‘Deadpool’ To Be Directed By Tim Miller

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Deadpool director Tim Miller Deadpool To Be Directed By Tim Miller

Less than two weeks ago, X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler-Donner provided an update on the status of X-Men Origins: Deadpool, reiterating what we heard from Ryan Reynolds about the film having a stellar script, one that’s R-Rated. She indicated the Reynolds was still on board and that the film’s story would entirely ignore that of the character’s awful introduction in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

There are two things holding back the realization of what may be a proper adaptation of the Deadpool character from Marvel Comics: Green Lantern and a lack of a director. One of those problems just got solved.

During press interviews at WonderCon, Ryan Reynolds was frequently asked about the status¬†Deadpool and whether or not Green Lantern and potential sequel duties would prevent his involvement. Sure enough, he sounded dedicated and confident as ever about the project but was hesitant to talk on the director front, explaining that things are cooking and he doesn’t want to hurt the chances of whatever that was coming to fruition.

The script by Zombieland writers¬†Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick is complete and while it seemed Robert Rodriguez (Machete) was close to taking the director’s chair, he’s not due to scheduling issues. Reports pointed towards Twentieth Century Fox looking at a newcomer instead. This was back in October and at the time, Swedish commercial director Adam Berg was the name that popped up.

According to 24 Frames, Fox is going with a newcomer director, but it’s not Adam Berg. Tim Miller, a visual effects artist and creative supervisor, is reportedly now attached to direct X-Men Origins: Deadpool. He’s not new to the franchise, having worked as an artist on X-Men, X-Men 2 and Daredevil in addition to acting as creative supervisor on Scott Pilgrim vs. the World most recently, but he has no directorial credits on his resume.

It’s challenging to gauge whether Tim Miller is a good choice or not. We can certainly say it’s very surprising for Fox to put a big budget, potential tentpole film such as this in the hands of someone we’ve not seen any directorial work from, especially in a franchise under scrutiny for its recent films.

At least Deadpool comic creator Rob Liefeld can relax and director David Slade can knock one of the three Fox Marvel projects off his list, having been named for Deadpool along with Daredevil and more recently, The Wolverine.


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Source: 24 Frames

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  1. Don’t know the guy but any news that pushes the deadpool movie forward is worth the wait :)

    • yep

  2. arewe ever going to see a x-men film with cyclops,the sentinels,sinister,apocalypse,beak,glob herman,chamber,husk,anole,mammomax,and other cool cameos, and a x-men film with great stoies again like x-men 1, and 2? also will we ever see a x-men 4, and 5, and if not maybe a fricking remake,or give the right back to marvel so we see the franchise done right?

    • Fox said that X-Men 4 & 5 are in “active development”.

      So to answer your question: Yes, there will probably be an X-Men 4 and 5 in the upcoming 3 years.

  3. Hmm, maybe they’re going with a “no-name” because it’s going to be R-rated. They probably won’t make as much money with an R-Rated film so they’ll probably scale back the budget and they’d obviously pay a director with no directing on his resume much less than a David Slade. Either way..”I so excite..”

    • Even if the folm is R-rated it will still make heaps of money. I can already see 15 year olds trying to sneak into the cinema to watch it.

      This movie will be gory and hilarious… I can’t wait (this coming from an almost-16-year-old).

      • You realize that a 15-year old who sneaks into Deadpool will not have paid any money to see it, right? It’ll be $10 for another movie.

      • Do you also realize that Wolverine Origins most likely lost money? It’s budget was 150 mil and only grossed 179 mil. That only leaves a profit pool of 29 mil BEFORE factoring in advertising costs.

        Fox must have a lot of faith in this project to be willing to go forward with this and even more faith to do a Wolverine 2.

  4. As long as the guy is a fan of Deadpool and really gets the concepts behind the character, and knows the kind of tone to achieve, I’ll be happy.

    • ^Agreed^

  5. Great news. Now make it happen.

  6. I’m probably in the minority here but I never liked the idea of Robert Rodriguez for Deadpool. I’m not saying I don’t like him as a director. He just didn’t seem like a good fit. I’m not surprised a 1st time director got the nod for this though. I’m sure Fox wants to control every aspect of this production (like all studios do) and with a rookie on set they will get less resistance…

    • While I disagree with RR not being a great director for DP, I do agree about the studio having more control over its projects, and a rookie director is one way to look at it… Maybe hes a big deadpool fan and has been around so many movies that he could direct? not saying this is how he got the job, maybe its the studios way of making sure this movie is done right…

      BTW, I still think that RR would be great director for Deadpool, as long as there is no “Headpool” and this movie gets made (right) Im a happy guy…

      • I like Head Pool, he s much funnier then Deadpool

  7. So the producers are trying to sell this movie based off the admission that they did a bad job of introducing the character in Wolverine, helping to drag that movie down.

    Fox really is not handling this franchise well at all and are going to run it into the ground sooner then later. Stay classy Fox….

  8. I’d probably be more happy about this if Reynolds wasn’t attached. just my opinion.

  9. YES. The Merc with the mouth!! Ryan Reynolds is PERFECT as Wade Wilson!

  10. I like the films mentioned on his resume, even tho he didn’t direct.

    As much as many fans hated Daredevil, visually and artistically it had some cool stuff. How they portrayed how he hears/sees with sound waves was genius. And Scott Pilgrim vs the World was so similar to Deadpool’s style with just how crazy it was and the film kinda had a Deadpool feel to it IMO.

    I guess we will see how he does but I’m optimistic for the time being. This film could do for him what 300 did for Snyder… And btw I don’t have a great knowledge of Snyder’s film history, but I know I never heard of him before 300 :P

  11. Has this always been called “XMen Origins Deadpool?” Does that make sense if they’re ignorivng the XO: Wolerine movi

    • My thoughts exactly… the should call it “Deadpool: Merc with the mouth”

      This is the first time I remember the “Xmen origin” part…

      • It’s purely for name recognition reasons, I would bet. Everyone knows who the X-Men are. Not everyone knows who Deadpool is.

        By following the naming convention of Wolverine, they’ll get more attention from casual fans who might not make the connection.

  12. I for one am sick and tired of NEWCOMER directors ruining potentially EPIC movies like AVP:R and TERMINATOR SALVATION to name only 2 that should have could have been way better than they were….

    • However, I must admit, Scott Pilgrim was proof enough for me to give this particular director a chance at least.

      • I agree. Scott Pilgrim was great. And it had some fourth wall breaking and other things of that nature which would go well in a deadpool movie.

    • lol, Terminator wasnt directed by a nobody it just wasnt directed by the right person, but McG is pretty well known Director look him up, hes done mostly tv but has done a few movies as well, like both Charlie’s Angels,and We are Marshall.

    • McG isnt a newcomer when it comes to directing. and AVP:R was probably bound to fail with the script it had. im positive to this as i’ve read the script or atleast one version of it and it was amazing. even if he is a lousy director, he has producers to fall back on to one degree, but with that script it cannot suck.

  13. if this movie is really going forward with ryan reynolds in the lead, what is that saying about green lantern and it’s sequels. i’m a marvel guy, and rr is so perfect for deadpool, but shouldn’t he just stay as green lantern. this sounds good for deadpool but bad for green lantern.

  14. “Warner Bros.’ desire to move ahead with Green Lantern 2 may mean bad things for another Ryan Reynolds project. Deadline reports that ongoing scheduling problems with Reynolds has forced Zach Galifianakis to drop out of R.I.P.D., another comic book movie.

    Galifianakis was trying to get the film done before or after he started Southern Rivals with Will Farrel, but that was uncertain due to the fact that Warner Bros. can exercise their option on Reynolds to do Green Lantern 2.”

    Well that seems like Reynolds is on for the Green Lantern contractually for the time being. Doubt Warner will let him do Deadpool if the movie does well anytime soon.

  15. Really hope they get the ball rolling soon.

  16. Highly ironic that his nickname is “Merc with the mouth” but FOX turned him into a mindless killing machine in Wolverine Origins WITHOUT a mouth. That thing at the end was Deadpool in name only. Could you screw up a character concept more?

    So glad they are going to be pretending that version didn’t happen (unless it’s in some 4th wall quip ;) )

  17. “no directorial credits on his resume.”

    No thank you.

  18. I would really like to hear what Ryan Reynolds has to say about this director, before I try to make any opinion on this. If he’s on board and excited about it, then it sounds great to me….. if not, then maybe I’ll just wait for Netflix.

  19. Ryan is Lantern. He used to be a good choice for Deadpool but not anymore. Besides, Deadpool’s face is so scared, it doesn’t matter what the guy looks like. They’d be better off with a great voice rather than a great face. Yet, they still need a big name to attach. Chances are any scene with a costumed or scared deadpool will be the stunt double so the sarcastic voice is paramount.

    again, ryan is now associated with lantern in popular society and I would prefer another actor play wade. But that’s just me, I never really liked Deadpool anyway, I think Rob Liefeld’s a hack who could never really draw or write. All the talented artists out there and he got hired by Marvel back in the day? Who’s decision was that?

    • have you ever read the cable and deadpool series? just read the first issue and youll know why hes such a great character.

    • I haven’t been into comics in so long last I really remember of Deadpool he was a second tier bad guy at best. I did see how they played him in the Hulk vs. Wolverine cartoon awhile back and I don’t know how interested I would be in sitting through a whole movie like that. Since I knew him as mostly a villain in the books, who would he be fighting in a movie ? Knowing them they would throw someone from the books in the film like they did with him in Wolverine and totally ruin the other character in the process.

      As for Liefeld his artwork got crazy when he got popular but, he did a what if where I think Wolverine kills Hulk when he first started at Marvel and the art was pretty good. As for his writing he was another one of those guys who got cocky from working popular books and never really came up with anything better on his own.

    • Liefeld artwork has always been a subject of criticism but I think he has created a few interesting characters in his day. Deadpool being one of them, he even help develop Cable, and Young Blood.

  20. I dont think its a problem for Reynolds to be both charcaters , I think most people can tell that he is an actor and he plays a role, the universes are not tied together in any form so what does it matter. That said, Chris Evans looks great as Captain America, but he played Johnny Storm in FF. Oh my how will we ever tell them apart. LOL

  21. AWESOME!

    Very cool that they’re going with more of an R-rated script which hopefully means more true to the actual comic and not just pandering to the masses. And awesome that they are going with Deadpool, not just trading on the brand equity of the “major” characters… so cool.

  22. I can’t freaking wait this is awesome news at least they’re moving forward, although I’ve gotta say I was hoping that they would go with the Adam Berg guy because that commercial he did was awesome

  23. FINALLY!!!

    I have been waiting for something like this. At least with a youngblood director there is no guarantee it will suck, but with the team up of his visual style and Reese’s & Wernick’s script there is no way this film could fail. Not only that, but since they are moving forward with this then that means that RR is returning!


    Deadpool fans rejoice!!!


  25. If they do this film right, it should be a success. Keep it simple, his abilities are: Regenerative healing factor, Superhuman strength, tamina, agility, and reflexes, Expert marksman, swordsman and martial artist.

    No where doe it say he has swords coming out of his arms and Optic vision from his eyes. Keep it simple, keep him mouthy and jacking fools up. Deadpool’s healing factor is strong enough that he has previously survived complete incineration and decapitation more than once, though in each of these occurrences, his head had to be reunited with his body to heal the wound instead of his body growing a new head (or vice-versa), Deadpool has owned a number of personal teleportation devices.,. DO IT RIGHT. Dont make anything up.. Ryan Reynolds is perfect

  26. Did i miss something in Wolverine Origins that made Reynolds so awesome and perfect for deadpool? His character was messed up, minimal, and cheap. If this new film isn’t gonna be based off Origins, than give us a new actor who is better. I’m really surprised that so many here think Reynolds is perfect for the role. To each his own, but for me, I feel with Reynolds as the lead this film will turn out like Daredevil….forgotten.

    Plus he’s already playing a major DC character, and he’s already played two marvel characters. Branch out.

    • If you read the comics than you’d understand. Once RR was referenced in Cable and Deadpool it was destiny after that.

    • I said Reynolds because he is that mouth, smart aleky guy who won’t ever shut up, just like the character. as for the physicalities that is another story. Daredevil, wasnt really all that exciting

    • Yeah, to each his own. I think RR is great for this role. Everytime I read a line from Deadpool, I hear RR’s voice and get a sense of his comedic edginess.

      In no way is your opinion any less valid than anyone else. Like previously stated “to each his own”. So no disrespect.

      Matter of fact, some what off subject I am reading The Uncanny X-Force which Deadpool is a member of, I got to tell you. So far, so good.

      • Yeah, I do agree about uncanny x-force, I read that too and do enjoy it. i won’t write it off, he’s just not my first pick. I will give it a change though. I think for me, i like deadpool when he’s with a group of people, rather than on his own. obviously we have no idea what the film will be like and if he’ll be on his own or what, but yeah, go uncanny x-force :)

  27. Yeah, I like Deadpool in a group as well. I guess his personality plays off well on others. He is sort of that “you set them up and I knock them down” guy.

  28. Deadpool needs his MvC3 voice while hes in the suit.

  29. hmmmmm, with xmen origins in the title that probably means it ties in to the rest of the franchise… not good

    • I would have assumed the attachment of Ryan Reynolds would have been the major red flag warning of the inevitability of the films awfulness, not seeing X-Men Origins in the title.