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defiance syfy1 Defiance Series Premiere   What Did You Think?

Last night, Syfy finally revealed their massive sci-fi project, Defiance, which attempts to combine the world of television with the world of video games, to build a complete universe for audiences to immerse themselves in. Will Syfy’s impressive venture pay off for the network? Will Defiance be a hit, or soon canceled?

Defiance follows Nolan (Grant Bowler), a former Marine turned wander – and his adopted Irathient daughter, Irisia – who after being stripped of all their belongings while savaging a fallen Votan Ark, are rescued and brought to the city once called St. Louis, now called Defiance. Inside Defiance, an energized stasis net protects its inhabitants – humans and Votans – from any outside threat. But even as new Mayor of Defiance, Amanda Rosewater (Julie Benz), attempts to climb of out the shadow of her predecessor, Nicky Riordon (Trenna Keating), a trusted insider betrays the city, forcing its citizens to come together in order to protect their own existence.

defiance syfy tv show Defiance Series Premiere   What Did You Think?

The series, created sci-fi favorite Rockne S. O’Bannon (Farscape, SeaQuest), is, as one expects from someone of O’Bannon’s caliber, thoroughly engrossing and beautifully realized. From its unique and memorable characters (of both species) to its futuristic twists on familiar elements of modern society, O’Bannon, along with producers Kevin Murphy (Caprica, Reaper) and Michael Taylor (Battlestar Gallactica, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), have created a series where viewers are, at every turn, introduced to new and thoroughly fascinating elements of Defiance which, along with the accompanying video game, establishes the fact that they’ve just touched the surface of what the actual series mythology holds. What more could a sci-fi fan ask for?

Inside Defiance, the city, too, contains its own cornucopia of impressively defined characters: Datak Tarr (Tony Curran), the wealthy Castithan co-founder of Defiance; Rafe McCawley (Graham Greene), the proverbial “working man” and owner of the largest mine in the area; Nicky Riordon, the former Mayor with an agenda; Amanda Rosewater, the new Mayor trying desperately to unite Defiance’s citizens; and Doc Yewll (Trenna Keating), an Indogene doctor  who is he series’ break-out character.

defiance syfy doc yewll Defiance Series Premiere   What Did You Think?

In the two-hour premiere, everything that’s needed to build a foundation for the series is essentially represented: villainous outsiders, an expansive race of aliens, infighting amongst Defiance’s citizens, hidden backstories, secret vengeance, an epic battle and the heroic newcomers everyone has to learn to trust. In many ways, those who are familiar with the sci-fi genre already had a good idea of what they were likely to see.

What separates Defiance from many other television series that have come and gone, however, is the fact that its vast yet contained universe and riveting characters – like Doc Yewll – serve to breathe new life in these familiar genre elements, elevating them. Though Defiance may have a slight hint of former sci-fi hits in it, the series currently has no equal; whatever post-apocoplic and/or alien invasion and/or future series there is currently on the air, Defiance bests them all. (Notwithstanding Doctor Who – but that’s an entirely different type of show; in this case think NBC’s Revolution for comparison.)

But in the end it’s up to you, the viewers, to decide Defiance’s fate – so we ask:

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Defiance returns next Monday with “The Devil in the Dark” @9pm on Syfy. You can check out the pilot in its entirety below:

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  1. Interesting concept. I liked the various alien species, especially the totally badass adoptive alien daughter; I thought she nailed every scene. I liked the human characters alright, but I didn’t care for the acting of the elder Native American from the Twilight series. I thought the show did a fine job of laying out the framework for pretty much everything – and I’m reserving judgment on whether that was a good thing. The show’s pacing was on amphetamines. The pace will obviously change, which’ll make for an interesting first full-length episode. Overall, the show felt overstuffed. I think there’s a fine scifi series here. I hope it’s given a proper run.

    And finally, for the love of everything holy, will SyFy now please stop assaulting me with the incessant Defiance promos? I can’t open anything pop culture without seeing something for Defiance. Their advertising budget must be enormous.

  2. The main story idea is good. Execution is even worse than SG-Atlantis, acting is ok, but dialogue and charater interactions are a bit too PG-7. The Pilot could have shown how the invasion started and not just teflect on what has happened some time ago.
    Video is too dark, to hide the imperfections of sgi.
    But that is to be expected, this is a high concept – low budget show afterall.

    • There was no invasion. It was an immigration. The Voltan Collective’s home system went dead and they traveled to Earth.

  3. People should really stop judging a series after just one episode. let the damn thing start first

    • +1

    • -154

      If a Pilot is a Dud, then the season is a Dud.

      • @Oscar

        Not really.

        Great shows have had bad starts and terrible shows have had great starts in the past.

        • I don’t assume you are wrong, but how about a few examples of each? Many great shows took a while to hit their stride, and a few lost steam in the final years, but what great show has had a BAD start as opposed to being a little shaky or weak while the kinks are worked out? This particular show seems rotten to the core to me, and it hurts to watch it. I would be stunned if it ever achieves a persistent high level of quality.

      • Sorry @Oscar, but they call it pilotitis for a reason! Pilots always suffer from the need for exposition and I’d say this show needs it more than most, but in my humble opinion I think they did a great job handling the many story plots and numerous characters this show involves. I for one, will be watching and hoping Defiance can live up to its great potential.

        • I haven’t watched it yet, but a favorite (Game Of Thrones) has several stories going on at the same time (Sticks to the original book pretty well). Too many stories can make episodes seem incomplete time and again. You can only do so much in an hour. Few things get more frustrating then to just be getting into the flow of the story and suddenly you’re at the end of the episode. Many WTF moments on those surp0rises

    • -42

      A show’s pilot is the poker equivalent of being dealt the River card. They make a hand or they don’t.

    • I strongly disagree with the blanket statement. If there is promise of worthiness them I will keep watching until I like it or I give up. THIS show has already wasted two hours of my time that I resent wasting, so I am happy to walk away. I gave it the full two hours, and that was plenty of chances to prove itself to me. It can only get so much better, and it probably will not, so I won’t risk another episode.

  4. Liked it. Good start for the series–looking forward to it improving as it gets going.

    LOVE the Irathient adoptive daughter. She is a quirky lil badass.

  5. Screenrant, btw, I have had a terrible time having comments accepted via your mobile app/site these last two days. One failed submission after the next. I just logged in to your full website to submit the same comment here and it was “accepted” but pending moderation. Am I understanding correctly that the failed submissions on the mobile site are the result of the comment being rejected because the mobile site doesn’t know how to handle submissions that have been flagged for moderation?

    • Royal,

      I’m really sorry about that. A new mobile version of the site is almost finished and will hopefully be added soon!

      • I have had a lot of posts “flagged for moderation” (esp. lately?) when, to be honest, I haven’t said anything mean-spirited or too off topic. For example, my comment above supporting Oscar’s cheeky post was disallowed and yet in subsequent posts people have been allowed to pile onto Oscar.

        Meh. I don’t really care. :-) I think you guys are doing a fantastic job. I’m glad you’ve established such a great forum. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to the new mobile site!

  6. I overall like Defiance but the plot devices were so friggin’ weak… the way the story went from Point A to B to C were so contrived and weak…. lovers quarrel leads to lover being in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets killed, which leads to main character investigating the death which leads to the guy seen previously limping (wow, where is this going, wondered nobody when the character got dodgy), leads to all out invasion by some alien dudes… this was very weak storytelling especially as there was no real reason these people had to meet out in the dark when there are so many shady, seedy places in town that absolutely nobody cares about…felt like Terra Nova meets Falling Skies… we will see where it goes…most interesting character was the old lady at the end…

    • “Terra Nova meeting Falling Skies”? Ouch! Haha. I like the comparison. The old lady was interesting only because she was about the only character whose life story wasn’t crammed down our throats; the character reveals were ham fisted. In terms of everyone else, the adoptive daughter still seems the most interesting to me.

    • Terra Nova meets Burning Skies. Yes. Although both of those were better at first than this is. They are all remarkably similar and dispiriting in their lazy tropes and nonsensical scenes. This was awful, and it got worse by the minute as stupid got stacked upon stupid and followed by stupider. Unwatchable, much like the shows you mention.

  7. I liked the Indogene doctor but it sounded like she was having difficulty speaking at times due to the makeup also I find it ammusing that according to the Defiance wiki her first name is Meh

    • I had the same impression that she, along with all of the other aliens of the same species, had difficulty speaking clearly through the prosthetics. This is nerdy, but I’m interested in seeing her prosthetic change over time. I can’t see the showing keeping it as is.

  8. If you think about it, the show is only a part of a much bigger world. As of right now it doesn’t center around the entire world of these futuristic events. I have a lot of faith in the television series and the game is bound to be huge.

    • The game would be huge but it’s spent the past week or so having technical issues and online multiplayer going down a lot of the time due to the strain on the servers.

      Plus the people who play it from what I saw are more worried about trading in game credits for the best items to easily complete it (which a lot have already) then move onto the next game.

      I don’t think they even care there’s a TV show linked to it.

      • Every MMO has these issues during launch. If anything its been smooth enough and Trion has bee keeping gamers informed unlike other developers that keep tight lipped.

        You can’t complete an evolving mmo. People that have ‘complete’ it are just up to date with the story as there are 5 dlc’s to come this season in game. There are side missions, co-op’s, pvp… the game is no put down especially with no subscription.

        The lock boxes that you can pay for gear can be bought with in game currency and the problem is that you basically get nothing helpful unless you’re ultra lucky(the other end of the spectrum of ‘worried’ your describing).

        It’s a solid game in terms of mechanics, just feels rushed for the show in terms of story and dialogue. Once they work out the bumps I can’t see them both not being a success.

        • It is almost never a good idea to play an MMO when it’s initially released. That’s like being a paying Beta Tester….

          • I was an alpha tester and have been playing for around 4 months now all together and I’m still having a good time. Great start to the show, I enjoyed it! Looking forward to what’s to come in both the show and game.

  9. Haven’t enjoyed a scifi premier this much since Farscape. Hope they keep it up.

  10. Good pilot. Didn’t had a problem with.

  11. I enjoyed it, the thing that surprised me the most was the effects, didn’t think SyFy could afford it lol. But I found the show interesting and fun so i’ll keep watching to see how it goes. I feel like it could be great in time.

  12. Hopefully the show will his a stride once they get all of the “Hello My Name Is….” exposition with the main characters. It seems like they are going to do the whole McGuffin in the mines angle, which is what a lot of Sci-Fi builds off of traditionally. I do agree with some of the other posters about the quick introduction of the star-crossed young lovers with feuding families angle; too much teen drama in these types of shows are almost never well received.

  13. I think the story line has to be established quickly. Let’s be patient and see how it goes from here.

  14. Defiance has a very old school feel and reminds me of shows like Star Trek Next Generation, FarScape and Babylon 5, with all the funny looking masks, airbrushed faces, colorful outfits and sets, which is refreshing in a time when most shows strive for a more grounded, realistic and gritty approach. The buggy driving CGI effects looked very cheap in parts, though. I know that Defiance has a video game tie-in, but that doesn mean that Defiance has to look like a video game. ;)

    The story was okay for a pilot. It was nothing special and a bit hamfisted here and there (especially the limping thing and the Han Solo ripoff. You know… he’s getting his reward, takes off but then returns to save the day.) but it did a good job establishing the world with all its different parties. I definitely feel that I have a good handle on what’s going on in that world after the pilot, which is all it really needs to do. Our main characters are likable enough to keep me interested and everything else will hopefully fall into place. Looking forward to Defiance finding its footing.

  15. I was able to catch parts of it and like what I saw. I’ll definitely be tuning it next week :)

  16. Spoliers for those that haven’t seen the show…..

    Once our heroes make it to defiance our plot goes from this could be good to bad to much worse. They tried way to hard to throw everything that they possibly could at you. The biggest problem I had was the refugee Nolan is promoted from outsider to BioMan beater to sheriff/Major’s personal adviser of all within the first hour of the show.

    A Romeo & Juliet romance that quickly goes from a few love looks to dead jealous brother to rampaging father looking for redemption.

    The Aliens are far too human (talking about the alien doc here) and acting is sub-par to soap operas. Wish they could have split their enormous marketing budget for some decent actors and writers.

    All this mixed with a troop of Alien Badies on their way to destroy Defiance. This results in arming every last person with a firearm and Nolan saving the day. Shouldn’t there be some kind of the build to this battle with proper character introductions? I didn’t really get a chance to even like the characters yet.

    Sorry to those that like this show. I think we all want it to be good so bad it hurts. I realize that pilots are not all winners on the first try. So I’m willing(out of curiosity)to give this show one last shot.


  17. I loved it.

    The daughter was perfect. Total bad-ass who was still also a sullen teen. Also loved the doc.

    The only parts I found a little stilted were the conversations between the Tarrs. But, the show had a lot of exposition to do, so, a few of those sorts of discussions are probably a necessary evil.

    Haven’t played the game yet; will probably start this weekend.

  18. Being a Sci-Fi fan I was really skeptical when I saw previews for this show. However once I finally got around to watching it I loved it! I thought the dialogue was great, I find the characters interesting and they managed to get me legitimately interested in the characters right from the pilot! Dialogue was awesome, the alien tech was cool, all of the alien species were interesting, I want to learn more, and it was just a awesome time I was not expecting. The only fault I can find with the pilot was it’s cliche “now your the sheriff outsider” ending, this to me was way to cliche. Being a revolutionary and completely out of the box series with new concepts you would think they would have gone a different way then that like having the two just get integrated into the society instead of the cliche law keeper gimmick (like the Vegas pilot this year). I am hooked and will be tuning in every week!

    • Just pointing out Vegas is based on a true story. Things only become cliched because they’re true ;)

      • Well yea, but how many times have TV shows/films twisted, changed, and distanced itself from it’s source material? If it is cliche then it might be necessary to alter the film/show from the source. Cliche is a cliche, whether it’s derived from a true story or not.

        • Dude, I was just joking around a bit. I just thought it was interesting you used Vegas as your example. Besides, honestly, today it’s a cliche in and of itself to be anti-cliche.

          • It was the example I had off of the top of my head, just defending my point.

            • Alrighty! Phew, glad we got all that out of the way. Friends? :)

  19. Just watched it. Not bad for what’s basically a modern day western

  20. I had really high hopes for Defiance, and yet I hedged my bet by not buying the game. I don’t know if the game is any good, but since it is married to such an exhaustingly dissapointing showm I will never play it. So much for that experiment. Hopefully someone will do the cohesive game/tv series well in the near future. Here’s what I saw, (and if you loved the pilot you may not want to hear me rant):

    The setting: Post-apocalyptic St. Loius, radically terraformed and totally unrecognizable aside from a distant CGI arch. The intrigueing potential is hugely untapped as most of the pilot takes place in sets that are cheap, ugly and generic, like the Need/Want bar and the little ramshackle flea market areas that all look indistinguishable from a series set in the past, present, future or any alternate world. A failure to capitalize on the concept of a partly alien community in a potentially fascinating piece of land. A field or two of weird flowers can’t hide the fact that this show doesnt appear to have the money to create interesting environments, or the imagination to make do with what they have. Dull.

    The aliens: We are told that there are many kinds, seven I believe, but don’t worry about all of that. For the most part there is never a single character element that indicate a person is human or alien. The story would be identical if there were only humans, and no one would think twice about it. The doctor apparently has the fascinating characteristic of being cold and rude and irritable, but don’t expect any Vulcan complexity from her as she appear to just be a bitchy person. If she weren’t wearing the dead-giveaway head makeup, (which she clearly hasn’t learned how to speak or act through) there would be no reason to think she was anything but a lame human being. The show is full of this mistake. It fails to differentiate in any meaningful or interesting way what makes the aliens alien, what makes the town unique in any fundamental way, what makes one species different than another (aside from makeup), etc.

    The vibe: Again the show can’t develop a new tone or feel of its own, and so it borrows from other areas than scifi and ends up forgetting to make the scifi central to what is interesting. I have never seen a show with aliens that feels so arbitrarily dressed up as scifi. Everyone speaks like they are very modern, (as in today, not future modern), and they are super casual down to almost every last actor. In fact, some of the most glaringly casual talkers are the aliens, who seem like they have known earth culture their whole lives. You may bump into these normal, boring aliens at the Wal Mart, one supposes. They defy their back stories and prosthetic foreheads with the exaggerated normal ness of their thoughts, words and actions. The best alien, a pale fellow from Pillars of the Earth (a really strong miniseries), is squandered while being set up as the secret star of the show. His cunning, resourcefulness and seething villainy are at best mildly interesting, but once again, totally human. Did this show start out as something other than scifi? I can’t explain it’s “creative” choices any other way.

    The only time we get a sense of something truly alien is when a massive force of huge CGI monster people attacks the town. Suddenly, over an hour in, the show threatens to turn into Avatar with lots of walking tanks and gunfire and some interesting looking creatures. Sadly the scene is just awful, and as with the rest of the show, loaded with nonsense and absurdity that serves only to set up obvious cliches and an easy victory. What we see and what we are told happened doesn’t add up, and neither does the idea that the warm politician who leads this handful of residents is also a badass warrior. In fact, she doesn’t require any cover from weapons fire as she almost single handedly defeats the murky alien menace with a pistol. There are tanks opening fire, and yet they can’t hit the one place where all the people obviously are. We see one human die,and then they tell us that dozens were killed. The brutes eventually decide to climb the rock walls, and we are told that they are great at that, but again the show fails to capitalize on a way to make the aliens different or alien. They don’t have some fascinating genetic dexterity or otherworldly talents. These robotically animated monsters simply walk up to the wall and begin climbing it like a ladder. These huge creatures are the great climbers? Why not save that for a species that looks suited for the task, or who aren’t ridiculous looking when animated in such a way?

    The way that the sidekick shoots a long, meaningful look at the hero in the midst of darkness, distance, and all out war was the cherry on top of this turd Sunday. She wouldn’t know where in the cliff face he was. Her return and change of heart was about as shocking as his was, which is to say not at all. He was way too far off to see who was riding the vehicle or even her face under the helmet as she drove into the middle of a fight while he took cover high above. Defying all logic or subtlety though, they just had to go for the obvious shot of the heroes unspoken, (and unspeakably cheesy) High five.

    The cast: Although the star is no Han Solo, and his role is far too casual, laid back and bored (what with all this multi-alien-species invasion, global terraforming, and all out war), I thought he had potential. Sadly, the mix of poor writing and poorly developed world give him little room to shine. But it’s more than that. I believe that they bury an otherwise capable performer under the disposable digestibliity of the show. It’s as if they kept telling him “remember, we are aiming for a family show, but your biggest fans will be twelve year olds, so aim for a very likable rogue, and leave out any notion of subtlety.”. I haven’t given up on the actor; just the show. Also it annoys me that his enthusiastic visit to a whore house was supposed to make us like him, and incidentally the whore, more than ever. The opposite effect was achieved. And given that the whole show seems aimed at preteens, equating these actions with being a likable hero seems destructive and inappropriate.

    The sidekick is another alien-in-name-only, and the depth that is shown or eluded to is paper thin and nothing new. She plays her paint-by-numbers role, and that’s all. The real secondary star seems to be the mayor lady, played with predictable incompetence by the insufferable Julie Benz. Anyone who has watched the perpetually dissapointing and unambitious “Dexter” may recognize her disingenuine delivery and unwarranted arrogance. She is the worst actor, character, and idea in the whole infuriating mess of a show. Why are there so few good actresses getting jobs? They seem to fall into the same handful of minor variations, and this tough-but-warm leader is one of the most overused and tedious.

    The Native American fellow is interesting, but I have never seen him play a role with much energy and depth. I don’t know that he can handle the task, but he bored me in the pilot despite my high hopes for him. The Romeo and Juliet take with his daughter was deeply unoriginal from the first moment they telegraph it to you, and like much of the story, totally predictable and stale. Oh yeah, and the whore is a waste of screen time, but they give her plenty anyway, along with the promise of a substantial role. I hope not to see that actress again. I think that the only charact that didn’t dissapoint, annoy, fail to innovate or otherwise suck was a young black guy with maybe ten lines in the whole two hours. He seems like he is a real person, in a real situation, reacting realistically. His lines aren’t filtered through the haze of artificiality that permeates every corner of the production. I can’t recall his name, or what his role was, or anything he said, but in a circus of mediocrity and recycled ideas, he actually shined rather brightly with his serviceable contribution.

    The game connection: The most important thing they could do for the show or the game, in my opinion, was to make the world of Defiance unique and compelling. That hasn’t happened yet. None of the aliens, except the monsters who climb cliffs, has any characteristics or features of relevance of any kind. The mythos of the invasion and terraforming is promising, but goes nowhere, so why should I care about the game? The promise of cross-pollinating is there, but even if the game is great and they utilize the opportunity to connect them well, it will still be mostly about the show, and the show sucks. Even if I particated in a great fight and then they put it on the show and crowned my character the winner somehow, it would still be in the context of a poorly put together project that I cannot enjoy. Given the half-assed nature of the show, I don’t expect the connection to the game to be handled with brilliance or quality.

    In conclusion, I realize that the show may get better. I hope it will. I also hope it gets cancelled soon, because this show earned its cancellation many times over in the first two hours. After Terra Nova, Revolution, and Alcatraz, only Alcatraz can claim to have had a more dissapointing premiere, and it was also much more interesting and had one prominent actor with talent. This is the state of weak television, packaged carelessly for mass consumption with the hope it never reaches a truly discerning audience. Enjoy it if you can, but know that there are some truly great shows in the past and present that are more deserving of your time. I welcome disagreement, but if you are just mad because you loved the show I have been trashing, then maybe you shouldn’t have read it. I wrote for discussion and to warn people, not to piss off anybody or insult other’s tastes. This show wounded my psyche with its mundane suckitude.

  21. I thought it was okay and there’s definite potential.
    It reminded my a bit of Earth: Final Contact, Babylon 5 and Farscape.

    My problem with the Pilot was that I felt I’d jumped into the middle of a season. There seemed to be a lot going on as well as character intros etc.

    I’ll give the full season a go, then decide if I’ll return for a season 2 :)

  22. There are several scenes where the actors focus on smoking. Almost as if they were sponsored to do it. These scenes are far from essential to the plot and just annoy. Is the smoking lobby so desperate, they have to promote it in series aimed at the young?

    • Agreed. Also, since it seems like twelve year old boys are the target audience, maybe they could do without glorifying whores? We are supposed to get naughty satisfaction from them, and associate better with the “hero” because he’s just a normal, laid back, beer drinkin, hard talkin, ho humpin Everyman, like us. (?????). When they made DS9′s Quark a holographic pimp it was to make him appear vile, sleazy and unscrupulous. Here the trafficking of sex is to be envied, admired, enjoyed and accepted by the audience, as if we all secretly wish it wasn’t socially questionable at all. A watered down Han Solo wannabe who loves him some whores. Lame.

      We are going to get to know that one super ho for sure, and she appears to be a role model, so that’s healthy for Impressionable kids. Did they not realize who the audience would be? It’s not a family show, and it’s not sophisticated enough for a big adult crowd. Even if it were, the story’s treatment of the subject matter is a wrongheaded enthusiasm for buying women.

      The subject matter isn’t the real issue; the implied messages are. Deadwood had tons of ho’s and never stopped to tell a heavy handed morality story about it, but they also didn’t gift wrap an obvious hero and then show him in the brothel, which is the problem here.

      No amount of stubble or twinge of selfishness can change the fact that the main character is a 2d cliche of a scruffy hero. We are clearly meant to admire the man, so his whoring is truly obscene. Seems I can’t stop complaining… I could write a college essay on how insultingly bad, misguided and half assed the show is. It makes me mad! Someone thought it was good enough to introduce to our culture, and I find that disturbing.

  23. After watching it, I have come to realize how overhyped it was. Stole a bunch of elements from different shows/movies, among them Firefly, Star Wars, Terra Nova, and even Gangs of New York (the one character’s penchant for cutlery). By the way, very much disliked the doctor character. A mediocre pilot, but I’ll keep watching, hoping it will get better. Won’t be surprised if it gets cancelled after its first year, though.

  24. worst show this year

  25. Very disappointing. I was really looking forward to this. It felt… cheesey. Like they wanted to come up with a cross between Battlestar Galactica and Firefly, and failed. I didn’t find the characters, the acting, or the makeup believable. Alien concept design was just silly. What’s with the DoctorZaius-Chewbacca dude? and that pale, bland doctor-alien? Scriptwriters tried to create a sense of pathos ex nihilo. I wasn’t feeing it. Not at all.

    • As others have pointed out, Defiance feels like a mishmash of characters and themes from any of a number of other franchises. I’m not sure there’s an original concept to be found.

      • As just one example, Nolan feels like an attempt to combine Han Solo and Malcolm Reynolds.

  26. Correction: Nicky Riordan is played by veteran actress Fionnula Flanagan

  27. This is hilariously stupid and it sucks big time.
    after the alien doctor speaks like a new yorker i srsly rofl.

    Then after the poor man’s Han solo tries to save the kidd from
    a father at a bar, man this guy is a goodytwoshoes wasted and stupid

    This series is for those people who wants to be entertained by watching
    poor acting, silly plots and stupid characters.

  28. Every one complains about having to watch reality shows, in fact thats all there is to watch. I get pissed when they do create a series, and everyone tears it up with their bitching. Keep it up and we’ll be watchin combat wrestling robots on every channel.

    • I agree. And I am so tired of people that start sprouting about originality. There’s not been much in the way of original released in the past 30 years. Everything gets inspired/rips off from somewhere. That’s the way of TV, movies, and books.

  29. Doc Yewll’s dialogues are campy, stilted, and poorly delivered. I enjoyed all of the rest of the characters and show, but I felt like the writers were jabbing me in the ribs with their elbows, winking and raising their eyebrows, and giving me the “know what I mean” look every time Doc opened her mouth. I understand the idea of the character, but she seems really one dimensional. Otherwise, great show!