DCU Animated Panel – NYCC ’11: ‘Batman: Year One,’ ‘Catwoman,’ & ‘Justice League: Doom’ Trailer

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NYCC 2011 Catwoman Short Justice League Doom Trailer DCU Animated Panel   NYCC 11: Batman: Year One, Catwoman, & Justice League: Doom Trailer

Batman: Year One, based on Frank Miller’s seminal 1980s Batman book (the spiritual follow-up to The Dark Knight Returns) is being released next Tuesday, October 18th, along with a Catwoman short featuring the voice of Eliza Dushku (read Kofi Outlaw’s review of both here).

Today, at the New York Comic-Con DC Animated Panel, producer Bruce Timm and Voice Director Andrea Romano talked in detail about Year OneEliza Dushku came onstage to premiere the Catwoman short film, and last, but not least, Kevin Conroy made an appearance to discuss the upcoming DC Animated film, Justice League: Doom, and to premiere the first trailer.

First, Eliza Dushku (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse) came out to present the Catwoman short to the audience (the short was written by Batman: The Animated Series veteran Paul Dini and directed by Lauren Montgomery), most of whom seemed to react fairly favorably to the film.

The ridiculous size of Catwoman’s bosom aside, the film was actually a very simple, action-packed, and entertaining throwback to the old Batman: The Animated Series cartoon of the 1990s (the subtle humor was particularly reminiscent).

Eliza Dushku in Catwoman Short DCU Animated Panel   NYCC 11: Batman: Year One, Catwoman, & Justice League: Doom Trailer

As Kofi mentioned in his review, there’s a pretty sizable portion of the film that takes place in a strip club and Catwoman herself even performs a (very tame) strip tease for the villain of the story (voiced by John Di Maggio of Futurama fame). Of course, it’s all just a ruse to get the guy’s guard down – and frankly, you’ve probably seen worse on network television – but some might argue that it’s overly sexual, especially when people might assume they can show this to their kids.

Bruce Timm said of the short: “[It was] ten minutes of sex and violence we couldn’t put in Batman: Year One [which also features Catwoman as voiced by Elisha Dushku].”

After the film, Bruce Timm and Andrea Romano discussed the production of Batman: Year One. Basically, Timm wanted to capture Frank Miller’s story onscreen as faithfully as possible, because it’s one of his favorite comic books – down to the characters, dialogue, overall plot, and mood.

In fact, Timm believes that not only is Year One a cop story, as opposed to a superhero story, but he also believes the protagonist is Lieutenant Gordon instead of Batman. As for Romano, she particularly gushed over Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston as Lieutenant Gordon. Basically, Cranston was just so good at what he did she “got out of his way and let him do his thing.”

Eventually, Kevin Conroy (the voice of Batman in The Animated Series) joined the panel and uttered the three lines he’s probably most famous for: “I am vengeance; I am the night; I – am – Batman.

Justice League: Doom

The panel then proceeded to discuss the upcoming Justice League: Doom, which will likely be released in February or March of 2012 – before moving on to the general plans for the future of DC Universe Animated. Check out the trailer for Doom below, before moving on to notes about the panel:

  • Justice League Doom is the last DCU Animated movie to be written by the late, great Dwayne McDuffie.
  • While based on Mark Waid’s Tower of Babel storyline from the pages of JLA, Justice League Doom seems to have removed R’as al Ghul as the villain (perhaps because he’s going to play into The Dark Knight Rises?) and replaced him with the immortal Vandal Savage and his Legion of Doom.
  • The plot of JLD, like Babel, sees Batman’s contingency plans for taking down each member of the Justice League – “in case they go bad” – fall into the wrong hands
  • Besides Vandal, the Legion of Doom is comprised of Bane, the Royal Flush Gang, Star Sapphire, Mirror Master, and more.
  • Cyborg is a member of the Justice League for JLD, a la The New 52.
  • The look of JLD doesn’t resemble Bruce Timm’s patented B:TAS style as much as it does the style of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (which, in my opinion, was pretty underwhelming).
  • Asked if changes made to the DCU, via The New 52, have affected future DC Animated movies or TV Shows, Bruce Timm said, simply, “No.”
  • The Dark Knight Returns animated movie is being made now – and will likely drop in 2013.
  • Bruce Timm has discussed doing more animated Batman Beyond, but there are no official plans currently.
  • Similarly, Timm has discussed possibly doing a Blackest Night animated movie in the future (a DC story where deceased superheroes come back from the dead to destroy their friends and loved ones) but he can’t comment specifically on it at this time.

Wonder Woman and Green Lantern in Justice League Doom DCU Animated Panel   NYCC 11: Batman: Year One, Catwoman, & Justice League: Doom Trailer

DC’s animated slate will be expanding pretty rapidly over the next couple years, what with DC Nation, Green Lantern, and Beware the Batman coming to Cartoon Network – as well as The Dark Knight Returns joining the DCU Animated movie library in 2013. What more could a DC Comics fan ask for?

But what do you guys think? Are you looking forward to Batman: Year One, the Catwoman short, Justice League: Doom, and so on? Let us know in the comments.

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Batman: Year Onealong with the Catwoman short, hits shelves on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday, October 18th, 2011.

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  1. Awesome write up. Any word on Superman vs The Elite?

    • Alas, no, there was no word about that at the panel.

  2. Cheap animation in that clip. “I Am Emo Batman”

    • No, it’s 90s animation. Because that clip is from the 90s.

  3. Dropping Raas because he may or may not be in the new movie wouldn’t make sense considering the fact that Bane will be in Justice League Doom.

    Major unnecessary change. I think I may be done with DC animated films all together. With the awful voice acting in Red Hood not to mention the horrible disappointments of Batman Gotham Knights, Green Lantern First Flight, and more recently Batman Year One. Now they are making unnecessary changes to classic stories like Babel and to top it off an animated film based on the one comic I’m the leased interested in seeing an animated film on The Dark Knight Returns.

    You know Marvel May not be doing any great animated films like New Frontier was, but at least they never really make completely awful ones. All of their animated films so far have been of at least moderate quality. DC has more crap than good animated films.

    • Wow. I have to respectfully disagree with you. First of all, Batman: Under the Red Hood was fantastic. I had no problems with the voice work in that one. As for Gotham Knight, it was easily my least favorite of the DC line, but it was anything but mediocre. It was more of a glorious disaster and I would still prefer that over Marvel’s boring and uninspired Invincible Iron Man.

      In defense of Doom, even though it was “inspired” by Tower of Babel, it never claimed to be an adaptation – though you are probably right that the absence of Ra’s is unrelated to The Dark Knight Rises.

      And even if you don’t like most of DCs films (which is your right) that implies you like some of them… and Marvel right now has zero in the pipeline. So, some is better than zero.

      • I think Under The Red hood was horrible. The comic it self was just mediocre certainly not among batmans best stories. Then they adapted it and cut out all of the best moments and other than the casting of Red Hood him self the voice acting was horrible ESPECIALLY JOKER that was god awful.

        Believe me I wasn’t saying Gotham Knights was mediocre I was saying it was absolute crap. Worst animated film I’ve ever watching out of Marvel and Dcs both. It was pure crap.

        I don’t follow your logic that some is better than zero. I like some DC films yes and Marvel may not have films on the way currently, but that doesn’t change all the films that they do have. I enjoy all of their films to a certain extent at least even their worst is still better than half of the DC offerings. The difference being that when DC gets a film right like New Frontier or Wonder Woman it’s brilliant, but when they drop the ball they really drop the ball in to a big hot mess of crap. Marvel never quite nails it like DC does, but they also never screw up as bad either. Their best are not as good as DC’s but there worst are still better than DC’s worst and over all that puts Marvel ahead. I can at least watch all the Marvel films and never really be filled with anger never let down. DC on the other hand it’s either brilliant or the worst thing I’ve seen all year.

        I only own 4 DC cartoons at this point and that’s only because Gotham Knights came with my purchase of TDK. I’ve tried selling it, but it’s probably the only thing on Ebay that’s unsellable lol. I own all the Marvel cartoons. Invincible Iron Man or Ultimate Avengers 2 might not be the best animated films ever made, but despite being Marvel’s worst offerings they still are far better than Gotham Knights, Red Hood or Green Lantern in my book. Then again being shot in the face is better than Gotham Knights. However, I love Ultimate Avengers 1 and Dr. Strange both are almost as good as New Frontier in my book.

        • WTF Red Hood not good its the best animated movie yet and they have pwn marvel in animated movies and for the voice actor kevin conroy/mark hamil they can live forever .

  4. what the F is that. They sould save their money and throw the master copy in the trash before they mass produce it.Don’t they understand that it’s time they move their animation style up the CGI. STOP GIVIN US 90’S STYLE ANIMATION ALREADY, we’re in the year 2011 incase you haven’t notice. I’m speaking to you DC, STOP FOLLOWING AND LEAD FOR A CHANGE.

    • Uh, that’s a clip of Kevin Conroy’s line, as quoted immediately prior, from the 1990s Batman: The Animated Series.

  5. I really do agree that Gotham Knight is bad, but if you want to see something worse, check out Superman: Brainiac Attacks.

    As for Marvel, I would say Hulk VS and Planet Hulk were the ones that came closest to DC’s average quality.

    As for Red Hood, I respect your opinion even if I don’t understand it. My ranking of the DC line (without having seen Year One are 1. Red Hood, 2. All Star Superman, 3. GL First Flight, 4. Wonder Woman, 5. Crisis on 2 Earths, 6. New Frontier, 7. Emerald Knights, 8. Doomsday, 9. Public Enemies, 10. Apocalypse, 11. Gotham Knight. I think the top 6 are all fantastic and 7, 8, 9 are still really good. 10 has its moments, and only 11 is bad.

    Did you like Crisis on Two Earths? Doom will probably be most similar to that one.

    • You are the first person I have ever seen say they liked GL First Flight that’s one of the most consistently hated movies of theirs. Interesting. Same could be said for All Star Superman which was universally panned by fans and critics.

      For me it would be 1. JL: TNF (which was an amazing film best animated film ever IMO) 2. Superman/Batman Public Enemies 3. Wonder Woman 4. Apocalypse after that it’s a massive drop in quality to purely bad films. Doomsday Gotham Knights and First Flight being the worst.

    • no love for Mask of Phantasm?

      • Mask of the Phantasm is good, but it was not a direct to video. Either way, it is the bar by which I will judge Year One.

      • Shadow I loved mask of the Phantasm, but I don’t count it as part of the DVD’s I list because it was in actual theaters and was a movie based on a TV show rather than a Direct to DVD adaptation.

  6. Under the Red Hood was a great movie even though some of the voices didn’t fit the characters. Also Superman/Batman Apocalypse was really good. And I say yes to some more Batman Beyond. Have it take place after the Justice League episode Epilogue perhaps? Epilogue was a great story to tie up Batman Beyond imo.

    • Apocalypse was okay. I just hated how Superman got hit butt kicked in EVERY fight. All the fights were superman getting smacked around for a couple of minutes, then he throws one punch and wins. Weak fights.

      • True but I still enjoyed it though. To each their own.

  7. Awesome. First of all, im glad Bruce Timm & Co are stickin to great traditional lookin superhero costumes & not The New 52 changes. Keep it up Bruce! Justice League: Doom sounds great, i just wished it would be set within the JLU universe which would be nice imo since it was great series and wouldn’t hurt to have one or two feature films in that DCU. I hope plans for Batman Beyond are set within the same Batman Beyond animated series.

  8. I understand comics are art. But the animated versions of Batman seldom are (with the exception of the WB Animated series. And picking so many different actors to voice Batman is equally ludicrous. Kevin Conroy is simply the finest Batman voice of all time. These other people they find are just horrible. Let’s grab the old team from Batman the Animated Series, write slightly darker eps and push this out to Adult Swim. Oh and of course Kevin Conroy FTW.

  9. When comes to voicing Batman in animated series or feature DVD’s, No-one comes close to being as great as Kevin Conroy. In voicing the character, he is BATMAN! Heck if he was younger, i bet he’d beat out all the actors who’ve played Batman. Even Michael Keaton & Christian Bale’s performances. That’s just my opinion of-course. Id be all for it if they continued makin more episodes to Batman:TAS since its the best Batman animated show. Heck they could also work on Superman:TAS for one more season or two that focuses on Superman gaining back the people’s trust which Bruce Timm stated before if they were to revisit one the old shows.

  10. Kevin Conroy will forever be dope since i grew up on him. But i do like hearing other people as Batman. I liked the Under The Red Hood & Young Justice Batman voices.

    Never really was a big fan of Hamill’s Joker. Its cool but I could go w/o it. I did like the Red Hood and The Batman TV series Joker’s. However the Young Justice version from last night was horrible. Voice, apperance, talking style even his behavior. Only thing I liked was his use of knives.

    Another reminder of CGI Green Lantern and CGI Batman. (silence). DC NATION is already a fail
    IMO. I cant even give it a chance. Call me old school but I like my hand drawn animation. I like it alot. A GL with Hand drawn animation but CGI construct might have peaked my interest.

    • I want to digitally improve my last post by inserting a long ominous “NOOOOOOOO” where there was a silence.

      • @ Ignur Rant

        I rather think even Hamill’s voice & laugh as the Joker is the best outta all of them. In Batman:TAS His Joker has more than one laugh you can easily spot. Whether its a cheerful laugh, intimdating laugh, etc. These days, i think of Hamill’s animated Joker as the balance between Nicolson’s & Ledger’s Jokers sorta speak. But thats just me.

        • @Wally West

          Hamill is definately great at it. I don’t really put one over the other. I more so like them all equally.

          I do however like when they show the more sociopathic darker Joker and then have him turn lighthearted the next second. One of my favorite scenes from TDK is during the first Joker tape. When he videotapes the faux Batman and says “look at me. LOOK. AT. ME.” Goes from calm to dark to playful. I’d be scared as s***less.

          • that really was a great scene in TDK

          • @ Ignur Rant

            I too like having the Joker being sociopathtic & being lighthearted the next second or vice-versa as seen in some episodes of Batman:TAS. Like in the New Batman Adventures w/ fake Harley when he asked her for opinion when he was cheerful but was irritated but her pitiful laugh & pulled a gun on her and was gonna shoot but was stopped by one of his men,lol. That was one of the best scenes in TDK. That & how that interogation scene starts off.

    • They are not doing away with the original hand drawn style they are just using them for those 2 new series. Not sure about the Batman series yet since we haven’t seen anything solid I’d give GL a chance. Same style as Clone Wars which I didn’t like initially but it grew on me.

      • Merciful Rao

        The 2 new series are the start of a new intertwining DC Universe. Basically the new DCUA. All CGI.

        Unfortunately, Young Justice will not be part of this universe. I dont know why they didn’t make the GL series apart of Young Justice. Even Static Shock was apart of the DCUA.

        I saw a ten minute preview of GL. You should be able to find it on the youtube now. It was bad IMO. Im not extremely knowledgeable in the mythos but it felt wrong. It also felt like they were channeling the Reynolds Hal in thr CGI Hal.

        I never could get into tge CGI Star Wars. I felt it was sluggish and blocky and I never really cared for the story to be honest. I did like those 5-10 animated shorts they did. Thought theycwere pretty dope.

        • @ Ignur Rant

          I feel the same way about what you said in your last paragraph regarding the two Star Wars series.

  11. The obsession some of you guys have over Conroy’s voice is odd

    • @ Shadow

      Is it odd about the obesession of Nolan’s work on his Batman in the films? Ones known to be a voice actor of the character while others portray the character on film, but still you must get my point of how people obesess over the take of the character whether it’s done by voice actor or live performer.

      • There is a difference between liking a guy vs totally dismissing something because they don’t have the guy like people are doing.

  12. Under The Red Hood is definatly my favourite, I don’t think the voicework was by any means bad I believe its more a case of people finding it hard to accept anyone other than Conroy and Hammil, Greenwoood (Batman) and DiMaggio (Joker) were both great in my opinion, plus with the added talents of Jason Issacs, Jensen Ackles and Neil Patrick Harris the voice acting was way above par.

    • I disagree I thought Under The Red Hood had some of the worst voice acting I’ve ever heard especially Joker.

      Clearly I can deal with a lack of Conroy if you look at my list of faves my top DC cartoon is JL: NF which doesn’t not have him as Batman and is instead Jeremy Sisto. Conroy is the best voiced Batman, but I never felt he was the only one that could do the job. Others can indeed do it as well just not the guy who did it in Red Hood

      • @ Daniel F

        Not to spark a debate with ya here but im just wanna ask a question outta curiousity.

        If you feel Kevin Conroy is the best person whos voiced Batman as i do but never felt he was the only that could do the job, Wouldn’t you feel the sameway as i do about a actor portraying the actor just as great as Heath Ledger as some people think No-One will?

        • Wally

          No those are not the same thing. I said Conroy is the best Batman voice, but I can accept other people doing the voice if they are good. I did not say some one can do it better. I don’t think anyone will ever do it better than Conroy or even as good. I simply think other people can do it well enough that I can accept it.

          Same goes for Heath. I can accept someone else playing Joker (Not in this current Nolan Franchise that’s wrong IMO but in a new one) as long as they are good. However, I don’t think anyone will ever be better or just as good. Heath Like Conroy completely owned the role and amazed me when an actor does that it’s nearly impossible for them to ever be topped. Other batman voice actors have done well and I thought “he did a good job” or ” That’s not bad at all” but none of them have impressed or wowed me.

          I don’t think anyone can do a better Batman voice than Conroy. I don’t think there will ever be a better Joker than Heath. I also don’t think anyone else could ever of been a better John Mcclaine than Bruce Willis. Sometimes an actor is just perfect for a role sometimes they own it and they become just a much a part of the character as the type of clothing they where. From now on anytime someone hears the name Joker along with his white face and big smile people will always think of Heath because he didn’t simply play the Joker well he was the Joker. Once you like an actor in a roll that much it’s impossible for anyone to top it. No one can ever be better in the role to me because Heath Ledge didn’t play the Joker he simply was the Joker and no one can be a better Joker than Joker.

          • @ Daniel F

            I agree that Kevin Conroy is the best voice actor to voiced Batman & doubt anyone is gonna best him.

            On the otherhand about Ledger’s Joker performance. While i enjoyed his performance, i still stand by statement before of how another actor could possibly top his performance. Because looking back when Nicolson was found out being cast as the Joker, things didn’t look good for the actor just as fans reacted to Ledger being casted as Joker. But Nicolson surprised people in his performance as did Ledger did, thats somthing the two actors have in common. But Nicolson’s fame of the Joker over time fades with Ledger’s Joker performances in people’s minds now. So it’s only a matter of time till the same happes with Ledger, only his may laster longer since he died at young age and TDK is one of his last completed projects before his death. You understand what im sayin right?

            • To interject:

              While I love Conroy’s voice and he will always be Batman to me. (It’s his voice his delivery I hear when I read a Batman comic) I do understand and accept that other voices will be heard in the role. Batman is bigger than Kevin Conroy.

              In the same way The Joker is bigger than Heath Ledger. And while I enjoyed his performance Mark Hamill is the definitive Joker to me. I think avoiding him as a character in Nolan’s movies and claiming no one else can touch this is foolhardy. It also does a disservice to Ceasar Romero, Jack Nicholson and Mark Hamill. And The Joker is not a character like Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp created the character and his unique protrayal informs all we know about him. Nolan’s version of Joker is just the latest in a series of protrayals. Sparrow goes away when Depp walks, the Joker should not be off limits because an actor(the last actor to portray him) tragically died. If the situation were reversed and Christian Bale died, would we no longer get The Dark Knight Rises or would we recast Batman and keep going.

              Just curious what you guys think. Not looking to start a war.

              • @ Darth Zangetsu

                I agree. I feel both Kevin Conroy is Batman as Mark Hamill would be The Joker when reading a comic or watching TAS. That’s opinion.

                I agree & glad someone else knows facts are true that someone can do just as good job portraying the Joker on screen again just Heath Ledger did & Nicolson before him. To think otherwise is foolish & is complete denial. I agree it’s a disservice to Ceasar, Romero, Jack Nicolson, Mark Hamill because in the time between the actor’s portrayals of the character, they were all considered great in their own time & in their own way. The next guy who plays Joker could be great aswell, especially if the the filmaker adds Harley Quinn by his side.

                It’s the samething with actors who’ve played Superman. From Kirk Allyn, George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, Tim Daly, George Newborn, Brandon Routh. All were great in their own way in their own times aswell. Though, alot of people see Christopher Reeve as Superman on film, but even now his version fading as people are already chatting Henry Cavill is the Man Of Steel now because they’ve updated the character just as they did for the movie imo. So people would get over Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of Superman, don’t be surprise if the same happend with Ledger’s Joker performance as it did to those before him.

                • Wally

                  Jeez Wally wtf man come on. That’s so arrogant. IT IS YOUR OPINION not a fact. No one is in denial we simply don’t agree try not to be such a jerk about it man. that’s so rude and insulting to that anyone who disagrees with your opinion doesn’t understand facts or is in denial.

                  • @ Daniel F

                    Daniel, relax. It’s not being arrogant when you’re telling people facts the way they are. You have YOUR OPINION, I have Mine. I leave it at that. Im just being honest & stated examples to explain the facts & expect people to know what i mean. I think it’s you being rude & insulting here & expect me & everyone else to think you’re right as you’re right about anything else. Im not trying to tick anyone off & wished i didn’t ask you the question that started all this.

                    Good Day.

                    • Wally

                      Are you serious ? I’ve not stated my opinion as fact once on this topic with you. I’ve not expected anyone to agree with me or anything. I flat out said my stance was an opinion.

                      You declared your opinion was fact. You didn’t simply imply it you flat out said your opinion is fact. Then said everyone who doesn’t agree with you is in denial. You don’t think that’s rude or arrogant? You were not even subtle about it you just flat out insulted anyone who doesn’t share your opinion.

                      the only facts in what you said were that those people played the joker. Everyone has their opinion on wheater each was great or not. Simply because you thought each was great when they did it and then was out done by the next doesn’t mean everyone does.

                      My personal OPINION (because that’s what all this BS is) is that Ceaser ramero was never any good in the role. Jack was only ok I was never impressed with him or blown away. The only two people to do the joker great are Hamil and Ledge IMO, but two very different types I don’t compare voice to live action because a lot more goes in to live action and it would be unfair.

                • @WallyWest

                  Nice to see someone else who doesn’t let themselves be blinded by misguided loyalty. I have had friends who went into a rage at the mention of the Joker appearing on film again.

                  I hate to say it, but I’m ready for the end of the Nolan era. And I hate that I feel that way. I should be enjoying it. Instead I’m ready for a new filmmaker, so I no longer have to listen to his fanboys claim his version is the gospel of Batman. I wan to be done with the realism comic book movie movement. People demand realism from a movie about a billionaire vigilante who dresses like a bat. His main villains are a clown, a burn victim, a steroid abusing luchador, an anthropomorphic crocodile, and a midget with an umbrella fetish. This is escapism, fantasy. I don’t want Schumacher’s crap, but this is at times to far in the other direction.

                  But that’s my soapbox, and this isn’t the place.

                  • @ Darth Zangetsu

                    Thanks. My friends knew Joker would be in TDK given the hint at the end of Batman Begins but were also hoping for a new villian not yet seen on film aswell. But Eckhart’s better portrayal of Two-Face made up for that only my friends & i wished Harvy Dent been in Batman Begins instead of him becoming Two-Face in TDK then killed him off in the end, you know?

                    I too ready for Nolan’s Bat-films to end somewhat. I feel it because his realistic approach has limits. Especially when it comes to villains. It’s better to end it than have another director take over & have Bale replaced otherwise history can repeat itself one way or another. I want to be done with realism too somewhat. Id like to have comic book films be like Marvel Studio’s films, especially DC’s films so their films can be connected for a Justice League to be taken in as expected.

                    I always figured there can be balance between realism & the kind of films you, me & other people can enjoy. Even though it’s a animated series, I always thought Batman:TAS can be the next example for the next Batman reboot. A sorta balance between Burton/Nolan’s films with all the villains people would enjoy. Even ones not yet seen on film yet such as Mr.Freeze properly done, Firefly,Harley Quinn, Killer Croc,Penguin, etc.

                    One thing i notice about Batman while lookin at the cardboard stand for Batman:Arkarm City video game, is a change of costume. Not just design, but material his custume should be made out of. Maybe Spandex or somthing. Batman is agile, why not have him wear body armor for once in a reboot? Barely get’s a scratch anyways. Only time really came close to death was being buried alive in Batman Forever & possibly whatever happens to him in TDKR. Btw, the Catwoman costume on the stand looked much better than what Anne Hathway’s wearing imo. Aslong it ain’t like Batman & Robin, it’s all i care about.

            • I understand what your saying Wally but I disagree completely. It’s a pointless disscussion we have had over and over again and you know where I stand and I know where you stand. No point in doing it again. I think there is a little more to your opinion than your willing to say, but no point in getting in to it all. We simply don’t agree with each other.

  13. Does anyone else agree that, Tim Drake is totally underrated? I mean, it’s always “Batman” “Nightwing” and never Tim Drake? Yeah, he was in the DCAU, but he was useless, was nowhere near Dick Grayson in usefulness, and tortured and turned into Joker Jr. A FREAKING MINI-JOKER!!!! I think Tim fans would just die if they made a Tim Drake animated movie. I personally think a Red Robin: The Grail + Red Robin: Collision movie would be a MASTERPIECE. He’s just lost Bruce, is on a dire quest to find him, no one believes him, not even his own BROTHER (Adoptive)!!!! And then he meets Tam, gets his s*** together, and out-smarts Ra’s Al Ghul. Freaking RA’S AL GHUL! That’s just my opinion. Please Reply and give your opinions. Thanks! :)

  14. WTF is up with that UGLY Wonder Woman?????? And for the record…Superman in the DCAU sucks. He always gets his ass kicked and I expect that’s why they don’t want the new 52 versions…cause Superman has balls in it!!!!!