‘Deadpool’ Movie Just Needs Fox’s Go-Ahead [Updated]

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When Twentieth Century Fox announced three weeks ago that they were bringing in comic book creator Mark Millar to help consult on their Marvel properties, they also reaffirmed the Marvel projects the studio was developing. There’s The Wolverine, currently shooting down under, X-Men: Days of Future Past being written by Jane Goldman, Simon Kinberg and Matthew Vaughn, and a reboot of Fantastic Four in development by Josh Trank.

One film (two if you count the now reverted-back-to-Marvel Daredevil property) noticeably missing from the slate was Deadpool, a project which was seemingly close to being greenlit after Ryan Reynolds played (a version of) the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It’s sadly remained on the silent front until now.

Wade Wilson/Deadpool has become one of Marvel’s poster characters in recent years, earning appearances and spotlight attention in most Marvel video games – including his own upcoming title – and certainly in the comics. After the character in the books said Ryan Reynolds should play him, Ryan Reynolds actually did in the Wolverine spin-off and despite Wade Wilson being misused, Reynolds delivered a memorable and enjoyable performance, and it was enough to start work on a movie starring him.

Deadpool Logo Deadpool Movie Just Needs Foxs Go Ahead [Updated]

Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were brought in to pen the Deadpool screenplay nearly three years ago, and after Robert Rodriguez was offered-but-couldn’t-take the director’s chair, visual effects artist Tim Miller signed on. In addition to directing the awesome live-action/CGI Halo 4 launch trailer which released last night, Miller is busy working with Jeff Fowler and David Fincher to get the animated feature based on Eric Powell’s The Goon off the ground, a film featuring the voices of voices of Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti.

The Goon test footage premiered at Comic-Con in 2010 but it’s been stuck in development since. So, Miller and co. launched a Kickstarter to help crowdsource funding to develop a story reel for The Goon to get it in the eyes of Hollywood. Commenters on the Kickstarter page couldn’t avoid bringing up the topic of Deadpool since Tim Miller is attached to direct, and he happily responded to one, making it clear that he wouldn’t answer any others.

DEADPOOL: We’ve turned in an amazing script and done some early tests and visual development that–I’m confident–would get the fans stoked. And Ryan still loves the project. So it’s really up to Fox as to whether or not the film happens–all I can do is hope (and beg periodically) that it be allowed to move ahead.

So thanks Christopher and now GOON ONLY FROM HERE ON OUT! Thanks!

Early Deadpool script reviews were highly favorable and Reynolds himself has done nothing but praise what he’s read. Reynolds, like Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, have said time and time again that the script is the perfect, faithful adaptation of the character, that it breaks the fourth wall and demands and R-Rating.

Deadpool Game Trailer Deadpool Movie Just Needs Foxs Go Ahead [Updated]

Liefeld also teased that he may have seen test footage for Deadpool, featuring the full costume, guns, swords, jokes and violence, etc. but there’s been no official movement on the project in quite some time. With two X-Men films already scheduled for the next two summers, in addition to the Fantastic Four reboot, there’s no time to make it happen soon. If X-Men: Days of Future Past introduces the time-travelling mutant Cable however, they’d be smart to use him to tease Deadpool in some sort of end-credits sequence. We have a feeling Deadpool is a character they’re not going to give up on and they can use Days of Future Past‘s time travel and alternate timelines to ignore the events of X-Men Origins: Wolverine while keeping the Deadpool solo movie within continuity.

[Update: Just as I posted this, Rob Liefeld tweeted about the Deadpool movie.]

And yesterday, Mark Millar tweeted this:


The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013 and X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18, 2014.

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Source: Tim Miller (Hat tip Joseph)

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  1. DO IT!!!! Sorry for the caps

  2. Does Fox honestly not see how much people want this movie?

  3. Ryan Reynolds makes a better Deadpool than Green Lantern. If this story gets the R treatment, and we see the REAL Deadpool, I am all in!

    • Green Lantern was *not* nearly as bad as people say it was. If anything it was *lacking*. not bad, for the most part. Reynolds was perfect as Hal with the script that was given to him. He couldn’t have done better. Lively, on the other hand, I think was there for subtle cleavage, to laugh annoyingly, to slow down the pacing for a few seconds, and not a lot else. We can’t blame this all on her, because that’s probably the way it was written, dumbed down for certain market groups, ahem. That’s not to say that her character was bad, but the way her chracter was *presented* in instances, yes, bad. I saw Green Lantern after I saw Thor and Thor came off as cartoony and bleh, Green Lantern was kinda cool and gutsy with the aliens and stuff but still didn’t come off as cartoony as Thor. It’s probably that whole DC vs. Marvel style, but I liked Iron Man and it was more purposefully-cheesy than cartoony. Don’t worry, guys, Green Lantern was good enough that they’ll be able to make vast improvements in the second one. Basically, tightened script with more content. I suppose everyone is conveniently forgetting this is the movie that introduced Amanda Waller in live-action and made it work, too; hello, Justice League?!

      Green Lantern was almost as good as Iron Man. Yes, Iron Man, like Green Lantern, was good, but also lacking. Not so much that was bad as was lacking.

      Back to DP; Reynolds does a good job, but Fox, meh, I don’t really trust them. Even the X-Men movies, they were decent, not awesome. The second one comes closest to awesome. Wolverine: Origins was just cheese, cheese, cheese, and why? Because God-forbid that Wolverine’s Weapon X experience is as bloody as his memories, OH NO, THINK OF THE CHILDREN. Psh. Pretty sure you can still make a pretty damn violent PG-13 movie without making it pander to the kiddies. First Turtles; sufficiently violent. First Batman; also sufficiently violent; actually, pretty violent. Not violent for the sake of being violent, but violent enough to make damn sense. To my knowledge, Marvel (Disney now, even worse in regards to getting an R-rating?) will not be making any R-rated movies. I think maybe the direct-to-video Punisher or Punishers were R-rated. Soo, good luck with that. We’re probably going to end up with a freaking dumbed-down pander-to-kiddies Deadpool. Making a PG-13 Deadpool would be like making a PG-13 Max Payne WHOOPS THEY DID THAT AND IT SUCKED ASS. I really hope not. This is what I hate about Hollywood; they try to stretch themselves thin to the point that they will pander to everyone thinking that they extent of their reach will be able to grab onto everyone or won’t risk ripping apart. JUST MAKE A g****** GOOD FILM, THE REST WILL SORT ITSELF OUT. PERIOD.

      • BTW, I think I’ve seen one decent Punisher movie.

        • There was alot of reasons to hate green lantern. For me it was all the stuff he chose to “build” when using the ring. Even considering that in the comics he would use the ring to make some goofy stuff like a baseball bat or a frying pan when he was fighting. The stuff he made in the move was just plain stupid as hell.

          Like that one scene where the helicopter is crashing and he turns it into a hotwheels car on a track. that was so stupid. why not just catch it with something like a chatchers mitt and just lower it the rest of the way to the ground? The worst part…that scene was basically all an in movie toy commercial anyway. Know why I say? Cuz they had a commercial for a hotwheels set that all looked exactly like the scene. (and no, they didn’t have the toy because of the scene. They had the scene because of the toy)

          It made the whole movie look like just a huge merchandising gimmmic to sell GL toys, i.e: the whole movie was just to make the companies money, not to make a good green lantern movie.

          And all of that isn’t even against Ryan Renolds. Just some really bad writing. But don’t worry. I’ve got more than just ^that^ if you want to keep debating this.

      • [Removed by Moderator]

  4. Reynolds is a lot better suited for Deadpool than Green Lantern…

    jhony amanda – sounds like your buddies Step-Sister has a very profitable web cam business…

  5. This needs to be made. Immediately.

  6. Deadpool is the only Marvel character left I won’t to see in movie. What fox needs to do is make a Deadpool and Cable movie. I think that would be more profitable sice the next X-men movie has time travel. So they introduce Cable in that, Cable remains in the present and comes back for the Deadpool movie. Then they can both fight Mister Sinister or Stryfe or some other villain. It would be like a buddy cop movie with gruff serious Cable and laid back crazy Deadpool. Cast Stephen Lang as Cable and bring back Ryan Reynolds and there you go! Gosh I hope this happens. Deadpool is like my sixth favorite superhero.

  7. Sounds cool as long as Reynolds can pull it off and we don’t end up with another Green Lantern type bomb.

  8. do it Do it DO IT DOIT DOOOIITTTT!!!!!

  9. There’s a few things I have to say about this topic. First of all, it really pisses me off that this wiener Liefeld still claims that he invented the character. He only came up with the design, the actual character was created by Fabian Nicieza. Second: the original script was fantastic. Get rid of Colossus and the X-Men references and use it as a shooting script. Third: get another (less annoying) actor than Reynolds. ‘Nuff said.

      • He plays the same kind of character in every movie he’s been in. Only exception was the Amityville remake. I just can’t stand him.

        • That’s the thing, it’s divisive but I think he’s the best at playing that kind of character and since I love the sarcastic types since I’m one myself, Reynolds and Deadpool are a perfect fit.

          It’d be like someone begging to see someone else play the kind of crazy rebel that Jack Nicholson plays in every single role he’s ever had when the man himself made them his own.

          I can appreciate you don’t like Ryan, not everyone has to but in the context of this character, nobody else would make it work.

          • Reynolds may be able to do sarcasm, but do you honestly think that any movie executive is going to allow a former People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive to be hideously scarred and wear a mask throughout the movie? My guess is that won’t happen and the character loses a lot of his back story.

            Nobody else would make it work? I beg to differ, plenty of actors out there can play a sarcastic mercenary. Jensen Ackles comes to mind as one.

            • Isn’t Deadpool now handsome in current comic continuity?

            • Heck yeah. Jensen’s awesome. Deffinatly the sarcastic kinda guy that’d fit this role REAL well. He already fits that kinda role as Dean Winchester in Supernatural. Actually Dean and Deadpool are starting to look like very similar characters to me the more I think about it.

              • Would rather see Jensen as Iron Fist over Deadpool.

                • …agreed. He might be a bit better for being Iron Fist. When I think about it for deadpool we need someone who can be a sarcastic, sadistic mercenary, but also be convincingly completely off his rocker at times. Someone who can convincingly argue with the voices in deadpool’s head. Someone who can convince us he’s completely lost every last bit of good sense he has left…and still play it off like he’s a total boss.

        • Agree 100%

          He also needs to stay away from comic book movies – Blade, Deadpool, Green Lantern…Marvel/DC.

          I don’t see Deadpool or Green Lantern when I watch these films – I see Ryan Reynolds.

      • If they portray the character the way he is usually depicted why would they even need Reynolds? Someone else could do the voice while a stuntman does everything else. Aside from a vocal group of fans the only other people pushing for his are Reynolds and his agents.

      • reynolds can play DP (watch blade 3…he is deadpool)

        problem is FOX they are famous for butcher marvel-dc heroes.
        dont cry once the movie is out and be a major flop

        • Umm, X Men was pretty decent.

          And in all seriousness…What DC Heroes has fox done?

    • man, have you studied the course -comicology- ? (sarcasm,don´t take it serious)

      • ehhm, my comment was replied to -scapecoat)

  10. I’m sure she’d more cash on the street as a regular hooker.

  11. Rob really went hard at Tom Rothman, wonder what that was all about.

  12. For me personally if Deadpool got the “official” green light it would surpass pretty much every superhero movie except MoS as my most anticipated.
    I realize how crazy that sounds with all the superhero movies soon to be released but I like Deadpool that much. Along with The Walking Dead and Batman it’s my favorite Comic Book that I regularly read as an adult. Most others have fallen bye the wayside as I’ve gotten older but when given the chance I’ll look for Deadpool over pretty much everything else…

  13. Man, I’ve been waiting for the news for this movie to come out for years. Thanks for the report!! Finally!!!

  14. Fox ?

    nevermind these guyz screwed every single marvel heroes movies
    Gonna wait DP on blu ray.

    • u realize that it will still be a “Fox” movie, even when it comes out on bluray? thats if it ever gets made.

  15. what about nate summers cable. you know as cyclops son.

  16. This probably has something to do with Miller’s Halo trailer.

  17. I’m all about a Deadpool movie, but if Reynolds stars in it, then I’ll be reminded of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And I don’t want that. Start fresh with a new actor.

  18. I vote Christopher Walken as Deadpool.

  19. Sam Worhtington?

    • I could possibly see that. Although how many good movies besides Avatar has Sam Worthington been in?

      • Avatar was his only good movie?

        I’d have said Terminator: Salvation, didn’t think Avatar was anywhere near being good.

        Even so, Reynolds for Deadpool please.

        • Avatar was horrid, Terminator had the potential to be good, but it was so derisive and dumbed down because, as you know, every movie now has to pander to the market, otherwise the market won’t “get it” because they’re too bloody stupid to pay attention and stop texting during the movie. I still watch it from time-to-time, Avatar, just, no, I just mute and watch the pretty visuals, really, that’s all it’s good for.

        • Agree on all 3 points made

      • You no like Clash of the Titans?

        I liked Man on a Ledge.

        • I liked both Clash and Wrath of the Titans but I mean from a cridic and box office stand point. Those films did’nt do to well. I’ve never seen Man on a Ledge but I heard it was’nt all that great.

        • i find that he is a good actor, very symphatic ! he was great in -terminator- and -avatar-. besides that how can someone find – avatar- horrid, the alltime good vs evil story told in the best way of fx and acting.

      • The Debt

      • avatar was a good movie but nothing to do with that trash sam
        without him the movie could be even better

  20. “Check it out, I’m the ghost of christmas KICK YOUR ASS!” I love Deadpool.

  21. After watching Lockout i see “Guy Pearce” as a better choice for dead pool

    • Guy Pearce? Hmm

      • Pearce can do everything! And sarcasm was his lockout character. what about Bradley Cooper? or…. Sam rockwell??

  22. i wanna see deadpool nowww

    • Well you cant, he is home watching HGTV, and kicking back.

  23. Oddly who would be a good Deadpool, and has the deadpan humor?

    Chris Evans.

    • Chris Evans would be cool as Deadpool but I would think he’s too busy with Captain America. Come to think of it he’s been in quite a few comic book movies. Captain America, Avengers, Fantastic Four 1 and 2, Scott Pilgrim and Losers.

      • Yeah, and not type cast. Since he has done other works outside of Action.

        Also, Chris Pine, he has the wit, and he has a decent sense of humor.

        • Zac Efron would make a pretty badass Deadpool and would do amazing things for his career

        • very good choice ! my second choice is pine,thanks -jeff w-.

      • keep dreaming evans IS captain america and marvel will not let him join fox especialy for a marvel anti hero

        he is too busy with captain america 2,avengers 2 and ofc captain america 3 later.

  24. Dude or dudette?

    You got like a man and womans names?

    Whats up with that?

  25. I’m so siked for this, but in order to make it great and watchable over and over…… It has to be rated R! I understand that the studio puts these superheroes movies out for mostly children, but c’mon man!!! It’s deadpool! The murk with the mouth! This movie should be bloody, gory, adult witty comedy, and for him to actually have the right costume!!! Along with all of that they need to reboot him from the wolverine movie, because A) they sewed his mouth shut?? b) totally made him barraka from mortal kombat! With the stupid blades out of his arms…. Just give him two katanas! And D) where did Cyclopes come into it all he only should have the Awesome healing abilities, crazy reflexes and fighting styles, and teleportation. Stand by these, cast the movie well, have an awesome script, and DO NOT TAKE STUPID LIBERTIES! You should have an awesome deadpool movie………. Give the people what they want to see!

    • “Murk”?..

      • If you are going to attack another person’s spelling, you can at least attack all of it. Not just choose one word. “psyched” would be the first one.

          • Haha I was typing in a rush sorry but without focusing on the spelling….. Did you guys not agree with my point?

  26. If this movie is run by FOX, it will be ruined, if it is overseen by Marvel, it will be epic.

    IF Marvel and FOX are really joining up, then Marvel is gonna be more like the manager, making sure that these two interact in a way that makes sure the fans will get excited. FOX is more like the pimp and as long as FOX gets paid, then there will be no one who gets slapped.

    In short, Marvel HAS to okay the script and everything else and supervise the project or I doubt it will be anything good.

    • Sorry dude but those studios will never join up and that’s the sad truth! You have no idea how much I’d like to see wolverine and spiderman with the avengers lol so epic! But fox and Sony aren’t goin to let those money tickets go. :(

        • Really?

          Disney is more powerful than the Combined Fox and Sony Pictures.

          Sony Pictures backed by Sony Electronics and Fox backed by News Corp and Rupert Murdoch.

          Disney, Owns Marvel, ABC and Pixar. They are no where near as diverse a company as Sony and Fox.

      • Notice how in the second paragraph the first word is “if”? Noticed how it is in capital letters?

        IF they were to team up, Marvel would have to pay FOX for using their characters. I agree with you on one thing, that it sucks. :(

    • Marvel Studios? The company now owned by Disney? Yeah… I don’t see an R rating coming out of that studio. Just saying… Better stick with Fox.

      • @Brandon: while I think you and I can agree that Marvel Studios has been consistently awesome at what they do, I think it’s pretty arrogant to write off a movie that you hardly know anything about (unless you’ve by chance read the script and know the inner workings of the project, in which case I take that back – but I doubt that’s the case ;)).
        The only Fox-produced Marvel movie that I’ve liked has been XMFC, so their track record is hardly clean IMO, but they really seem to be getting their $#!t together lately and with Millar taking things over as it were, I think they deserve at least some credit.
        This movie CAN work whether it’s at Marvel Studios or not. With a good script, good cast, good director and a good creative team that respects the characters and stories, I can’t see why it wouldn’t.
        Besides, Marvel Studios has a lot on their plate right now and they clearly have a long term plan already set out (one which I don’t think has a place for the merc with a mouth anyway).

        @leathercheerio: Plenty of Disney subsidiary companies have produced R rated films. And what is Marvel Studios? That’s right… another subsidiary. Chances are they won’t be making an R-rated movie anytime soon with the tone that their films (and the MCU in general) have had, but if they wanted to, they could. I’m sure if they were to make an R-rated Daredevil movie for instance, they’d make bags of cash – and as long as it can make money, Disney will distribute it.

        • marvel can’t make an r-rated film. that was part of the agreement when disney bought them. nothing higher that pg-13.
          marvel knights doesnt seem to fall under that for some reason, thats what the punisher:warzone film was released under.

          • Wow, really?
            I don’t remember anything like that…where’s you read it if you don’t mind me asking.

          • @Jeffro: Really?
            I don’t remember anything about Disney restricting Marvel Studios from making r-rated films…where’s you hear about it if you don’t mind me asking?

              • Huh, I don’t remember an article like that at all man…
                I did go to the link that @leathercheerio provided, and according to the summary Marvel Studios can, and have even discussed making R-rated films:
                “16:21 Talks about the possibility of doing smaller characters in smaller budget films that could be rated R. He says they discuss it, but to get through all the noise of all the other films that are released they have to spend a lot of money. If they’re spending that money, they’re gonna want to spend it on a tentpole film.”

                (Sorry for the previous comment being a double post btw – it said failed to post so I changed up my comment and posted again)

  27. Just.

    RIP and all that.
    (At least w/ Tim Miller, Rob Leifeld and Ryan Reynolds anyway)

  28. reynolds thinks he’s getting a tad to old for stunt work (as he said so himself during an interview for safe house) plus he doesn’t actually know martial arts or have any weapon training (minus the brief sword stuff they taught him for origin). i would go with scott adkins and have a voice over (the guy that did the animated movie and the voice of DP in MvC3 would fit nicely).

    doubts aside, i have high hopes for this being a downright fun and BA action comdey 😀

  29. YES! DEADPOOL! They really have to make it.

    I’m kinda glad Marvel doesn’t have the rights if Fox is gonna make it R rating, because Marvel Disney keeps the MCU PG-13 tops (or PG?) so Deadpool would be too bloody violent to get into the Avengers franchise.

    And he just has to be R rated. I want this movie more than the Fantastic Four reboot I can tell you that.

    • stfu

      either u like it or not DP is marvel sooner or later he will return.

        • Buena Vista produces “R” rated movies and they are a subsidiary of Disney. Just because it is under Disney’s roof doesn’t mean it cannot be “R” rated.