Rodriguez Not Doing Deadpool; Newcomer May Direct

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Deadpool by MatteoScalera Rodriguez Not Doing Deadpool; Newcomer May Direct

Fans of Marvel’s cult-favorite character Deadpool may be more interested in whether or not Ryan Reynolds will play him in the upcoming movie, but who directs the movie is pretty important  as well.

Machete director Robert Rodriguez has been attached to Deadpool for awhile now, but scheduling conflicts with his upcoming Spy Kids 4 have threatened to force him off the project. Well, it’s sadly looking like Rodriguez will not direct Deadpool and according to 24 Frames a new, unknown director may be taking his place.

“Sources familiar with the project” are saying that Adam Berg has emerged as the likely choice to direct Deadpool. “Who’s Adam Berg?” I hear you ask. Well, he’s a Swedish commercial and video director who hasn’t directed any feature films. The obvious choice, right? icon razz Rodriguez Not Doing Deadpool; Newcomer May Direct

Berg’s lack of experience directing feature-length films begs the question of why he’s even being considered to take on such a big project as Deadpool. However, Berg has directed a short film called Carousel (which you can view below) that won the Cannes Lions International Advertising prize, the most prestigious award in the advertising industry.

The director is said to be greatly admired by Reynolds and others involved with Deadpool, so needless to say he has a solid shot at landing the prjoect. Want to see why he wouldn’t be a bad choice? Check out Berg’s award-winning short below. Prepare to be amazed and confused in equal measure about how he even shot it (make sure to click the link on the video to see the making of):

So Berg may not have directed a feature-length film before, but remember the same situation occurred with District 9 director Neill Blomkamp. Before D9 hit theaters people were skeptical about Blomkamp, but then District 9 proved just how talented he really was.

Deadpool is shaping up to be a pretty major project and at this point it does seem a bit strange they would go from an established director like Rodriguez to an unknown, relatively inexperienced, one like Berg. However I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on the strength of his short film alone.

Stay tuned to Screen Rant to find out if Berg does end up directing Deadpool. If you missed it, make sure to check out the Deadpool script review to give you a sense of what the movie will be like.

Source: 24 Frames

Deadpool Header image by Matteo Scalera

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  1. Awh! :(

  2. hmm well, if this happens, Reynolds or not, i wont be seeing it now.D9 was overrated at best. bringing a n00b into a movie like Deadpool spells doom for me.

    • just you wait, if there is a good trailer you won’t miss it! :)

      • i really think i will.

      • Im honestly excited about this guy.His work ay prove to be awesome.In a day and age of nothing but remakes,something fresh is always welcome for a change.This could turn out to be a cant miss movie.I like giving things a chance before I pass judegment.

  3. I missed watching that video the first time I looked here…

    Good God!!!! That was incredible!

  4. This is too bad… The Reynolds-Rodriguez team would have been awesome. Well, as long as Ryan is still on… I’d probably still watch it.


  6. Any word as to if Robert would still be producing it (ala Predators)? I liked the look and vibe of Predators and think that Nimrod Antal did a great job with Rodriguez producing it.

  7. Just goes to show that the Hollywood big wigs see comic book/video game movies as cash cows, nothing more. Now it’s up to the people involved to actually make them good (i.e. Nolan)

    New director is fine, but such a new comer from another country could cause some bad communication between writers/cinematographers and the director. That’s why Rodriguez was a good choice. He is usually involved in every aspect of his movie some how.

    Not holding my breath for this one. If Reynolds is out, that’s the nail in the coffin for me.

    • thats why RR does things usually under budget and at a fast pace, he does EVERYTHING basically

    • I completely disagree… this is actually amazing. Fox going for an actual artist, not just a big name. The guy has won Cannes Awards, he’s got talent.

      And remember, David Fincher started out doing commercials and music videos.

      • and hasnt made a decent film since Zodiak LOL. anyways The Dude, usually i see your points on things here, just not on this topic. next :)

        • he’s only made like one movie since then ain’t he? that was social network, which is getting rave reviews.

  8. D9 was not overated!

    • I agree. Distric 9 was f-ing amazing.

      • Definitely agree with you both.D9 was far from overrated.Avatar is the most overrated movie of the past 5 years.Its just pretty to look at.I cant wait to see pt 2 and 3,but D9 was outstanding and basically showed the ground work for what Halo could have been…

  9. REALLYY wanted RR do this
    the short seems nice, kinda like a scene from Zack Snyder movie
    i like it but im not sure Berg could handle a whole movie
    fingers crossed
    PS: plzzzzz keep it R-Rated, i dont want a sissy DP

  10. im in that was awsome.

  11. yeah, he deserves a shot!

  12. well i hope rodrigues does a sequel to predators i really enjoyed the last one. and maybe we’ll see some of the female predators, and some new aliens that the predators make like a cameleon alien, and others like that with cool looking abilities.

  13. totaly off subject. but has anyone read the issue of kick ass 2? i didnt even know it was out yet but its pretty awsome…

    • I forgot all about kick ass 2 being out this month.Holy crap.thanks for reminding

  14. That video is from a 50 Cent music video called “Ok You’re Right”. Or else that’s where 50 got the inspiration for his music video…I’m not sure, but they look 100% identical.

    • Your right …but I think 50 might have just had it edited around for his video

  15. So this style of filming will surely feature in the Deadpool film, it’s really cool btw!

    Feels like the filmaker’s doing a batman scene (Joker v cops), should have included batman!

  16. thank god that PoS left this project, i would hate to see him ruin such a rich and entertaining character.

    you know what would be a cool idea, if they had scott adkins play deadpool, but had the guy that does DP’s voice in cartoons (forgot his name) do the voice acting. reynolds is a good actor but i think they should get someone who has a solid experience in martial arts, that way they wouldn’t have to get as many stunt doubles, and we will get some pretty hardcore fight sequences.

    • Scott Adkins will probably be Reynolds stunt guy again. Anyway Reynolds has done sword training, all the Wade Wilson stuff from the Wolverine movie was done by Reynolds.

      And you need good actors under masks. Not stunt guys.

  17. Why r they making movies of vilain superheroes?

    • Why wouldnt they? And Deadpool is not a Villain,he’s an anti-hero.There is no such thing as a Villain Superhero.Its either you are hero,anit hero,or villain.Or

  18. There goes Deadpool. It was only a matter of time

  19. (NOTE 1: I said this on the last Deadpool post a little late so I was the last one to comment so no one read this which is why I’m posting it again so that way Screenranters can understand)

    If the film actually gets made than I have a great idea for the sequel. (NOTE 2: I have read the script so some may be somewhat of a spoiler)

    When one of Deadpool’s hit jobs goes bad, he reliazes his healing factor is failing him. THe cancer ha finally eaten away at his “cure” and will soon have a relapse that will kill him. Unable to face the inevitable, Wade tries to find the doctors that worked at the Workshop (the place where Deadpool came to be), but ends up finding the very man who ran the operation, Dr. Killebrew. When he goes to him, guns-a-blazin’, the good doctor gives Deadpool a proposition: if Deadpool can get the will of one of Deadpool’s earliest and richest clients, Toliver, than he will provide Deadpool with the cure. The reason why the will is so important: because who has that will is entitled to vast riches that would make Howard Hughes turn in his grave and enough weapons to make the A-Team look like the Strawberry Shortcake Gang. On the way he runs into faces of the past, such as: T-Ray (another Warehouse experiment and sworn enemy of Deadpool in the comics), Slayback (an Irish mercenary who was killed by Deadpool when he was normal, but brought back as a cybernetic goblin like man who is out to kill him), Alex Hayden (also known as Agent X, another Warehouse experiment who was given the same abilities as Wade including insanity, but without the cancer who is after the will as well) and Deadpool’s old flame, Vanessa Carlyse, AKA Copycat, who was given shape shifting abilities from Dr.Killebrew and has to work with Wade to get the will. With the help of Weasel, him and Wade have to dodge bullets, super mercenaries, regular mercenaries, and psychotic ex-girlfriends. How much crap can two guys get? We’ll figure it out.

    Now that would make a great follow-up to the first film.

  20. holy crap, that video was amazing!!! I say as long as reynolds is still in give the new guy a chance

  21. Here’s an actor list for the first film that I thought would be some good choices(Note: this is a film character spoiler): Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Jay Baruchel as Weasel, Amber Heard as Vanessa Carysle, Christopher Meloni as Ajax, No idea who could play Blind Al, Kane as Sluggo, Milo Ventimigian as Solomon Kane, Shartlo Cooley as Wyre, Amy Winehouse as herself,and
    the same person to play as Colossus