Rumor Patrol: Denzel Washington is Green Lantern in ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Denzel Washington Green Lantern in Batman Superman Rumor Patrol: Denzel Washington is Green Lantern in Batman vs. Superman

The Batman vs. Superman rumors will not die, and at the moment the focus seems to be on the continued rumors that the Man of Steel sequel will serve as a launchpad for a Justice League movie by introducing multiple superheroes from the DC Comics universe. We know that the principal players will be Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman, but with Fast & Furious 6 actress Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman, it’s clear that two heroes will not be all we get in the next film.

Recent rumors have pointed to additional characters like The Flash, Nightwing, Lex Luthor and Doomsday being all being possibilities for BvS, with actors like Bryan Cranston, Adam Driver, Jason Mamoa, Joaquin Phoenix and even Denzel Washington all rumored to be in consideration for film. Well, one of those aforementioned actors is once again having his name circulated around the rumor mill – albeit for a much different role than originally thought.

Now a few weeks ago we had a rumor that Denzel Washington was up to play Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman. That rumor set off some massive waves of fanboy (and really general pop-culture) debate about whether Washington was a fit for the role, if Luthor’s racial identity should be altered, etc. It was an intriguing notion, if nothing else. However, according to Nuke the Fridge‘s sources, Denzel isn’t up for the role of a villain, but rather a hero: Green Lantern (and former marine) John Stewart.

denzel washington equalizer1 Rumor Patrol: Denzel Washington is Green Lantern in Batman vs. Superman

Denzel Washington as John Stewart?

Many people outside of fanboy circles know Stewart as THE Green Lantern, thanks to the popularity of DC Universe’s Justice League cartoon. In fact, it was actually a point of confusion for many non-comic book fans when the 2011 Green Lantern movie tried to introduce longtime comic book Green Lantern Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) into the DC movie universe. The lukewarm response to that film left Warner Bros. in a strange place with the franchise, not confident enough in the brand to launch a direct sequel, but still stuck with an incarnation of GL that was fresh in fan’s minds (but not in a good way).

Ever since Man of Steel hit theaters and the never-ending Justice League movie rumors really started to circulate again, it’s been a looming question of how DC/WB would fit characters like Batman and Green Lantern – both of whom had major films in the last five years – into a rebooted continuity. We got our answer to the Batman issue with the casting of Ben Affleck, but Green Lantern (a much less popular character in the mainstream) has been a big question mark.

The introduction of John Stewart, then, would make sense, logistically: new Green Lantern for a new continuity. Not just a new GL, but one who is already widely known and one who brings some much needed ethnic diversity to the table (without having to “race switch” a white character). The role also makes sense for an actor of Denzel’s caliber; John Stewart’s story arc (as a marine, then an architect, then a Green Lantern) is layered and complex, the character himself is deep, noble and complicated, and his military background (combined with his architect precision) makes him one hell of formidable and inventive Green Lantern. In short: not only would this casting offer something sweet for Batman vs. Superman, it would be a strong foundation for a later film franchise centered around the character.

green lantern corps in sequel Rumor Patrol: Denzel Washington is Green Lantern in Batman vs. Superman

The Green Lantern Corps

For now though, this is all RUMOR. Fans have certainly had other ideas about who should play Stewart (rapper/actor Common was given the role in the late ’00s Justice League movie that never happened, while Idris Elba’s name gets nominated for it every other week); but the one thing that is generally agreed upon is that the character needs to be included in the film universe at some point. If there is any merit of truth to this (either the exact casting or simply the reality that the character will be introduced) then the next question will be whether or not Ryan Reynolds’ version of Hal Jordan is gone for good, or could he be re-introduced somewhere down the line? (In the comics, Hal and John work together often.)

Finally, this rumor is no doubt going to continue to spark fan criticism that this Man of Steel sequel is turning into a “low rent Justice League movie.” However, I have never believed that all of these characters being introduced would be a major part of the film; if I had to guess, the movie will focus no the two poles of the DC Universe (Bats and Supes) and then, near the end, use their union as the call to other heroes like Wonder Woman or Green Lantern to unite in a Justice League. And if that’s indeed the case, DC will come in and score the greatest “button scene” moment of all time.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015

Source: Nuke the Fridge

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  1. I got it, DW to old to play GL for next 5 to 7 years and Hal Jordan too fresh on peoples mind from the horrible GL

  2. This is what I think. Since GL with Ryan Reynolds sucked and still fresh on peoples mind since it cam out only a couple years ago, its tuff to reboot the character so soon. In the comics John Stewart has a military background and Hal Jordan as most know is a fighter pilot. They get Denzel as John Stewart for the Supes vs Batman movie and the 1st official JL movie. In the sequel or third JL movie John Stewart gets killed and by then you figure it would have been 6 to 7 years since the Reynolds GL movie and then they can re -introduce rebooted Hal Jordan into the new DC universe as the heir to John Stewart. They can write in the story that Hal and John both know each other since they both have military back rounds and that’s makes it easier to write the Hal Jordan character into the movie. I know most might not like the idea of John Stewart being the first GL in this universe over Hal but I think it works for many different reasons ( you can start fresh with John Stewart, Since Denzel passes the torch in one of the sequels he doesn’t have to play the character so may years into his 60′s and also gives Werner’s time to develop a new version of Hal and not rush the character again and also give us some more time to forget the debacle that was the green lantern movie) IDK that’s my idea I wonder what you guys think ??

    • No,that story would not work since Denzel Washington is close to 60 years old,bro. Even if he wears prosthetic body and dye his hair,Washington can not hide his age.

  3. Great actor,too old for the role.

    • Agreed. 100%

    • So you’d say that about Ron Perlman then if he returned to the Hellboy character or some other tough guy role with a lot of action, despite Ron being older than Denzel?

      • Difference is, Perlman is in full body prosthetics and makeup which pretty much hides his age.

  4. Eventhough he is a good actor; Denzel is NOT John Stewart ! That role belongs to Idris Alba or Micheal Jai White ( Spawn ) I hope the producers of this movie make the right choice if this rumor is indeed true.

  5. let see, if snider said it will be an old timer Bats, i guess DW is a great bet, since the guy is not getting younguer. this movie could be the last days of Justice League, or just flashbacks from Superdude and bats. Justice League must happen sooner or later, Snider could be doing an “in media res” bet…

  6. Too old for the whole. Great actor and would kill it but too old. he is almost 60

  7. Last week Denzel was Lex, this week he’s GL. Rumors people, let’s just wait and see.

  8. seriously? there is too much going on in this film already. I mean marvel carefully laid out their movie universe before they did avengers. DC/Warner Bros. are being a little premature and i think they’ll just rush these group franchise movies trying to compete with marvel. flipping lame.

    • You don’t think they laid it all out as they were making MOS?

      • Considering Green Lantern was originally the movie that was supposed to launch the DCCU, then after it flopped they were like, “Um Green Lantern doesn’t count.” I’m guessing no.

        • I’d guess yes due to Batman Vs Superman’s announcement happening when it did. They can’t drop that bombshell, have a filming date line up plus get casting and some pre-production shots if they didn’t have a long term plan in advance.

          They banked on MOS being a success, were satisfied with how it did regardless of the mixed reception and are pushing forward with ideas they decided on ages ago.

          I don’t think some of you even know much about movie making if you think it all happened within a month of MOS releasing.

          • They were also in the early planning stages of a stand alone Batman reboot in case Man Of Steel had been a flop.

        • If that was the plan, I’d fire the guy(s) who came up with that plan. Green Lantern was pure horse poo and looks very, very silly standing next to the Nolan-verse Batman films.

        • Other than the hopes of fans, I never read one thing that stated Green Lantern was going to be the start of a DCCU.

          • From TV Tropes under Franchise Killer

            Green Lantern was supposed to launch the DC Comics equivalent of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and eventually lead to a Justice League film. The movie was panned by critics and had lukewarm box office results, which led to these plans being put on hold. WB hoped that Man of Steel would kick start their movie universe the right way.

  9. That’s right, okay so..Denzel as Silas(cyborgs dad) and Michael B Jordan as Cyborg, who’s playing GL again?

  10. This is DC.WB last hope to save their fan-base after the YoungJustice Cancellation, they need to put all their cards on the table now, let us know they’re still in the game, flex some power on the big screen…I see no problem including other characters as long as we focus on Superman and Batman beef, they other characters don’t have to be suited up or in action, they just need to show they are willing and ready to respond. I love DC but, I’m a Marvel guy, I follow more Marvel, I buy more Marvel and I’m informing you, this is the way to keep up.

    • Cancelling Young Justice will lose the DC fanbase?

      How exactly?

      I’m a lifelong DC fan but I’ve never watched YJ, nor do I care that it was cancelled. In fact, I haven’t seen an animated DC show since Batman: The Animated Series in the early 90s.

    • Young Justice was a show on Cartoon Network, I doubt it’s cancellation will provoke people to stop being DC fans.

  11. 50CENT

    • my first thought was hell no but then when you think about it he has taken roles very serious. I guess it could work…

  12. seems like they are trying to make this the mini JL movie. I think they could go younger maybe elba who can play the character for a few movies. I agree with going away from Hal Jordan after the disaster that was green lantern. Still pray for Gina as Wonder Woman i believe she was made for that role!

    • And thus God strucketh down Gal Gadot, and madeth her incapable of acting-eth for all eternity. And he bestowed upon Zack Snyder an intense and unshakeable urge to pursue she who was known as Gina Carano for the role of the Woman of Wonder. And lo, it was made so, and thus she was casteth as the great Wonder Woman. And all was well.

      Yep sounds likely!

    • Gina Carano isn’t any better of an actress, and she doesn’t look exotic, also she is shorter than Gal is.

      • Who needs exotic? She is a Princess. There are some very nice photos of Gina dressed up. She can cover the Princess part and the Warrior part.

        Height is one of the few things that can be easily manipulated.

        As for being a better actress, I concur however I would rather have an actor that looks the part and can kind of act instead of one that does not look the part and can kind of act.

    • “I think they could go younger maybe elba who can play the character for a few movies”

      Personally that a real good point, why get someone that cannot play a character for more movies or franchise, beside that denzel will give his personal touch to this role that i dont think will be the best one

  13. Jason Momoa is Bizzarro.

  14. First off it was a joke, which is pretty much everything I said with a hint of truth. Young Justice was probably one of the best recent takes on the DC universe. Everything came off fresh, you claim to be a fan of DC but, have never seen it, really? You’re a die-hard DC fan whom has never seen Young Justice,mmmyeahhhh, can you say oxymoron, all I will admit is, it’s possible, maybe you hang in comic stores and are supporting the new52, but cinema-wise, DCs actual movies have been sub-par at best,YES, even the dark knight series ran horribly off the tracks. Gotham became London lol Bane became the shaved headed prince was a friggen mess…it looked like who threw this up and ran. Batman seems cursed to never have a good third installment, catwoman lol need I say more. Annnnyways, I’m not looking for a DC Marvel War, quite the opposite, I’m very interested in both and you do realize things start in comics, then animation, then movies, they gather and feel out their audience and see what will work on the big screen.

  15. Great actor and as said before he is too old for the role.

    Chiwetel Ejiofor is a better choice, but I’d also like to see him play Black Panther. In fact I think I’d rather see him play Black Panther because he has enough gravitas to do a solo Black Panther movie that would be great. In either case he would be excellent.

    I think the rumor of GL appearing in Supes/Bats is unlikely. With the addition of Wonder Woman there just won’t be enough time to develop anything of substance. Since it is called Supes/Bats it seems likely WW will be introduced, but no focus on her backstory. This movie is about re-introducing Batman and setting up JL. It is also the first team-up film for DC.

    It may be too soon to re-boot for some people, but GL should be re-booted and given his own movie. Take the focus away from Earth, Sector 2814 is big.

  16. Tempest?

  17. OK, they’re getting carried away here with all the heroes in this movie, AND…. If all these heroes were in existence at the time of the Man of Steel movie, why didn’t they come out of the woodwork and HELP DEFEND THE EARTH FROM ALIENS????

    • scottm4321 Good point, but easily explained away. GL could be on another planet in Sector 2814, Batman is focused on Gotham, not Metropolis, Kansas, etc. Wonder Woman and the Amazonians are trickier, especially because they will likely be descended from ancient Kryptonians in new continuity, so say they were still in hiding and were caught off-guard. Aquaman could have been in the Indian Ocean. Whose to say the Martian Manhunter didn’t help, but he stayed invisible and it happened off-screen. Flash was hungover?

      • Guess the Enterprise is the only ship in the quadrant again, bummer.

    • That’s the exact problem some people have with Iron Man 3 and Thor The Dark World, some people are like where are the rest of The Avengers when blah blah blah.

    • This is exactly what I think we are going to see in this movie.

      Marvel is very cookie cutter: Iron Man… Thor… CaptAm… Cross over! (Repeat)
      It’s like the heroes live in the same universe only every two years or something.

      I think Snyder is smart enough to know that isn’t realistic, so instead of a straight up Man of Steel 2, this movie will be more of the leaders of the Earth responding to an apocalyptic alien invasion which was stopped by a mutinous alien.

      There is no way Wonder Woman or Batman or any hero could have been prepared for the invasion. This movie will probably cover this, and explain how (I am assuming) a Justice League should be formed to protect against similar attacks by man or other force.

      Moral of the story: there is no “MoS 2″ or “JL” or “WW” movie.
      There is only The Snyderverse, and in the movies of The Snyderverse, all heroes are present, even if not on screen.

  18. Two problems:

    1. The obvious one everyone is pointing out–age of the actor for a franchise character doesn’t make a lick of sense.

    2. I don’t think Green Lantern would be in Batman/Superman because of his ring’s alien origin. We now know that Batman pre-existed Superman, but I am not sure how GL could. It is already established in the MoS continuity that Superman is the first “alien” hero earth has seen. So Green Lantern couldn’t really be an already active Superhero like Batman. Green Lantern would be a little difficult without a full-on origin story movie or some sort of prolonged set-up in an ensemble film like Justice League.

    I suppose they could just gloss it over and have him explain how he came to be earth’s Guardian in a quick introduction… but that seems like a missed opportunity, especially just to shoehorn him into a Superman movie.

    • Evan, I agree. With the inclusion of Wonder Woman, even if it is only an brief introduction, makes this film full. The new continuity means every character will be redone. I doubt GL will be in the movie, or Flash, or Doomsday.

      This movie will have Superman vs Batman in some way, then they will team-up to fight something at some point, Wonder Woman is involved and must be introduced unlike Batman who needs no introduction, Lex Luthor must be introduced, Metropolis and the world are recovering and re-building, Clark and Lois romance, Clark working at the Daily Planet maybe on assignment

    • Unless they have Stewart helping out with Metropolis and does something for the Guardians to notice him and take him to Oa somehow.

      They said Superman was the first alien hero that Earth has seen. That means the Lanterns could’ve been around but either weren’t seen or were passed off as something else (those green meteors people spotted a few years ago across the US could be brought into it as if they were Lanterns).

      Superman was just the first one who made himself publicly known, that’s all.

      • They should have replaced General Swanwick with John Stewart.

  19. i dont think youll see G.L., Nightwing, or any other heroes in this other than Batman, Superman, WW, and Flash. And from what i undestand, WW is only gonna be there as Diana, bruce wayne’s love interest and that Flash will only be there as a crime scene analyst the whole time. Maybe at the end after Bats and Supes team up, diana and Barry Allen become superheroes setting the stage for Justice League in 2017

    • Diana is Bruce’s girlfriend but he has no idea she is superhuman. That makes no sense. Where did that rumor come from?

      All this stuff is speculation. Only thing confirmed so far is the title, and two new cast members.

    • But I hate the idea of them all being in their own group, already involved with each other as humans and they just so happen to all get superpowers within their own little world. It’s too tight-packed and “coincidental” to be any kind of realistic. It’s not even like Spider-man either where there’s one corporation actually responsible for their powers. With DC/JL it’s all entirely different.

      • We might see CADMUS introduced in this movie and there happens to be a huge military presence in the universe so either of those could play a role in them becoming a team.

    • This is why everybody is hating on this movie, they are simply uneducated on what’s happening.

      The only characters confirmed to appear are Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. Flash has not been confirmed to appear and neither has Green Lantern they are both rumors which seem to have no substance at this point.

      They never confirmed that she would be Bruce’s love interest or rumored that, the casting call was for his love interest and I have a feeling that was just a cover for WW so that they could announce her when they were ready.

      I am almost 100% positive that DC will do a solo Batman movie before justice League, I mean he is there most profitable and marketable character and people love him for no reason sometimes.

  20. Hey! Owen Wilson as Aquaman! LOL! Sorry, I’m watching The Wedding Crashers right now.

  21. Um this movie is getting crouded. This is a bad way of going foward. They should have follwed marvels formula. It would be copying but it works. This knee jerk reaction and terrible map to justic league is not looking great.

    • I don’t see how this is necessarily a bad formula.

      1. Man of Steel

      2. Batman vs Superman (gives us our Batman origin and a taste of Wonder Woman)

      3. Batman Solo (most marketable character and popular)

      4. ???


      6. ????

      7. Justice League

      • But I don’t get it-

        After doing a team up, how can you have a earth-threatening solo, unless it is extremely narrow in scope? Like, imagine a Superman-Doomsday movie where the JL just happens to be out of the universe at the time, or a Sinestro Corps war without JL involvement?

        I can only imagine small scale solo films working realistically post-team up.
        Batman could work with something like Hush or Court of Owls, but that’s still small scale – only Gotham really is threatened. BTW – Court of Owls would be great for jump starting a Batman franchise in media res. Just sayin’.

        • All of the events were happening at the same time so none of the other heroes could help each other out.

  22. AFAIK whilst knowing there are other (Earth) Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan is the only one that counts (never heard of John Stewart).

    Just as Jason Rusch will never be Firestorm – that’s Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein

  23. guys denzel is a good choice stop putting too much logic into this…he may potray the xter for sometime and pass on the torch to some1 else his a great actor who can pull off anything…this movie has a couple of great actors and with a screenplay which most likely will be good..we need great actors for this movie…and leave gal gadot alone she aighnt that bad as an actress,she can pull of fight scenes pretty welll and WW is not a role that needs oscar winners as long as she can get into the xter and pull it off all is good with me..snyder and co know wat they are doing,they know it better than any 1 of us not to mess this movie up!!!!

  24. Why has no one mentioned the name Idris Elba that is the dream GL. I would have loved to have Denzel Washington to play GL about 10yrs back but he is too old now for the part. I don’t know why the people working on the “Batman Vs. Superman” movie have not thought of Idris Elba for a GL cameo that would just be great. I loved the choice for Ben Affleck to play Batman but I don’t think I would be for Denzel to play GL he is just a bit old for the part that is all. A good part for Denzel would be Lex Luthor I know what you are thinking “but Lex is white in the comics and Denzel is black”. I know that but why can’t we have a change would that be so bad? Denzel is such a great actor and he would do great as Lex Luthor. So if you are going to cast Denzel for the movie then cast him for Lex Luthor and cast Idris Elba for Green Lantern.

    Sorry about the long post but I think that I covered what I had to say.

    • ahem<<<No.

  25. If he wasn’t playing falcon, Anthony Mackie would have been great as John Stewart. Perhaps Michael Jai White, or Terrence Howard (after the Rhodes switch, I think he’ll learn his lesson).

  26. This is gonna be so awesome, I am going to love watching this movie. All they need to do is stick to cannon with a new twist and they will be fine. These fanboys need to quit being so salty, it’s hard with characters that are this iconic and of this much caliber to find the balance between where the canon should start, and their story begins.

  27. I know you guys have to have advertising on the site but what is this bs with a popup coming up announcing that I have won something with no option to close it or get rid of it without pressing ok which then takes me to another page altogether.

    It’s not just annoying it is making this site fricken hard to read.

  28. I know you guys have to have advertising on the site but what is this bs with a popup coming up announcing that I have won something with no option to close it or get rid of it without pressing ok which then takes me to another page altogether.

    It’s not just annoying it is making this site really hard to read.

  29. Maybe the rumor is to take some heat off of Affleck being cast as Batman.