‘Dead of Night’ Promo Trailer Starring Brandon Routh

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Dylan Dog Dead of Night promo trailer Dead of Night Promo Trailer Starring Brandon Routh

Despite it being in the works for a long time and production now being finished, we’ve heard little news about Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, an upcoming fantasy film starring Brandon Routh. It’s based on an Italian comic series and stars Routh as by-night investigator Dylan Dog, who has monsters such as vampires, werewolves and zombies to deal with.

We finally have a look at a trailer for Dead of Night and unfortunately it’s more cheesy than fun. It gives off a strong Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibe but it seems off-kilter in terms of balancing heart and wit with monster ass kicking. Simply having those elements in there isn’t enough – you need to know how to make them function together as one cohesive whole.

I like Routh, and he manages to make the trailer bearable, but if it weren’t for him then I think this movie would come and go without anyone noticing (who knows – maybe that will still happen even with Routh in it…).

Check out the Dead of Night trailer for yourself so you can make up your own mind:

I’m sure many of those moments in the trailer are supposed to be clever, satirical or just plain funny in an almost slapstick sense. But I’ve got to say, apart from a couple of moments here and there, I didn’t laugh or feel excited or involved in what was going on. Like I said - Buffy the Vampire Slayer this is not.

To be fair, there are some cool things to be found in the trailer, particularly when it comes to the makeup effects on some of the monsters. With the exception of a questionable-looking werewolf at the beginning, the makeup looks pretty good, especially the vampires. If nothing else, Dead of Night with have some cool visuals even if it doesn’t have much else going for it in the dialogue or action department.

I understand the original Dylan Dog comic and the titular character are pretty popular (the trailer makes it clear it’s one of the most popular comics ever) so I’ll be curious to hear what fans think of how the adaptation looks.

With Routh having just finished a turn as one of the seven evil exes in the critically-acclaimed but box office lame Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, I wonder how another adaptation of a little-known comic book (at least in the sense of the general movie going public) starring the last actor to portray Superman will perform. At least here Routh is front and center again…

Alongside Routh, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night stars Sam Huntington, Taye Diggs, Peter Stormare, Anita Briem and Parker Dash.

Last we heard, the film was supposed to be released sometime this year. The trailer says that the film is in post-production so it could still make a 2010 release date – but since it apparently doesn’t have a distributor yet, I’d bet on it being released sometime next year instead.

Source: Trailer Addict

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  1. looks like my kinda cheese lol

    • Almost indentical comment to my own- Great minds think alike?

  2. This looks like my kind of movie! =D
    I’m stoked- slightly silly werewolf or not. They’ll probably clean it up a little more in post. I’m hoping so, anyway.

  3. OK, for you americans, this is based on a hit Italian comic book that’s extremely popular in eastern europe. In the comic, his sidekick is Groucho Marx and in every episode Dylan screw a new girl. And kills some baddies. I don’t think anyone that hasn’t read the comic will understand the movie. Or rather watch “The cemetary man”, which is another semi-adaptation of the comic starring Rupert Everett, the actor the character of Dylan Dog was based on :)

  4. Yes! My kind of movie!!

  5. I see one of the Worlds Best Comics has been nominated for 2 awards… in 2000 then 2008.

    I dont think it is one of the Worlds Best….

    What is not to understand… he hunts “creatures”.

  6. You really have to of read the comics to understand the appeal of Dylan Dog. Either way, I think this flick looks better than I thought it was going to! Though I wasn’t impressed with the voice over guy.

  7. I like the trailer! And I’m a big Dylan Dog fan. Yeah, the comic has a lot of comedy and weird stuff. It’s not supposed to be hardcore horror at all.

  8. Looks fun. I’m down.

  9. Routh’s acting comes off a horrible here. Tone deaf. Flat. If I had not seen him in comedies, I would think he couldn’t act at all. Maybe his agent is just not putting him in the right kinds of roles. He is wooden in drama or action, but he kills in comedies.

  10. This belongs on TV. Nobody will pay to see that lameness in theaters.

  11. I’m sold. Looks well cheesy and could be so bad it’s good or who knows, could be just plain great.
    They have shown way, way too much in the trailer though. Little clips of every set piece, giving too much away but I’ll still go see it.

  12. tried to be Constantine-Fail!!, Tried to be Blade-Fail!!

  13. Does look like fun but have to agree…strait to DVD but with decent sales.

  14. Or on Sci-Fi Network Saturday Nite

  15. That looks really cheesy

  16. Holy cow – my reaction is the opposite of most of you here. That looked like some awful mid-70s film that was recently found in a vault, complete with terrible movie trailer voice over. It took a supreme act of will for me to even make it through the entire trailer – I can’t imagine sitting through the whole movie.

    SyFy channel movie is right…


  17. I think this trailer might be a bit decieving. The film style is reminiscent of 1998′s ‘Blade’ to me, complete with the dark and gritty appeal, albeit with a smaller budget. However, like that same 90′s film, it suffers from the exact same terrible voice over, tagged with crummy action music. To its merit, it does look capably acted, and the special effects appear to be well done in design. I’m not sure how this film will turn out, but I know I won’t be discouraged by what was an obvious error in judgment in the construction of this trailer.

  18. Booooo. The video isn’t available.

  19. What is this crap?

  20. I’d just like to say this looks awful…awfully good that is! Come on, this is cheesy rubbish, but it looks like a hell a of lot of fun, how many basicaly terrible films have become cult classics?

    • good point sam :)

    • “It is NOT representative of what the movie ultimately looked like.” “we think it really isn’t representative of what the movie is now AT ALL.”

      That might be the problem right there. They are showing a promo not representative of their movie to international buyers. Maybe the buyers are saying, “Hey, what is this scam you are trying to pull? Is this bait and switch? Your sales material is NOTHING like the movie! How dare you try to scam us?” Maybe that is why the producers are having such trouble finding distributors? I recommend in the future that they not try to hook buyers with a promo that they admit is NOT AT ALL representative of the movie.

  21. The narrator kills it, but this is old.