‘Derek’ with Ricky Gervais Gets Second Season Order in UK

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derek gervais grinning dogs Derek with Ricky Gervais Gets Second Season Order in UK

A couple of months ago, audiences got their first look at Ricky Gervais’ most recent comedy series Derek with the first season trailer. The series won’t premiere on Netflix until sometime later this year, but season one is in progress in the United Kingdom and it sounds like more is on the way.

A second season of Derek, the series about a simple-minded man who works in a nursing home, has been ordered by Channel 4 in Britain. The news comes just before the first season finale airs across the pond tomorrow.

Deadline reports six new episodes have been ordered for the second season, which doesn’t seem like much, but those who follow British television know that their seasons are much shorter than TV series here in the United States. This likely means we’ll be getting more of Derek on Netflix unless the show somehow turns out to not play well to the streaming audiences.

Gervais has called the show “probably my favorite thing of everything I’ve done,” and we even put it on our list of the most underrated TV shows of 2012. The series follows Derek Noakes, a tender, innocent man whose love for his job and the people he cares for shines through. He’s 49, adores animals, Rolf Harris, Jesus, Deal or No Deal, Million Pound Drop and Britain’s Got Talent – but his main hobby is autograph hunting. Working in a retirement home with his friend and landlord Dougie (played by Karl Pilkington), Derek cares deeply for the elderly and his best friend, Hannah (Kerry Godliman).

Here’s the trailer for the first season of Derek:

Across the pond, Derek has received mixed reviews as the series features a learning-disabled protagonist, a set-up that was guaranteed to rile up audiences. But Gervais says, “The real risk with this is the people who don’t watch it and make assumptions. The idea that ['Derek'] is cruel follows you around. But some people don’t get it and some people don’t like it. Hopefully, there will be enough people who find it.

The series has been drawing in a good amount of viewers overseas and if Gervais’ series like The Office, Extras and Life’s Too Short are any indicator, this one should find a good size audience in the United States as well.

Remember that Gervais is bringing back David Brent for The Office Revisited on March 15th, and Derek will premiere on Netflix sometime this year.


Source: Deadline

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  1. Hmm it’s not that great, in the words of Kirk Lazarus – ‘you never go full retard man!’

    • It is a great show! And he did not go full retard. To quote the very same person you did “rainman: not retarded, Autistic”

  2. lol, can’t go wrong with Kirk Lazarus quotes.

    Anyway, I like that it’s getting another season but the show had been “meh” until last wednesday’s episode (with the finale tomorrow so….not as great as the pilot was for however many weeks it’s been on now).

    I hope they pick it up for season two.

    The major complaints I saw on the Pilkipedia forums were the overly sappy and forced montage scenes, the piano music and the heavy-handed approach to the whole notion of kindness and not judging others.

    Otherwise, like I said, until last week’s episode it had been just ok with Karl Pilkington being the best thing about it.

    • Oh and just to slightl correct the article, Dougie is the handyman at the nursing home. He’s the only other employee along with the manager Hannah, otherwise the other workers there are volunteers.

      And yeah, I never thought about how weird it must be for American tv viewers for us to have shorter seasons and no mid season breaks when a show is on (unless we get a show air the day after the US gets it and we have to have breaks like you guys do, like we did with Arrow and AHS).

    • Absolutely spot on mate, couldn’t agree more. I loved the pilot episode but the rest of the episodes have just seemed fairly average. Tryin to pull on the heart strings in too much of an obvious and over the top way.

      Oh, the evil man who wants to shut down the nursing home and doesn’t care about the old people.
      The horrible daughter who doesn’t care about her sick old mother.
      A young rebellious down and out teenager who’s life is changed when she hangs out and meets the old people. etc etc, you get the general idea

      • Maybe I’m being a little too critical though because I compare everything Gervais does to the Office. Derek is still great though, it’s like a sad drama with only slight touches of humour in it, definitely worth a watch and I look forward to a second season.

        • I’m the total opposite.

          I checked out The Office and hated it, didn’t like Extras and thougth Life’s Too Short was just pointless. Didn’t actually enjoy anything Ricky did until I found out about Karl and since then I’ve seen every episode of The Ricky Gervais Show several times, same with An Idiot Abroad, watched every episode of Derek so far and listened to the old XFM radio shows on youtube purely for Karl’s musings.

          People say the best thing Ricky’s done is The Office but because I found it boring and unfunny (the Americans did it better), it doesn’t give me that expectation that people have with his work where they get so let down if it doesn’t compare to that show.

          • You don’t think The Office is any good??
            You think the American version is better??
            And here I was thinking we were on the same wavelength.

            Good night Sir.

            • Yeah, see, my aunt recommended shows back in those days. One show she recommended was 24 which I fell in love with and watched every episode (she told me about it the day before the season 1 finale).

              Another was The Office.

              I saw it, didn’t like it, gave it another chance and even saw the final episode that one Christmas. Still thought it was crap.

              That’s why I gave the US version a wide berth for a while but gave in and found it absolutely hilarious. Haven’t missed an episode since (and anxiously awaiting the start of season 8, whenever Comedy Central are gonna show it).

              I think the thing is, the original version of The Office just had no real humour to it and seemed as boring as the world of work became (I was still in college when the show ended).

              The American version….yeah, it made me laugh, I cared about some of the characters and more importantly…..it made me laugh. I dunno, I guess the writers for that version just changed some character names and actually made it funny, that’s why I love Michael Scott as a memorable TV character and why I cared when Jim and Pam fell in love, got married and had a daughter. Plus Dwight is absolutely hilarious.

              That’s why I can’t totally hate Ricky because if it wasn’t for him and Stephen Merchant creating The Office and hosting shows on XFM, we wouldn’t have had the US version of The Office and Karl Pilkington.

              I compare the UK version to Coldplay. Loads of people love it and it does well in sales and such but personally, I just don’t get the appeal.

      • You can’t have it both ways. Complaining one minute that it is bad taste to use a mentally challenged man as a protagonist and then complaining that the show obviously goes for the heart strings. Derek is obviously the hero of the show and he is portrayed in an almost noble way. There is no cheap laugh at his expense because the show obviously respects the character. As far as the heart strings criticism, let me introduce you to Charles Dickens, Dave Eggars, and Nicholas Sparks. Sometimes a sad situation is so obvious that it can’t be downplayed so more is more. I love this show and if you don’t then go watch something else

        • Well said. This show is not The Office. This is a great show that draws you in and is great at setting the tone.

          If your complaining then you obviously don’t understand the point of the show.

    • What d’ya mean, you “hope they pick it up for season two?” You already know that they did. That’s the whole point of this article. You even say in your comment that you “like that it’s getting another season.”

      • Never mind me & my nonsense.

    • Dazz, what d’ya mean, you “hope they pick it up for season two?” You already know that they did. That’s the whole point of this article. You even say in your comment that you “like that it’s getting another season.”

      • I also dunno why this comment is repeated. I guess it’s just pointing out how nit-picky I am.

  3. I chuckled a bit but that trailer seemed kinda sad too….

  4. I’ll check it out. I didn’t care for Life’s To Short all that much and I’ve soured a bit when it comes to Gervais in general (that’s a story for another time) but I still think his work is pretty solid.

  5. Having seen the finale earlier, few things to say.

    * Wasn’t the tearjerker the channel said it would be

    * Ricky misled us when he said we wouldn’t hate Kev by the end of the series

    * After last week’s hilarious episode, we went right back to the same heavy-handedness in the “kindness is magic” message as before, along with the use of music and photo montage to make us feel for a character

    I’ll watch the next season sure but this finale really confirmed that Ricky Gervais just isn’t as good as he’s made out to be. His previous TV shows haven’t been that good at all, his movies have had the same boredom inducing effects as his TV shows and his standup comedy isn’t very funny either.

    His only saving grace is Karl Pilkington and the radio shows/podcasts/TV show based on Ricky and Steve’s conversations with Karl.

    Seriously, if anyone is reading this and enjoys Ricky’s work so far then you clearly have more patience with the guy and resonate easier than I ever could but I’d recommend you search youtube for his XFM shows, sit for an hour listening to just one (edited to remove the actual songs for copyright reasons) show and try to claim that it isn’t funnier than Ricky’s other output, due mainly to Karl.

    In fact, I may go listen to Karl inserting himself into movies to make up for the disappointment (again, if you’re gonna youtube it, look up Karl putting himself into A Few Good Men in Tom Cruise’s role during the courtroom scene, had me crying with laughter it was so funny).

  6. Do you have any regrets? “Yeah, that I always tried the easy way out, always, well I thought it was the easy way out. Always look for an angle, look for a shortcut, I should’ve tried, worked hard, but I gambled and I drank, I begged and hoped, I’m a coward, a failure I guess, I’m not a failure cause I didn’t succeed I’m a failure cause I didn’t try, I’m just glad I met Derek you know, not cause he’s better than me cause everyone’s better than me but cause he makes me feel better, better than everyone, Derek took the best shortcut you can, the only shortcut that’s good, and the only shortcut that works, and that’s kindness”

    -Kev (TV Show Derek)

    • That was one of the best lines in the whole show. Coming from the raw and disgusting Kev. This show is fantastic. The only thing I can fault it on is that the episodes are too short and there aren’t enough eps to a season.

  7. Brilliant…..just absolutely brilliant…..a masterpiece.

  8. If you dont get the british office or derek but you love American version office and karl…. well you just dont get it and MR Gervais would be sad for you.

    And life is too short… are you kidding me, that show was brilliant!!! Too funny

    But yeah if dont like the british version but you like the American… then youre just not cool. Lol. sorry.

  9. I LOVE IT!!! Watched all episodes in one night!!! Please bring a second season PLEASE!!!!

  10. Absolutely loved this series. Watched all episodes in a day. Can’t wait to see more!

  11. Gervais is a genius! Best show on TV since he came up with the Office. Can’t wait for season 2 to make it over to the U.S.

  12. This is one of the most profound series I’ve ever seen. Absolutely heart warming one moment and wrenchingly crushing the next. Ricky Gervais shows his true gift of writing and acting. How wonderful to see a series about the realities of life and loss, gifts and curses…..all rolled into a group of people who truly jump off the screen and into your heart.

    I cheered for this show when I found it on Netflix in the US. I cheer in hopes it will return for a second season.

    Absolutely one of the best shows I’ve ever been privileged to see.

    Bravo, Mr. Gervais…..Bravo.

  13. After a fond farewell to Breaking Bad and the evolution of Walter White. Derek was a gentle reminder that kindness exists and the best laughter is sometimes accompanied with a bit of heartbreak. There are few tears and some right good giggles. I genuinely look forward to a second season of Derek.

  14. I have a newly heightened respect for RG now that I’ve watched this series. He’s simply brilliant. Looking forward to season 2 here in Canada.

  15. I loved it! It’s a show with a simple meaning, kindness matters.

  16. We absolutely adore this program. Hands down, a favorite of this household. Cannot wait for more episodes.

  17. American here who just watched the finale on Netflix. Absolutely loved the show. Can’t wait for more.

  18. What a killer show. The writing, the acting….spot on. In fact, there are moments of true brilliance in its humanity through some truly profound but simple acting…and yeah, I’m a sucker for it, it moves me, even when I know it’s about to happen. It’s a welcome experience and change from the morally questionable worlds of a lot of shows here in the US (most of which I watch and like: Breaking Bad, Weeds, United States of Tara, etc.)
    So, yes, it does luxuriate in the pathos of life, it does offer montage and classical piano…what’s wrong with that? Artists grow and change and try new things, that is the job description. Bravo Ricky…you are suddenly back on my radar in a big way.

  19. I watched this show, all 7 of them, and cried and laughed. This was honest, people do suck, life can be cruel, but there is good too. We all look for the “Big Good”, never really see the quiet good, the little good. Movies and TV shows make us feel like our lives are crap, since it’s so boring and ordinary, we think it should be more, we don’t in joy what we have right in front of us. This show lets you know it’s okay to have this boring life, because it’s really not boring, it’s awesome. I realize most of you are thinking she is being a little deep for “Derek”, but this is how the show affected me. I am looking forward to the second season. And if you haven’t seen the show, you should really give it a try.

  20. I loved this show. I have been so hoping that more were made. I am one of those Americans watching on Netflicks. It was recommended to me by my brother. The characters started out great and then grew more and more real and lovable. I hope there will be more than two seasons.

  21. Love this show. Reflecting something this generation may miss altogether. Derek is the way it should be!

  22. Derek is by far the best program I have ever seen, third season is a must!!!

  23. Just finished 2 seasons loved it, I want more, its real and touching. Hope the first handyman comes back in some way.and more on the possible girlfriend.just a great show alltogether , thankyou.