Depp to Play Martin…or is it Sinatra?

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Daughter of famed crooner Dean Martin, Deana Martin, recently publicly revealed that she LIKE likes Johnny Depp  as a candidate to play the role of her father in a Dean Martin biopic (just ignore the whole Electra Complex thing):

“[Depp] is a tremendous actor, he has that charm, that swagger, and the resemblance of my father is there” Martin said. “I’m sure he would do the role justice!”

Its difficult to discern from her comment whether she’s expressing her desire to marry Depp and have lots and lots of babies, or whether she’s actually involved in casting.  As of right now, Martin has no confirmed role in production; she’s merely expressing her number one pick for the role.  However, though her involvement is in question, The Examiner reveals that this latest attempt at a Dean Martin biopic has already been penned by Bonnie Hunt and is currently under the control of Joe Mantegna.

This is not the first time Martin’s life has been slated to celluloid.  Previous attempts include one by Martin Scorsese, dubbed Dino (the singer, not the pet dinosaur), which was written by Nicholas Pileggi (Casino, Ocean’s Eleven).  The film, which has since lost steam, was set to star Tom Hanks as Martin (really? I mean seriously, really?).  However, Scorsese has not given up hopes of producing a Rat Pack-related film; he’s recently been tied to a Frank Sinatra biopic that is rumored to be starring, you guessed it, Johnny Depp.  Does Depp have the chops to play the entire Rat Pack?  How about all in the same film? Peter Lawford, Sinatra, and Martin shouldn’t be too much of a stretch – but Sammy Davis, Jr.?  Should make for some interesting press.

Seriously though, how will Depp portray Martin? Perhaps it’ll be something of a cleaner, more placid Jack Sparrow?  Their swaggers are about equal; just take that Keith Richards thing from Pirates of the Caribbean and tune it down a bit.  Toss in a healthy serving of Dillinger from Public Enemies, and I think we’ve got Dean Martin. And this isn’t Depp’s first foray into crooning, either.  You’ll all surely remember (I know my wife does) Depp’s classic portrayal of Cry Baby Walker, the eponymous lead in the 1990 musical Cry Baby, in which he played a brooding and troubled greaser with a sensitive side known for shedding a single tear.  Whaddya think?  If this Martin project doesn’t cut the mustard, perhaps it can be repackaged as “Cry Baby 2: The Electric Boogaloo?”  Either way, ladies, prepare to swoon.


cry baby01 Depp to Play Martin...or is it Sinatra?

Source: The Examiner via The Playlist

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  1. Depp or Leo should Play Sinatra
    Can’t really think of anyone to play Deano because hollywood’s current crop of younger stars are a bunch of effemiate pussies and Deano was such a man’s man.
    Capt Pike can play the coked up, poon chasing JFK at Frank’s Palm Springs villa since he was a perfect JFK in Thirteen Days
    Frank Vincent can play Sam Giancana
    DeNiro can play Tony Acadro
    The little twerpy guy who played Bobby Kennedy in Thirteen Days can play the little twerpy Bobby again because he was so good
    Blond Megan Fox can play Marylin
    Bob Hoskins can play J Edgar agin because his portrail in Nixon was f-ing brilliant
    Pecci can play someone
    The dude who played young Spender in X-files can play Roy Cohn
    James Woods can play someone maybe Joe kennedy in the backroom meetings with Sam Giancana getting baby JFk elected
    Gimmie Shelter will be played at some point, prob when Frank is with Mia Farrow
    Natalie Portman can play Mia Farrow
    The Tudor’s guy can play Elvis becuase the guy looks 100% exactly like Elvis and he played young Elvis before

  2. Garth.

    That’s a pretty impressive cast list man. Have YOU had a ratpack biopic in the works?

  3. I don’t even know why any studio is willing to make this movie. Does anyone under the age of 65 give a rat’s butt about the rat pack? This movie will flop worse than Australia. Even WITH Depp.

  4. @Andy S
    YES…. yes i do give a rats behind about the Rat Pack and this movie. Sinatra and most things surrounding sinatra (not all) is above everything to me… like i’ve mentioned in an earlier thread before they first announced that scorsese was going to direct…”The avengers, iron man 2,3,4 whatever… You all could keep that” (directly quoting myself from the open discussion on may 13th 2009) i’ve been waiting for this movie for a looooooong while andy. Only thing that would make my dream completely true is if i had a part in the movie… no matter what it was. I could care less if it flops or doesn’t… as long as its done right and gets released as well.

  5. Well, when you go see it, jago, I’m sure the volume in the theater will be loud enough as there will be plenty of people in there with hearing aids. I’m sure that the concession stand will stock up on prunes and ensure as well. ;) :P

    I have ZERO interest in this film, even though I am a fan of Johnny Depp. I would take Transformers, Rambo, Iron Man, Spaceballs or even Gran Torino over this film.

  6. @andy s

    At the theater that i go to they already have movies loud so any louder is a plus. I go inthe mornings so i could either watch it alone with friends or by myself and thats a plus. The theater that i go to serves several types of food and beverages , so while others may have they’re “prunes and ensure” i’ll maybe have a martini with some shrimp… Who knows!!!

    The you having zero interest in this movie is so much more favorable for me as well… That way we don’t have to put up with your moaning and groaning in the theater whilst the rest of us enjoy some “magic” as how i like to put it. (insert smiley face here)

  7. Jago,

    I hope you know I am not being mean, I am just joking around. Even old people need to have a movie to go to once in a while. :P Different strokes for different folks I believe is the saying. If that weren’t true, we’d all have to watch garbage like Twilight and Daddy Day Care 2. I hope it’s a good film for you.

  8. @andy s
    thank you… And i didn’t take it as you being mean either… Hopefully it goes well for whatever film you might want to go see in the future as well.

  9. Take it from one who has been a Dino fan all his life (and sings like him too – go to, there aren’t many who can stack up to the King of Cool! Maybe it should be an unknown who resembles him!!!!

  10. Why not Mr. Depp as Sammy Davis Jr. Downey played a black guy. Seems like I read it was rumored that Depp was going to play Michael Jackson. The rumor mill is just ridulous.

  11. If this timeframe is going to be covered it would best be directed by David Chase (Sopranos) he would do it up bigtime!!!!

    Depp is good enough to play both roles, but I think I’d rather see him as Sinatra…

  12. @Andy S

    You might have heard of some mildly successful movies based on one that was made just to showcase the Rat Pack:

    Ocean’s 11, 12 & 13.



  13. I’ve met Depp, and he’s one of the nicest guys in show biz. I will pretty much see any film he’s in. He’s a very humble star.
    I guess I’m biased… Great guy!!!!!! ;-)


  15. YEAH.

  16. Has anyone thought to do the Dean Martin movie from the angle of his marriages. I think he really loved Jeannie and regretted leaving her.