Rumor Patrol: Denzel Washington is Green Lantern in ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Denzel Washington Green Lantern in Batman Superman Rumor Patrol: Denzel Washington is Green Lantern in Batman vs. Superman

The Batman vs. Superman rumors will not die, and at the moment the focus seems to be on the continued rumors that the Man of Steel sequel will serve as a launchpad for a Justice League movie by introducing multiple superheroes from the DC Comics universe. We know that the principal players will be Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman, but with Fast & Furious 6 actress Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman, it’s clear that two heroes will not be all we get in the next film.

Recent rumors have pointed to additional characters like The Flash, Nightwing, Lex Luthor and Doomsday being all being possibilities for BvS, with actors like Bryan Cranston, Adam Driver, Jason Mamoa, Joaquin Phoenix and even Denzel Washington all rumored to be in consideration for film. Well, one of those aforementioned actors is once again having his name circulated around the rumor mill – albeit for a much different role than originally thought.

Now a few weeks ago we had a rumor that Denzel Washington was up to play Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman. That rumor set off some massive waves of fanboy (and really general pop-culture) debate about whether Washington was a fit for the role, if Luthor’s racial identity should be altered, etc. It was an intriguing notion, if nothing else. However, according to Nuke the Fridge‘s sources, Denzel isn’t up for the role of a villain, but rather a hero: Green Lantern (and former marine) John Stewart.

denzel washington equalizer1 Rumor Patrol: Denzel Washington is Green Lantern in Batman vs. Superman

Denzel Washington as John Stewart?

Many people outside of fanboy circles know Stewart as THE Green Lantern, thanks to the popularity of DC Universe’s Justice League cartoon. In fact, it was actually a point of confusion for many non-comic book fans when the 2011 Green Lantern movie tried to introduce longtime comic book Green Lantern Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) into the DC movie universe. The lukewarm response to that film left Warner Bros. in a strange place with the franchise, not confident enough in the brand to launch a direct sequel, but still stuck with an incarnation of GL that was fresh in fan’s minds (but not in a good way).

Ever since Man of Steel hit theaters and the never-ending Justice League movie rumors really started to circulate again, it’s been a looming question of how DC/WB would fit characters like Batman and Green Lantern – both of whom had major films in the last five years – into a rebooted continuity. We got our answer to the Batman issue with the casting of Ben Affleck, but Green Lantern (a much less popular character in the mainstream) has been a big question mark.

The introduction of John Stewart, then, would make sense, logistically: new Green Lantern for a new continuity. Not just a new GL, but one who is already widely known and one who brings some much needed ethnic diversity to the table (without having to “race switch” a white character). The role also makes sense for an actor of Denzel’s caliber; John Stewart’s story arc (as a marine, then an architect, then a Green Lantern) is layered and complex, the character himself is deep, noble and complicated, and his military background (combined with his architect precision) makes him one hell of formidable and inventive Green Lantern. In short: not only would this casting offer something sweet for Batman vs. Superman, it would be a strong foundation for a later film franchise centered around the character.

green lantern corps in sequel Rumor Patrol: Denzel Washington is Green Lantern in Batman vs. Superman

The Green Lantern Corps

For now though, this is all RUMOR. Fans have certainly had other ideas about who should play Stewart (rapper/actor Common was given the role in the late ’00s Justice League movie that never happened, while Idris Elba’s name gets nominated for it every other week); but the one thing that is generally agreed upon is that the character needs to be included in the film universe at some point. If there is any merit of truth to this (either the exact casting or simply the reality that the character will be introduced) then the next question will be whether or not Ryan Reynolds’ version of Hal Jordan is gone for good, or could he be re-introduced somewhere down the line? (In the comics, Hal and John work together often.)

Finally, this rumor is no doubt going to continue to spark fan criticism that this Man of Steel sequel is turning into a “low rent Justice League movie.” However, I have never believed that all of these characters being introduced would be a major part of the film; if I had to guess, the movie will focus no the two poles of the DC Universe (Bats and Supes) and then, near the end, use their union as the call to other heroes like Wonder Woman or Green Lantern to unite in a Justice League. And if that’s indeed the case, DC will come in and score the greatest “button scene” moment of all time.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015

Source: Nuke the Fridge

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  1. I think that they should have Hal Jordan as Green Lantern. First Justice League would have them up against Darkseid and they would win. Second one would be Justice League Doomsday where Superman is killed but they ultimately win. Third would be Justice League Blackest Night where Superman is brought back and a bunch of other people are killed/brought back. After saving everyone, Hal becomes evil and that’s where John Stewart takes over. Fourth movie: Justice League Unlimited. Same heroes as the cartoon show.

    • Too complicated, especially Blackest Night. I like the story of Blackest Night, but it’ll be hard to adapt that story in the big screen.

      • Totally agree here. BNBD although a great story line would get Blackholed by anyone trying to put it on the big screen.

    • @Brandon Blackest Night and Brightest Day were way #$%^& up…totally movie material.

    • I think Jason Momoa is Aquaman.

      • Did you Conan? The guy isn’t a great actor, he is better suited for roles that won’t require to speak at length. He is a physical actor and he could be great in certain roles. He also looks nothing like any version of Aquaman ever. Not that a change isn’t a bad idea, just not him.

        • Well the only thing Gal Gadot has in common with Wonder Woman is the fact that she is a woman, so Momoa could be Aquaman, especially with the straying from the source material they seem to be doing.

            • Excuse me, what range has Gadot shown in F&F? At this point, Mamoa’s resume is longer than Gadot’s. Stop acting like Gal Gadot has proven anything. All I see are people clamoring for a good actress to play WW, so they laugh at suggestions like Gina Carano (who actually looks the part), then turn around and praise Gadot’s casting. Gadot hasn’t shown that she can act any better than Carano, in fact Gadot’s performance in the F&F films isn’t any better than Carano’s in Haywire or F&F.

      • how about bizarro?

      • Aquaman would be laughed off the screen. Please explain how you can make this character work?

          • Problem with Aquaman is most keep thinking back to their only memories of him which ends up being the super lame version from “SuperFriends”.

            Over the past 20 years DC has tried to remold his image but unless you have followed those comics, the SuperFriends image remains and will forever haunt the character (which is a shame because they have made Auqaman a real bad-ass in the last decade)

          • (see comment below, I swear I replied to your post!)

            • Please ignore, the “reply” button only appears to be working part of the time.

      • I could see that.. needs to dye his hair, but I could see him.

        Would Like to see him get away from the Barbarian typecast he’s drummed up too.

  2. He could be Metallo. John Corben’s character is pretty independent of race. I think Denzel could make a good villain in that regard. Maybe an army man under General Swanwick who in conjunction with Lexcorp and maybe Cadmus volunteers to be experimented on to become superhuman.

  3. Well, Flash and Hourman and WW and a few others are starting to emerge from DC. Who knows, maybe eventually we will see Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, The Atom, Doctor Fate, Dr. Midnight, Deadman, Metamorpho, Spectre, the Legion of Super-Heroes, and a few others. Of course, Marvel can trot out a few others as well: I would not mind seeing Goliath and Wasp for the good-guys, and maybe Kang, Wizard, Whirlwind, Mr. Fear, and a few others for the baddies. Maybe Mr. Sinister and Omega Re, even? We shall see. And I wish someone would buy the right (not sure who currently has them) to T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and do them as well!

  4. This is a decent idea, I wouldn’t be too heart-broken to launch John with the JLA first, but, how would they redeem Hal from his ultra weak appearance. Ryan Reynolds may be perfect for Deadpool but, he’s no Hal Jordan. I still think it was his time, and not all first heropics are cinematic successes but, they are essential to introduce the idea of this to be so to the public. Denzels great, I like when real actors get involved too, nothing against Henry Cavill but, he doesn’t have as much to lose as Denzel if it bombs.

  5. Great move. Denzel is a super young guy that has decades in his career left for him, and I’m sure he won’t cost the studio much.


  6. Can’t wait for The Daily Show to report this.

  7. Dude, good points, much to think about there is…

  8. Terrence Howard?? lol i think i read he beat up some pianist on some broadway play, and like the dude didnt even get up like just took the beating sitting there, he’s a good choice lol

  9. Seriously, it’s like they’re not even trying anymore, this is Michael B Jordans role. lol sorry the lol is like a nervouse tick when i amuse myself

    • No, Michael B Jordan for Cyborg.

  10. I say Micheal Jai White as John Stewert. Idris Elba as Martian Manhunter

  11. Chiwetel Ejiofor

  12. This is just a rumor but I’m going to pretend it’s true…. LOL! Denzel Washington playing Green Lantern would be totally epic in itself but it will never happen. If it did, it would only be for one (or maybe two) films at the most. Denzel is pushing sixty years old and I’m pretty sure DC/WB is trying to expand their comic book movie universe the same way Marvel and Fox are pushing to do as well. Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine for almost 15 years and he’s going to have to retire soon. Denzel is fit and still sexy for his age but to do the things Green Lantern does on set, doubt he’d be up for it. They are better off going for a younger actor like Idris or Common or even David Oyelowo.

    • Hugh is still young enough to go for at least 10 more years; plus he has nothing bigger going for him.

      • Hugh Jackman is a theatre actor at heart – he has PLENTY of bigger things going for him. Just look at his resume. It doesn’t take a young man to do those, or plenty more like that – or better. He has a long career ahead of him. As does Denzel… but just not all in superhero movies.

  13. You realize he was Spawn, what happened to Spawn!? Anyways he’s on Arrow as Bronze Tiger. If the reason we’d not go with Denzel was age, well idk MJW is getting up there too, not exactly a practical solution so far.

    • Michael J. White was Spawn…you’re mixing up your black actors again Joe. Sigh.

      • That’s cute, you’re making it as if I have no idea what I’m talking about further more like I was talking to you lol,sorry, no, no, I was not, alas that comment was misplaced by Screenrant as it does do randomly at times. If this doesn’t land correctly you can be assured, NOWWWW ( @TheAdditional1 ) I’m talking to you.

  14. Morris Chestnut? He strikes me GreenLantern-esque with a hint of Marine. He can pull off the many hairstyles and facial designs and still look like GL as well. Here’s my view on this though, as soon as these guys sign on for this, that’s it, I don’t want the pizzaboy playing professional sports and I don’t want average actors to play superhuman roles. They gotta blow up, like professional athletes, like wrestlers. Thors getting there, that guy gets wth I’m saying. These dudes should be huge or on the road to huge especially if they are dudes but, WW too, if she shows up with puny arms, I’ll be so pissed.

  15. I think Denzel is too old to play GL, if he is 59 now that means he will be in his sixties when it comes out. Then you have to think of sequels and the GL franchise. I dont think it will work. Maybe he could be cyborgs father or something.

  16. Or Denzel could play the Martian Manhunter

  17. Cyborgs father, interesting…who would play Victor Stone then?

    • Nate Parker or Chadwick Boseman

  18. Idris Elba would make an amazing john stewart…BUT NOOO damnit, not john stewart! To me he is only slightly more tolerable then guy gardner…it’s justice league beginning we still need hal jordon…even if the first outting was a screw up.

  19. I honestly cannot take any rumors or casting news from WB/DC anymore.

    And Iron Man stil has the greatest button scene of all time to me. Nobody saw it coming. But it opened the door that kept audiences interested enough to later spend 1.5 billion dollars.

    • This isn’t casting news FROM Warner Brothers or DC, it is an story made up by one of the rags like SCreen Rant, nothing more, nothing less. There is no truth to it and Warner Brothers alraedy denied it and saifd it was fake!

    • If you mean the Mandarin thing in IM #3, it was not a “button” scene”, it was more like a “butt obscene”!!

  20. Well, i guess this is not ‘Superman vs Batman’ but Justice league. I’m really starting to worry about it because they are trying so hard to reach the marvel success with this movie by giving us no story.

  21. Can we please stop calling this the Man of Steel sequel. No matter how big or small their roles are, Batman & Wonder Woman’s inclusion alone makes this a Justice League movie.

    I honestly think a lot of people wanted to see a superior standalone Superman sequel first.

    The so-called ‘button’ will not have the desired impact, since we now know it’s coming. Nick Fury, Thor’s hammer in the ground and Thanos were all great suprises. If the other heroes just appear in a credits scene, then no big announcement would be made about their casting.

    I think this rumour is non-sense. When looking at it I can’t really Denzel getting involved unless it’s a villainous role. He, like Daniel Day Lewis is a dominant, centre- stage performance actor. I don’t think he could get much range out of being one of a group of heroes.

  22. They should pull the hulk move with GL. Find a good actor ,take away the CG suit ,make him a bit serious not some rip off of tony stark. I think doomsday could be an excellent villain for BvS . Make lex luthor his creator from zod’s DNA

  23. This story is a total fabrication. There isn’t a bit of truth i it. I fact, this bit of stupidity has already been struck down by Warner Brothers and branded FAKE! There isn’t even a Green Lantern in the movie or being considered as a possible addition! Why do these fanbopy rag mag websites bother with this b*******. How about reporting news instead of making it up!

  24. ‘Man of Steel II’ should have been next.

    • I think Batman/Superman is fine

      Man of Steel II = lame

      Superman would have made the most sense if it was another solo.

  25. I love how worked up people get on one little rumor. The comment sections are really entertaining. – Madness as you know is like gravity all you need is a little push.

  26. OH NO!

    Terrible news if this is true