‘Deadpool’ Movie Just Needs Fox’s Go-Ahead [Updated]

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When Twentieth Century Fox announced three weeks ago that they were bringing in comic book creator Mark Millar to help consult on their Marvel properties, they also reaffirmed the Marvel projects the studio was developing. There’s The Wolverine, currently shooting down under, X-Men: Days of Future Past being written by Jane Goldman, Simon Kinberg and Matthew Vaughn, and a reboot of Fantastic Four in development by Josh Trank.

One film (two if you count the now reverted-back-to-Marvel Daredevil property) noticeably missing from the slate was Deadpool, a project which was seemingly close to being greenlit after Ryan Reynolds played (a version of) the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It’s sadly remained on the silent front until now.

Wade Wilson/Deadpool has become one of Marvel’s poster characters in recent years, earning appearances and spotlight attention in most Marvel video games – including his own upcoming title – and certainly in the comics. After the character in the books said Ryan Reynolds should play him, Ryan Reynolds actually did in the Wolverine spin-off and despite Wade Wilson being misused, Reynolds delivered a memorable and enjoyable performance, and it was enough to start work on a movie starring him.

Deadpool Logo Deadpool Movie Just Needs Foxs Go Ahead [Updated]

Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were brought in to pen the Deadpool screenplay nearly three years ago, and after Robert Rodriguez was offered-but-couldn’t-take the director’s chair, visual effects artist Tim Miller signed on. In addition to directing the awesome live-action/CGI Halo 4 launch trailer which released last night, Miller is busy working with Jeff Fowler and David Fincher to get the animated feature based on Eric Powell’s The Goon off the ground, a film featuring the voices of voices of Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti.

The Goon test footage premiered at Comic-Con in 2010 but it’s been stuck in development since. So, Miller and co. launched a Kickstarter to help crowdsource funding to develop a story reel for The Goon to get it in the eyes of Hollywood. Commenters on the Kickstarter page couldn’t avoid bringing up the topic of Deadpool since Tim Miller is attached to direct, and he happily responded to one, making it clear that he wouldn’t answer any others.

DEADPOOL: We’ve turned in an amazing script and done some early tests and visual development that–I’m confident–would get the fans stoked. And Ryan still loves the project. So it’s really up to Fox as to whether or not the film happens–all I can do is hope (and beg periodically) that it be allowed to move ahead.

So thanks Christopher and now GOON ONLY FROM HERE ON OUT! Thanks!

Early Deadpool script reviews were highly favorable and Reynolds himself has done nothing but praise what he’s read. Reynolds, like Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, have said time and time again that the script is the perfect, faithful adaptation of the character, that it breaks the fourth wall and demands and R-Rating.

Deadpool Game Trailer Deadpool Movie Just Needs Foxs Go Ahead [Updated]

Liefeld also teased that he may have seen test footage for Deadpool, featuring the full costume, guns, swords, jokes and violence, etc. but there’s been no official movement on the project in quite some time. With two X-Men films already scheduled for the next two summers, in addition to the Fantastic Four reboot, there’s no time to make it happen soon. If X-Men: Days of Future Past introduces the time-travelling mutant Cable however, they’d be smart to use him to tease Deadpool in some sort of end-credits sequence. We have a feeling Deadpool is a character they’re not going to give up on and they can use Days of Future Past‘s time travel and alternate timelines to ignore the events of X-Men Origins: Wolverine while keeping the Deadpool solo movie within continuity.

[Update: Just as I posted this, Rob Liefeld tweeted about the Deadpool movie.]

And yesterday, Mark Millar tweeted this:


The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013 and X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18, 2014.


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Source: Tim Miller (Hat tip Joseph)

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  1. Hellz yeah!!!!
    It’s been so awesome having Deadpool around lately (with his game coming out next year) that I’ve really been looking forward to new developments on the movie. It’s great that things are moving forward.

    As far as casting goes, I guess I’m in the minority, but I think Reynolds would make a great Deadpool if given the chance (whatever they made him play in XMOW was NOT Deadpool).
    He’s a very funny guy and while his choice of movies have been pretty poor lately, there’s no doubt that he has talent in being an action/comedic actor.

    The one thing they absolutely have to do though is keep the movie R rated – in order to have a proper DP movie, that’s just a requirement in my book.

    Any Deadpool around should take a look at this if they have the time – you won’t be sorry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyzNhtDzRFg&feature=g-hist

    • Er, any Deadpool *FANS around should take a look at that link… but I guess if you’re Deadpool and want to watch the video you’re welcome to ;)

    • That was BLOODY AWESOME, thanks for the link Avenger.

    • I’m just worried about Reynolds keeping his mask on. I mean we can get away with masks coming off in Spidey and Cap for a little actor face time, but you really can’t in Deadpool

    • @The Avenger, Lmfao! Awesome!

      Deadpool: “Hey man, you Waldo?”
      Waldo: “Yeah!”
      Deadpool: “I fuing found him!”

    • will do deadpool is the best :)

  2. they should do it as fast it can. deadpool is the coolest ,weirdest,brutalst anti-hero from marvel. i love the comics that i did read last time online from deadpool,some storys were very tragic,some were funny as hell but not too overboarded. everything is perfect drawn and written. the director(i´ve forgotten his name) from -x-men origins:wolverine- i think didn´t read before a deadpool-comic,otherwise he wouldn´t made the mistake to cloth his mouth at the end with all powers absorbed from other mutants and without a soul. the first scenes did have fit more to deadpool,but just how he talked and they did have forgotten to give his face brutal scares or some burned skinparts.

  3. why don´t you write. i make commercial for internet prostitution. just go away.

    • i comment is for this -jhony amanda whatever- person.

    • wtf r u talking about?

      • there was a nick who made some strange promotion. i think screenrant has deleted the comment. that´s the f. what i´m talking about.

        • oh i see what happened. some spam got deleted. my bad. i wasnt insulting you. that post was just odd

          • let’s hope that warner bros don’t spearhead deadpool.

  4. and to all who can´t wait and want to see the best drawn -deadpool- and also the best voicework for -deadpool- must watch the animated movie – hulk vs wolverine-, one of my favourite comic movies.

  5. DEADPOOL! If you need a Deadpool fix in the (apparent) meantime I’d suggest checking out the RandomGuy (Full username: “itsjustsomerandomguy”) on YouTube, I normally wouldn’t post something like this but he needs more views. Seriously, check out “Rorschach and Deadpool” at least. http://www.youtube.com/user/ItsJustSomeRandomGuy

  6. First of all i need to say that video that Avenger sent us the link for was hilarious, was laughing my a** off the entire time. I also just watched the Halo 4 trailer looks cool and i don’t even have any video games, impressive for a really new director like Tim Miller.

    Now for the movie. I didn’t like X-Men Origins and i’m pretty sure i’m not alone in that department. But i do think this new Wolverine will be great i look forward to seeing it. But in Origins i didn’t like Deadpool at all, i don’t think i’ve seen a movie with Ryan Reynolds where i think he actually did a good acting job, i didn’t like Green Lantern at all and i never saw safehouse but i do think he can play a good comedic superhero so i think he can make a great deadpool but only if the movie isn’t just about making him look good the entire time, thats another thing i never liked about Ryan Reynolds any movie hes in, his role is really to look good in the movie and nothing else at all, i mean in a movie everybody has to look good but with him he doesn’t need to act well he just needs to recite the lines and not wear a shirt (if he has so much money why can’t he just buy a simple shirt? lol). I want to see Reynolds act with passion i have a feeling that he has it somewhere in him, if he plays deadpool i want those jokes to be said with volume, i want to hear them be yelled out loud, (we all know that Deadpool is famed for many things one of them being his sense of humor) i want to hear Deadpool be Deadpool i know Reynolds is good casting but he needs to know that he is good for it he needs to have fun with the role and then it will be great. I look forward to this if it happens i hope it does.

    • Buried. If there is any movie out there that will convince you that he can do more when it comes to acting the movie buried will.

      • I agree. That was a good one.

        • Buried huh, i read a description online it sounds like an interesting concept for a story maybe i’ll check it out thanks man. Was safe house any good i like Denzel Washington a lot i think he’s a great actor but i heard mediocre things about the movie if any of you saw it let me know how it was i’ll check SR’s review on it later.
          I think Ryan Reynolds can act but i’ve never seen him act well in any of his movies, since you say Buried is supposed to be good maybe i’ll watch that and then my mind will change. One movie i really didn’t like him in was the not so loved Green Lantern movie and i don’t think I’m alone when it comes to my opinion on that movie. That movie along with X-Men origins just butchered Reynolds in almost every superhero movie to me any time i picture him as a superhero i just think of him in those two lame movies which i really didn’t find good at all and his performance was just flat and poor. After watching the Halo 4 trailer i think that Miller is a great choice of director for the movie, it’ll be a good way for him to start his directing career, i heard on SR that the script for Deadpool will be rated R,i don’t know how much truth there is behind that but if it is cool, i then they may be making it a lot like the comics which will be great. I always thought reynolds would make a good comedic superhero and to be honest deadpool is probably one of the biggest comiedic superheroes or anti-heroes out there so maybe he can pull it off. I’m cyked for this one

      • wonder what deadpool would say about all of this if he was really here?

  7. I don’t get why everyone is bashing on Fox… Remember 2000 and 2002 when everyone was drooling about the X-Men films? Just because they released one mediocre (X3) and one bad (Origins) X-Men film everybody assumes they only f*** up the next coming films. Now guess what, Marvel comics effed up their own franchise with putting out poorly written stories and no one gives a f***.

    • Are you refering to Marvel’s comics or Marvel’s movies? And which one(s) are you refering to?

      The reason I’m personally uneasy about Fox is because after they made the mediocre and bad films they made one I thought was great again, FC, and now they don’t seem to want to forget the mediocre and bad since they want to reconnect all the movies together with DOFP. Which I feel like will make anything after that seem mediocre compared to if they had just kept moving forward with things.

      They could ruin DOFP and anything after that because they just can’t let the things the messed up some with in the past rest.

  8. I still want Carnahan’s Daredevil film set in the 70s.

  9. Way more excited about this than any X-Men movie from from Fox.

  10. The to films I’ve been waiting on is Deadpool and Black Panther.

    • deadpool is an essential character and deserves a shot at the big screen.

  11. I think a lot of you on here have lost your minds. Burt Reynolds is way to old to play Deadpool

    • ? Ryan Reynolds.

      • Good one…

  12. This is like the 100th time I watched the link that avenger gave us, I cant get over how funny it is lol I just keep laughing my a{#} off every time. I really hope this movie gains some ground it sounds like its gonna be amazing

  13. Me want deadpool movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • my deadpool senses are tingling!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I watched the video game trailer for deadpool, my deadpool itch will only be satisfied once this movie comes out