Rumor Patrol: Denzel Washington is Green Lantern in ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Denzel Washington Green Lantern in Batman Superman Rumor Patrol: Denzel Washington is Green Lantern in Batman vs. Superman

The Batman vs. Superman rumors will not die, and at the moment the focus seems to be on the continued rumors that the Man of Steel sequel will serve as a launchpad for a Justice League movie by introducing multiple superheroes from the DC Comics universe. We know that the principal players will be Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman, but with Fast & Furious 6 actress Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman, it’s clear that two heroes will not be all we get in the next film.

Recent rumors have pointed to additional characters like The Flash, Nightwing, Lex Luthor and Doomsday being all being possibilities for BvS, with actors like Bryan Cranston, Adam Driver, Jason Mamoa, Joaquin Phoenix and even Denzel Washington all rumored to be in consideration for film. Well, one of those aforementioned actors is once again having his name circulated around the rumor mill – albeit for a much different role than originally thought.

Now a few weeks ago we had a rumor that Denzel Washington was up to play Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman. That rumor set off some massive waves of fanboy (and really general pop-culture) debate about whether Washington was a fit for the role, if Luthor’s racial identity should be altered, etc. It was an intriguing notion, if nothing else. However, according to Nuke the Fridge‘s sources, Denzel isn’t up for the role of a villain, but rather a hero: Green Lantern (and former marine) John Stewart.

denzel washington equalizer1 Rumor Patrol: Denzel Washington is Green Lantern in Batman vs. Superman

Denzel Washington as John Stewart?

Many people outside of fanboy circles know Stewart as THE Green Lantern, thanks to the popularity of DC Universe’s Justice League cartoon. In fact, it was actually a point of confusion for many non-comic book fans when the 2011 Green Lantern movie tried to introduce longtime comic book Green Lantern Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) into the DC movie universe. The lukewarm response to that film left Warner Bros. in a strange place with the franchise, not confident enough in the brand to launch a direct sequel, but still stuck with an incarnation of GL that was fresh in fan’s minds (but not in a good way).

Ever since Man of Steel hit theaters and the never-ending Justice League movie rumors really started to circulate again, it’s been a looming question of how DC/WB would fit characters like Batman and Green Lantern – both of whom had major films in the last five years – into a rebooted continuity. We got our answer to the Batman issue with the casting of Ben Affleck, but Green Lantern (a much less popular character in the mainstream) has been a big question mark.

The introduction of John Stewart, then, would make sense, logistically: new Green Lantern for a new continuity. Not just a new GL, but one who is already widely known and one who brings some much needed ethnic diversity to the table (without having to “race switch” a white character). The role also makes sense for an actor of Denzel’s caliber; John Stewart’s story arc (as a marine, then an architect, then a Green Lantern) is layered and complex, the character himself is deep, noble and complicated, and his military background (combined with his architect precision) makes him one hell of formidable and inventive Green Lantern. In short: not only would this casting offer something sweet for Batman vs. Superman, it would be a strong foundation for a later film franchise centered around the character.

green lantern corps in sequel Rumor Patrol: Denzel Washington is Green Lantern in Batman vs. Superman

The Green Lantern Corps

For now though, this is all RUMOR. Fans have certainly had other ideas about who should play Stewart (rapper/actor Common was given the role in the late ’00s Justice League movie that never happened, while Idris Elba’s name gets nominated for it every other week); but the one thing that is generally agreed upon is that the character needs to be included in the film universe at some point. If there is any merit of truth to this (either the exact casting or simply the reality that the character will be introduced) then the next question will be whether or not Ryan Reynolds’ version of Hal Jordan is gone for good, or could he be re-introduced somewhere down the line? (In the comics, Hal and John work together often.)

Finally, this rumor is no doubt going to continue to spark fan criticism that this Man of Steel sequel is turning into a “low rent Justice League movie.” However, I have never believed that all of these characters being introduced would be a major part of the film; if I had to guess, the movie will focus no the two poles of the DC Universe (Bats and Supes) and then, near the end, use their union as the call to other heroes like Wonder Woman or Green Lantern to unite in a Justice League. And if that’s indeed the case, DC will come in and score the greatest “button scene” moment of all time.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015

Source: Nuke the Fridge

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  1. Denzel Washington is a great actor. I don’t think his age will be factor because the majority of Green Lantern’s scenes will be CGI. They just need to do some motion capture and a few action sequences with Denzel and a body double and they are set. One thing I hope is NOT CGI is Green Lantern’s suit. They can have CG enhancements on the suit, but not 100% CGI. I do like the idea of Denzel playing Lex Luthor though. I love it when Denzel plays the villian. The race thing shouldn’t be an issue because they already changed Perry White’s race (Laurence Fishburne).

    • Truth be told…Denzel would be; you guess it, an AWESOME choice for GL John Stewart. It fits the current story line for Superman Vs. Batman. Considering Batman is older and experienced in the film and Superman is younger and Fresh Blood to whole superhero lifestyle. Denzel’s age puts him a perfect position to be another experienced superhero. And considering the fact that John Stewart is a full blown retired military Marine and successful architect leaves only one solution…HE IS GROWN! Common sense would point to that conclusion, having a character that complex and having him be in his late 20′s early 30′s does not fit the role. Late 30′s early 40′s is more logical. Truth be told… it’s Denzel Washington, an amazing actor, who can take a character and become that character, a talent not found in many actors. Having him play GL would be awesome! If not Denzel then I would say go with Will Smith, another great actor who can fill John Stewarts shoes amazingly, but Denzel would bring a more experienced mature John Stewart. Depends on what DC/WB wants.

      • Truth be told… swapping Perry Whites race was not major change. Look at Pete Ross, Smallville displayed him as African American teen , while comics portrayed him as a blonde haired white teen and Man Of Steel made him a bully Redhead. But it’s Pete Ross, a minor flashback character from supermans past. Lex Luthor on the other hand is Supermans Arch Enemy! A major character in pop-culture. He’s white bald and rich that’s it. Now his age is the toss up. Should they make him in his 50′s 20′s or the logical 30′s?

  2. The fact that SR can get excited about a possible Denzel Washington Green Lantern only further proves to me that these same people have no idea what they are talking about when they defend casting Affleck and Gadot.

  3. From what I’ve read DC plans to take a different approach than Marvel. In the DC Universe, all Characters will appear in all films. That’s because like everyone said, how can there be an Earthly threat and only one Super Hero shows up? I actually prefer this approach. It would of been cool to see atleast the Hulk show up in Iron Man 3, or Tony Stark show up in Thor 2 etc. IMO DC has a better formula than Marvel. Having everyone appear in all movies will usher in a new paradigm shift in comic book movies and franchises in general.

  4. I love Denzel Washington, but John Stewart isn’t the role for him. Lex Luthor, yes! Perry White, yes! But not John Stewart. It just doesn’t fit.
    I suspect (hope) that for the most part these characters are cameos and not major parts of the film. Otherwise this film will be majorly overcrowded. For example, as with the Justice League animate series, Bruce Wayne did start a relationship with Diana Prince. In such a case, her appearance will only be brief as Diana Prince, but would pave the way for Wonder Woman in the future.

  5. “And if that’s indeed the case, DC will come in and score the greatest “button scene” moment of all time.”

    Nice try Kofi “I’m a plant by WB/DC” Outlaw.

    The greatest “button scene” of all time was made the creator of the “button scene”, MARVEL, at the end of Iron Man.

    Go away Kofi and take your ridiculously obvious WB/DC bias with you.

    You always have been and always will be a joke to real/true media Kofi.

    • @chuck.. you are disgracefully rude. You don’t sound smart…. just jealous. Are you a writer or just upset that you’re not?

      Also, it’s fairly reasonable to assume that Justice League members would trump a Nick Fury cameo.

    • I was wondering if I was the only person here that noticed that. I prefer DC to Marvel, but I can’t get behind any of the casting so far for what is shaping up to be Batman Forever 2.0

  6. More fun news. As always theres more’n one way to skin a cat or a lantern or a JL movie. Its their money anyways. But we do get to vote on it with ours later. Bottomline – hoping for a fun ride. Make it happen bozos.

  7. I like what they seem to be planning in the amazing Spider-Man series, with the sinister six. Don’t get me wrong, I loathe the Spider-Man franchise right now, I mean hate it lol but, they got the right idea, JLA needs to tap on multiple villians and see how they interact…I’d love that. With that said, he reminds me of Manta, with an already grown son written into both tv and comic history, he’s around the proper age.

    • (see comment below, I swear I replied to your post!)

    • Are you sure about that? If it’s actually true, I’d propose Gorilla Grodd and Black Hand for a villain team-up, maybe with Vandal Savage pulling their strings.

      What Goldilocks so fervently suggests every time he gets the chance to, namely using Reverse Flash and Sinestro instead, should be part of a “Legion of Doom” storyline in JLA2 or something.

      But those two heroes lend themselves to a team-up just as splendidly as Bats and Supes. Other than that, I could only think of a Batman/Green Arrow crossover. But Wonder Woman and Aquaman would clash – and with the upcoming MoS sequel we’d already have the vs.-concept out of the way. Give them their own movies, titled “Warrior Princess” and “King of Atlantis” respectively.

      If indeed Flash/Green Lantern is the next installment, the chances of a proper Justice League: Trinity would dwindle, am I right? I would have loved for Wonder Woman to just intervene and reconcile the two eponymous heroes in BvS only to enlist their help further down the line to deal with Ares/Giganta on Themyscira.

  8. If they are going to have anymore then Batman, Superman and Wonder women in this movie it is going to have to push the 3 hour mark to fit everything in. I prey they take the time and care to make a movie on a grand scale that will do the DC universe justice.

  9. Could anyone imagine a Marvel/DC 2 movie event 5 to 10 years from now. No it will never happen but one can dream.

    • See Amalgam Comics for a true clash of Marvel/Dc universes.

  10. Put all of these characters in a Game of Thrones style.. Multiple seasons and full on superpowers/super premise each..


  11. I really wish these articles would stop calling this movie ‘Batman vs Superman’ or visa versa, when the official title for it had not been released yet. This movie could very well be a Justice League film, with the focus being on Batman & Superman throughout the beginning leading up to its formation. And I wish people would just give it a chance. No argument I’ve heard or read criticizing this has even been remotely valid.

  12. He’s perfect for the role of Martian Manhunter, not green lantern (I want Hal Jordan not stewart)

  13. I love Denzel Washington I think he’s fantastic in anything he’s in but I don’t think I want him to be in this movie, part of that is honestly just because I’m not a green lantern fan and I don’t particularly like the approach that DC is taking to expanding their own universe but that’s honestly just me, maybe it’ll be good who knows but at least for now I have pretty low expectations

  14. I am totally down to have an older and wiser hero -than the new bats incarnation- in the form of Denzel as John Stewart. We can attribute his absence as that he was out in space fighting crime and he’d hide his tracks on earth not to mention no cop would believe a baddie sayin that some green Glowie guy beat him up… Then later maybe he dies and a Ryan Reynolds as the rebooted and better Hal Jordan takes up the mantle

  15. Yo solo espero que Linterna Verde sea HAL JORDAN, de lo contrario es una traición a los fans. Queremos a los fundadores!! (Aquaman incluido!)

  16. I always think of Denzel Washington as John Stewart. Hal Jordan can be reintroduced in a solo Green Lantern movie.

  17. I like denzel,but I always thought will smith would be a good green lantern.

  18. In all serious thought its a good idea but i think that its a bad play for many reasons 1: Hal Jordan is the leading green lantern(Comic wise)and it should stand that he is what shows up in movies just not as a singular role gl’s are interchangeable expand on that thought so that the someone who doesn’t read the comic wont be mislead when there are changes like starting with one of them then transitioning when you want to reboot a character’s image. 2: being a John Stewart fan I would love to see a actual person playing him and Denzel is a excellent choice but johns story is one that’s well embodies drama for this day and age and his origins are way more thought out and his back stories and current stories are some of the best in my opinion so he deserves his own show if you don’t agree watch the Justice League and JLU animated series currently on Netflix his stories and image is one of the most interesting of all and most of all helps shape the series its self voice actor Phil Lamarr really empowers what I mean with image I have a fan-fiction idea for John Stewart that’s just what the GL universe could use. In short Hal Jordan needs to be in the movie if you want more reasons why follow me on twitter @Will_Pray

  19. Gene Hackman to return as Lex Luthor!!! Too bad he’s too old now too return for his part… This movie is going to need a higher caliber actor, like Denzel or Smith. Completely ruined it for me with Affleck as Batman and Eisenberg as Luthor… What’s next Kristen Stewart as Super Girl?

  20. I love the fact they considered doing John Stewart, I think DC Comics should’ve started off with his character. Not that Ryan Reynolds’ part in the Green Lantern(2011) was bad. I mean, he’s a fabulous actor but his roles in superhero movies haven’t been working in his favor. I don’t mind Denzel Washington playing the part, but I think DC Comics can work with remaking of Hal Jordan’s character. Chris Pine would be my choice on who should try out for the role.

  21. Hi, HUGE GL Fan and you’ve made a huge mistake.

    John Stewart and Kyle work together alot see any other the Sinestro Corp war or Blackiest Night or Brightest day.

    TUT TUT! But i would LOVE John Stewart to be the next GL and Denzel would be ridculously epic actor to play him, one concern, age?