Rob Liefeld Concerned For ‘Deadpool’ Movie

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deadpool movie concerns liefeld Rob Liefeld Concerned For Deadpool Movie

Now that the first official Green Lantern trailer has released to the masses and received not-so-positive feedback, some comic book fans wish that star Ryan Reynolds had taken the Marvel route to instead play Wade Wilson in Deadpool for Twentieth Century Fox. Since Green Lantern finished principal photography, the hype train from fans and Warner Bros. has been picking up steam, with talk of greenlighting Green Lantern 2 before the first film even debuted. Again, that was until the trailer came out.

One of those fans with a strong desire for Fox to get moving on Deadpool is from his creator, Rob Liefeld, and he’s also been one of the main sources of updates on the project since X-Men Origins: Wolverine first introduced moviegoers to the idea of Reynolds as Deadpool. I say “idea” since we all know how that character was treated, but at least we saw an amazing, albeit limited, portrayal of Wade Wilson before the film destroyed him.

MTV spoke with Liefeld last week about his thoughts on Deadpool, where the project stands and the growing popularity of the character. He sits in on many of the meetings and his open about his feelings about it all on Twitter, so what’s the current status of the project?

“With the “Deadpool” film, it really boils down to to this: all the ingredients are there. What’s the wait? I watch everything just like you do. You cover this business, and so do I as an interested party and a fan and somebody who has other films going. You look at development slates and what’s going forward. You know how many people would kill to have Ryan Reynolds star in their movie?”

There hasn’t been any movement recently. Is Fox fearful of green lighting the project because Deadpool is unknown to the mainstream?

“I go to the conventions and travel the country every year and I’m deluged with people dressed as Deadpool — people who are dying for this. These people have created such a phenomenon that Marvel has five or six “Deadpool” books a month. I want to say, “Hey Fox, last I counted, that’s more than Spider-Man!”

“It’s not like I don’t live in southern California and have management and agents in this town. It’s not like I don’t hear things around town. If it’s an issue of Fox being cheap, what’s that about? Open up the pocketbooks. Between a smaller budget and a bigger budget, they might want to go bigger budget — history will tell you that. They should spend what they need to get a director and lock down the star. They have Ryan Reynolds and Reese and Wernick, who if you haven’t noticed, are tearing up the town. There’s a reason everybody wants them. Fox has the script that everybody thinks is their best piece of work.”

It’s pretty clear that Liefeld is a tad frustrated that the project hasn’t been pushed forward yet, but the main reason for this is that after he attached himself to Deadpool, Warner Bros. scooped him up for Green Lantern and fast-tracked that into production first. Twentieth Century Fox on the other hand is busy attempting to relaunch another X-Men series with X-Men: First Class and is now also pushing The Wolverine as their next X-Project. It doesn’t seem likely that they’ll have three X-movies in full production at the same time.

“I know the producers are awesome — the Donner people are great people. They have assembled a perfect storm, so let’s go! Ryan Reynolds is amazingly bankable. Women love him, men love him. … He has the Will Smith / Tom Cruise bankability, and you don’t even need to ask him to star in the movie — he’s already committed! He’s a producer!”

Reynolds, like Liefeld, the producers and fans, are all accepting that Reynolds would be playing the lead in a major DC and Marvel franchise. Hopefully, it’s just a matter of time. For Liefeld, he wants it sooner rather than later and fast-forwarding to today, the eager comic book writer/artist has posted a Deadpool director wishlist on his personal website. While we’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the Deadpool script by Zombielend writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, finding a director to work off that and to work with star Ryan Reynolds has been a challenge.

Continue to Page 2 for Rob Liefeld’s suggestion list of Deadpool directors!

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  1. What about Ruben Fleischer, the guy who Directed Zombieland? I mean he’s already successfully worked with Reese and Wernick to churn out a very enjoyable movie that was both comedic and had a decent amount of action. Not to mention that, at least to a certain extent, he did break the 4th wall whenever Jesse Eisenberg was explaining the “rules” of Zombieland … it would definitely be significantly more with a Deadpool movie but it was still appropriately handled in the context of the film

    • Yes. Perfect. My thoughts exactly.

  2. I’d love to see Guy Ritchie take this one on. No one knows how to balance action and comedy like him. And he’s got serious style too!

    • Nice, i never thought of that but that is a good choice.

  3. If Green Lantern is a massive commerical failure, Reynolds will do this, if it is a huge success they will need to find someone else.

    • They should anyways IMO…

      • With a character like this, why does Reynolds even need to actually act in the film, surely if Deadpool never takes off his mask any stunt double can play the part and Reynolds can simply do the voice work afterwards.

        • Because that would be just cheap and fake IMO. And a cop out.

          • Gotta agree with you Anthony I hate the voice over idea. Might as well just make it a cartoon.

          • Yeah, it’s not like they did that with Darth Vader or anything. Oh wait, they did, and it was just fine. Anyways, the writers have already mentioned that Deadpool will take off his mask several times in the movie, so they need Reynolds. If Reynolds isn’t in the role, then I’m not even gonna watch the movie. IMO Reynolds was born to play Deadpool.

            • Isn´t Deadpool´s face full of scars?

              • I’m telling you guys, Jason Statham for Deadpool.

  4. I’d say chances are good this one will sit on the shelf a little longer. Really though does anyone want to see this so bad that they want Fox to make it without Reynolds?? They’ll probably end up making it just before they lose the rights to it, using the ace script with a mediocre replacement actor and director. I’d be shocked if Fox had the presence of mind to hire Carnahan, Fleischer, or Ritchie…

  5. Bond 23 is back on track! whoo hoo!!

  6. why does everyone want reynolds, yeah he was good for the few seconds he was in wolverine but the guys gonna be wearing a mask, not to mention he doesn’t sound like deadpool (watch hulk vs wolverine for the perfect deadpool voice).

    imo the guy that did a team is ok but sucks with camera work, the cameras for the action scenes in A team where all over the place and that’s bad considering deadpool does hand to hand combat as well as gunplay.

    • The camera work in A team was pretty darn good and I think it wasone of the better movies of this year as far as action goes, the comedic pacing was spot on and they did a great job of paying Homage to the old show

      • i’m not saying thee movie sucked i’m just saying it could have been better and the camera work was bad for the hand to hand fight scenes (most notably the mr.T intro at the chop shop)

    • Are you having a laugh? If u know Deadpool, and have watched Ryan in a few films, u would know that he is absolutely perfect for the role. There is no one that fits a role more than him. And I agree, if its not him, it should be shelved until it is. Also, what about Timur Bekmambetov? I liked Wanted, and imagine Deadpool to be dark and gritty like that. But most importantly – RR = WW ;)

  7. Liefeld… I just can´t take this guy serious…

  8. what fox needs to do is get a actor with a very smart and fast talking mouth to make this character work, and put him in his costume.. iam so sick of the actor’s face being highlighted throughout the whole film instead of the marvel character itself. if deadpool looks like anything in wolverine, this is a losing effort and a waste of time…

  9. grittyy, stylish and comedic? it’s almost a shame that David Fincher is so successful because he ticks all the boxes for this but i think if the social network wins a globe o two then theres no hope for him.
    also what about the guy that did Red? all his projects have been very different, but maybe it could work if he used the same formula he used with Red

  10. Joe Carnahan FTW!!!!

  11. HUGE fan of Genndy Tartakovsky, but i cant see him pulling off the dark comical stuff that a deadpool movie would need. still, it would be interesting to see what he could do with something live action

  12. I think edgar wright the director of hot fuzz, and scott pilgrim should direct this film, judging from what the article reads mr. wright has done an amazing job getting the stylish aspect of scott pilgrim therefore making him a great candidate for the deadpool movie.

    • I could see that , and think he would be a fine choice

  13. Genndy? As much as a classic-maker the guy is, I don’t think he’s fluent in live action films. At least I haven’t seen any live action stuff of his making that is.

  14. I actually put Joe Carnahan on my short list awhile back I think Smokin Aces is a great example of how well he fits.

    My list
    Shane Black (Who is the absolute best choice as far as I’m concerned. Look no further than Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.)
    Paul McGuigan
    Joe Carnahan
    Matthew Vaughn

    After watching red I’d add
    Robert Schwentke

    • Paul made Push. That movie pushed me away from it. I would replace that guy with David Gordon Green. He’s made some hilarious films with some graphic violence thrown in there.

      • Mercwade

        Oh come on man everyone has made a bad film. I can’t think of one Director that hasn’t made a film that was bad.

        Paul also made Lucky Number Slevin which was a fantastic film and right along the same style as Dead pool it fits perfect.

        Push Sucked but the script was terrible the directing wasn’t.

        • I will agree with you. Everyone has had there bad films. And Slevin was an awesome film.

    • Shane Black is absolutely the best choice for this.

      • I agree Sam my list is in order and Shane in my opinion is the absolute perfect choice. No one fits this project in my mind better. I mean Kiss Kiss is the perfect example. Action comedy and it even breaks the wall.

      • And Shane knows just how to break the 4th wall. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was just brilliant. But, I still think Reynolds isnt as dedicated as he says, if so he would have pushed making this instead of signing on for GF.

        • Thats probaly quite likely, once the paychecks for GL started coming in I think Reynolds made the choice of which to pursue.

          • Lol Sam. Reynolds was like “I get how much money ? Since when do Superhero actors get paid that much?” Given he has only been in support roles in comic films one was very small and the other was just as he was starting to take off and neither had the budget of GL. Shortly after the money questions when WB asked if he would ignore the Dead pool project Reynolds responded “Who’s Deadpool?” That’s passion in hollywood it rarely actually exists. Very few people keep their integrity.

        • @” But, I still think Reynolds isnt as dedicated as he says, if so he would have pushed making this instead of signing on for GF.”

          Why would he choose to star in a film that’s going nowhere, and turn down a film that already pushing for a sequel? Just b/c he chose GL over Deadpool doesn’t mean that he’s not dedicated to the project. It would have been stupid of him to choose Deadpool b/c Fox can’t even get a director assigned.

          • Monster I understand where you are coming from, but at the time he chose to do GL Deadpool was just getting started on it’s not that it wasn’t going no where in fact it seemed to be fast tracked. However after signing on for GL and so many other films and possibly GL2 already it makes it seem as if he isn’t dedicated to the project at all. If he was wouldn’t it be his priority if he was truly as passionate and dedicated as he claims?

            Maybe part of the reason they can’t lock down the director is because the star and producer are absentee and the directors in question have no idea when he’s available if ever.

          • @ Mr. Know it All. Sorry man he just wasn’t fully dedicated, like I said HE could have set things in motion. I’ll never will buy the fact that he was as dedicated as he said he was. Sad that you do.

            • He’s already done all that he could by helping out on the script. It’s not like he can do much when the film is w/o a director.

  15. Boo, i’m not even reading the rest of this article. Deadpool is still a third tier Marvel hero. Yeah he may have more books on the shelves than Spidey (at the moment) but that doesn’t mean squat when your talking about investing/gambling millions on a return or gain, which is what Fox or Marvel studios has to be concerned with. Wonder why ‘Lie’feld is calling Spidey out again? You already ripped him off and then called Deadpool an original character. C’mon Man! Steal Wolvie’s origin, add Spidey’s personality and use a gimmick like breaking the fourth wall. Pathetic, like Liefelds art skills.

    • Worhing all I’m hearing from this rant is that you know absolutely nothing about deadpool what so ever you just want to yell about him? Because nothing in your post shows that you know one thing about him.

  16. I meant GL*..I’m still waking up here in Socal lol.

  17. Furthermore..Stallone to direct this? Liefeld that is just silly.

    • I agree Stallone is a terrible choice lol

  18. This is what would happen to a very unique film, studios think it wont make them any money and think it would be a bad film (Kick-Ass, which really one of the best films I saw this year)
    hopefull they ill greenlit it in 2011.
    Joe Carnahan would be the best director for it! I really liked Smokin Aces
    It had a lot of action and some comedic parts…so I think it would be perfect.
    Sylvester Stallone? Really? yeah right get real.

  19. I don’t think this movie will ever see the light of day.

  20. I sure hope deadpool has all of his super-cool powers from the end of wolverine. That would be terrific. Also the mouth sewed shut would be fun for the Merc with a Mouth. Is this a prequel to Wolverine: Origins or will Deadpool be walking around with his head in his hand?

    • All I know is you’ll put your brain at the door either way.

  21. If Reynolds doesn’t reprise his role as Wade Wilson then I wont be seeing this movie, so part of me hopes GL Tanks, because I still feel that Ryan Reynolds was born to play Wade Wilson/Deadpool.

    • yeah agreed one that1

  22. I could honestly care less what Rob Liefeld thinks.
    The man is one of the worst artists and writers to EVER work in mainstream comics. Just look at the infamous 40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings page for evidence. He basically embodies everything horrible about comics in the 80s and 90s.
    Yes, he created Deadpool, but if not for talented writers and artists Deadpool would have been a one-off character who everybody would have forgotten by now.
    Here endeth the hatespeech.

  23. Let’s get a few odds n ends out of the way.

    One- Liefeld is a total ego maniac and/or dunderhead.

    Two- There was once a time when Spider-Man had five titles. So there.

    Three- Joe Carnahan is a good choice – he was also on the short list for Wolverine I think. Carnahan, while noted for Smokin’ Aces (which also featured Ryan Reynolds) and The A-Yeam, also directed Narc. Sadly, if Carnahan were chosen, dunderhead Liefeld would be into himself again.

    Now that’s out of the way…

    It is my understanding that “Deadpool” the film is not going to be X-Men related, and have loose connections at the very least. So the question of FOX having three X-Men films is a non issue.

    The general delay deals with Reynolds’ schedule.Personally I think this will either flutter out or the part will be given to another actor. Or the director hired will want to tie it into the X-world anyway.

    Here’s my short list of directors:

    Joe Carnahan (not only due to Aces, but everyone seems to think he’s a good fit)

    Matthew Davis (Shoot Em Up)

    Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor – once they get done with Ghost Rider 2 anyway. I’m not the biggest N/T fan, but hey, CRANK does count for something!

    Alexandre Aja (Hills Have Eyes, Pihrana 3D)

    Pierre Morel (Taken, From Paris With Love)

    • Heres my list for directors

      Harmony Korine (Gummo)
      Tim Story
      Jimmy Hayward

  24. please do not let sylvester stalone anywhere near the deadpool movie

    i think the wachowski bros, the director of smokin aces, or the writers would all be excellent choices

    i would only say the writers because they are done with the script but if they werent i feel like it would be way too much for them to take on all at once.

    • WHY NOT?!
      Sylvester Stalone’s direction for the expendables was fantastic

  25. i really think that harmony korine could direct this flick

  26. I’m not real famaliar with Deadpool, the characte came along after I stopped reading comics. But if the guy in the red and blue suit in the picture is him, and if that was supposed to be him in XOW, Fox should be ashamed. That is one lameass way to treat a character. From what little I know of the character though, I would opt for Jason Statham to play him over R.R..

    • statham? you clearly dont know deadpool

  27. Well whether you like Rob Liefeld or not the fact is that the person who made and draws the character would be a better just of who best protrays his character than some half assed hack from Hollywood. The epic failures of Comic to Movie transfers are too many to mention here while the the successful adaptations can be counted on one hand. With those odds I would rather go with Rob.

  28. Nothing Liefeld says will change if the film gets made or not.
    I do think Carnahan would be a good choice though.

  29. The fact that Deadpool isn’t as mainstream as Spider-Man or X-Men shouldn’t keep them from doing this because Reynolds was already a hit in Wolverine, and people would watch it just because of that character part.