New Details On the ‘Venom’ Script

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venom cover New Details On the Venom Script

Superhero Hype recently caught up with Rhett Resse and Paul Wernick, the two screenwriters who penned a first draft of the Venom spin-off for Sony Pictures. The resulting discussion yielded a few choice tidbits about how the screenwriters view Venom, and what Sony and Marvel may be envisioning for the project.

The big question I know is on Venom fans’ minds: will we be getting the crappy Spider-Man 3 Venom? Or will the spin-off finally get the character right?

I won’t jerk you around and keep you wondering: Neither Resse nor Wernick could talk about whether or not the Venom we get in the spin-off will be at all connected to the (hopefully dead) version of the character that appeared in Spider-Man 3. I know it’s a big point of contention for any REAL Venom fans who were likely just as disappointed in SM3′s half-assed treatment of the iconic villain as I was.

(I know that Spider-Man trilogy director Sam Raimi was peeved about Marvel and Sony forcing Venom into the 3rd film. The only way Raimi would come back to direct Spider-Man 4 was if he was given back the total creative control he had in Spider-Man 1 & 2.)

From the sound of things so far, Resse and Wernick are fairly big fans of Venom, enough so that they took the proactive route, approaching Sony with a pitch for a Venom spin-off:

“Venom is something that we’re very fired up to be writing… We have turned in a draft and are waiting to hear back, so it’s early in the process. But it’s a thrill to be writing ‘Venom’ for obvious reasons.”

Of course, as with any Marvel property, there were a TON of sacred character and continuum guidelines (Wernick calls them “the 47 rules”) the screenwriters had to adhere to while writing the Venom script:

“Obviously, with a character like Venom there’s a ton of stuff to draw from… Then they had specific rules about the villain and the backstory and stuff like that, so there were certain things they wanted us… certain parameters they gave us. But largely we pitched them something and they liked it but they had changes, so we worked on the outline for a long time and then we wrote the script. So with Marvel and Sony and us it’s definitely very, very collaborative.”

On the one hand, I feel enthused that two guys who are fans of Venom are trying to do right by the character. On the other hand, I’m still pretty paranoid about Marvel and Sony mucking with Venom, after they did such a poor, poor, job with him in Spider-Man 3. The whole freaking movie should’ve been about the alien symbiote, “black Spider-Man” and the origin of Venom! Screw The Sandman and James Franco’s “amnesia!”

venom5 New Details On the Venom Script

Topher Grace ruining playing Venom in Spider-Man 3.

I’m not going to get too heated, though. At this early stage, what’s the point? But I will remain wary, and with good reason: getting the same tongue lashing, psychotically mischievous Venom we all know and love from the comics to translate to the big-screen in a believable way will be a helluva job.

There’s also the hurdle of trying to make a successful movie franchise out of a less-than-heroic character. Examples like Mickey Rourke as Marv in Sin City suggest that it is possible for psychotic comic book anti-heroes to resonate with audiences. However, The Punisher hasn’t done too well at the box office in the last few years, and the success of Watchmen, a film that was all about comic book anti-heroes, is certainly debatable. This could be a steep uphill battle for old Venom (his co-creator Todd McFarlane certainly thinks it will be).

What do you think, does a Venom movie have potential to be a box office hit? Do you think that Resse and Wernick are the type of guys who can come up with the kind of proper script that Venom deserves?

Source: Superhero Hype

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  1. I think all the Spiderman movies were a little lame. They should bring back Franco as Venom now that he’s hitting his acting stride.Or Vin Diesal. Venom would be great as long as “Spidey” isn’t involved. All of those films were made for kids. So will Venom which is why it won’t be great.

  2. @ joshi the character is a spinoff of the pg spiderman but he isnt pg you want to to show what could of happened to spiderman if he hadnt of ditched the symbiote venom is at the other end of the scale he has good in him his version of good is a little diff and matt the dark knight had a violent joker yes.. but the joker is a psychological vilian he gives twisted choices for batz to make or his victoms to make venom isnt that kinda clever hes more direct and brash im not saying R but it was an example with blade to show how realy show the struggle of good an evil you need to see venoms hands get bloody just because spiderman is kept in mind for little kids doesnt mean venom does and before anyone one says it was based ona comic book character set at kids so i come back to blade

  3. and who says they have to bank it on a franchise that turned out a dispointing 3rd installment if they want ppl to see it thats the last thing they would want to assosiate it with they would want to stay as for away as the monstroisty they called venom in spm3 the audience all they would loose would be little kids and thier grandparents taking them to a movie on the summer holiday or what ever kids do but would gain other audiences and the fans of the comics would still go and see it

  4. @Venom

    I’m coming at this purely from a financial viewpoint, while I’m sure you’d want an R rated Venom, the studio likely won’t let it happen.

    It really doesn’t matter what consensus was on the third film, like it or hate it, it made money… a lot of money. That’s exactly why they’re making a Spider-man 4 and that’s exactly why they’re making a Venom spin-off. There’s a reason The Fast and the Furious spawned a franchise and it wasn’t the acting or writing.

    I’m not saying they have to make it a PG film, but since it is a spin-off of a very successful PG franchise, it’d be somewhat foolish, financially for them to make it anything higher than PG-13. This is why Wolverine’s rating is PG-13, so that it plays to the same audience as the X-Men films.

    “all they would loose would be little kids and thier grandparents taking them to a movie on the summer holiday”

    That’s an amazingly large demographic to lose. If a film studio can make a film that’s marketed to both little children and teens and adults like they did with Spider-man, you can bet they’ll go for it. Putting a lot of money into a Venom movie and then not allowing kids to see it would see them losing a tonne of money at the Box office. When Spider-man was released here in the UK, it came with a 12 rating and parents were so pissed off that children under 12 weren’t allowed to see a movie that seemed to be marketed to them, the 12A rating was introduced. Trust me, kids are a huge market, I’ll be very surprised if a Venom movie is anything harder than a PG-13.

  5. sheesh joshi again i didnt say r rated it was an exaple of another film i just said it should be a higher rating than pg and horror movies other action movies are constantly toping the box office charts week after week just cause its not aimed for “everybody” cause its rated higher than pg doesnt mean it wont make its money back and make a profit its not a movie about a well known character for being a superhero its not like its captain america venom has always been kiddied down when ever moved into other mediums wich doesnt suit its characters mood and demonor and style the point is no one wants to see another spiderman movie only called venom we saw that version of venom and it wasnt well recieved and wolverine is like the most popular superhero in the marvel universe and has quite a pop culture status even before the wolverine movie ofcourse they will try and cash in with the kids and make it pg venom is far from wolverine status in well known comic book characters which means they can go for a certain audience and venoms budget will most likley be punisher or blade movie size because he is a lesser known character like those guys it wasnt aimed as a summer blockbuster granted punisher sucked but that wasnt because of its rating or how much it was advertised it was cause of acting writting and directing which is why i said venom should be rated higher and given more depth written properly cause its not a big name hero that can generate enough attention of a movie coming out about it just from its pop culture status to make its money in the first week you keep looking at it like hes as popular as spiderman marvel comics as had over 20 of its characters made into movies or apeared in movies in the last 10 years not all were the top tier of the well known characters several of them were cult fav characters aimed at a nieche market and venom is deff a cult status character

  6. I don’t really want to get into an argument here. I’ve said what I wanted to say and I fear if I continued I’d just be repeating myself. So I’m happy to just agree to disagree here.

  7. Good, they are making a venom movie. The charcter was wasted in spider man 3,by not focusing on his charcter and blowning him up. Right now,i can only of carnage as the villain. i thought topher was ok as venom in SM3. Also the writers have said they sworn to secrecty and i know the fan pressure.

    *I am already doing a maxiumum carnage fan script

  8. I think that Topher Grace got a bad rap on SM3. He was awesome as Venom against Maguire’s Spiderman- they looked kinda similar, they had the same basic character traits, etc, and ok, he wasn’t the classic Venom, but then the SM movies aren’t really about that are they? They’re more about showing you what the comics never can- supers in motion. And remember, they were never intended to be canon for the Marvel Universe, they just wanted you to see supers really jumping buildings, punching through walls, etc.

    Hope I haven’t offended anyone too much.

  9. sorry for the rants by the way didnt want it to get heated or anything anyways i think it would be cool if they made a spin off and the beauty of these sites is fans can express ideas and thoughts on the matters

  10. I think a venom movie would be great to see. But i really don’t think it will be done right. Venom did have his own seris and there are plenty of solo venom stories to go with. Or it’d even be great to just start a new story, while sticking to the well, known facts about him. But the fact is he is known as a spidey villan, and making him without spidey means it isn’t for spidey fans (movie spidey fans and spidey fans that only know the spidey vs venom story lines) or for kids. which means its for the same fans as the blade movie. which means possible R rating. It’d be wicked if they do a venom story and right at the end have the carange start up and lead into a carnage movie. Cause Carahge is a savage killer and as much as I think venom could be alright without an R rating….carnage wouldn’t at all. So Carnage should never be in a spidey movie….unless oneday someone redoes spidey the way Batman Begins and TDK was redone to be darker. I guess my main point is. A Venom movie, no matter what, would be fun to see and it could be done really well, but i highly doubt it ever will be, it’ll more then likely be an overall disapointment.

  11. In my opinion,Spider man 3 HAD the potential to being a goood movie BUT made the mistake off trying to CRAMP in TOOO many BIG STORY characters.if they wanted venom in the movie they needed more focus ON vemon not so many other characters.They seemed to have taken A LOT of timee on sandmann and even a lot of emotion and focus onn francos amnesia but NOT really 2 much time on Venom.Thus causing venom to look like nothing but a rused project.I dnt “hate topher” and do not believe he “ruined” the venom part.He played the part as well as he could and even added a bit of comedy into it which cause me with a few “lol” here and there BUT it just so happened that he didn’t fit in the Venom image that we were all waiting for.That fight scene between them both was disgraceful especialy afterr playing the games and even readng those still image comments and gettin stokedd.IF it is that this venom spin off happens they’re going to have to make it some what connect to SM3 cause they it just wouldn’t make sense thus puttin more focus on Eddie Brock and leaving spiderman is “shadows” for this one.I’m not TOO suure aboutt carnage being in this movie,the messed venom up and best belive they’d probably ruin carnage and have to bring in some kind of remake to fix him hense the venom movie.We can only HOPE they dnt completely wreck this onee,cause I’d soooo want to see this 1.

  12. omg i thought the exact same thing!!
    i was super friggin high watching fast and furious and i was turn to me cousin and said “VIN DIESEL SHOULD TOTALLY BE FKING VENOM!!”

  13. Here’s how you make the spidey spin-off from Spidey 3, not have to include spidey, and get rid of Topher Grace logically at the same time through storyline. Have a small piece of the symbiote escape the blast through a crack in the floor made by the bomb. Have it hitch a ride on one of the ambulance people out of despiration to the hospital where he takes control of some brain dead patient and, since it was bonded so well to brock, have the symbiote place Eddie’s conciousness into that patient. In his defeated, new body delerium, have him go home to San Francisco to do whatever. I’ve always thought that the best super hero movies delt with philisophical issues such as, for example, The Dark Knight and why he just doesn’t kill the Joker. They’re gonna make him a good guy somehow whether fans want them to or not. You can make the issue about the differences between heroes and villains. Why would someone like Venom turn into a hero from his Spidey 3 villany. Yeah, the 90′s Venom comics were bad, but the thing that facinated me about Venom being a hero of any kind is that something that looks like it could be in a horror movie could be a hero under the right circumstances. That what you look like doesn’t dictate who you are. But hey, this isn’t my movie. Just offering ideas.


  15. Whhat most of you aren’t realizing is that Venom, in the comics generally was a hero, to some twisted degree. He was a twisted version of Spider-Man, killing those he saw as evil or hurting the innocent. The only part of Venom that was truly evil is his obsession with killing, or at least tormenting, Peter Parker.

  16. i think that if they make a venom movie it should be centered around eddie brock. also if they make movie series of it, they should have it follow up to eddie brock becoming anti-venom (if you read the amazing spiderman comics you’d know what i’m talking about. and for the record, i think topher grace did a great job.

  17. What a time we live in, when the villain gets his own movie. If it happens, is Spidey a guest… Everyone is speculating on the next villain for spidey 4, so who’s Venom’s villain…. ah, er… hero… ah… am I in the bizarro world? And wasn’t Carnage a bit of snot that dripped in cletus Cassady’s jail cell. Talk about yet another unoriginal brutal raging villain. Ah… lizard, vermin, scorpion, mike tyson, etc. I thought successful criminals/villains were supposed to smart. Guess not.

  18. i will see venom movie with topher grace he’s awsome i like topher grace as venom he knows stunts and he knows how’s to fight eniemies i hope topher grace as venom deafeat carnage played by jim carrey on the venom movie that will be awsome i will see venom movie in theatres august 19th 2012 see ya.

  19. Its not impossible for Venom to have a sucessful movie. I recent comics venom has his own series where as the beginnin gfocuses on Brocks mental issues. If the movie starts off in the same sense as diplaying Brock as street punk with no morals and just a dwonright loser who aqcuires the symbiote would work. Havin carnage in the story would portay brock if he went all the way to edge and in the end he does the right thing by destroying his clone or offspring.

  20. please let venom be awesome!

  21. If venom is not awesome and is as crappy as spiderman 3 venom, im gonna cry,”stupid costume designers,you made venom crappy AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”…(sigh).

  22. here is an idea I’am thinking Dommnic Purcell for Venom and for Carnage I am thinking Gaspard Ulliel from Hannibal Rising as you can’t get better than that, and Venom could be like Dirty Harry meets The Punisher with a corrupted sence of Justice or at least until Carnage takes the role of the villlain then Venom embraces his role as the antihero and versus Carnage due his recent discovory of Carnage being a seriel killer and Venom discovers what justice really is and how the good fight is worth fighting, and Spiderman the andrew Garfield version has a cameo earier in the film just a brief one. and otner villains that can star or cameo in the film are Shriek,Demogoblin,Carrion,The Doppelganger. and it ends with Venom defeating Carnage and his goons and deliver them to the Ravencroft Institute, a facility for the super-human criminally insane then it then In the final scene Venom is on the san fransisco brige and he delivers a short monologue about his fight against Crimnals such as killers and rapists, psychos and sadists is only the begining and he knows that Carnage will escape from the Ravencroft Institute and when that happens he will be ready.

  23. Venom had many host’s including Eddie Brock’s ex-wife Ann Weying. I think that would be perfect coming after Raimi’s version. She-Venom would be amazing!

  24. As The Dark Knight has taught us….if you have the right people…and story…you can make it work….i would love to see a Carnage appearance in a future Spidey or Venom movie