‘Deadpool’ Director Just Waiting on Studio Green Light

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The Wolverine hit theaters this summer and while it was a standalone character piece, Twentieth Century Fox didn’t waste the opportunity to tease the next franchise installment, X-Men: Days of Future Past, which debuts next summer. The year following, Fox’s next Marvel project is a reboot of the Fantastic Four series.

There’s no official word on where the X-Men franchise is headed to next but we know they’re planning something big for the long-term, according to their Marvel movie consultant Mark Millar, and we know they’re developing a script for an X-Force movie. But what about Deadpool?

Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2), who’s close with Mark Millar and X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn (who provided the story for Days of Future Past and was initially going to direct), was brought into the Fox X-Men family to develop the X-Force script after he successfully pitched the idea of the franchise focusing on teams instead of individual character pieces. Perhaps that’s just another reason on the list for why the studio has yet to greenlight production on a Deadpool film, despite having a director in Tim Miller, an eager star in Ryan Reynolds, and a highly praised script from Zombieland writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Rheese.

Deadpool Video Game Art Deadpool Director Just Waiting on Studio Green Light

Just last week, Reynolds – while doing international press for Turbo – revealed that the Deadpool project is still slowly moving forward and they’re at a point attempting to pitch a lower-budget, R-rated version of the film which wouldn’t harm the continuity of the series. Arguably, there’s little continuity to mess up at this point but director Tim Miller spoke to Clevver Movies and provided another update himself.

“We will never give up! Deadpool is still alive and we’re just waiting for the studio to embrace what an amazingly f**cking awesome film this would be.”

“Ryan is ready, I am ready, the fans are more than ready. We just need that elusive green light”

This, unfortunately is the same news we’ve heard for well over a year now. If those involved don’t know if the project is even happening, it’s not a good sign.

Is the studio ready and does a Deadpool movie make sense financially and story-wise? Comics fans would immediately scream “yes!” just as moviegoers looking for a different type of comic book action film would. Deadpool is crazy after all, so crazy that he knows he’s a comic book character and consistently breaks the fourth wall. Even in the film’s script he knows he’s in a movie. It’s all very meta. He also has lots of guns, swords and jokes to tell – did we mention that?

Psylocke Deadpool Wolverine Archangle Uncanny X Force Deadpool Director Just Waiting on Studio Green Light

If X-Force is in development however, there’s a good chance the Deadpool character could be a part of its five-mutant roster. Wadlow admitted that Deadpool is a favorite of his and with his buddy Cable (the time-travelling mutant) potentially being introduced in the coming movies, since time-travel is a part of Days of Future Past, it would be good opportunity to re-introduce Reynolds as Deadpool (read: the real Deadpool) into the franchise and go from there.

X-Force or Deadpool – which should come first? Either way it would be epic if a post-credits scene in Days of Future Past featured Deadpool.

The Wolverine releases hits home video December 3, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens March 6, 2015


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Source: Clevver Movies

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  1. Come on, FOX! Come on! A chance for redemption is here!

  2. Honestly Deadpool could never carry a full movie by himself, don’t get me wrong he is pretty sweet but as his character stands out, the movie would be as bad as a plaid shirt with striped pants. The fact that it is R rated too, I can’t see it but I could sneak it in when it comes out on TV. :)

    • Ah.. come on!! It can’t be worse than origins or green lantern! Deadpool, as a character, has the potential to entertain you throughout an entire film, even if the film itself falls flat plot or story-wise.

    • Speak for yourself man! DO IT!!! Make the movie!!

    • Deadpool can’t carry a movie by himself?

      How does that make any sense? If the script was right, you could have Deadpool sitting on a couch for 2 hours and it’d still be entertaining.

      • I laughed at this. But fully agree. And its not like its just Deadpool. If they throw in Bob from Hydra and Cable it would be great. But most of all they need Bob.

    • @SSphynx001 – Did I read that correctly…you’re not old enough to see a rated-R film? So, how much do you honestly know about this character? My guess, not enough.

      Deadpool could easily carry an entire movie…maybe not a franchise or a trilogy, but at least one movie.

    • Deadpool will be just fine by himself.

    • Why don’t you just start making a list of all the cool r rated movies out and just watch them when you are old enough like every one else. every thing doesn’t have to be pg. considering that your not old enough to see a r rated movie ill let you know about tip. There are so many pgish marvel and dc comic books for their to be a lot of good super hero movies that every one could see. at the same time there are a lot of great more r or ma sups that should never get changed. deadpool is around the top of the later list. If you really want to check out more r rated comic stuff just read the books. dc and marvel have a lot of bad a$$ stuff.

    • The fact that I can’t see R rated movies doesn’t mean anything,you all just offended my religion, and I know plenty enough about deadpool to know this movie will be good but slightly stale. In my opinion if it a solo Deadpool movie without any other heroes, then yes it will be stale. @ Dazz lol I agree but it probably won’t get a green light, as it hasn’t for the past 2 years or more. FOX won’t do this and you all know it!

      • And never did I say I wasn’t old enough.

        • Hahahahaha “you all just offended my religion” hahahahaha. Let me give you a little piece of advice: If you are easily offended then don’t post your thoughts on the internet. There will always be someone who disagrees with you. Back to the point if the problem isn’t your not old enough then I can only assume you can’t watch R rated movies because of your religion. If that’s the case why do you even like Deadpool? He is a assassin who cusses every other page. I’m sure if your religion has problems with you seeing R rated movies it will have problems with you liking Deadpool. Anyway I hope Fox will get off it’s a$$ and hurry up and get this movie made. We have been waiting forever.

        • Sphynx001 1 day ago

          Honestly Deadpool could never carry a full movie by himself, don’t get me wrong he is pretty sweet but as his character stands out, the movie would be as bad as a plaid shirt with striped pants. The fact that it is R rated too, I can’t see it but I could sneak it in when it comes out on TV. :)

          “The fact that it is R rated too, I can’t see it but I could sneak it in when it comes out on TV. :)”

          you just said you weren’t old enough. You understand that if you are a Mormon ( because your talking about offending your religion) you could just wait like all the other morons do and wait for the edited versions to come out. By opposing your religious views on me you offended my religion . If a movie comes out that it won’t let you see then don’t see it. Your so called “god” should be more important to you then a movie

          • Sphynx001 1 day ago

            Honestly Deadpool could never carry a full movie by himself, don’t get me wrong he is pretty sweet but as his character stands out, the movie would be as bad as a plaid shirt with striped pants. The fact that it is R rated too, I can’t see it but I could sneak it in when it comes out on TV. :)

            “The fact that it is R rated too, I can’t see it but I could sneak it in when it comes out on TV. :)

            you just said you weren’t old enough. You understand that if you are a Mormon ( because your talking about offending your religion) you could just wait like all the other mormons do and wait for the edited versions to come out. By opposing your religious views on me you offended my religion . If a movie comes out that it won’t let you see then don’t see it. Your so called “god” should be more important to you then a movie


            • I said I can seek in the edited version on tv… but thx anyways

            • Religion sucks for that reason.

              Men telling people what a deity wants and doesn’t want like they actually have a clue.

              Honestly, the only crimes that any god will damn you to eternity with are cheating, lying, hurting others and murdering people in cold blood.

              I don’t think there’s a single god anywhere in religion that would care about watching an R rated movie. As long as the person is the correct age to watch it.

              Plus watching an edited version of anything is insulting to the god of entertainment. Eternity of damnation for that. Stifling freedom of expression is a sin.

              • Religion is about the soul; the self. Not laws or society. But overall I dig what you’re saying. Some folks enjoy being sheep though.

                On topic: Deadpool needs to get green lit.

        • They don’t frown upon Deadpool, and R rated movies are frowned upon but not all R rated movies are set on swearing…so just drop the topic please,even though you guys disagree with me,I post my thoughts on the internet because I can and I will, and I like to argue to an extent to prove my points!

  3. I’ve read the script. It nails the character from top to bottom. Its hilarious. Seriously, this is the one superhero role Ryan Reynolds can nail with his eyes shut, and the production budget shouldnt be high at all.

    • Ryan Reynolds will be the reason why this movie will suck. I mean seriously, I can’t think of Reynolds in anything that has been moderately good. He plays Deadpool in one of the worst comic book movies, and on top of that he plays a terrible re-imagining of Deadpool in the movie, and somehow people think he is great for the role. Deadpool can barely carry a comic on his own, even in the Deadpool comics he is usually teamed up with another hero, like Cable or Domino, or whoever else, and the stories always have impact on the Marvel Universe. Plus, I like Deadpool breaking the third wall in comics and addressing readers, however if they decide to break the fourth wall in the movie, like I have read and Deadpool is aware he is a comic book hero, whilst letting us all know he knows, too much of a jumble.

      • You do know he has said he’d be glad to make fun of himself in Origins, right? He said since Deadpool would do it naturally, he’d be A-Okay with bashing himself cause he wasn’t even all that excited about Deadpools representation in the film either.

      • Reynolds has been in a few movies that have been great so you’re just stating personal opinion and not fact when you say he’s never been in anything good.

        The Origins version of Deadpool wasn’t his fault, he didn’t write the script.

        Reynolds is as his best when he’s playing a sarcastic smart-mouth, which is exactly what Deadpool is.

        • I would rather have a unknown actor play this roll. either way im hoping we get to see dp in future solo film’s , x-fore, and x men too.

          • x-force

        • Name some of the great movies Dazz, instead of just saying I am wrong, b/c all of his work has bombed, and if he is Deadpool, he will be terrible, just like every other movie he is in. Plus everyone seems to have missed the boat about my Origins comments, so allow me to further explain; everyone is basing their opinions for Reynolds as Deadpool, based off of Origins Deadpool, which was not Deadpool. Who wrote the script makes no difference. The fact that all of you acknowledge how terrible Deadpool was in origins, yet you want to see Reynolds play Deadpool, only strengthens my position as this being a terrible idea.

          • What you’re saying does make sense “why would you say yeah he was terrible in Origins, why would you want him to reprise his role” however even Reynolds himself has previously stated that a new incarnation of Deadpool would have no ties to Origins. I think we can all agree Deadpool wasn’t really Deadpool in Origins, Bunch of powers hes never had, Merc with a mouth with his mouth sown shut? and so on but that really was down to the people behind the movie not so much Reynolds portrayal.

          • idk there can be bad actors in good movies and good actors in bad movies. what makes a movie good or bad depends on a lot of ppl. you can’t blame a actor who has a minor roll for the hole movie being bad. you can’t hate on him for taking money for that roll either. Like anyone on here wouldn’t take a mil or two to have a small part in the movie. lmfao most of the ppl on sr would do it for free

          • Let’s explore that, shall we…

            Successful movies with Ryan Reynolds:
            -Van Wilder
            -Smokin’ Aces
            -The Nines
            -Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
            -The Proposal

            Worse superhero movies than Origins:
            -Batman & Robin

            Reasons why Origins wasn’t Ryan Reynolds’ fault:
            -he didn’t write it
            -he didn’t direct it
            -he didn’t produce it
            -he only was in the movie for about 5 minutes, then was replaced by a stuntman at the end
            -he was only in it because he was already fighting for a Deadpool movie before Origins was even conceived
            -the third act was probably kept a huge secret to anyone who wasn’t involved in the filming of it. And as they replaced him at the end, he wasn’t involved
            -there were many, many more takes of the bickering back and forth between him and Shreiber, and the editor picked their own favorites from them. There were more than likely much better jokes on the cutting room floor, considering that the editor didn’t know what he was doing either

            Your argument in invalid.

      • People say he was perfect as Deadpool before they changed him and shut him up. To complain that Reynolds himself did the character wrong is exactly like replacing bullets in a gun with bubblegum and lamenting that the gun itself can’t shoot.

        • I agree, he was far from perfect in Origins but give him a decent script/director and I cant think of anyone else to portray Deadpool half as well.

          • The issue at this point is that Reynolds was pretty much the same character in Blade:Trinity, Wolverine:Origins and Green Lantern, with the latter making it arguable that he cannot carry a movie by himself. R.I.P.D probably has not helped his case for making this movie either.

            • I get what your saying he is typecast beyond belief! he undoubtedly got the part of Wade based on his performance in Blade, subsequently (mainly due to his physical transformation, comedic ability and a very strange online movement of people saying he had ab implants? was offered a lot of money to appear in chick flicks.

              You cant really pin Green Lantern on him not being able to lead a movie, the whole film was awful! Even the usually reliable Mark Strong and undeniably gifted acting talents of Peter Sarsgaard couldn’t pick it up. Again with R.I.P.D even Jeff Daniels said “I didn’t like it” stating the film they were trying to make was ruined in the post production process.

              I know there is only a finite number of times you can say “OK it bombed but it wasn’t Reynolds fault”. I would argue the point that he made buried work and Safe House was good but ultimately I just think Reynolds is the best man for bringing Deadpool to the screen, not because no one else could do it but because I believe he is the best man for the job.

        • Bubble gum and bullets? Senseless drivel.

      • Reynolds would nail this role given the right script. Origins, as stated, was not his fault. He done the best he could with a crappy script. How could he screw Deadpool up when his mouth was sewed shut? I can so see him bashing himself in his own movie. “They thought they could keep my mouth sewed shut?” haha. Seriously though who would be better? I’ve racked my brain for an actor that could pull it off better than Reynolds and have not come up with anybody else. If the direction and story is right he could finally own a superhero role a la Robert Downey, Jr. is to Iron Man. I’m being dead serious.

  4. Hurry fox hurry! This will work I know it will! I just dont want them to screw it up when the production company made Todd McFarlane dumb down Spawn.

  5. The smartest order should be:

    X-Force – 2015 (Cable, Deadpool, Domino…)
    Deadpool – 2016

    And after those two, Days of future past sequel – 2017.

    • that would be beastie to have him in all three followed up by dp 2 and xf 2 too

  6. You geeks are embarrasing. If this film gets made it won’t be with RR. He’s doing a great job working his way down to D-list level. I expect him to have a TV show on the CW network any week now.

    • How do we know Deadpool wouldn’t be the beginning of a comeback for him?

      Just sayin.. Hollywood’s unpredictable that way.

      • A “comeback” implies that you are going to a level where you once were, and I don’t believe Reynolds ever made it to that level. Studio execs, and directors may think so, but all of his movies are terrible, and don’t do very well at the box office.

        • I guess thats one way to look at it.

        • I thought he was awesome in Buried as well as several action films. His choices of which movies to do aren’t usually very good but I think he has more acting talent than people give him credit for.

    • +1000

    • D-list level…D for Deadpool yeah!

    • Wtf are you talking about? Geeks. Please leave.

    • ????????????????? I wish I could shoot meat balls at you for that post

  7. I wish they’d green light it but I don’t necessarily blame the studio for being hesitant. For every Kick Ass, there’s a Dredd (Box Office return wise). I really want to see Ryan Reynolds in the role too, he’s a great actor, he was brilliant in Buried. Plus Deadpool is right up his alley.

    • Or you could say: For every R rated comic flick that kicks ass, there’s another that does dreadfully.

      See what I did there? :D

      • Haha nice one bud, I wouldn’t have thought of that to be honest.

    • Except that Dredd was one of the best comic book movies of all time and Kick-Ass wasn’t very good.

      No one even dare use box office numbers as any kind of “indication of success” because I ignore them. A movie can make 70million and it can still suck, it just means that a lot of people were making a pretty dumb decision by going to see a crap movie.

      • I wasn’t much of a fan of Kick Ass though I moderately enjoyed it but Dredd, I found, was awesome. But to studios, the money is well ahead of the reviews. Kick Ass made a hell of a lot of money where as Dredd really didn’t lol.

        • its no laughing matter, petitions have proved I’m not alone!

          I grew up reading 2000AD, Dredd started the ball rolling now expand! I know their not going to make mega bucks but come on, give it time and build it! they will come.

      • the music industry proves this point too

        • +1

  8. They better make my f*cking movie! Ant-Man comes out before me, what the f*ck Fox!?!?!?

    • lol, love this

  9. Why isn’t there an online petition for this? When petitions are positive then I’m down! FOX should just let this one slide. Like a consolation prize for the fans and turn it into buzz for DOFP and X-Force.

    • Hey, if it’s working for Dredd then it could work for D-Pooly too.

    • now that you say it… it would be interesting to see a real petition, to see how far the fans go, and if the petition gets around 100,000 firms.

      Im not a Deadpool fan, but would like to see a petition, anyone Deadpool fans ready to create it?

  10. This movie, when it arrives, will be utterly awesome. People are getting tired of the formulaic superhero movies, and Deadpool can easily change that. It’s easily one of the most entertaining comics to read, and Deadpool and Cable are awesome together. X-Force should be sweet too, but the better get Psyloche right or it will be ruined.

    • So…how is it disheartening?

      He’s basically saying that they’re talking to the studio and saying “you don’t even have to give us a huge budget, we can make it work for a lot less than you usually spend”.

      They’re basically talking Fox into letting them do it and convincing them that it won’t lose them any money.

    • It means it’ll be INDIE and more creative control for those who should have it!

    • all that means is the movie wont be all cgi silly. who wants meat balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ray Park as Deadpool with voice over by the guy who voiced the Deadpool game.

        • I am against the whole voice over thing. It needs to be someone who can take the mask off and be able to see his face to actually show people who he is.

          • I did not collect when Deadpool became popular, but wasn’t his face something like Freddy Kruger or Spawn, what difference does it make who is under the mask if they have to use special effect make-up anyway?

        • Agreed, show me an actor that would have made those terrible films better? he did the best with what was on offer (which I should imagine was a lot worse than what was offered to him!)

          • +1
            To blame everything on him is completely ridiculous.

    • Those were never his fault though. Blade Trinity, Goyer just screwed that up bad. Wolverine, he was in it for 5 minutes and again the director and writers messed that up. Green Lantern, again writers and directors. Sure all the films were terrible but one redeeming quality I can always take away from them is that Reynolds was never really bad in them.

  11. No doubt Hugh Jackman Wolverine will somehow be the star of a Deadpool movie.

    • If you read the script, you’d see he actually makes a bunch of references to Hugh Jackman and Wolverine.

      • Jackman has way more clout than Reynolds so the most effective joke would be Deadpool/Reynolds going to Jackman/Wolverine begging him for money to get his movie made.

  12. is Fox connecting the Universes with X Men or even Spidey?

    • Nah, Fox will eventually connect their franchises together together though – Fantastic Four and X-Men. Spidey, no, because different studio.

      • isn’t the sinister six thing as good as sony came come to having a connecting universe. If they do spin off venom he would have to appear in a spidy movie first. s6 isn’t a bad thing though

        • can come

  13. I think Reynolds would do fine. He has the tone and the sarcastic wit. My worry with him is studio interference saying that he’s too attractive to wear a mask and be hideously scarred and voilà, fans are angered and the movie tanks.

    The film should be rated R, no question about that…but again, studio interference will lead it to being PG-13 and the character will suffer so fans will become angered and the movie tanks.

    Green light this film FOX and let the creative team do what they do best and you’ll get your return! But, we all know the suits will muck this up.

    • meat balls meat balls meat balls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was smarter then that post

  14. I think Reynolds is a great actor, but if he made better choices in roles, and had more successes at the box office, this movie would be made already.

  15. But not with Mr Reynolds onboard. please.

  16. I just think Screen Rant should hire that Erin Darling from the video posted

  17. Bring in Cyclops,Archangel,Gambit,Rogue,Nightcawler,The real juggernaught,Psylocke,Beak,Blob,Sabretoothe,Husk, glob herman,Sinister,Wolverine,and Apocalypse. and of course the rest of the original cast and first class cast but these are the main characters I want to see bryan singer direct

  18. singer knows how to make great x-men films and needs to direct them and not be replaced until they remake them one day.

  19. If this is the same news over and over again, admittedly, then why is SR posting the same news, over and over again? I’d ask them why they don’t wait until there really is different news to post, but I already know why.

    • if you feel this way why do you even read this site. its all about rumors I take everything with a grain of salt just because at any time one of these fool ceo’s could change stuff at the last min. that being said I like reading sr and trying to guess how the movies will come out like. Now I have 6 day of hell until the thor 2 marathon on the 7th

  20. I sure hope this movie gets made, i really think it could be something great to watch. I really do admire everyone involved for sticking to it and working hard to get the movie out there i have a good feeling it will pay off, i really hope Fox comes through it sounds like they may be getting there fingers crossed. :)

  21. Does Ryan has to star in it ?
    Another actor would be better I think !
    Ryan is already Green Lantern,or does he have a Super Hero double identity ?

    • Chris Evans (Human Torch/Captain America)
      Halle Berry (Catwoman/Storm)
      Doug Jones (Silver Surfer/Abe)
      Michael Jai White (Gambol/Bronze Tiger)
      Nick Cage (Ghost Rider/Big Daddy)
      Ray Stevenson (Punisher/Volstagg)
      Aaron Taylor Johnson (Kick Ass/Quicksilver)
      Ben Affleck (Daredevil/Batman)

      I’m sure there are more but the point is it’s nothing new.

      • And you are right !

      • The idea of some of those actors playing sups make me want to puke and crap at the same time

      • Not to mention he ALREADY played Deadpool! (and did it quite well imho before they “added” to him)

      • Michael Jai White was also Spawn, which counts more than the Dark Knight appearance.

  22. Ryan Reynolds is a good actor with the sarcastic side to him, the only thing that bothers me is he doesn’t have that mean look to him, he reminds me of a geography teacher or something.

  23. This is be on PG13 and nothing to do with comic no blood , guts no strong language I can bet a bottle of Sobieski vodka.

  24. dc should make their own deathstroke film

    • Over my dead body or living body