Deadpool Movie Updates & Confirmations

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deadpool x men origins Deadpool Movie Updates & Confirmations

Rob Liefeld, the creator of the Deadpool character of Marvel comics was twitter-happy last night, updating fans about some news regarding the upcoming Fox Studios film, X-Men Origins: Deadpool.

He started by mentioning that he’s on his way to a big meeting about the Deadpool movie and then his following four tweets got interesting, making some needed confirmations and suggesting some cool stuff we may see down the road.

Here are Liefeld’s Tweets about the meeting and what was said in them:

“Great Deadpool movie meeting! Lauren Schuler Donner and her team are headed in the right direction!”

“Deadpool movie checklist- DP in costume-check! Breaking 4th wall-check! Loads of killing-double check!”

“Deadpool movie- YES! Ryan Reynolds is on board!!!”

“Also excited to discuss possibilities of Cable in future X-films!!!”

We spoke about Lauren Schuler Donner the day before yesterday in regards to a possible X-Men 4 and New Mutants movies. She’s making a name for herself as “The X-producer”, having produced all of the X-Men movies thus far and seemingly all of the ones in development for the future.

As for the aspects of the film confirmed: Deadpool Costume from the comics and Breaking the fourth wall – we heard Reynolds confirm these before, himself, but it’s great to know that it’s official from the exec meetings.

With the Green Lantern casting which could bring Reynolds into several film projects for WB and DC Entertainment, there was concern over how that would affect the Deadpool solo flick for the Canadian star, but Liefeld was also able to confirm that he’s fully onboard to bring fans what they desire from the popular character.

So far, all of these things we more or less heard before, but act as confirmations. The interesting part here for me is that they’re also discussing Cable in future X-movies. This is something Reynolds mentioned he’d like to see in a Deadpool movie and something I’ve been mentioning quite a bit as a tie-in possibility for many of the X-movies in development. How about a Cable & Deadpool movie?

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  1. who do you think would make a good Cable I would personally want jeffery dean morgan of course knowing Fox it will probally be Mickey Rourke(I’m a fan but he wouldnt fit)
    lol cmon Garry Busey

  2. How about a silver haired Sly Stallone for Cable??

  3. I know its funny but i always hoped that Bruce Wllis would play Cable someday (just me being silly).

    I think adding Cable to the movie would be perfect. Deadpool is way to crazy alone and needs a kinda calm and reasonable nbut also insanly stronger as deadpool guy for the humorparts.

  4. Dolph Lundgren as Cable!

  5. I am a little excited from this news but because it’s Fox, I am concerned. These are mutant killing machines who use blades (knives, swords, claws) but Fox doesn’t want blood? You can make a PG-13 movie with blood. Heck, look at shows like Supernatural…tons of blood!

    I also like Gary Busey for Cable.

  6. Gary Busey as Cable? Hahaha I don’t think so. Bruce Willis sounds a little more believable. I’m VERY excited for a Deadpool movie though and I have much respect for Ryan Reynolds ever since this. He obviously has a real passion for the character.

  7. Bruce Willis for Cable, I agree…

  8. Pass on Gary Busey, heh.

    Morgan would be good but his Comedian character from Watchmen is too similar. You should check out the older pics of Cable, he looks exactly like the Comedian in several.

    Bruce Willis could be cool and I actually love Michael Biehn which was a suggestion from our last Cable story. If he could bulk up, I’d be interested in him for the role.

  9. even tho i hate to bring this name up. But how about Dennis Quaid? I mean looks wise he could match. Try imagine him with complete white hair, a lil scars across his one eye and another glowing eye …that metallic arm. maybe a bit more beefed up. hmmm…

    I choose Bruce first couse i just think his Die Hard 4 Persona fitts in with Cable.

  10. I can’t endorse Dolph Lundgren for any role lol.

  11. deadpool needs to be a hard pg-13 or R. I can only hope for R because we know that won’t happen.

  12. I have thought all along that time-travel needs to be the next step in the X-men franchise and wld personally love to see the “Days of Future Past” story arc as X-Men 4 (Shuler-Donner even said it was one of her fave stories)
    Cable could be used in that story too.

  13. I can’t see how Cable could be used in X-Men 4 as his parents are dead but Bishop could be used to prevent their deaths and then Cable would be born.

  14. Yes to Michael Biehn

  15. John

    They always find a way to bring people back in the comics so they will do the same here somehow. Cable has to be in these movies at some point and killing off Cyclops and Jean Grey was total bull.

  16. Michael Biehn, now there’s a suggestion. I’ve always hated the fact that he never got more popular. Plus, unlike some of these suggestions, I could see him being the spawn of James Marsden.

  17. @ Josh Rose,

    Yes & Yes


  18. @ John “Kahless” Taylor,

    Cyclops aint dead, mannn

    Plus, this series isn’t following the comics, remember. I said it once before, but what if Cable is the son of Emma and younger Cyclops pre-Jean (in First Class)? That’s extreme but a more realistic scenario is that if they go with Sinister as a villain in X4 and as a guest spot in some other X movie, Cable could be a result of his experiments using Cyc’s & Jean’s DNA.

    I doubt they’ll go with the Madelyne Pryor Clone-of-Jean thing as they can’t explain when Cyclops would get married and have a kid with her… unless that happens in X4.

    There’s always a way with comic-based material and the time-travel opens up an entire new direction to explore for the franchise with all of its upcoming movies.

  19. Past Due X-Men Foes That Could Translate Cinematically:

    Mr. Sinister

    Omega Red


    Silver Samurai

    (Real) Sentinels / Nimrod / Mastermold

    Any other suggestions?

  20. Why not Roland Kickinger to play Cable? Biehn, gee why don’t you just get the AArrrnold? That’s after all who he was modeled after. I tell you if they bring anymore of these extreme mesomorph types out your gonna need bleeding edge effects as stand-in…

  21. I’m not a comic geek, so don’t know who would actually fit or not, but looking at the suggestions, I say yes to Bruce Willis for anything, and Michael Biehn, aka Kyle Reese, heck yah, lol.

  22. we dont KNOW that cyclops is dead, also Jean wasn t cables mother… it was the Madeline Pryor. and sinister manipulated it all so that whole “cables parents are dead” argument is quite redundant

  23. Haggislaw says: “Arnold Hell Yeah”

    LOL. Maybe the powers that be will have a stroke of irony and put Cable in the next Terminator movie?

  24. Kate Winslet as Madelyne Pryor, then it won’t matter who plays Cable.

  25. Bruce Willis gets my vote for Cable. But hmm, how about Kiefer Sutherland?

  26. The whole mess started with that Cable baby. In Uncanny #201. Cyclops fights Storm (with no powers mind!) for the leadership of the x-men, and Storm wins! Cyclops is acting like a wuss, as usual and isn’t paying any attention to his wife, Madelyn or son, Nathan.

    Then after he runs off to jean, forming X-Factor. leaving his wife to be hunted by the Marauders… the son is taken back by sinister and to be sacrificed in Inferno.

    X-men/X-factor/New Mutants to the rescue.

    Zip forward

    Cable arrives to take over with the New Mutants and make them a quick strike x-force.

    What’s the kicker?

    It should be a Cable movie, not deadpool.

  27. There are so many capable actors who could play Cable, and honestly it really wouldn’t matter to me that much who plays him as long as they portray Cable’s attitude and demeanor correctly. One thing is certain though, an encounter between Cable and Apocalypse would HAVE to happen. I think there are lots of other fans out there who have been DYING to see Apocalypse in action and who better to fight him than Cable, who has been a thorn in his side for AGES.

  28. I believe the answer to the X4, X5, Deadpool & future X-Men Universe films is CABLE. He would provide the much needed link to combine the X Universe.

    After X-Men: First class the next film should be the Deadpool film. As there is no obvious antagonist for this film the introduction of Cable as a sort of anti hero that goes back and forth with Deadpool throughout, explaining both their past, present & futures would be a masterstroke. Possibly ending with Deadpool coming out on top and Cable time travelling to a post apocalyptic future..

    X4, X5, X6, etc.
    This film open with a now in the future Cable being attacked as he tries to travel back to fix his current present day. In turn preventing the deaths of Scott Summers, Jean Grey & Professor X (fixing the mess left by X3) and revealing a new enemy(ies). I would go with Mr. Sinister & a hidden Apocalypse pulling the strings. This would leave endless possibilities for future films & also Origin films.

    Stories like Age of Apocalypse, Days of Future Past, Phalanx Covenant, Time Fugitives, Till Death do us Part, Out of the Past, Savage Land Savage Heart, Phoenix Saga & Dark Phoenix saga, Beyond Good & Evil, Sanctuary, and Night of the Sentinels would transfer great to the big screen if done right.

    I would absolutely love to see Sinister & Apocalypse introduced as they are my favourite villains in X-Universe and I would kill for a R rated no holds barred Wolverine but what can ya do?!? :P

    • any suggestions for actors to play Cable??? its a toughie :D

      • Nah, that’s easy: Stephen Lang.


        • is he a good and big enough for such a pivotal role???

          faie enough he has a similar look but im still skeptical..