Rumor Patrol: Denzel Washington is Green Lantern in ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Denzel Washington Green Lantern in Batman Superman Rumor Patrol: Denzel Washington is Green Lantern in Batman vs. Superman

The Batman vs. Superman rumors will not die, and at the moment the focus seems to be on the continued rumors that the Man of Steel sequel will serve as a launchpad for a Justice League movie by introducing multiple superheroes from the DC Comics universe. We know that the principal players will be Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman, but with Fast & Furious 6 actress Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman, it’s clear that two heroes will not be all we get in the next film.

Recent rumors have pointed to additional characters like The Flash, Nightwing, Lex Luthor and Doomsday being all being possibilities for BvS, with actors like Bryan Cranston, Adam Driver, Jason Mamoa, Joaquin Phoenix and even Denzel Washington all rumored to be in consideration for film. Well, one of those aforementioned actors is once again having his name circulated around the rumor mill – albeit for a much different role than originally thought.

Now a few weeks ago we had a rumor that Denzel Washington was up to play Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman. That rumor set off some massive waves of fanboy (and really general pop-culture) debate about whether Washington was a fit for the role, if Luthor’s racial identity should be altered, etc. It was an intriguing notion, if nothing else. However, according to Nuke the Fridge‘s sources, Denzel isn’t up for the role of a villain, but rather a hero: Green Lantern (and former marine) John Stewart.

denzel washington equalizer1 Rumor Patrol: Denzel Washington is Green Lantern in Batman vs. Superman

Denzel Washington as John Stewart?

Many people outside of fanboy circles know Stewart as THE Green Lantern, thanks to the popularity of DC Universe’s Justice League cartoon. In fact, it was actually a point of confusion for many non-comic book fans when the 2011 Green Lantern movie tried to introduce longtime comic book Green Lantern Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) into the DC movie universe. The lukewarm response to that film left Warner Bros. in a strange place with the franchise, not confident enough in the brand to launch a direct sequel, but still stuck with an incarnation of GL that was fresh in fan’s minds (but not in a good way).

Ever since Man of Steel hit theaters and the never-ending Justice League movie rumors really started to circulate again, it’s been a looming question of how DC/WB would fit characters like Batman and Green Lantern – both of whom had major films in the last five years – into a rebooted continuity. We got our answer to the Batman issue with the casting of Ben Affleck, but Green Lantern (a much less popular character in the mainstream) has been a big question mark.

The introduction of John Stewart, then, would make sense, logistically: new Green Lantern for a new continuity. Not just a new GL, but one who is already widely known and one who brings some much needed ethnic diversity to the table (without having to “race switch” a white character). The role also makes sense for an actor of Denzel’s caliber; John Stewart’s story arc (as a marine, then an architect, then a Green Lantern) is layered and complex, the character himself is deep, noble and complicated, and his military background (combined with his architect precision) makes him one hell of formidable and inventive Green Lantern. In short: not only would this casting offer something sweet for Batman vs. Superman, it would be a strong foundation for a later film franchise centered around the character.

green lantern corps in sequel Rumor Patrol: Denzel Washington is Green Lantern in Batman vs. Superman

The Green Lantern Corps

For now though, this is all RUMOR. Fans have certainly had other ideas about who should play Stewart (rapper/actor Common was given the role in the late ’00s Justice League movie that never happened, while Idris Elba’s name gets nominated for it every other week); but the one thing that is generally agreed upon is that the character needs to be included in the film universe at some point. If there is any merit of truth to this (either the exact casting or simply the reality that the character will be introduced) then the next question will be whether or not Ryan Reynolds’ version of Hal Jordan is gone for good, or could he be re-introduced somewhere down the line? (In the comics, Hal and John work together often.)

Finally, this rumor is no doubt going to continue to spark fan criticism that this Man of Steel sequel is turning into a “low rent Justice League movie.” However, I have never believed that all of these characters being introduced would be a major part of the film; if I had to guess, the movie will focus no the two poles of the DC Universe (Bats and Supes) and then, near the end, use their union as the call to other heroes like Wonder Woman or Green Lantern to unite in a Justice League. And if that’s indeed the case, DC will come in and score the greatest “button scene” moment of all time.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015

Source: Nuke the Fridge

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  1. That would rock so hard. I hope it’s true.

    I’m also of the belief that this film is going to take the TDK trilogy and green lantern Ryan Reynolds movie, and treat them both as being loosely canonical without directly referencing them.

    • Yeah, this is pretty cool, but I think that Idris Elba would be way better as John Stewart!

      • He kicked ass in Dark World for a hot second there, they should do more with him next installment.

    • First, if true, this is definitely no longer a sequel to Man of Steel, but rather, a Justice League movie.

      Second, the guy will be 60 YEARS OLD. First geriatric super hero.

      It’s not true.

  2. New rumors ever couple of days. Guess 2014 is gonna be full of star war rumors.

  3. John Stewart is an architect, I wonder if he will be a part of the reconstruction of Metropolis.

    • oooo, good thought!

    • BINGO

  4. Um yeah, hoping this is true since this would be absolutely perfect!

  5. I am all for John Stewart as the next onscreen Green Lantern, but I do not believe that Denzel is the best choice, just as I did not believe he was the best choice for Lex Luthor. Not that it as to be Idris Elba (but please, make it Idris Elba) – I just do not see Denzel.

    It’s going to be a long year and a half…sigh.

    • Ugh one year and a half is much too long!

    • I’m a big Idris fan… but honestly I think I would prefer him as the Martian Manhunter. I’ll take either as long as they have Idris in there somewhere, but I like him for the J’onn J’onzz best.

  6. It’s exciting to see Denzel’s name continue to get associated with the film. I really “S” that he is involved in some way.

    • I “s” so to.

    • I ‘S’ that this project gets scrapped and Superman gets handed to a director with some talent.

  7. DC STOP!!!!!!!!!! Your stuffing this thing tighter then a Thanksgiving Turkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quality not Quantitiy people any more and you’ll be advertizing a trainwreck!!!!

    • like it says at the title RUMOR PATROL. only wonder woman has been confirmed to appear in the movie, she’s been confirmed to appear but it doesn’t mean she’ll have a big role. and having that many characters wouldn’t be a problem if they’ll have little to nothing to do with the story, just a fun quick cameo. anyway hold your horses till we know more about how much WW or whoever they want to add will have to do with the story

      • I don’t think they would include a big name character like Wonder Woman just to put her in a cameo, more likely she would serve much like Black Widow did in Iron Man 2.

        • Wonder Woman is a big name, but this isn’t Batman vs. Superman vs. Wonder Woman. It’s more than likely going to be a variety of cameos about what she’s doing. She may even have a short fight scene, but I doubt she has a huge impact on the story, because while she’s a big character in general she’s not a big name for this film.

          • +1
            There’s a reason it was announced as a Superman Vs. Batman film at Comic Con and had the World’s Finest logo.

            • For all we know at Comic-Con 2014 they could show the Batman Vs Superman logo again, but then have it fly away and reveal the Justice League logo was behind it all along.

              • But what I stated is what we do know. Anyone can imagine what will happen in the future. You know what, with this rumor, I bet this will be a Green Lantern film and will be announced as one at 2014 Comic Con.

              • And why would they soften the blow of a Justice League film by announcing it as a Batman Vs. Superman film first? If they were to announce a Justice League film, they’d most likely drop the anvil at once!

                • Well you do see all the outrage some of the commentors have, thinking WB/DC is rushing things.

                  • So they will go out of their way and false advertise one of their biggest films to date? I don’t believe that, ESPECIALLY a studio that cast Ben Affleck as Batman aha.

                    • And there’s always outrage, look at most of the superhero films out there man, specifically the ones from Warner Bros.

  8. Denzel as GL…

    …I got nothing.

  9. Hahah the comments about the this new movie being related to Nolan’s films have just become comical. Dudes get it through your head…she moved on. Found someone else. Drop it.

    • There’s more out there to suggest I’m right than I’m wrong.

  10. Can somebody please tell me what was wrong with the Green Lantern movie and Ryan Renolds? Like seriously, I loved the movie yet everyone says it was stupid and I really want someone to (POLITELY) tell me why they didn’t like the movie.

    Cuz if it was my way, Ryan Renolds as Green Lantern, Stephen Amell as Green Arrow and a dead Superman would make a great Justice League movie 😀

    • Hey there. Well I personally liked Green Lantern. Sure the CGI could have used a touch better work (Ya could really see when they were using it in the movie) But the script was fine just the director and production staff kinda didn’t know what they were doing.

      I like you would love to see Stephen Amell as Green Arrow and Ryan brought back as Green lantern, thier quips back and forth would be funny as all hell to see.

  11. Denzel is too old to play a superhero! Plain simple. But the Green Lantern could be a great franchise by itself. If only handled the right way! And since Hal Jordan’s iteration of the character of was a total flop, Stewart is the right course and Elba is the right choice. But we all know that it’ll never happen… Sadly! After his role in Pacific Rim, Elba is superhero material… But alas, all we’ll get is more Heimdall!

    • It is not Hal Jordan that flopped. I like Ryan Reynolds, but he is too metro for Hal Jordan, which is what killed the GL movie IMO. He is supposed to be the greatest GL due to his will power, and is a serious character. Not a”….I know right” that sounds like it should be followed by a line going something like “..I also like bubbles”. Look at it this way, how would Chris Rock do as Jon Stewart? That character would suck too. If anyone can play Jon, its Washington, but Washington makes a great villain. Have you ever seen “Training Day”? I would love to see him as Lex.

      • That’s bad writing and directing, not RR. GL failed because of a pieced together script that strayed WAY too far from the correct GL origin, atrocious dialogue and sub-par directing.

        An actor is only as good as the director who is directing them and the script they are given and expected to follow.

      • I agree about Hal/Ryan Reynolds.

  12. So if Lantern and Wonder Woman existed when the World Engine was wrecking shop they had better come up with some plausible reasons why they weren’t around.

    Lantern is an easy one: he was off-planet.

    Wonder Woman though… very intrigued to see how she will be introduced.

    • another one for GL John – he’s not a GL yet.
      for WW – they’re isolated at themyscira and they’re oblivious to what’s happening outside

      • They aren’t oblivious but instead choose to remain apart from the rest of “Man’s” world.

        The Zod incident could very well be the final straw that forces them to send a representative out into the world (this would replace the Steve Trevor landing on their island angle)

        • I agree. They have an issue with the Man’s world and think that the rest of the world should help themselves. They knew something was afoot, but I don’t think they were privy to the severity of it.

      • +1 @Mr. Clean

    • Who’s to say they weren’t there?

      Metropolis is a big place.

      I have a feeling the Supes vs Zod battle is going to be used as the center of much to come.

      • I agree here. Look at what Avengers did for Thor, Iron-man 3, and Agents of Shield TV show. All are based of the NY incident that opened the eyes of the world to more then human possibilities.

  13. Guys. Don’t be so mad about it being crowded. It will pretty much be Batman/Superman 2015 and Justice League will follow in 2016 acting as the second part.
    I have some good sources from this info.

    • Yeah. I could see that happening with batfleck directing. Or 2017. And get some of that Idris Elba! Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin better be in the justice league movie too!

      • I really hope the TV and Movie universes are not together…nothing good will come from that

        • How?

          • Because everything that happens in the movies will have to have a consequence in the TV show and Everything that happens in the TV show has to happen in the movies and have a consequence. For example if they wanted to kill of Slade in Arrow that would be one less villain they could use in a future Batman movie and if they want to kill off Slade in the movie they have to jack up the show continuity (You know the movies would have a higher influence). I don’t want the connection of the universes to hinder creativity on either side the movies or TV. If they connect they aren’t doing anything but putting handcuffs on themselves and the writers.

    • I hope you not just pulling our chains..because that is exciting!

  14. I never like John Stewart i felt he was more serious than Batman. Halo Jordan is a better felt to help ease tension in the movie and give a slight comedic relief

    • comedic relief character is suited for The Flash. John Stewart is a better character for the movie

  15. Not too sure about this…
    GL John Stewart would be brilliant…Denzel would be cool..

    But……………..if its the first GL from Earth…i would want Hal…
    Is the first GL movie in continuity..? Its hard to see that happening.

    But cmon…if they had to make a JL movie…they shd’ve gone ahead with this point..its a little distracting.
    If i’m watching MOS 2…..and I’m thinking about when will Wonder Woman show that Nightwing..? or..does GL make an appearance…? It overshadows the whole awesomeness that could have been Batman vs. Superman.
    I mean…if they’re showing batman vs superman..i dont want a single second frm the movie to go to anyone else..could it would be at the expense of the main story..

    They could have made a phenomenal Batman vs. Superman…and then gone for JL….now, It seems overkill..

    • 1. Agree with you first point

      2. I think this will be a re-quel in a way, the first movie might still exist in continuity but very loosely like The Incredible Hulk and the new Hulk. The events during Green Lantern could’ve been happening at the exact same time as General Zod’s invasion.

      3. If they would’ve just went ahead and made a Justice League movie we all know people would accuse them of “rushing” and doing Quantity over quality so they would never win with DC or Marvel fans.

      4. I really like the anticipation of meeting a new hero in the movie and how they will work with the others, If they cast Denzel I think him and Batman can be the more mature “father” figures to Clark, Diana, Barry, etc. (implying they’re all younger of course). Easter eggs are what make me get excited even small ones so I really hope we at least get those we don’t have to see the actual character yet.

      5.I don’t think this is overkill manly because there are only about 6 characters confirmed Batman, Superman, WW, Ma Kent, Perry, and Lois. We haven’t heard if any other main characters will appear which leads me to believe this story will be shared but told mostly from Superman’s perspective. I think they know what they are doing or else they are making a pretty big gamble on this and the future of their entire cinematic universe.


  16. YES! I want to see John Stewart so much! I think Denzel would be a good fit for the older, straitlaced former marine. But if this is true I’m going to be disappointed if I don’t get to see him interact with Wally West’s Flash. Those two should be a package deal.

  17. I think Denzel Washington is too old for this role. I’d prefer Idris Elba or Shemar Moore.

    • Shemar Moore sounds interesting

  18. If anyone can play Stewart it is Washington, but he is not THE GL. That is Hal Jordan. That is the green lantern I want to see. Id be ok with both, Hal is the man. Just not with Reynolds.

  19. i could care less what character Denzel plays he will kill it no matter what.

    having his name associated with it will bring people in.

  20. What a load of crap. Denzel has not been confirmed. Warner Brothers just wants him in the name because they actually want an acclaim actor.

    Denzel Washington doesn’t do sequels, so it pretty rules him out for Lex Luthor or John Stewart or any part in Batman Vs. Superman.

    Also Hal Jordan >>>> John Stewart.

  21. Just why? To many characters being introduced in this film if this all the rumors come true. We have Batman being reintroduced, we have wonder women being introduced in this movie, there was also a rumor earlier on here saying the possibility of Martian Manhunter being introduced in this movie. Now they want to add the Green Lantern? Hell why don’t they just put The Flash and Aquaman man in this movie and we have the Justice League movie. Warner Brothers and DC just need to take a chill pill about this movie. If they want this to succeed they need a quality movie instead of a quantity movie. I don’t think they want another screwed up movie like the Green Lantern.

    I believe this movie will be a train wreck if they try to introduce all these heroes. Its just to many heroes for the general public to absorb in one movie. I mean most comic book fans will know all these heroes but the average viewer will not know. In my personal belief I think the should just have wonder women and batman being introduced in this movie. With a after credits scene where it shows whats coming next, like show Green lantern or some hero. Overall though I’m very excited for this movie if they can their act into gear.

    • You shouldn’t react to rumors as much as it seems like you do, most of these have almost zero backbone and will never come to light, its 1000% speculation right now so I don’t understand how people are nervous for this movie.

  22. I’m really looking forward to this movie.

    Who needs Superman when you have all these great heroes and villains.

    • Superman is my all time favorite I don’t understand where all of his hate originates from.

      • Some would say he’s too one-dimensional or some may not like the fact that he’s arguably over-powered.

        Personally, I like Superman, but those are complaints I’ve heard against The Man of Steel.

        • Those are the complaints you’ve heard against Man of Steel? I thought it did a great job of breaking that illusion of Superman being just another goodie two shoes or being too powerful. I was always a fan of Superman but what Man of Steel did with the two points above made me more of a fan of the character.

          • THE Man of Steel. Those were complaints I’ve heard about the character, not the movie.

        • I find him very interesting and i want to see him push his limits, I don’t like the term overpowered because well.. He’s Superman what do you expect? Also can someone show me where the scale is to measure power levels… I don’t see how someone can deem a character overpowered without a scale of some sort.

  23. “However, I have never believed that all of these characters being introduced would be a major part of the film”


    Denzel as John Stewart has me intrigued though.

  24. I love John Stewart and I love Denzel so i’m cool if this is true. I do have to say though that I really wish DC and WB would stop stuffing this movie with so many characters. they’re so desperate to compete with Marvel they’re quickly loosing sight of what made them successful in the first place good characters and good storytelling. I’d much rather wait on JL and have more solo franchises then this cluster f.

    • There isn’t anything making this movie seem crowded to me… so far the only people in the movie are:

      1. Superman

      2. Batman

      3. Wonder Woman

      4. Lois Lane

      5. Ma Kent

      6. Perry White

      This doesn’t seem that crowded to me.

  25. Y’know why this page is going to get flooded with fake posts claiming concern over the movie being “over-crowded?”

    Because DC is better.

    • Oh no, not this BS again.

      Yes yes, the sun shines every morning because DC is better, the world spins because DC is better, we breathe oxygen because DC is better.

      Or maybe, just maybe people are afraid it’s going to turn into a bloated train wreck like XM:DoFP is shaping up to be? (which is not Marvel but Fox 😉 )

      • “Yes yes, the sun shines every morning because DC is better, the world spins because DC is better, we breathe oxygen because DC is better.”

        This guy gets it.

        Because DC is better.

        • Is your name Sheldon Cooper?

  26. Thought the visuals for Green Lantern were good enough (save for the green CGIatard). But the movie was just so incoherent, & let’s face it, villains make heroes. Clearly the plan was to introduce the more interesting baddie for the sequel & they just struck out. & while I don’t hate R. Reynolds, IMO he really doesn’t take anything seriously. Maybe he’ll always be Van Wilder to me.
    I digress, maybe the character of J. Stewart/GL should be younger, but I’ll watch any movie Denzel appears in not wearing drag…

  27. Although Denzel is a great actor, I think that Michael Jai White is the perfect person to play Green Lantern Johnathan Stewart. He played in the horrible Spawn Movie, where he had on way to much body suit. This guy is built like a superhero, his acting skills are much improved from his ealry work, and he even has the chiseled jawline. I think that he would have been a good fit for War Machine on the Iron Man movies, but now, I cannot think of any current black actor that would do this character JUSTICE.

    • I can buy Michael Jai White as Stewart.

    • White – age 46
      Elba – age 41
      Washington – age 59

      ALL too old to be playing John Stewart.

      He needs to be in his early 30’s to have the longevity to play the role w/o looking too old down the line.

      • what about chadwick boseman

      • Damn, my comment isn’t showing!

        • Sylvester Stallone – 67 (Grudge Match, Expandables)
          Harrison Ford – 65 (Indiana Jones)

          And to be honest,
          Denzel Washington 59 (2 Guns, Safe House)

          Though I can’t deny there can be problems but I wouldn’t rule him out immediately. He’s a great actor and would be awesome to have him on board. Plus, we don’t know what kind of role he would be playing, an older and retired John Stewart?

          While not exactly in the same boat as Affleck and Batman, it does open doors to everyone having significant age gaps between other actors and characters (which I’m open for) instead everyone being the same age and ‘coincidentally’ all superheroic duties begin once Superman appears.

          • Can’t be retired if Hal Jordan was the first Human GL.

        • And mine only show once every five articles I post on, Screen Rant.

          Sounds like I am not the only one this is happening to.

      • Have you seen John Stewart in the animated series? The guy is surely in his 40s. That’s judging from his military experience, his architecture experience and his general demeanor. He is Mr Serious personified.

        • Well we are talking about continuity problems now. The John Stewart from the animated series was a Marine (at least 4 years), Architect (5-6 years in school and say 4 years as a professional) and then 15 years as a GL. That puts him at 47ish when we are introduced to him. The problem is, this version of the GL can’t have 15 years experience since he will be a replacement for Hal Jordan. That puts him in his early 30’s.

  28. Yeah, right. Way too old.

  29. If he (Washington) was 30 or so, yes. I think the Green Lantern character, even the Jon Stewart version, needs to be somewhat young at this juncture. It just looks better, and it leaves room for sequels if the role plays out well. If Denzel plays Jon Stewart now, can he play the character AGAIN in 2-3 years? That’s why I say get a younger guy in there who can reprise the role if need be.

    • Maybe a retired Green Lantern? I like how they’re playing with age, Batman being older while Superman is just starting. Hal Jordan can very well already be in the game but away from Earth training as maybe he is new to the job.

    • I would think if we need to do sequels, that’s the part where we start introducing guys like Gardner and Rayner. Whoever came after Jordan, so he’s not carrying the load himself.

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