofi Outlaw

    Don’t you wanna see Venom from the comics? Why Vin Diesel?

    I think including Spider-Man would be sketchy, I’m interested to see what way the writers took it.

    In my opinion, the two best stories to make into a Venom or Spider-Man 5/6 are ‘Lethal Protector’ and ‘Maximum Carnage’. It would be a shame for whichever film uses Carnage to ignore Maximum. And the most humanity Brock has ever shown was in Lethal.

  11. no offense all , and im a total carnage freak, why not follow the path that has been proving succesful.. all the big blockbusters today have thrown out a scrub in the first film. be it an entertaining scrub so that they can build backstory and provide handicaps you can feel attached to yourself ( rachel tdk ) as just one that the enemy can harness to an advantage.

    I say make venom the partial bad guy in the first film that has him slightly change near the end because of 1 of of them handicaps .

  12. Originally Venom was not “Evil”, they (Brock and Symbiote) just shared a deep hatred for Spiderman, and that was one of the main reason’s he was labled a Villian. There were some instances in which Venom actually did help people because Parker’s Personality Traits were still residing within the symbiote. I agree that the symbiote was evil as a stand alone and when it merged with Cassidy to become Carnage, but Venom was not really evil per se.

  13. I would say Vin Diesel because he has the physique and demeanor, and could probably pull off the acrobatics. Some people I’ve talked are against Vin Diesel playing Venom because they feel he is too short.

  14. I’m excited to see that Venom will be getting his own movie, but very curious as to how this movie will be made. It seems it would be hard to not include Spiderman himself in this movie, but then the movie itself would seem like a Spiderman movie if they did; so in reality, spiderman probably cant be in the movie. I actually liked Topher Grace in Spiderman 3 as Venom but im sure they will find a different actor to play in spinoff. Venom wasnt perfect though in Spiderman 3. It had ad some things i didnt like, but they will hopefully show him better in spinoff :)

  15. @Kofi, and pretty much everyone else that pointed it out. Diesel would be, well, Diesel at this role. Good God, who cares if he has hair! Diesel can grow it(Find Me Guilty) but looks much tougher without it(everything else ever with him in it). I’m just saying, there is one casting every so often that people are just like, “No duh! Who else could ever be that perfect for a role?” And this one certainly seems like one of those no-brainers to me. That being said, I want a celebrity death match episode where Vin Diesel rips Topher Graces spine out and plays it like a xylophone. And then his long forked tongue flails wildly in the air(maybe Gene Simmons could provide the motion capture for it in the film?) and FATALITY scrolls onto the screen in blood red.
    As far as origins go, please give that man a proper start up. He finds the symbiote, he wears the symbiote, he finds its driving him to do horrible vengeful things, and decides finally that this is his chance to be powerful like he always wanted. Time to use it for good. He starts saving people and crap. Then, suddenly somebody else has this same power. A psychopath by the name of Cletus Cassidy. Guess who’s the only man on the planet who can stop him? Establish who Eddie Brock is first. His half-brother was killed in a tragic accident(enter that wondefully placed pumpkin bomb.) He’s down on his luck, vengeful, and doesn’t know where to turn. No one believes in him, himself included. If only he had power, to do something to make this world better. Enter a visit to the lab of Dr. Connors. Maybe he’s a delivery boy-doesn’t need to be that significant a reason, he just needs to be there. He gets the suit, has a few woohoo moments(go web go and such) and then begins to strike terror into the hearts of evil-doers. Carnage goes on a murder spree with his power, Brock has to stop him. Maybe a cameo from Spidey, but nothing huge. This is Venom’s film.

  16. Diesel I could see as playing Brock. If he were to actually play the part, I would want him to have hair actually cause it would just look hilarious. Though I didnt think Venom was that bad in Spiderman 3, in the spinoff we really need to see the big, buff venom thats insane. I think the movie will be a hit at the box office just because all of the Spiderman movies were and everyone knows who Venom is if they know Spiderman comics/movies. And of course in the movie Venom obviously has to have someone to fight against or something. Is Carnage a good idea to have him in the movie? I’m not sure if I would want Carnage in the Venom movie just because Id actually rather see Carnage in a Spiderman movie.

  17. lol oops i meant to say I would NOT want him to have hair……………..

  18. Dont forget guys, Dr. Connors still has a sample of the symbiote in his lab ;)

  19. is see this movie if it gets made and looks good from the trailers making anywhere between 225 million and 325 million dollars in the U.S.

  20. Wow hud,

    That’s a pretty big figure.

  21. venom movie sounds like a good idea since they royaly screwed it up in spidey3 they put so much plot development into sandman and blacksuit spidey and harry osy becoming green goblin its like they were like oh venom at the end if they did it right theyed of just concentrated on green gobby 2 and sand man have eddie brock in it and the black suit but spidey ditches the suit right at the end of the movie and it attaches to brock thus setting up spidey 4 with every spidey fan jizzing thier pants with anticipation of spiderman vs venom butttt a venom movie is a chance for a redo of one od the more complexed hero/vilan around ok ideas for the venom movie 1 vin diesel def better choice than topher moron 2 no spider man in it spiderman 3 ruined any spiderman vs venom rematch ina movie for a long ass time 3 no carnage you gotta spend half the movie explaining how carnage is spawned from venom and anyway that story involved spidey so his two biggest foes are out for this one def bring in carnage if hey can get a sequal it would have fans more excited than a new spiderman installment. 3 so what kinda story do you go with then with the 2 big names out of it simple you focus soley on eddie brock/venom struggling with his dark side being miss understood by athorities playing vigalanty but gets carried away and murders a thug then hes on the run while solving some sort of crime then have him loose some one he had grown close too during the film and he looses it gets the main baddy but it captured or maybe lets himself become captured by the cops once he realises he looses ppl close to him when he looses control or sumfin and end it with his cell mate being kassidy and if they do it proper it might redeem spidey vs venom enough to have them in a a venom two either both tracking down the murderous carnage for thier own reasons while fighting each other along the way and maybe een have to work together at the end and call a truce ha i kinda gave a vague plot outline for a sequal too >.< but anyway my point is he doesnt need to fight a super powered baddy or goody for the movie to be kick ass

  22. oh and dont make it freakin pg make it at least m maybe ma venom isnt like goody goody spidey you need to see blood and entrails allover the place when hes in action it cant be done pg, they went ma (actualy i think it was R in some places) for blade so why not venom

  23. I like that plotline venom. Spend the movie doing what Spidey 3 SHOULD’VE DONE w/ the whole Dark Side/Symbiote thread.

  24. @Venom

    This movie would be banking on the already established Spider-man franchise, it would be marketed to the same audience, so they won’t really make it any worse than PG-13. Blade, the movies, were established as hard R films, Spider-man wasn’t and since this would technically be a spin-off, the venom film would be a PG-13 (which I’m not sure, but may be the same as an M rating).

  25. @hud

    So… you’re going to wait for box office figures before making your mind up to see a movie?

  26. it doesnt need to be rated R, TDK was pg 13 w/ a violent joker and it worked out fine, venom can still be violent in this film and make it a pg 13 film

  27. @ Hud

    You are talking about combined box office and DVD/merchandise sales right? Not saying the turn out wouldn’t be somewhat big at the box office, but thats quite a stretch for just the box office.

  28. You really can’t just have Venom face off against Carnage by himself, because if they stick to comic book powers, Venom will get his clock cleaned in about two minutes. It always took the might of Spider-man, Venom, and usually some other way to weaken Kasedy first, before they could bring Carnage back to Ravencroft. They would seriously have to subdue Carnage’s powers, to put either just Spider-man or Venom against him, alone, and that would suck, big time.

  29. I think:

    *keep it within the Spidey-verse. How to ditch webhead…? Simple. Have the film take place about the same timeline as the events that will occur in Spider-Man 4 (Spidey will be swamped with other foes) and move the action to another city/location. (Such as San Francisco?)

    *the bad guy(s) can hand Venom his rear. Venom can always come back and win somehow. It’s adaptation, after all.

    *my personal choices are Scorpion, who in this scase is ‘created’ not to fight Spidey, but Venom, who is a threat. The symbiont latches onto to Scorpion, making him the New Venom…and more the threat for First Venom to defeat- with Brock becoming the white “Anti-Venom”. OR go for the foes in the Lethal Protector run (Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony).

    But if Venom isn’t the hero/anti-hero? How ’bout Brock’s ex…Ann Weying?