Denis Leary Drops Possible ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Ending Hint

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denis leary spider man Denis Leary Drops Possible Amazing Spider Man Ending Hint

The Tribeca Film Festival is now underway and the celebrities are coming out to catch the screenings, including Rescue Me star Denis Leary, who happens to also be playing the role of Captain George Stacy in Sony’s reboot film The Amazing Spider-Man.

MTV managed to catch Leary on a red carpet and tried to press him for some hints about his role as Captain Stacy; Leary remained (contractually) tight-lipped, but in wording his evasive answer may have still dropped a big hint about the film’s ending. Read on for details.

One of the first batches of Amazing Spider-Man set photos that hit the Web featured Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) at a funeral looking distraught. It was widely speculated that the scene was the funeral of Gwen’s father, George Stacy (Leary) – an event that was a major storyline featured early on in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book continuity, which we know is influencing Marc Webb’s reboot. As our own Ben Moore wisely pointed out at the time, while it was highly likely that George Stacy was the body in the coffin, where and when his death would occur in the film was still largely a mystery – meaning the larger context and shape of The Amazing Spider-Man‘s plot was still a mystery.

Well, depending on how closely you scrutinize the exact wording of Denis Leary’s response to  MTV, the mystery regarding if and how Captain Stacy’s death figures into the film may now be answered (keyword being “maybe”). To quote Leary, when asked directly if  winding up in a coffin ‘is his character’s ultimate fate’:

“I’m not allowed to say anything about the ending of ‘Spider-Man’ — or the ending of ‘Rescue Me,’ ” he told us at the opening festivities for the Tribeca Film festival. “It’s verboten! I can’t tell you!”

Some people are going to read that and think nothing of it, but again, it really does depend on how you interpret the nuances of Leary’s wording. Personally, I see two distinctly different ways of taking his statement:

  1. He was NOT specifically referencing the funeral scene, but rather the general ending of the film and the ‘ultimate fate’ of all the characters.
  2. He WAS referring specifically to the funeral scene, in which case he inadvertently confirmed that it  does occur at the end of the film.
Denis Leary as Captain Stacy Amazing Spider Man Denis Leary Drops Possible Amazing Spider Man Ending Hint

Leary in action as Captain Stacy.

Take Leary’s statement how you will, but I for one believe that despite his best efforts to avid doing so, he did let a bit of a spoiler go. We’ve already heard rumors that point to Captain Stacy and his police squad facing some dire straights at the hands The Lizard (Rhys Ifans); furthermore, ending this reboot film (the first in an assumed trilogy) with Gwen Stacy angry and hurt, and Peter Parker/Spidey (Andrew Garfield) feeling guilty and alienated, would pretty much follow the Spider-Man comic book mythos – specifically the mythos established in Ultimate Spider-Man.

Our own Rob Keyes can spin you an even bigger web: Could Captain Stacy’s death, Curt Connor’s experimentation, and the rumored recycling of James Vanderbilt’s ideas for the now defunct Spider-Man 4 & 5 and an eventual Venom movie spin-off lead to the Ultimate Universe versions of Venom (maybe even Carnage?) being used for later installments of the Amazing Spider-man movie franchise? It’s all wild speculation for now – but don’t say later that we didn’t suggest the possibility way back when… icon wink Denis Leary Drops Possible Amazing Spider Man Ending Hint

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into 2D and 3D theaters on July 3, 2012.

Source: MTV

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  1. I didnt get anything at all from the comment he made…Seems a little like too much analyzing if you ask me…

    Just Sayin…

    • agree.

    • Agree, wishful thinking and creative writing

      • Agreed. There was nothing to his comment. This is just over analyzing when there is nothing to analyze.

        • Gotta generate the news somehow, right?

          • You got that right.

  2. They could tell the whole plot of the movie and it would still end up being a horrible movie. This movie is going to be a disaster bigger than X-3. DAMN YOU SONY!!!

  3. “I’m not allowed to say anything about the ending.”

    Yeah, I gotta say this is non-news. Leary didn’t say jack. There’s no hidden meaning in his phrasing, there’s no subtext to his words at all. It literally is “I can’t say”. It’s neither veiled confirmation or denial. You’re stretching here, SR.

    • What kind of a name is Duck? Sounds like a wookie name.

  4. Let’s just wait and see the finished film.

  5. Some of you on here are either blind and deaf or really just full of your selves and your thoughts, ANYONE who can look as just the cast alone and say this movie is going to blow knows NOTHING about movies, All you Rami belly whiners let it go already he was FIRED! and the they got a great director to take his place and up to this point has done an amazing job with casting,title change, and most for me the Costume.

    • Actually, Raimi quit, he wasn’t fired.

    • I have no idea how anyone can look at this cast and think this is going to be a good movie. ALL the actors, while good actors, are totally miscast for this movie. Sally freakin Field as Aunt May? Sheesh!!! A giraffe cast as Spidey? WTF? I REALLLLLY hope I am wrong, but I have a feeling this movie is going to be a nail in the coffin of Spidey on the big screen.

    • A great Director? yeah what all does he have under his belt? oh yeah 1 flick, can we say easily swayed by SONY!

  6. Another funeral scene. Jebus. Spiderman ended witha funeral scene. Spiderman 3 had one too at the end for Harry (if I recall correctly). Now I realize that certain deaths are integral to the spiderman narrative as a whole but if true then will this movie simply have all the same character story beats as the original movie? Albeit with a shiny new exterior with different a different villain, setting etc. I for one do not look forward to seeying another emo Peter Parker emerge… conflicted, hurt and angry fine, but the depressed douche with zero backbone.. not so much.

    • Welcome to Hollywood.

  7. Maybe it is just the critics, but why is the title: the amazing spider-man when ultimate spider-man is influencing the story-line?

    • Good point. Maybe this Ultimate Spider-man influence is all just a clever ruse and they are just doing a reboot of the 1977 film of the same title.

      • They prob reasoned that the general audience doesnt know the diff between amazing and ultimate as it relates to actual comic book continuities. Amazing spiderman is more familiar to people as its been around forever. Also the word “ultimate” without having knoweldge that its the basis of a new spiderman comic, might come of as odd to people, as its a loaded word that could obviously lead people to assume that the creators are telling u thats this movie is the best interpretation that spiderman will ever have. Urning it into a built in expectation of sorts or even could turn off some members of the general audience. In the end it all comes down to marketing. Look at xmen: first class… they creators have even gone to say its not based on the actual comic, they just kept the name because it more identifiable to the general public.

  8. Is this anything new? Even if he HAD said anything regarding Captain Stacey’s death. Are we really shocked? It’s following comic book continuity and is nothing new to comic book movies (unless you haven’t watched any since before Tim Burton’s Batman). What would be shocking is if he had lived to see a sequel. But really Leary didn’t give anything away and, yes this is reading too much into his words. As in the classic spoof Naked Gun movie “Nothing to see here folks!”

  9. Nothing will ever top 1977′s The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man Strikes Back, and Spider-Man: The Dragon’s Challenge. Nicholas Hammond is the only Spiderman!

  10. I’m just curious, how are the actors miscast? Several message board feedback says that Emma Stone would be better cast as Mary Jane but isn’t that just based on rolls she’s played before and not her actual personality? She’s in the new film, “The Help” and she plays a journalist living in Mississippi during segregation, so should is that miscast because of Easy A and Superbad? At the end of the day, they’re actors; it’s their job to show range and play different types of characters and based on what she’s said and her look, I have no problem with her playing Gwen. Andrew, in my opinion, is perfect for Peter based on what I’ve seen of him and he has the look. Pete was tall and lanky and that’s what Andrew is. Just curious as to why some feel this way

  11. Lol I did not understand one bit. And for sure their won’t be any venom spin-off. But I will tell y’all this… Captin will die and Stacy. The Funeral is officialy his. Who els would it be? Ben Parker’s? Petters Parents? The son of Dr Conners?… Yea that’s what I thought. And what is it with spider-man ending with a funeral??? Make a diffirent end!. (hope the villian in TASM 2 is the green goblin and some other villian. Maybe a cameo?)

  12. Is the liberal media spinning this?

  13. i really hope this movie is as good as i hope it will be.

  14. Its this guys job to read too much into things and I think hes right. Based on what I’ve read it makes sense to end the film with this dudes death. Most people wouldn’t catch that in the comment including myself but it definetly makes sense now…

  15. yeah reading way too much into a simple reply like “no comment” things like that kills the credibility of the site. NO COMMENT? OMG he said no comment he must mean the Mo Butta Commen tribe of New Guinea is going to be making a cameo in the Spiderman film and possibly help the Lizard in invading the United States!! OMG! Wow what a spoiler!!! Holy cow!

  16. Huh, I think this article was reading WAY too into this.

    A live-action Carnage on the big screen is a little dream of mine.

  17. I can’t wait until the movie comes out and I update this article with a comment. We’ll see how “off” I was with my “over-analysis” then, won’t we?


  18. carnage es el mejor villano

  19. No, i’m pretty sure the next movie will feature The Jackal. That will make things very interesting; a lot more interesting than some boring Venom story.