‘Deadpool’ Script Review Is Extremely Positive

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Deadpool movie Deadpool Script Review Is Extremely Positive

Cinema Blend has gotten their mitts on the most recent draft of the Deadpool movie screenplay by Zombieland writing duo Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and their reaction can be summed up as follows: this film needs to be made, now.

Both director Robert Rodriguez and star Ryan Reynolds would be hard-pressed to work on Deadpool if 20th Century Fox pushed for production to begin in the near future, but – according to the script reviewer – the comic book flick would be a perfect match for both of these fellows.

Here, in a nutshell, is the gist of the Deadpool script review (NO SPOILERS, we promise):

“In it’s best moments, [reading the ‘Deadpool’ script] is like reading ‘Van Wilder’ meets ‘Kill Bill’, a genius mix of insane dark comedy and ridiculous over the top violence the likes of which we’ve never seen in any other superhero movie before… With the right director and Reynolds in the lead, this script has the potential to be the ‘Dark Knight’ of R-rated superhero movies.”

The reviewer also offers assurance that everything fans love about the Deadpool character has been included in the script – his non-stop motormouth, penchant for breaking the fourth wall, and utter disinterest in doing the right thing are all very much intact.

What of Deadpool’s appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine? According to the review, “it’s as though the character of Deadpool exists in a world where ‘Wolverine’ is a movie that he’s seen, and hates.” The Deadpool script reportedly contains numerous references and digs at both the Wolverine spinoff and the celebrity of Hugh Jackman himself.

wolverine 2 deadpool release dates Deadpool Script Review Is Extremely Positive

One potential issue the reviewer does raise with the Deadpool movie script is that the titular character remains masked for the majority of the time, due in no small part to his heavily scarred and gruesome appearance. The screenplay reportedly contains numerous flashbacks to Deadpool’s past, which would allow Reynolds – or any photogenic leading man, for that matter – to actually show his face in the movie, but that might not be enough for uneasy studio officials.

For more details on the Deadpool screenplay – including information about how the film would fit into the universe of other Marvel movies and how the script references subjects ranging from Caddyshack to the evil nature of IKEA – check out the full review.

Will Rodriguez and Reynolds get to make 'Deadpool'?

The combination of Reynolds and Rodriguez seems like the ideal mix for the Deadpool movie – the script review makes it clear that Reynold’s onscreen personality matches the lead character perfectly and that Rodriguez’s sensibilities as a filmmaker are an excellent fit for the material as well. Plus, if Rodriguez were to make Deadpool he would probably have far more creative control and be able to maintain the hard R-rated nature of the project more than most other directors.

For now it looks like Rodriguez and Reynolds won’t be working together on Deadpool in the near future – however if the script reviewer is right, that team-up could be well worth the wait.

Source: Cinema Blend

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  1. That’s good. This is the one Marvel movie I’m looking forward to. IMO Marvel has really being… well… sucking it up with some of their lastest ones (I did like Iron Man 2)

  2. YES!!! YES!!! FINALLY!

    I have been wondering about the film for a long time and how it will be written and presented. It has the costume. It has blood and gore. It has Hugh Jackman references!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

  3. Of all the Marvel movies this is the one I’m looking forward to the most. Didn’t like Iron Man 2 that much. Entertaining but meh…

  4. I can see it now. the opening sequence is an abridged version of the final battle betwen wolverine, sabretooth, and deadpool from the wolverine movie and the camera slowly pulls back revealing that it is, in fact, a movie being played at a theater. it then pans to deadpool, in full costume and he’s like “What the ****?”

    • hahah that’d be funny :)

    • AGREE!!!!

  5. I don’t like the idea of Robert Rodriguez directing Deadpool. And after reading the pitch of the script I think Rodriguez have done Sin city already…

    • BLASPHAMY!!!

    • deathstroke sucks. he is like deadpool… minus the personality and charm. and he pervs over children.

      • And plus Deadpool can regenerate. Deathstroke can’t.

  6. I am just not sure that Disney is ready for this. I can’t think of one rated R Disney movie of any kind. If Fox owns the rights then do it to it. I really want this movie to be made and I hope it is done right.

    • Disney has put out loads of R-rated movies under the banner “Touchstone”.

  7. This is good news I hope RR & RR are both involved in this just seems like the right combination this movie needs all in all looks like the movie will be awesome can’t wait to see it ^_^

  8. i have read the script. honestly, it is amazing. deadpool fans will love it, but perhaps more importantly, i think audiences who are sick of the same old same old cliche superhero movies will love it. it is totally different.

    it’s got insane action, and i mean INSANE. morbid, jet black humour. pop culture references and satire. and it shows the true tragedy of deadpool without getting too emo and melodramatic.

    there is a couple of running gags through the script that are hilarious. Blind Al + IKEA furniture. And Hugh Jackmans face.

    Also, a really great dig at “barakapool” from Wolverine Origins.


    • ryan reynolds has enough “face time” in the script to please superficial movie execs.

      It’s split about 60/40 in favour of the mask. which isn’t too bad. in the old comics he used to go without a mask at home or in front of weasel. that’s pretty much how it is in the script. but it also shows him before he is experimented on with vanessa.

  10. They say Colossus appears in the script. Is that right?

    • yes, it’s well worked actually. the deadpool film doesn’t tie into the X films… but it shows that deadpool exists in the same world, if you know what i mean.

      • Fascinating. I’m gonna read it!

  11. After reading the review article, I really want to see this made.

  12. Cable is in it, and Stephen Lang knows it.

    • cable isn’t in it. anyway michael biehn or kurt russell for cable!

  13. They really need to start upping the violence in some out these super hero flicks. To be honest I think that’s what saved punisher:warzone. I didn’t think it would be as graphic as it was.

  14. YESSSSSS!!!PLzzz dont screw this up Fox, make it NOW!!!
    The Dark Knight of R-Rated superhero movies, eh?

  15. i wouldn’t say it’s the dark knight of r rated comic book movies.

    it’s more like the evil dead 2 of comic book movies.

  16. I could almost see Quentin Tarantino doin it b4 Robert Rodriguez, who’s doing Spy Kids, hopefully Sin City2 and Red Sonja i think. But Tarantino would make it just as good, if not a little crazier.

  17. And my one question is, is he gonna be narrating at all with his “3 voices” rattling around in his head. That would be awesome if they could make it work right

    • he narrates certain scenes. but na, not the 3 voices.

  18. Wasn’t deadpool a black guy… i’m just saying

    • where did you hear that?

  19. Are there any other notable Deadpool characters in there?

    • apart from the ones already mentioned? just weasel.

  20. I seriously doubt this will be R rated – Fox isn’t going to run that risk.

    For some reason I have little trust for the vast majority of these “script reviews”. They don’t give out details so they reference a bunch of already known facts or liklihoods (he’s violent, a motormouth, and breaks the 4th wall – no $h!t) and they say “trust me, this is legit.” If any hints they do give turn out to not be in the final film it’s written off to script changes along the way.

    no culpability, and no fact checking is possible – BS if you ask me

    • no it is real. it’s easy to find on the internet, i’ve read it.

      • where???

      • not saying if it’s real or not, but no way to verify.

        being on the internet is far from authentification

        • the guy who wrote the thing confirmed it on twitter.

    • Anyoen know if that’s a real script?

      • I don’t know if it is real but it is pretty funny and the action sounds awesome!

        • Assuming it is real.. Is as dark as they say it is?

          • it is real. the guy who wrote it, rhett reese, confirmed it on twitter.

            and yea it’s insane. imagine what evil dead 2 did for horror movies. thats what deadpool is to comic book movies. it’s dark, but the lead character is so crazy it doesn’t get depressing.

  21. it even has the part where he orders the pizza and is there to kill the pizza guy!! hell yea it was strange i just picked up that issue of deadpool vs hawkman today sweeet

  22. oops hawkeye*** im just excited?

  23. this is awesome finally this movie is coming out><

  24. I’m not his most beloved fan but if Rodriguez can;t do it has anyone asked if Tarintino might? I;d think he would be a great second choice for the directors chair.

    BTW – Its neither Reynolds physical apeparence or facial features that will make him the perfect choice for the role its his potrayal of teh character and how at least half the films hes done before WOLVERINE had him playing dark comical characters like Deadpool.

  25. ryan reynolds is entirely unnecessary. he’s already green lantern, and if he’s what’s holding up the production of deadpool, scrap him i say! i agree with a previous article that ANY ripped stuntman/martial artist could be deadpool. just add a mask and voice actor. why are people so hung up on reynolds??

    • because alot of this film does show deadpool as ryan renolds and i cant really see anyone doing these lines besides him. this script is awsome.

    • have you even read the script? no, not any stunt man could play him with a voice actor. the script has been literally tailor made for Reynolds.