Movie News Wrap Up: December 27th 2012

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Check out some alternate designs for Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine; Jackie Chan calls Rush Hour his least favorite movie; Actor Damon Poitier talks playing Thanos in The Avengers; Various members of The Hobbit cast and crew discuss what scene(s) they’re looking forward to in Desolation of Smaug; and another YA fantasy novel has been put on the fast track for development.


Visual Effects studio Amalgamated Designs has provided X-Men fans a closer look at some unused designs for Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine via a slideshow/video.

The video features 82 different variations on the character’s Weapon XI form, most of which resemble the final design in one way or another. However, there are also some designs that appear to be inspired by the character’s traditional Marvel Comics look – specifically the red and black mask.

It’s still not a faithful adaptation by any means (the forearm katanas seem to be part of the design from the very beginning), but there are some looks that might have been a tiny bit more palatable than what Fox ended up using. And, to make things a little more intriguing, there’s even a design that looks like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, which we can only assume Christopher Nolan is happy didn’t make the final cut.

Even though we highly doubt many of these alternate designs would have satisfied fans’ desires, it’s nonetheless interesting to see how many different “pitches” a visual effects company comes up with before narrowing it down to one.

Source: Superhero Hype


Sorry Rush Hour fans but Jackie Chan may have just closed the door on his involvement with the franchise in recent comments.

Jackie Chan Disses Rush Hour Movie News Wrap Up: December 27th 2012

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Chan revealed that Rush Hour is his least favorite of the 50+ movies he has made. What specifically he dislikes about the film Chan didn’t say, although he does acknowledge the franchise’s appeal.

“I have reasons to do each film, I have something to say. Unlike Rush Hour – there was no reason [in making it], you just give me the money and I’m fine. I dislike Rush Hour the most, but ironically it sold really well in the U.S. and Europe.”

Ironically it was Rush Hour that kicked off a string of buddy comedies – including films like Shanghai Noon and The Tuxedo – for Chan, but apparently there was something about that first film that rubbed him the wrong way.

So while Chris Tucker – whose only credit since the Rush Hour films is Silver Linings Playbook – would likely jump at the chance at Rush Hour 4, based on his comments it sounds like Jackie Chan might not be as interested as a report earlier this month led us to believe.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


Audiences might not know who Damion Poitier is, but they’ve likely seen his face on the big screen (sort of) at least.

Thanos Actor Talks Role Movie News Wrap Up: December 27th 2012

Poitier, a longstanding staple of Joss Whedon’s lesser known troupe of actors, was behind all of the purple prosthetics and make-up that helped bring the character of Thanos to life for The Avengers mid-credits scene. While Poitier doesn’t have much to say in regards to reprising the role for future Marvel films (we know the character is poised to play a large part in ‘Phase Two’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe), his interview with Comic Book Movie is an interesting read nonetheless.

In it Poitier discusses what it was like to be sworn to secrecy regarding the presence of Thanos in The Avengers, as well as how he initially came by the role. As a self-professed comic book fan Poitier also expresses his enthusiasm for the S.H.I.E.L.D. series that Whedon is developing for ABC, although he says he has not been approached for a role.

Make sure to head to Comic Book Movie to read the full interview.


Even though the first Hobbit film, An Unexpected Journey, hasn’t been in theaters for a full month many fans are already turning their attention towards the second film in the trilogy, The Desolation Smaug.

As part of the press tour for An Unexpected Journey, Total Film‘s Sam Ashurst asked some of the film’s major cast and crew (Peter Jackson, Andy Serkis, Martin Freeman, among others) what scene they are most excited to see in Desolation. Check out the video below to hear their answers:

Obviously fans are eager to see Peter Jackson’s vision of Smaug, but equally as intriguing is how Benedict Cumberbatch will voice the dragon. Hopefully we won’t have to wait until next December to find out.

Source: Total Film


Yet another young adult fantasy novel has been put on the fast track for development, this one called Daughter of Smoke & Bone.

Daughter Smoke Bone Joe Roth Movie News Wrap Up: December 27th 2012

Written by Laini Taylor, the novel’s story follows a young art student who is sent on a journey to collect teeth by her adopted guardians, a group of Chimera. A follow-up to the novel, titled Days of Blood & Starlight, was released in November.

As far as the film adaptation is concerned, Joe Roth (Snow White and the Huntsman) has been brought on to produce for Universal, who acquired the book’s rights after a heated battle with Paramount. The concept certainly sounds unique, but whether or not it has those inherent YA hooks is yet to be determined.

Source: Deadline

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  2. No idea if you guys wanted to report this since the figures were released this week but I saw a movie show this morning that counted down the Top 10 biggest grossing movies in UK theatres in 2012 and while I missed the majority of the list, the top three were interesting.

    They were (in reverse order):

    3. The Avengers
    2. The Dark Knight Rises
    1. Skyfall

    Figured it was interesting enough to make a comment here.

    As for your article Anthony, I’m so glad most of those Deadpool designs weren’t used and especially glad they didn’t go with the traditional comic book mask because the character and the movie was such a mess, it might have tarnished Deadpool in some people’s eyes.

    Only good things about that movie were Jackman and Shrieber (I hope he comes back as Sabretooth in future).

    • @Dazz

      Although that little snipit you presented about the overall earnings in “The UK” was pretty interesting, I, however, am always interested in which films made the most “Worldwide”. Which of course in that case means my favorite movie of the year beat out every competitor as expected.

      When it comes to the movie X-Men Origins I have to agree with you about what were the ONLY things positive about that fiasco, & I too hope they bring back Shrieber as well as Poitier to play the “Mad Titan” in the Avengers sequel. His makeup was spot on. Not to mention his outfit was closely emmulated straight from the comic books.

      • Yeah I like to go on worldwide takings too, otherwise until Avatar and now Skyfall, the UK’s biggest selling movie of all time was Mama Mia! (and only because it opened in May 2008 and didn’t stop sshowing in theatres until April 2009 for whatever reason).

        Not sure where my fave movie of the year (Dredd) placed in our Top Ten but I know it did pretty well and got to number 1 here (the first with an 18 rating since one of the Saw movies 3-4 years ago).

        I just find it fascinating how movies fare in different markets despite the worldwide takings being much more important (although to studios, it seems as long as it does well in the US, it’s a good thing, if it flops in the US but does well elsewhere then still no sequel which is unfortunate in some cases).

        Poitier…..I’d still like to see him play Thanos in cameo roles in both GotG and Avengers 2 with Pym accidentally creating Ultron leading into Avengers 2, Pym arrested and put under SHIELD control at the end of Avengers 2 and then at the end, we see Fury speaking to him in his cell post credits saying “we’ll let you go if you do one thing for us….”

        Which leads to him becoming a SHIELD agent in exchange for his freedom from prison. Lead nicely into his own movie later that year.

        • @Dazz

          I agree with what you said about good movies not getting sequels because of poor U.S. earnings. It does suck some of the times. Especially when studios would rather give us a “reboot” hence another(here we go again)origin story. How many times do we have to know how Bruce Wayne became Batman, or how Peter Parker became Spidey. Enough already….jeeez!!

          When it comes to Thanos’ involvement in the next phase of Marvel films I feel his role will be somewhat bigger than most people are already predicting it will be in the Guardians movie. Then expanded to a much greater deal in the Avengers’ sequel. Remember one thing, the same year that movie’s released so is it’s biggest competitor by far…..The Justice League. Marvel has to pull out all the stops(or at least most of it) if they intend on competing with that BIG behemonth of a movie.

          • If batman&robin and spiderman3 had not been so terrible, there would have been no need for the reboots. They reshuffle the continuity in the books all the time, & explain it with alternate time lines. I cant hate on a better product, no matter how they go about it. Enjoy the movie or dont, you paid to see it…

            • @corbin

              There’s absolutely no need to reboot anything just because of ONE bad movie. Do you know how many franchises in the past few DECADES have had bad films now & again throughout their existence…..HUNDREDS! None of those franchises needed to “reboot” anything when they made mistakes here & there, & you want to know why…..SEQUELS! One of the main reasons why sequels exist is so that in case a large amount of people complain about a particular film for whatever reason the same movie studio that released that film can always redeem itself by releasing a sequel that is better than its’ predecessor.

              Enough with all this retracing a characters past by showing how they became the iconic superbeings we all know about already, and no it doesn’t count if you get ten different directors to tell the same story ten different ways. At the end of the day Bruce Waynes’ parents still dies…..He becomes Batman. Peter Parker gets bit by radioactive spider…..He becomes Spider-Man. It doesn’t & never will change so stop telling us these stories over & over again. There are millions of stories for these people to choose from, still they choose to strole down memory lane just because they didn’t like how well a certain movie performed at the box office. Give me a break!!

  3. Yaa! Beorn is gonna be in the next Hobbit movie!!!!

  4. Those designs for Deadpool prove that Fox had no idea who Deadpool was. If they just referred to him as Weapon X instead of Deadpool, I don’t think many people would have cared.

    • Fox has screwed up everything X-Men related since the beginning, and they’ve only gotten worse. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how good these new movies are, but I have little faith that they can pull it off.

      • @FILTH P.

        I understand your frustration with FOX over our beloved favorite mutant franchise, but I’m willing to have an open mind based on what Bryan Singer has been saying in interviews… far. Making it clear that we no longer have to put up with “Black Leather” outfits anymore already tells me that they are already moving in a somewhat positive direction.

      • I actually really enjoyed X-Men 1&2 as well as First Class. X-3 was terrible (killing of Professor X, REALLY?) and the Wolverine origins flick had some major flaws (I still enjoyed it, though). First Class has me optimistic for the upcoming films.

        • I liked 1 at the time but can’t enjoy it now without getting bored quickly. I actually didn’t mind the black leather either, it was just the writing and acting that made it horrible to watch for me.

          • X1 was a snooze-fest, X2 was a good CBM for it’s day and probably the best of the series… X3 was just terrible.

            I thought First Class was pretty good for a reboot, but now that they added time travel and it’s tied to the original three, I can’t support it. The Origins debacle isn’t even worth discussion.

            So, we’ll see what happens, but I just can’t see Fox fixing the mess they’ve made.

            • X-Men was boring for one IMPORTANT reason only…..lack of any “REAL” action scenes. Most of what we got was Wolverine one on one with almost EVERYBODY! Nobody wants to see an “x-MEN” movie if there’s only one “x-MAN” fighting the villians.

              X2 had better scenes(in regards to the action) but again, they were all/mostly centered around just ONE guy. I mean come on now! I know Logan is/maybe the best fighter in the group, but he’s not the only fighter there. What does Cyclops have to do in order to blast somebody out of the stratosphere nowadays?!

              The Last Stand & Origins were just complete mistakes giving us characters we either didn’t want or need in the first place.

              First Class was more of a prequel than a reboot which is why that film had a few hiccups in it’s own right. The story was too contradictory to all the previous releases which is why they should have never tried to tie it into the rest of the series in the first place.

              • I’m going to watch X-MEN franchise again (I just bought it on Blu Ray finally so now I have an excuse) to see if what you say holds truth. Not that I don’t believe you but I never really paid much attention to see that Wolverine was TRULY the only one really fighting. As in throwing punches and stuff. I remember a few other mutants using their powers slightly for small blasts and stuff. Others using their powers “cleverly” to evade or fight defensively. Other than the big fight at the end of X3, I think you might be right.

  5. Yeah, Beorn is in the very next chapter after what is covered in the first movie. So given Peter Jackson’s pacing, that means we may actually see him around minute 160 or so of the second movie. Maybe!

  6. Wow not a single Deadpool design worth a $#!+ including the one they used

  7. It has nothing to do with even a remotely altruistic inkling and everything to do with the almighty dollar. Good or bad, a studio reboots a franchise because they own the rights to it and it’s always easier to rehash what you have then try and find something new to take a risk on.

    Until we collectively decide to not support these reboots buy not going to see them, then Hollywood will continue to make them.

  8. Did anyone else watch the hobbit video? and if so wht did u think of Martin Freeman’s little comment at the end? honestly cant get a read on him.

  9. Did they have any idea what they were doing when they designed this abomination they dare to call Deadpool? And for God’s sake, how do those freaking katana blades even fit in his arms?

    • yes they did…….let’s play on the fact he has a big mouth and then take that away from him while dumping basically the kitchen sink of powers into him!……it will be AWESOMETACULAR!

      They own the rights to do whatever in the hell they want with the characters and proved it in that dreadful movie.

      (and yes, the arm blades are impossible but if Baraka from Mortal Kombat can do it…..why not us?!)