Prior to news of a possible X-Men 4 and New Mutants flick, the Deadpool spinoff was arguably the project most looked forward to by fans. I’m sure this news will get them excited as it does for me.

I don’t know if Reynolds was in attendance for the meeting, but it sounds so far that everything he’s hoped for about the project is coming to fruition and the film could follow the Deadpool comics closely as Ryan suggested and wished for publicly ever since being involved with X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Are you excited about this news? How about the possibility of Cable being introduced in the X-Men film franchise?

I believe Cable can be used as a link in all of the future X-Movies. He could be related to a storyline involving Mr. Sinister as the villain in X-Men 4. He could be related to the younger Cyclops to be featured in X-Men: First Class and he can have a big role in The New Mutants.

Introducing time travel and the related X-characters (including Bishop) allows for infinite possibilities and if they choose the right actor, they can have him be a part of the Deadpool film (or its sequel?) as well.

What are your ideas for the future X-movies?

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