A Deadpool Spinoff? How About ‘Cable & Deadpool?’

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cable and deadpool ryan reynolds A Deadpool Spinoff? How About Cable & Deadpool?

During one of the many press events for X-Men Origins: Wolverine in recent days, MTV had a chance to catch up with Ryan Reynolds, who plays the character Wade Wilson in the film.

In their brief interview, MTV asked him about what other mutants he would like to see Deadpool face-off against in his own spin-off feature film. Reynolds responded:

“There are all kinds of villains… You’ve got Black Tom — all kinds of characters that you could really make great use of.”

There are many characters indeed, but one stands out in particular for the Canadian actor and husband of other Marvel actor Scarlett Johansson. That mutant he’s talking about is Cable.

“The ‘Deadpool/Cable’ stuff is great… I’ve never really cast that character in my head. He’s such a complicated character.”

In our discussions here at Screen Rant on which characters could be in X-Men: First Class, I made a joke about including Cable in the upcoming prequel as one of the mutant characters that could be introduced. Well, now it makes much more sense to do just that and have some sort of origin for his character in preparation for a Deadpool spinoff. It seems like a great idea to me and another cool way to tie all the movies together as well as prepare future storylines for the idea of time-travel.

For those who don’t know; in the comics Cable is the son of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey’s clone) who was taken to the future only to return as a much older and hardened mutant. I know it sounds strange and in the movies I’m sure they won’t even get into that storyline. So instead, I threw out the possibility that since Emma Frost is in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and likely in First Class (she’s Cyclops’ current love interest in the comics), it would be interesting to see a different take on the story with Cable being the future son of Emma and Cyclops instead.

There’s not much else they can do since we know what happens with Cyclops and Jean Grey in the X-Men trilogy – so, there won’t be any cloning and marriage going on with the characters. In Wolverine’s spinoff, we see that Fox reversed the order of who Cyclops meets first, having introduced Emma Frost before the X-Men are even formed and before Scott Summers even meets Jean Grey.

Since we first heard that Deadpool was to be featured in the Wolverine solo movie and then later heard that Ryan Reynolds would play the part (a perfect casting choice), there’s been talk and speculation over the character also getting his own spin-off. Those talks have become a very serious possibility pending the success this weekend of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and in recent interviews with producer Lauren Shuler-Donner, she’s continued to relay that Fox is in internal discussions over that potential project as well as a Gambit spinoff.

The character of Wade Wilson, who takes the codename Deadpool in the comics and will do so in future X-films, has a strong following amongst comic readers and hence there’s quite a bit of apprehension over the changes made to the character in the film.

cable and deadpool movie comics A Deadpool Spinoff? How About Cable & Deadpool?
Artwork by Amanda Connor

However, by the end of the film, it is said that in the movie, the character is set up for potential future stories. A story involving Cable would be a pretty neat idea. In the comics, Cable and Deadpool had their own series together that lasted several years until recently where they split from each other as a result of the major Marvel X-Comics event, Messiah Complex. They now both have their own solo series’.

Rob Liefeld, creator of the “Merc with a Mouth” spoke about the possible Deadpool spinoff a few weeks back and said this via his Twitter account:

“Talked to producers of ‘Wolverine’ yesterday and they said that there are definite plans to spin off ‘Deadpool’ if the box office works”

Along with Liefeld and Donner, Reynolds is also fully supporting the idea of getting him and his character their own on-screen debut. As a fan of the Deadpool comics himself, Reynolds dream is to be able to make a movie strictly based on the comics – Having his own solo title would give him that chance.

If you see the Wolverine flick this weekend, stick around after the credits. You may get lucky and get the secret ending involving Deadpool (there are multiple different endings after the credits depending on which prints of the movie your theater receives).

What do you think of the idea of introducing Cable into the movie franchise and having him a key player in the Deadpool film?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens tomorrow, Friday May 1st and I’ll be there.

Sources: MTV

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  1. It’s almost a lost cause for FOX to get these movies right, and depending the my planned viewing of Wolverine, I’m against any film FOX makes of Marvel characters.

    Anything that prolongs their use of the property is NOT good in my book.

  2. Basically everything that Carl Lee said, but opposite. IMO Fox only screwed up one movie so far and that was Elektra.

  3. Nice Oscar! Touche. I’m sure you watch Fantastic Four before bed too. :)

  4. lol i actually enjoyed them, im not saying they are Spider-Man or Batman films, but i turned my brain off and they werent bad.

  5. Do you turn your brain off when you read comics too? I don’t, and that’s why I think they’re bad. 😛

    With the comics I could always read into it, interpret the dialogue and discuss their over-arching themes. None of that is happening during these popcorn movies.

  6. Jason Statham for Cable. I think his bullish macho style against Reynolds’ portrayal of Deadpool would be great.

  7. BRUCE WILLIS would make a great Cable!

  8. @ Carl Lee, really??? You really need your brain for Comics? Lets be realistic, it aint Shakespeare. Some comics do have really really good storylines and really good dialogue but its mostly about fun and looking at the sick ass drawings.

  9. @Oscar I agree with you about Elektra. Talk about a film with potential that shot it down the pants legs.

    I thought the 1st FF was crap but the frakin thing made so much money it was stupid. The 2nd FF was much better in every regard, storyline, effects, character development.

    Bruce Willis playing Cable is an decent choice but sad to say he’s getting up there in years and has lately become “lazy” during action films (DH4 was a mess).

    I’d like to see Forge introduced in the franchise, along with some characters from X-Factor like Boom-Boom.

  10. @Oscar

    I agree with you on the comics. I always bought comics based soley on art. If it had good stories … bonus.
    This is why when I collected comics I never collected Batman. The art always sucked. (I’m talking mid 80’s to mid 90’s timeframe)

  11. Yea lol, i love the art, and the storylines are good but like you said thats just like a really good bonus :)

  12. I heard about the two of multiple endings. I tie in with the first X-Men film and one with ease the unrest about a particular character.

    Personally, I am not familiar with Cable. I think that Cable could be in the first movie with Deadpool or he could be in the background and become more prominent in the second.

  13. IMO: Mickey Rourke would be a perfect fit for Cable.

  14. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
    Bruce Willis as Cable

    End of story….

  15. Everyone stop wishing for who you would like to play Cable. Zac says end of story so I guess he has the final say on coolness :)

    Like the idea of Rouke as Cable but would that be going TOO old?

    BTW, if you introduce Cable would you also have to introduce Bishop? I mean it was his job to hunt Cable down and kill him. Jason Momoa from SG:Atlantis would make a good choice.

  16. Holy hell! As soon as I read this post I almost scrolled to the bottom to suggest Bruce Willis, cause I thought it was brilliant, but apparently, the casting is sooo perfect others already beat me to it. Willis and Reynolds would rule. It would almost make up for X-3(you know, that and if they could somehow prevent the holocaust from have happened, it’d even out). But this is great news indeed. I seriously think more prequels and more skewed timelines is a terrible idea, however. If they could get a brilliant writer(or someone who has read comics for more than a week) to write a script for an X4, they could really turn this thing around. But, since it is Fox, I’m not holding my breath. Oh, and I must say, while I generally make it a rule to disagree with everything that Oscar says(ever) I also enjoyed the first Fantastic Four aside from the crappy portrayal of Doom. Torch and Thing were the highlight of the film, and they made it worth watching. Also, didn’t hate the Daredevil film, with the exception of the entire cathedral fight scene, Collin Farrell being a ridiculous casting choice and Jennifer Garner(no matter how attractive she is) totally miscast as Elektra. Affleck was actually tolerable. Elektra movie sucked hard-only slightly less terrible was Ghost Rider(Cage really has an Oscar?) Consider this rant over.

  17. One of the 2 Michaels should be Bishop (Michael Jai White or Michael Clark Duncan). While I like Bruce Willis, I think he is too old to play Cable. I like the idea of Micky Rourke, although if this ever happens, he might be too old as well.

  18. i’d take rourke over willis (mostly because of his size), but then again they are too old, cable can be cast younger (at least a bit younger, in the comics his age varies by who draws him). idk i’d like Gerard Butler for cable best :)

  19. I really dont like the idea of Deadpool/Cable. I think if you do Deadpool right after the Wolverine Movie, you have to go through his time when he was working for “Mr. Tolliver” and was a hitman/mercenary. You cant go into his good guy stuff right away, it takes way too much away from the character.

    The original Joe Maduerera storyline is an awesome story that would be great adapted into a movie. Have Copycat in there and Black Tom

  20. I thought Mickey Rourke too but after his role in Iron Man 2, I’m against it.

    Bruce Willis would be awesome and that would be a huge boost in star power for the film.

    @ John “Kahless” Taylor

    In the other thread, I also mentioned Bishop with Cable. I like your Michael Jai White suggestion, some pics of him make him look just like bald Bishop, he just needs to thicken up (even more than he already is). I also dig the older long-hair Bishop so I’d be up for that look in a movie.

  21. I think they screwed FF2 up bad. Im a huge Silver surfer fan and I was so disapointed in the way they made his powers in his board like they did. the way he looked was amazing though.

  22. I personally would be fine with a creative writer going back and eliminating from all of our memories the deviation of X-Men 3 from the comic book. It just foreclosed all the great stories that were possible. There has to be some time traveling mutant that can go back in time and rescue everyone that died in that abomination. I am not saying it would be the best or most plausible answer to fixing this travesty, but anything to forget would work for me. Then we could continue X-men in a proper fashion. Or at least as proper a fashion that would be allowed given the deviations that Singer made from the source material as well.

  23. @Robert
    Well, to do that, they would have to go back and either prevent Jean from turning or kill her before she turns (killing her after turning would be hard). In the future, Forge could develop some type of machine that prevents her from turning but I’m sure Fox would screw it up.

  24. I dont understand why Fox keeps holing off on characters if they arent going to do them justice anyways. To quote Buster from Arrested Development, “its like [they] get off from withholding.”

    No Gambit for 3 movies, then 10 minutes in XOW. No Beast for 2, then 10 minutes in X3. Same with Angel and Juggernaut. Finally we get Deadpool, oh wait he’s not Deadpool yet… (um so will we ever even see Deadpool?).

    I would love a Cable Deadpool movie as much as the next guy, but not if Cable is some teen aged punk thats only in the movie for 10 minutes.

  25. I just really want Deadpool to get a solo film with Reynolds as Deadpool. Reynolds was a perfect choice for the character and I liked him a lot in Wolverine

  26. What about the legend that is Michael Biehn for Cable?

    He used to be perfect at playing soldiers, and he has done time traveling before.

    Him and Reynolds would be great together I reckon.

  27. Michael Biehn is awesome, he’d need to get massive to play Cable though.

  28. If they are going to cast Bishop, I had an idea. I was watching that show Dhani Tackles The Globe and he certainly LOOKS like Bishop. Just give him some Soul-Glow and a plasma rifle and you’re set. Seriously. Google him.