Fox Building on Wolverine’s Mojo With Deadpool Movie

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ryan reynolds deadpool Fox Building on Wolverines Mojo With Deadpool Movie

Fresh off the almost $90 million opening weekend for X-men Origins: Wolverine, Fox is rushing ahead on a similar treatment for Marvel’s favorite mercenary, Deadpool.

If you’re keeping score along at home, a Deadpool movie would be a spinoff of a spinoff of the original big screen adaptations of X-Men. Ryan Reynolds played the wisecracking super gun for hire in Wolverine, and will return in the title role.

Spoiler Alert Below:




The movie’s version of Deadpool is beheaded by Wolverine, but a post credit sequence on some prints unveils that the mercenary survived.




End Spoiler

While the new movie seems like a sensible enough move considering the success of the first X-Men Origins, there’s a risk here. If you walk down the street in any American neighborhood, your fellow pedestrians know who Batman is. They could pick Spider-Man and Superman out of a line-up. So, movies based on those characters become blockbusters. But, once you start to get to faces from the outer reaches of comic lore, the receipts can dwindle quickly (see Ghost Rider, Judge Dredd, The Punisher, Steel and (yes) Watchmen.

While Marvel Studios will act in a co-producer capacity, this will be a Fox Studios film.

No doubt die-hard comic book fans would catch a Deadpool flick, but would casual moviegoers flock to it in Wolverine-ish amounts? And there’s also the question of whether they’ll undo the butchering of the character (figuratively and literally) that took place in Wolverine.

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  1. Too bad they didn’t call him Deadpool or give him the identifiable costume in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. They would have built up his marketability for Wolverine Origins: Deadpool.

  2. I wonder how they would handle his disfigured face? They can’t have him in a movie wearing a mask the whole time…

  3. They did call him Deadpool, Stryker called him that before he woke him up. I think thats the whole reason why they added him to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he isnt a big name comic book character(to non-comic fans) but since he was in the movie all the people who saw it will prob go see it.

  4. @Manowar, they will prob have flashback scenes to what he did before he join Wolverine and the other mutants. Thus being able to show Ryan Reynolds beautiful face :)

  5. Someone tell me how you “survive” a beheading.

  6. He did the same thing in the comics Matt. I guess its like a chicken running around with its head chopped off. He has a healing factor, he touched his head just in time i guess. Maybe if it would have taken him longer he would have died.

  7. I liked better the alterative ending I heard of that they did not use. when wade finds the head of deadpool and says wtf? -and that this deadpool was a clone. Than he could go on becomming the real Deadpool, just incject some wolvie dna, that screws up his face but gives healing… put on a mask and – Moive on!

    -Also – when are they going to start to inform people of scenes after credits, plz- on tickes or poster, come on…

  8. - in the movie, could he not have teleported his head to his body? hmmmmmmmmm

  9. @ Johnny-K of Norway,

    I like your thinking! :)

    Well, this news confirms what I wrote about yesterday. Out of all the sequels and spinoffs in discussion, I said Deadpool was one of the more likely ones with Reynolds bringing some star power to it.

    Now I wonder if they’ll have Cable in the movie like Reynolds suggested.

  10. They want you to watch the credits, thats why they do it. If you know theres something after your not gonna pay attention to the credits. They are “rewarding” the people who take the time to actually watch the credits.

  11. fox will screw it up unfortunately.

  12. don’t forget since ryan reynolds will be playing the part the movie will have all the great humor that Screen Rant just loves.

  13. I have a bad feeling about this already.

    Fox involved. Money will be the driving force for this movie. This means a watered down, pg13 version of Deadpool.

    The comic book plot will be butchered. They’ll cast another musician-turned-actor. And the list goes on.

    I know it’s too soon to tell, but I think most of these things will come true.

  14. @cat: Fox might screw it up; I dunno. “Wolverine” could have been better, I guess. But doesn’t Marvel have it’s own studio? It certainly owns the rights to all the characters, so, if they want, they can produce it themselves. “Iron Man” was a Marvel indie production (distributed by Paramount). If you can call a $250 million film an “indie.”

  15. As long as fox has control they will fast track the movie to get it in the theaters and to make money. They don’t care about the quality of the film.

  16. @Curtis
    Fox, unfortunately, owns the rights to X-Men and all it’s characters. Marvel would have to buy it back.

    Fox is the anti-christ and Skynet of Hollywood. If I can remember the name of the antagonist computer program in Tron, they would be that too. “End of line”

  17. @ Johnny K

    I was thinking the same thing! lol. I told one of my friends that he should have just teleported back together. That would have been a cool ending scene.

    Anyway, I hope they at least give him his normal swords for the spin off, and the ones inside his arms would just be a backup or something. Because he was faster with the regular swords, and more nimble with them. He seemed a bit stiff with the swords inside his arms, like he had to move his entire arm to swing those swords instead of just his wrist like with the regular swords. Look how fast he was with them in the scene with the diamonds. Compare that to the fight he had with Wolverine at the end.

  18. @John Taylor:
    >>name of the antagonist computer program in Tron<<

    MCP – the Master Control Program. ;-)

    Thanks for the clarification, John. I didn’t realize Fox had locked up the X-Men movie rights. Wow. Seems like a shocking misstep on the part of Marvel.

  19. The Weapon XI procedure was incomplete, so he’ll hopefully lose the optic blasts, ridiculous arm swords, and goofy pants. I think the character is still salvagable, but I’m not expecting to see little yellow boxes any time soon.

  20. Yea, i never liked movies that broke the fourth wall. Maybe if he only does it a couple of times, but i dont want it to be like Malcolm in the Middle.

  21. Im not gonna spoil anything but out of the two special after the credit endings, the third one makes the deadpool movie seem very possible. As much as I would like to tell what it is i won’t. All i can say is that there is more then meets the eye when it came to Strykers deadpool.

  22. Tiny just tell us

  23. Good idea – i dont like him in the comics but i can see how the character would work well on film. I hope they do it.

  24. @Tiny, theres only 2 after the credits.

  25. Ghost Rider was actually considered successful. A not so well known character can do just fine with proper advertising and marketing. It doesn’t hurt to have Ryan Reynolds attached to it. As long as they don’t go over board with their budget and market it right the film can easily be successful. They need to realize that Deadpool is not a 150 mil character. Spend like 100 – 120 mil on him and put out some great trailers and buzz. The film would do fine. That was a major issue I think for Watchmen was that they set their hopes to high with their budget and I really didn’t see enough marketing for it on TV. It wasn’t even comparable to Wolverine, Star Trek or Terminator as far as marketing went. You don’t need a well known character for a film to be successful. Did you know who John Mcclain was before you saw Die Hard? Hell Bruce Willis wasn’t even all that famous yet. It had great word of mouth and marketing so people saw it. With deadpool show off some cool action and funny lines and you got it made for the most part.

  26. combine excellent casting with a fine script and ananagressive marketing campaign and people will come.



  29. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a Deadpool costume very similar to the modern comics version..