‘Deadpool’ Offered to Robert Rodriguez?

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The upcoming solo film featuring the character of Deadpool has been in the cards for awhile now. Ryan Reynolds played the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (one of the only saving graces of that movie) and depending on scheduling being worked out (Reynolds is currently busy with Green Lantern) he could play the character in the solo film.

It was confirmed back in January that Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick would write the Deadpool movie. So that’s the writers sorted out but what about a director? Well, an odd but not altogether shocking director is reportedly being eyed to direct Deadpool: none other than Robert Rodriguez.

Production Weekly (via The Playlist) reports – and confirms from “a source close to the project” – that Rodriguez has been offered the Deadpool director’s chair. Now the key word here is “offered” and not “closed a deal” or anything that concrete.

Rodriguez is a pretty in-demand director (for example, he was offered the Planet of the Apes reboot but turned it down), but his relationship with Fox – the studio is releasing Rodriguez’s films Machete and Predators – indicates that Rodriguez would seriously consider the studio’s Deadpool flick.

deadpool movie costume Deadpool Offered to Robert Rodriguez?

As I said, it’s not really shocking that Rodriguez has been offered Deadpool, but he’s certainly not the first director that comes to mind for potential candidates. I would rather he keep his attention on the many other projects he has in the cards, including his sci-fi film Nerverackers (which was sadly pulled from Dimension Films’ schedule last year) and the long-overdue Sin City 2.

Having said that, I would be curious to see what a Rodriguez-direct Deadpool would turn out like, but that may just be because I’m a big fan of pretty much everything he’s done (Spy Kids 3 aside 😛 ).

Would you like to see Robert Rodriguez direct Deadpool? Or would you rather he focus on other potential projects? Which other directors are suited to a Deadpool film?

If things come together nicely, Deadpool could be shooting this summer or fall. In that case it would likely hit theaters in 2011.

As always, stay tuned to Screen Rant for more on Deadpool as news comes out.

Sources: Production Weekly and The Playlist

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  1. cool

  2. He would be excellent in directing Deadpool. Rodriguez is as good as it gets for action and doing justice to the main character in bringing out who that character is thru the action. Robert Rodriguez has a way to bring out the humor too in an action setting. If Machete and Predators are loved by the action fans, he will be in demand to bring this movie to the mainstream audience. There is the fact that many comic book movies are headed to the big screen so each one needs a reason for movie goers to see them and Rodriguez could be the tipping point to see this Ryan Reynolds’ vehicle. If he does not direct Deadpool, I would like to see him direct the next Wolverine movie. All has been quiet about that project. Rodriguez would also be welcome in the next Terminator movie if Predators is a hit or at least be apart of it by bringing in Nimrod as the director, I like what I have seen of it.

  3. I hope not. I want to see deadpool, but I make a habit of avoiding RR films like the plague because for me they are. I liked roughly about one film from the guy to be far I hate zombie flicks ( zombieland aside) I also hate his horrible kid films.

  4. Yes and no.. The humor of Deadpool is a strong part of the character. And while humor is infused in his movies I dont think it is the same type of humor…..

    I dont know…. I wouldnt hate it or not see it.. he is talented.

  5. this movie is never getting made

    • yea it’s never getting made… that’s why people who are pretty hot right now were hired to write a script (which is getting good buzz apparently) and the studio is actively seeking a director…

  6. Do we really NEED a Deadpool movie? Leave him in the ’90s.

    • leave him in the 90s? you obviously don’t know much about the character. he is more popular now than he has ever been. he has 3 on going comic books which all sell over 30k a month.

      and why not a deadpool film? it’d be great. satire of the comic book movie industry, as well as the action movie industry too. some outrageous violence and action. with fourth wall breaking insanity brought on by a tragic origin that people can relate to.

      the perfect Deadpool film would be like a cross of Last Action Hero with The Jacket.

  7. Are you serious? Do we really NEED any movie? If u want to be like that. We don’t need any movie. Is there a audience for deadpool ? Yes. Is there a large enough audience interested enough for this film to be made? Yes. Does it need to be made ? No but neither did Cizen Kane , Casablanca, Independance day, X2, spiderman, TDK, Avatar or any other popular film ever made.

  8. lol…wow Daniel, sure hope you didnt pop a vein with that reaction

  9. People… this is Fox we’re talking about, not Marvel Studios. I’m firmly in the ‘I-hope-this-gets-cancelled-and-the-rights-return-to-Marvel’ camp.

  10. So long as Reynolds is still playing him I could really care less who the director is. Oh wait… hmmm… Nope no Ratner, Schumacher, or Bay and it should be fine.

  11. I hope they just start over on Deadpool. The character was terrible in “Wolverine.” I don’t think I can sit through two hours of Deadpool with the powers of half the mutants in the Marvel Universe. Also, Rodriguez is good, but only when his budgets are tight. Whenever he gets too much money, his films turn into human cartoons with bad CGI.

    • Well it is a reboot of the character actually. And agreed on the budgeting. Sometimes he gives us really bad backgrounds and effects and the characters become off the mark.

      But other than that I think Rodriguez is a pretty good choice in my opinion. Just so long as he does Predators right I’ll be fine with him.

    • scubadonc…
      have you ever read anything about deadpools past?
      all of that stuff in wolverine works well with the comic book story line and it all will fit together the same as the comics did to get you the deadpool you see today

  12. I honestly believe that the window of opportunity for something like Sin CIty 2 has passed..

    • hmm, i hope not, and to be real honest, RR films his movies at a fast pace anyways, im not too worried about IF Sin 2 will come out, just when it will come out

  13. Here’s what you need to understand the rights are not going back to marvel for a very very long time if at all and not at all is more likely. Your options are watch Foxs version of Deadpool (and hope it turns out as good as Xone or 2 and not like X3) or don’t get Deadpool at all. Personlly Id rather Fox make it and have faith in Reynolds rather than never get one.

    • i actually did like his performance in wolverine, the movie as a whole sucked bigtime though. Deadpool is one of the very few Marvel titles i still buy nowadays

  14. As long as Reynolds is on, I’m down. I do agree, please get rid of him having all the mutant powers from the movie and give the original version from the comics.

  15. I think this is probably going to be a good pick. Even though I am not the biggest Robert Rodriguez fan, he does have his moments. The reasons I think he will do good is that he has the attitude to do this movie the way it is intended. His style is usually a little out there so it won’t be much of a stretch to do this one. And their will be blood. Lots and lots and lots and lots of blood. That was my major problem with Wolverine. When Deadpool started wiping off an unbloody sword I was about ready to walk out.

    • I had the same problem with Wolverine’s claws; after stabbing someone, his claws come out all pristine and shiny. Give me a break!

      • adamantium is immune to blood stains…dident you hear? lol.

  16. Im more inclined to have Frank Miller direct…Deadpool should definetly be shot in the same vein as Sin City(gritty comic book style)…but it shouldent feel like a Sin City Rip off. What worked for me was Sin City was so Adult…So shocking in some scenes…Deadpool should be the same way.

    • I agree. Deadpool is not for the kiddies. I hope this get’s off the ground and I hope Reynolds is onboard. As a DP fan, I LOVED Reynold’s portrayal of Wade. Not that B.S. amalgamation at the end of Wolverine. *shudder*

    • Sin City was directed by Rodriguez. Frank Miller got directing credit because he helped a lot. But have you seen The Spirit? Miller should never, ever direct a film on his own again.

      And Rodriguez isn’t shy of blood and gore. Planet Terror and Dusk til Dawn are like, two of the most over the top gory mainstream(ish) action films ever.

  17. Or even the guy who directed kick ass would be a win in my opinion…I think RR should leave it alone…help produce it but ultimately let a better director point it in the right direction.

    • Vaughn is directing X-Men: First Class.

  18. What I liked about Zombieland is that, while it was a parody, it had higher than average depth and wasn’t airheaded. It never took itself seriously, but gave the viewer something to chew on (so to speak). I think Rodriguez directing, combined with a script that has a similar FEEL to Zombieland, could be a real winner.

    As for B.O. performance, as a R movie I think Deadpool will survive better than the Punisher or Jonah Hex. On the surface, you may think “Punisher” is a good measuring stick, but there are some big fundamental differences between Deadpool and Punisher.

    1. Deadpool has a surprisingly large female fanbase. Ryan Reynolds will also draw a female crowd.

    2. Deadpool is less of a crusader- less idealogically motivated.

    3. It’s also easy to relate to someone who works for money. Go figure.

    4. He has a cooler costume than the Punisher.

    5. I can’t remember the name of the actor who played Punisher off the top of my head. Ryan Reynolds is very well known. If Green Lantern does well, Box Office success is nearly assured for Deadpool.

    6. Deadpool has appeared in multiple video games- that’s where a large chunk of his fanbase comes from. He’s going to appear in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. By the time Deadpool comes out, there will not be a nerd a live who doesn’t know who Deadpool is.

    7. Do you know of a Deadhead who won’t see this movie three (or more) times if it’s good and twice if it’s horrible? Then we’ll buy ten copy’s of the DVD/Blue-Ray. We’re nuts.

    8. Daredevil, Fantastic Four, and other X-Men characters could make cameos. I’m holding the torch for Bullseye, myself.

  19. Okay after seeing the news we’ll be cursed with another crapy G.I. Joe movie, does anyone feel like they removed one sword and painted Deadpool’s outfit on Snake Eyes? Looks oddly similar in pose and everything.