More Details On Devastator From Transformers 2

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In the past several weeks, we’ve been given some glimpses at what the live action adaptation of the Constructicons and their combined form, Devastator, will look like in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

The feedback from the fans on this new incarnation of the massive character has been mixed, to say the least, but one common topic raised is that of Devastator’s strange glowing face.

To see what I mean, check out this image of Devastator:

transformers 2 devastator4 More Details On Devastator From Transformers 2
The first official image of Devastator

Notice that his head is a unique glowing shape, unlike any of the other characters we’ve seen for the movie so far (that and the fact he’s made up of 6-7 other Transformers units).

Well, now we have an explanation for why he looks the way he does and why is head is designed as so: His head is a vacuum cleaner! Or more accurately as the packaging puts it, it’s a “grinder vortex.”

To see what exactly that is, check out this concept art of the character and his toy figure that was recently leaked:

transformers 2 devastator head More Details On Devastator From Transformers 2
Devastator’s Head opens to reveal a vortex

Head over to TF08 for a much larger version of the image along with images of a few other characters that will be featured in the Transformers sequel. You can see from the bottom-left corner, that his face opens up to devour multiple large vehicles.

Interestingly, this packaging claims that only six vehicles form together to create Devastator which goes against the seven Constructicons number we got from the character list released by Paramount last week which I used to put together Screen Rant’s Transformers 2 Character Guide.

What do you think of Devastator now?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens June 24, 2009.

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  1. lol… maybe bay will be the first to explode a giant vacuum or “grinder vortex” on a imax screen… thats gotta be worth something to someone that gets off on explosions… still going to see it though.

  2. Interesting.

    I’m more ticked off at Devastator not looking like a traditional transformer… its body shape is reminiscent of a troll out of LOTR.


  4. Clown mouth.
    He has clown mouth.
    Just look at the shape of it!

  5. As a child of the eighties, part of the fun of the original Devastator was putting him together from by manually combing the individual Constructicons. This toy appears to be one solid unit that is partial bendable instead. Anyone else notice friggin big that toy is? Dude’s hand behind it makes it look like a ventriloquist’s doll.
    Either way, I’m hoping to really enjoy the action in this film.

  6. Devastator will be awesome in this movie.
    Autobots beware. June 24th, 2009 Be Ready.

  7. @ Walwus

    I agree partially.

    It was fun to put all of the Constructacons together to form one,but once you got them together they weren’t very poseable and was very flimsy.

    One would like to believe that they made the toy like that on purpose to kind of reflect the cartoon,because Devestator was rather easy for the Autobots to dismantle(I believe it was a blow to the midsection that would topple it),but i really don’t think that was the case.

    Either way,I’m wondering how they are going to explain(or even bother trying to)why his name is Devesator since they screwed up by calling the tank that name.I think the toy looks a bit lame,but I’ll bet it will look fantastic on the big screen.

  8. that vortex thing sounds pretty wicked. I guess he’ll be tearing it up in the movie!

  9. This is really old news. These pics have been up for a couple weeks, and most of the transformer fandom already knew what the vortex was. It is supposed to suck in enemy bots and stuff, chew them up, and spit them out the back.

    Also old news, is the fact that this item really ISN’T big, like we were all told it would be months ago by so-called “insiders.” They originally said it would be over two feet tall, and have individual bots that could not only transform into their own separate robot mode, but could change into a third mode, for the Devastator merge. In an overseas toyfair pic set, this item is only about 14 inches tall, and is thick, and the individual bots sold in this set only change into their separate Devastator modes. No robot mode. Yeah, that sucks. I do think though that this character will look like a certifiable nightmare on screen, and that is cool.

  10. @ Charles,


    This is the first official pic explaining the head and it just broke on the transformers fan sites a few days before I wrote this…

  11. “Interestingly, this packaging claims that only six vehicles form together to create Devastator which goes against the seven Constructicons number we got from the character list released by Paramount”

    It has already been said that one of the Constructicons does not form into Devastator. He is the large crane, bigger than the one shown here, and can be seen in the trailer. He is the giant robot chasing after Optimus Prime.

  12. yeah i think that’s demolisher. he’s not a part of Devastator. doesn’t bother me none…just another decepticon that get’s smoked!

  13. LOL @ ludovicotek & cat….

    The supposed ‘crane’ in the trailer chasing Optimus is not a crane at all, he is an RH400 face shovel and forms the chest of Devastator by the looks of it.
    The remainder will be (minus names) cement truck – head/vortex grinder, truss crane – left arm, wheeled loader – right arm, bulldozer – left leg, dump truck – right leg.
    That makes six.

    This is going to be awesome……I have a few bets to make though….
    I bet the screen shot released ages ago with the dude hanging onto the pole with cars flying over his head, this damage will be caused by the angry dude in the pics above, also, longshot but i’ll take it, the ‘sun harvester’ under the pyramid, you reckon devastator will be the one to destroy the pyramid to get to it?

    I guess we’ll have to see…not long to go now!

    I’m geekin out lol

  14. The decepticon isn’t chasing prime first off. Second, he’s not a part of devastator. It’s already been confirmed. I’ll get you the link tomorrow.

  15. @ ludovicotek, Cat

    Demolishor is listed as a separate Constructicon who’s not part of Devastator.

    However, there are still 7 others who are (8 Constructicons in total).

    This is from the Paramount-released character list for the movie – check out my Complete TF2 Character Guide for the details:

  16. i think devastator looks pretty sweet my only problem is that he will probably get little screen time considering how much it would cost to detail him

  17. WTF? I hope this is someone’s sick joke about how Devastator looks. 1. i cant even describe what he looks like. 2. A green glowing head???? I bet the Stunticons along with Mensasor would look better in a live action film. No wonder why Mr. Bay wants a break. i dont know if its the picture or what but it looks like devastator is the size as any other transformer. Anyways, i hope Bay delivers us another good film.

  18. decepticons pwn

  19. im glad demolishers a constructicon, hes big enough without being part of devastator

  20. i think this version of devastator looks cool and evil, cant wait to see him in action

  21. I honestly believe the new devastator toy will be the best combine toy and transformers toy to ever be sold. The only thing i’m not to glad about is that you cant transform the vehicles to robot, and i’m wondering how many points of articulation there are because i dont want to spend 100 bucks on a TOY that only has mouth movement. The other thing is they messed up demolishers name up to something that was never in the film. Having the toy have extreme likeness to the movie version including the mouth vortex and the way the vehicles transform. Maybe they will create a version that will let you transform the vehicles to robot, though if they did it would cost 130 bucks. I am going to buy it the day it comes out.

  22. delm devastator it is really big u know that!!!!u know that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that is so so so reallllllllyyyyyyyyy biiiig and he is soooooooo cute iwish that he was my pet.And i hope toooo seee thisss moooviee.