Deadpool Movie A ‘Total Reboot’ With An R-Rated Script

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deadpool ryan reynolds as wade wilson Deadpool Movie A Total Reboot With An R Rated Script

With X-Men: First Class hitting theaters in just a few months and The Wolverine hopefully starting production soon, X-Men film fans are undoubtedly curious as to what is coming next from Twentieth Century Fox for Marvel’s mutants. We just reported on producer Lauren Shuler-Donner’s bomb-drop that X-Men 4 & 5 are in “active development,” but she didn’t stop at that.

In the same feature in the upcoming issue of Empire, Donner also touched on the Deadpool movie, a film we’re optimistic about but also concerned for.

With X-Men Origins: Wolverine doing a terrible job of handling the character of Wade Wilson, the man who becomes the infamous Deadpool, there’s been uncertainly as to how the studio and writers will handle the character in his own spin-off. Combine that with the uncertainty of the project itself, with Ryan Reynolds becoming the Warner Bros. poster boy for Green Lantern and the difficulties in locking d0wn a director (Robert Rodriguez is out), we’re flat out confused as to the plan for Deadpool, despite Reynolds’ claims that the movie is still coming.

By all accounts, the Deadpool script by Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick is stellar, and works well with its risky and unique nature. While they don’t have a director yet, Donner did elaborate a little on what to expect from the film and how it relates to the X-Men franchise. Or should I say… how it does not relate:

“It’s a total reboot… We’re either going to pretend that didn’t happen – or mock it, which he could. It’s insane, it’s definitely comedy… But it’s an R script, it’s really irreverent and violent. Right away, we’re out of the X-Men world.”

Note the “mock it” part which I fully expect to happen in the film. Deadpool of course is a ‘special’ comic book character of sorts who can break the fourth wall, make pop culture references about and including himself, making quips directly to the reader, or in this case, theater-going audiences.

Reynolds recently praised the latest script revision, echoing Donner’s statements here regarding its adult rating, although he described it bordering the tight line between a PG-13 and an R-rating. Will the film stick with an R-rating? It’s highly doubtful considering how many box office receipts they’d lose from younger audiences who love (and will pay for) Ryan Reynolds.

With Deadpool being a reboot and hopeful start to its own franchise (how many can Fox run at once?) we don’t have to worry about the convoluted plot mess left behind by the Wolverine solo outing. It seems X-Men: First Class is mostly ignoring it too so it makes you wonder what was going on behind-the-scenes in planning out that story.

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  1. They need to break away from fox make an independent movie so they can do as they like with a true to nature bad as he wants to he deadpool and have sean williams scott who to me has a bigger mouth piece than reynolds I would love to have a mouth off of sorts between the two mouth pieces and have the winner sport the red and black…

  2. I think that Deadpool should be handled by the production team that works on Scrubs and Better Off Ted.

  3. I NEED IT ! Deadpool is my favorite everything. Needless to say I was P.O.-ed (? Lol) when I watched the Wolverine movie due to the total mess they made of Deadpool’s story AND that Ryan was later cast as Green Lantern. You just don’t do that ! >:\ I have been waiting for a Deadpool movie since I was first hatched ! Especially after playing the game. I feel like he’s totally unique and not to mention hilarious and attractive. Wade… *sigh* he’s so dreamy… SO here’s what needs to happen. WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN ! Make the best movie ever with a new cast. :3 perfect plan. High fives all around. Yeah. Alright. Doughnuts at my place. Pancakes too ;)

  4. I really hope the deadpool movie gets a hard R, it would be much better that way, and I hear it’s gonna be an action comedy which is awesome

  5. In the comics, isn’t it never really explained how he came to be? There are different stories, almost like the Joker (but not as elaborate). Was thinking of going with a brand new origin story/start of. Saw a person saying reynolds and scott should mouth off for the red and black. The idea was a labratory facility type place testing new soldiers, like a prison (merging the prison history with another idea) and have it center around these super soldiers gunning for each other however the ‘games’ are set up, and one of the main characters it follows, or the protagonist, is kind of way out there, having messed up reactions to the serum (like how he became crazy in the comics) and we get to hear the narrator (his voices) talking between his banter, and action going on as like commentary (like wwe would for their matches). Eventually him sneaking out/getting out, however, to be awarded the suit, but he’s crazy, so it kind of parallels right up with the character. Simply plot devices to have all the room to fill in everything you want, subtle character/honorable mentions, etc. That’s how I’d go by the script idea as the main plot. We don’t need something amazing for a plot/story. We just need a stage for deadpool to do his thing on.

  6. It better show deadpool with his mask cuz if they are only going to show some guy from the past x-men movies with out the mask it is just going to make the whole movie suck and you guys should put it pg. 13 cuz there are more teenagers than adults who want to see the deadpool movie am I right

    • I’d have to disagree, you only need to be 18 to see an R rated film. There are plenty more people going to want to see that film that are of age. I say suck it up buttercup and wait for the dvd. Or just watch it online if your parents won’t buy it for you. But it looks as if it will be pg13 anyway…sigh…what a f-n shame.

    • Yea but Deadpool is about blood. Period.! It needs to be rated R

  7. You guys really think that kids of around 13 of age don’t swear dident you guys swear when you where 13 think about us they don’t need to put out all the swearing and violence we tecnacly play all the games that you play and see all the movies that you guy see so what’s the difference if the movie comes out on blue ray or DVD we are still going to see it so why don’t you shut the f*** up and make it pg-13

    • Wow. This is all one giant ramble. No punctuation or anything… truly impressive.

  8. I think that pg13 would work well for a Deadpool movie if it is going for a comical take. Since Deadpool breaks the fourth wall their is plenty of opportunities for laughs as he makes comics about the way things get edited to keep it pg-13 and about what he can or can’t do.

  9. PG13? Seriously?!

  10. With what they did in days of future past the whole story could be redone to the way they want it. I mean seriously they changed the intire past so who’s to say that all the stuff that happened to dead pool originally happened again after the past was changed.

  11. The villain needs to be Mister Sinister from the DeadPool game along with all those other characters.

  12. They need to have the characters from the DeadPool game along with the main villain, Mister Sinister.

  13. Yall should make it i read some of the comics nd liked them alot nd for the R rated thing im pretty sure most under age kids watch worse just my opinion

  14. People that watched xmen orgins deadpool didnt die in it if u watched the credits youd know that he opened his eyes as a departed head nd then the credits cut out