Is ‘Deadpool’ Too Risky to Get Made? Ryan Reynolds Talks About Fox’s Hesitation

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Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in Deadpool Is Deadpool Too Risky to Get Made? Ryan Reynolds Talks About Foxs Hesitation

If only Deadpool had starred in his own 90s children’s cartoon show, the twenty-year nostalgia cycle would probably have brought him right back into mainstream popularity and eased the way for his own standalone movie. As it is, Deadpool has been struggling in the mires of development hell, as screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and director Tim Miller, relentlessly pursue a green light for it in the face of significant studio resistance.

One significant bonus that Deadpool has on its side is the fact that Ryan Reynolds, who played the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which was not one of the better X-Men movies, but was nonetheless a long way from being a box office flop), is enthusiastic about returning to the role. As such, many of the updates that we’ve heard over the years have come from Reynolds himself.

The latest of these updates comes from an interview in Total Film, in which Reynolds was asked once again about the status of the project. The actor is still passionate about returning to the role, saying, “I know the character so well, but more than that, I know how to do it.” When it comes to his hopes for actually seeing the movie made, however, Reynolds admits that he’s honestly lost track of what’s happening:

“That movie is alive and kicking, and then it’s dead as a doornail. Then it’s alive and kicking and then it’s dead… it’s like the worst relationship I’ve ever had!”

Deadpool gore Is Deadpool Too Risky to Get Made? Ryan Reynolds Talks About Foxs Hesitation

Fans of the character can probably empathize with Reynolds’ frustration, as this latest update makes it just as difficult to ascertain the likelihood of the movie getting made as those which have gone before. The fact that the project has been resurrected from the grave multiple times is a promising testament to its resilience, but the fact that it has been repeatedly killed off is indicative of some strong hurdles in its path.

While Deadpool might be familiar to anyone with a basic working knowledge of the Marvel universe, he’s not exactly a household name and his personality doesn’t lend itself very naturally to family-friendly entertainment. Reese and Wernick are refusing to water the script down from an R rating to PG-13 – what’s the ‘Merc with a Mouth’ without teeth, after all? – and since this cuts out a chunk of potential income from young teenage audiences, Twentieth Century Fox has been very wary about giving it the green light.

The solution that Reese and Wernick have come up with is a relatively simple one: to match the reduced box office prospects, the movie’s budget can be adjusted accordingly. According to the writers, their script could easily be shot on a budget of about $50 million, leaving plenty of room to make profit. It’s a very modest amount compared to the production budgets for PG-13 superhero movies, which can cast upwards of $200 million; furthermore, the Blade trilogy has already shown that R-rated superhero movies can be commercially successful, so long as production costs are kept relatively low.

Deadpool bathroom break Is Deadpool Too Risky to Get Made? Ryan Reynolds Talks About Foxs Hesitation

Reynolds also says that Fox is worried about more than just Deadpool‘s box office potential. The studio has built an incredibly successful franchise out of the X-Men and Deadpool, though he may only be tangentially related to the superhero team, is part of the Fox-owned Marvel family. Therefore, the success or failure of a Deadpool movie would have an impact on the reputation of Fox’s comic book movies as a collective. It will probably take a lot of convincing before the studio is ready to launch the character with a bawdy, violent solo film – one which unashamedly breaks the fourth wall to the point of poking fun at other movies within Fox’s superhero oeuvre:

“The character knows he’s a comic-book character, he knows he’s in a film, he knows who the executives are at the studio making the movie. In the current iteration of the script, Deadpool is aware of the Wolverine movie. He doesn’t say anything disparaging about it but he does at one point play with the Deadpool action figure with some curiosity.

“[Deadpool] is risky for everybody involved… It’s not as commercial as [the studio heads] would like it to be. It’s a property that is excessively popular and successful, just as a comic property. So you certainly don’t want to mess that up. And if you’re a studio you certainly don’t want to be put something out there that you can’t get back.”

The sentiment is understandable (though Fox did happily put Elektra out there, so it’s difficult to believe that the studio is too judicious), but in order to appeal to existing fans of the character and the comics, they may have to accept that a risky script is required to do him justice. The recently-released video game, for example, featured a very typical brand of Deadpool humor, including a scene where the character calls up his own voice actor, Nolan North, and asks him to work on the game.

Is the world ready for a Deadpool spin-off movie, and is Reynolds the right actor to play him? Tell us if you like the sound of Reese and Wernick’s script in the comments.


Deadpool will be out in theaters … possibly in the next few years, possibly never. We’ll let you know if the project gets resurrected again.

Source: Total Film

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  1. The thing is that most of you are commenting on Reynolds without seeing most of his work. Buried, Smokin Aces, The Nines, Chaos Theory, Blade, The Proposal. This guy has done every genre and has done it pretty good. Especially he excels in drama. So, he has an acting range and he is a big Deadpool fan. I think he should definitely do it.

    • The proposal is the only film of those I even liked…

      • …which doesn’t mean that everyone should feel the same way, right? ;)

        • hesitance is natural but in this case it is somewhat irrational.

    • Haven’t seen The Nines or Chaos Theory but the rest were brilliant.

    • I agree, I have seen all of those movies and he has been pretty good in all of them…. Hell I even liked GL but maybe I am biased since I love GL…… He was specially good in Buried.. that movie was excellent, just because I had no idea how anyone could have pulled that concept in a whole movie and I was surprised at how good he was on it. I just watched Brake on cable… Stephen Dorf , same concept, guy is trapped in the trunk of a moving car for the whole movie while the bad guys torture him the entire time to get something out of him…. ( i don’t want to spoil it if any one cares to see it) . Buried was a lot better though………

      • @Foxxstory

        Did you think the end of Brake was a cop-out too? It was so cool throughout and then the first revelation was left-field and the twist was even worse.

        • yeah I didn’t like the end.. I was actually enjoying that whole film until then.. I was like.. really? really? come on! :)

    • The Proposal was awful.

      • deadpool rage quit.

    • Yep, basically the same thing that people said about Armie Hammer on a previous thread *sigh*
      I guess those commentators had Phd or something prestigious in acting that they have the power to critique his work…

  2. Wasnt making the Avengers a risk? with all those well known actors on screen at one time.
    Isnt every movie a risk in all reality? hell look at the lone ranger. Johnny Depp as a Native American and that movie is flopping like a fish.

    Fox needs to sell the rights to Marvel, have them take the risk since they are willing to and move on. You have a big fanbase that wants to see the character done right and not with wolverine blades and cyclops vision beams.

    Ill admit I downloaded and read the script that was leaked onto the internet and it was pretty funny.
    Reynolds can do it. His sarcasm will carry the movie and that is what deadpool is. Just do it right. SOMEBODY! PLEASE!

    • If the rights were to go back to marvel would they even be able to make an R-rated deadpool movie, being owned by Disney and whatnot?

      • Disney owning Marvel doesn’t necessarily mean they wouldn’t allow an R Rated movie, The Marvel movies coming out every year since being bought out by Disney don’t have any Disney logos in the intro credits or anything so its not like Disney is trying hard to make it known Marvel is owned by them…They still let Marvel be Marvel..If they choose not to make it R it will be because it will mean bad box office numbers hence no kids being able to see it in theatres and with any Marvel Superhero movie the main target audience is kids, because alot more Kids love superheroes than the number of adults.

        • here i go again…seems like i remember reading an article, dont remember where, that part of the contract with disney buying marvel, was they weren’t allowed to make any movie more restrictive than pg-13. i have searched but find nothing. i doidn’t make it up, and it could have just been a rumor, but i did read that somewhere.

    • Avengers wasn’t a risk. IT has Thor, Cap. America, IRON MAN, and Hulk. It couldn’t of possibly been a flop, anytime you have 4 famous superheroes together in one movie you just know people are gonna see it. Movies like “Guardians of the Galaxy” are examples of a ‘risk’.

      • Every single one of those movies was a risk. Those who aren’t comic book fans were only familiar with Hulk, and the last Hulk movie put a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Thor was a very big risk because of the concept of a Norse god.

    • I don’t know why people are so hung up on Depp playing a Native American… he does have native American heritage….. small.. but is there…

      • Because it’s okay for Samuel L Jackson to play Striker a white man,But it’s not okay for Johnny Depp to play a Indian even though I bet people who hate on him for it can’t name one Indian actor who would been charismatic enough to pull it off.


        PS,This is coming from a Cherokee Indian.

        • Jackson played Nick Fury, not Striker. Also, technically I think there was a black Fury in the comics before the movies started.

          • Yes, there was. They even modeled the Ultimate universe Nick Fury after him long before he played the character

  3. No reynolds or bale in JLA. Warners and nolan should have laid those threads
    long ago in the batman trilogy and green lantern movie. Of course they were
    Not intelligent enough to do it otherwise they would have beaten marvel to the
    punch. Synder screwed up by not inserting an extra scene because of lack of box office confidence and now in his interviews he is having to plead and convince
    People that MOS is launching pad for dc universe.

  4. I’ve never had much faith in fox’s ability to make a good superhero movie, hell, I only liked the first two X-men movies so far. Now they’re passing up on a potential blockbuster. Damn you Rupert Murdoch

  5. I hope the movie gets made I guess it’s easy for me to understand Fox’s hesitation but in the end I hope they take the risk I think it’s good taking risks did any of you know when they first made superman it was denied over and over again util Dc decided to give it a shot with the first issue of Action Comics and look how well that did. Overall want the movie hope they risk it.

  6. There is NO reason, whatsoever, that this film can’t made for $50-$75 million, with Reynolds getting a cut of the back-end profit. The film could easily make $100-$125 million domestically. We get a Deadpool movie, FOX makes a nice little profit, and Reynolds’ gets a nice paycheck – everyone goes home happy.

  7. i think the only thing needing adjusting is probably breaking the fourth wall as it could just make the film look like a parody, plus as deadpool isnt as mainstream, many people might not get it and just be confused. overall though it would love to see an 18 or even 15 rated deadpool movie!

  8. I wanna see it.

    Hell, the recently released videogame was amazing and true to the character so if the movie is similar in tone then even better.

    Anyone seen the 4 “Deadpool At Marvel HQ” videos on Marvel’s official youtube channel to help promote the videogame? Hilarious.

  9. I would like to see a Deadpool movie, although frankly, it is not that big of a thing that will make or break the future of the studio either way. It kind of seems stuck in development Hell right now.

  10. The only way I see it getting out of development hell any time soon is if they give him more screen time in ANOTHER movie first. Sure, he had some time in Origins but I don’t think that many people remember him, and many will be confused by what they did to the character by the end of the movie. Give him a supporting role in another X-Men movie to boost his popularity, then let the spin-off happen.

    And heck, if there was ever a movie that should be crowdfunded, it should be this one. Although I’m not sure if raising anything more than a couple million dollars is possible.

    • It s not getting out of development hell until a powerful executive in fox somehow makes the project its own and press for it. Or that writers give in and water down. It’s not the kind of movie they want. Period. They want a high profile movie, it’s a r rating. They want to build a franchise, it mocks other characters and the studio. If it was about bold creator vision, daredevil would have been greenlit years ago. What happened? they let it rot and woke up when they realized they would lose the license. And then they complained when they lost it. They want the power given by character properties but are afraid to use it. If the new x-men movies succeed they won’t endanger the franchise with deadpool, if it fails they ‘ll take even less risks or will look for a big name director to reboot.Eitherway Deadpool isn’t going anywhere so they ll wait.

  11. “It’s a property that is excessively popular and successful, just as a comic property. So you certainly don’t want to mess that up.”

    Didn’t they already mess it up in Origins: Wolverine? ;)

  12. I wish people would stop acting like ryan reynolds is great. He had a chance to play deadpool in wolverine’s movie and it was crap. If he was actually a fan, he would have read that terrible script and not signed on. Then he has a chance to be green lantern and signs on with another terrible script. He was given two chances and BOTH times he messed up. Please move on to another actor.

  13. Ryan Reynolds is the actor with a mouth, so,naturally, if Fox is willing to set him loose, he is the perfect fit to play the merc with a mouth. Reynolds has proven, time and again, his sarcastic and dry-humored side. He always seems to have something funny to say in all of his films, no matter how dire the circumstances. If he were given the chance to do a lot of adlibbing, I think that Fox coulc not lose should they green light the R rated Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds!!!

    • Exactly and I don’t think the people who don’t want him in the movie grasp that.

      Reynolds is the perfect fit for Deadpool, just like Samuel L Jackson is perfect for streetwise, smart talking tough guys or Bill Murray is perfect for dry witted characters.

      • For me the issue with Reynolds playing Deadpool at this point is that despite how fitting his sarcastic humor may be for the role, he used the same schtick playing Hannibal King, Wade Wilson and Hal Jordan. And for those who may have not seen some of his other movies it may all just look like he is playing Van Wilder in a costume with special effects. His seeming dedication to playing the part may come from a genuine affinity for the character, but it may also look like he is just trying to get into a franchise he can cash in on every other year.

        The other thing I don’t get is why Reynolds is the only choice just based on his wry humor, when Deadpool as far as I know is masked most of the time meaning any of the voice over actors who have played the part in cartoons or other media could voice the character while someone else just does the stunt work and acting in the suit. It would probably cost a little less money overall.

        • I guess him being the biggest celebrity fan of Deadpool and also a bankable star that will guarantee box office sales helps.

          Nolan North was great in the videogame that came out a few weeks ago though.

          • His status as a fan really does not have much to do with it, and one could say he might be a huge Green Lantern fan too because he took that role on. And after that film did not do too well his drawing power might not be seen as strong enough to carry a project with some question marks like Deadpool.

        • Wade Wilson is Deadpool. He’s been the pick for a Deadpool movie because he’s played Deadpool in a movie before (and was the best part of that movie), and unlike Nolan North for example, he is famous and the studio can reasonably assume his name will sell tickets. Heck, him talking about this movie in interviews is half the reason it still MIGHT get made.

  14. Now I’ve read the comments, nothing to add…for now. But I have one question and one question only…! Why is Deadpool bursting out of poor Reptar up there??

    Not Reptar!


  15. I think Ryan Reynolds do better as Deadpool than he was as Green Lantern.

  16. Ryan may get this part because of Deadpool comedic attitude is something I think Ryan can really deliver….

    • If he dusts off his Van Wilder persona and adjusts it slightly, it could work. Although I still say the best thing he has done recently was his cameo in Ted

  17. George Clooney signed on to do Batman , it didnt destroy his career.
    somtimes an actor cannot help it if the script is bad .

  18. Didnt marvel get rights back to daredevil and deadpool if so disney shood tak e yet another darker leap to make a good movie after all lone ranger was a flop but it was dark the guy cuts out a guys heart deadpool cood do that too. Yes disney is a kids side to movies but this cood only expand their fans so they cood make it pg-13 after all was pirates cuss worthy enough and had other “non disney” appropriate themes so roll the dice disney its a game that u hav to win

  19. I can’t believe with the financial success of those terrible scary movie parodies they continue to make they can’t see the potential in dead pool

    Deadpool’s entire existence is a parody. And comic book movies (while very good) have taken themselves very seriously lately. Dead pool is a much needed change of pace that if written well could be a hit with critics.

  20. here is what i think
    1 it has to be R rated
    2 it has to be funny. Part of deadpools charm is his humor
    3 DEadpool nevar takes his mask off

  21. Yes if DONE WELL, or DONE RIGHT or TAKES 1Billion dollars to make, it will be as successful as a national debt.