DC Universe To Be Rebooted; How Will It Affect the Justice League Film?

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dc universe reboot all new justice league DC Universe To Be Rebooted; How Will It Affect the Justice League Film?

Today marks the biggest development for DC Comics since 1985 and Crisis On Infinite Earths. It may, in fact, be the company’s biggest development ever.

At the end of August – following the current comic book crossover Flashpoint – DC’s entire line of books will be rebooted with 52 number one issues, starting with Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s newer, younger, redesigned Justice League.

How will this reboot (and the redesigns) affect the upcoming DCU feature films – especially Justice League? Keep on reading.

Here’s the press release, courtesy of the DCU Source Blog:

“On Wednesday, August 31st, DC Comics will launch a historic renumbering of the entire DC Universe line of comic books with 52 first issues, including the release of Justice League by New York Times bestselling writer and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and bestselling artist and DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee. The publication of Justice League issue 1 will launch day-and-date digital publishing for all these ongoing titles, making DC Comics the first of the two major American publishers to release all of its superhero comic book titles digitally the same day as in print.

“DC Comics will only publish two comic books on August 31st: the final issue of this summer’s comic book mini-series Flashpoint and the first issue of Justice League by Johns and Lee, two of the most distinguished and popular contemporary comic book creators, who will be collaborating for the first time. Together they will offer a contemporary take on the origin of the comic book industry’s premier superhero team.”

Soon after the initial release, DCE Senior Vice President of Sales Bob Wayne sent out a letter on the matter. Below are the more interesting sections (via Bleeding Cool), underlined for emphasis:

“[T]he new #1s will introduce readers to a more modern, diverse DC Universe, with some character variations in appearance, origin and age. All stories will be grounded in each character’s legend – but will relate to real world situations, interactions, tragedy and triumph.

“We think our current fans will be excited by this evolution, and that it will make jumping into the story extremely accessible to first-time readers – giving them a chance to discover DC’s characters and stories.

“We have taken great care in maintaining continuity where most important, but fans will see a new approach to our storytelling.

“Some of the characters will have new origins, while others will undergo minor changes. Our characters are always being updated; however, this is the first time all of our characters will be presented in a new way all at once.

“Dan DiDio, Bob Harras and Eddie Berganza have been working diligently to pull together some of the best creative teams in the industry. Over 50 new costumes will debut in September, many updated and designed by artist Jim Lee, ensuring that the updated images appeal to the current generation of readers.”

grant morrisons justice league of america DC Universe To Be Rebooted; How Will It Affect the Justice League Film?

Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s version of the JLA

Additionally, USA Today talked to Geoff Johns and Jim Lee about the announcement. Again, here are the more interesting sections:

Justice League will begin its first year with an updated secret origin reflecting DC’s new initiative, giving the group a reason for coming together that it lacked when the league first appeared in 1960. And while it will ultimately boast 14 members, at its core will be DC’s A-list do-gooders: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman.

The characters also are getting a makeover. While most of the specifics are still top secret, Lee says he worked with both staff and freelance artists to redesign costumes in a contemporary way as well as alter the physicality of many heroes and villains to modernize the DC Universe.

The recent emphasis on diverse characters such as lesbian superheroine Batwoman, Hispanic hero Blue Beetle and African-American adventurer Cyborg (who will be a core member of Johns and Lee’s new Justice League) also will continue.

Regardless of what you think of the various announcements today, “haters” and “fanboys” alike (of which there are many on both sides) can agree that it’s a pretty damn bold move. Though some are calling this DC’s version of a canonical Ultimate Universe, it’s more akin to the original plan for Crisis On Infinite Earths – which was to enact a full, in-continuity reboot.

It seems, at the outset, that this change was done for a few major reasons:

  1. To gain new readers by offering comics, characters, and stories unburdened by a massive amount of continuity and backlog (I call this the “Ultimate Universe” approach)
  2. To dive head-first with fresh content into the digital arena – a much-needed move in an increasingly digital world, where comic books are losing money and print is dying fast (you can pretty much guarantee Marvel will announce a similar digital move in the next few weeks and pretend like DC’s announcement had nothing to do with it)
  3. To streamline all their characters/properties across all media so fans of, say, a Justice League film won’t be confused when they then pick up a Justice League comic book (I call this the “Business first, artistic merit second” approach)

That’s right, if you want an idea of what the Justice League film might entail, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Justice League #1 – like Johns’ Green Lantern: Secret Origin and Superman: Secret Origin influenced Green Lantern and Man of Steel movies before it – is probably the best place to start.

Check out the first image for Johns and Lee’s Justice League #1 below:

geoff johns jim lee justice league roster DC Universe To Be Rebooted; How Will It Affect the Justice League Film?

Note: Flash’s baby-sized head looks strange atop his massive and muscular frame.

As you can see, the main Justice League roster is: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, The Flash, and Teen Titans‘ Cyborg (one of the stars of Flashpoint), all of whom have movies in development, save for Cyborg. (I guess if this comes off without a hitch, we can assume a Cyborg movie’s on the way, as well?)

Essentially, it’s “the big seven” Justice League minus Martian Manhunter.

justice league big 7 by alex ross DC Universe To Be Rebooted; How Will It Affect the Justice League Film?

Alex Ross’ version of “the big seven” JLA

It’s worth noting a few things about the new costume designs:

  • First, with the exception of Batman, The Flash, and Cyborg, they all have a vague uniformity with regard to the collars. (This is very important!)
  • Second, Batman’s comic book costume now resembles his cinematic counterpart’s more than it ever has before. Compare the above design to that of the bat-suit in The Dark Knight. The similarity is no accident.
  • Third, Jim Lee obviously isn’t a huge fan of the Green Lantern film’s character design either, as the new one looks just like the old one.
  • Fourth, Wonder Woman’s widely-mocked new design from last year has been replaced by the one above — though similar, it looks about five times better.

Recently, our very own Rob Keyes discussed the (at the time) upcoming “big announcement” by Johns and Lee and wondered what it meant for Warner Bros.’ tent-pole Justice League film. Rob said it seemed strange that a Justice League film would utilize different actors for characters that will already have their own movies – i.e. Ryan Reynolds/Green Lantern and Henry Cavill/Man of Steel.

Now, today’s move doesn’t really explain why it would be necessary to use all new actors (after all, this Justice League will incorporate younger, twenty-early thirty somethings just like the forthcoming Green Lantern and Man of Steel films will). However, it does explain what Johns and Lee meant when they referred to a “bombshell announcement about the future of Superman and the entire DC Universe.”

The most interesting thing that will come of this – besides how it will affect the future of superhero cinema – is how Marvel will respond. Because rest assured, they will respond. The last time DC made a big announcement (circa New York Comic Con 2010, regarding comic book pricing), Marvel scrambled to announce something similar but less impactful as if they had planned to do so all along.

Expect more information about this line-wide reboot and how it will affect the future of DC superhero movies to come out in the next few days, weeks, and months, but especially at the Hero Complex Film Festival next month (via @LATherocomplex):

“Yes you will be hearing (and seeing) a LOT more about that DC news at the Hero Complex Film Festival”

Can’t wait.

Green Lantern hits theaters June 17th, Man of Steel hits theaters December 2012, and Justice League hits theaters 2013.

Sources: DCU Source Blog, Bleeding Cool, USA Today, Hero Complex Twitter

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  1. so justice leauge is for sure confirmed?

  2. Wonder if these “re-boots” by DC and Marvel have anything to do with all these lawsuits by the families of the original artists and writers. Well anybody with old issues need to keep those books nice and pristine in the mylar bags. All these re-sets just help bump the value of the original volumes.

  3. Uggggggggggg

  4. I’m gonna call it, our first look at Henry Cavill as Superman will be in a hidden scene at the end of Green Lantern. Who’s with me???

    • Dc is definitely going to rip off marvel with the jla, Superman cameo is highly expected

    • No.

    • Originally, there was a scene in the screenplay that showed the ring considering “Clark Kent” as a possible Green Lantern candidate, but it was cut before production.

  5. Alex Ross’ version is head and shoulders above the new look.

    • I completely disagree. I know it’s a matter of personal taste, so I’m not arguing with you here. But I’ve always found the Alex Ross style art to be a bit stale and, for lack of a better description, “old.” The Rossian Superman looks like a Dad from a 50′s sitcom in silly colored pajamas (same with Aquaman and GL). I would not a read a book that was drawn like that.

      • Retro trumps metro.

  6. @Ben Moore
    “Third, Jim Lee obviously isn’t a huge fan of the Green Lantern film’s character design either, as the new one looks just like the old one.”

    It seems Jim Lee is also not a fan of the ring as well for Hal Jordan is missing his most iconic accessory.

    • It’s on his left middle finger, it’s just now what you call “prominent.” I would have made it brighter personally but I’m no Jim Lee either.

  7. Is it just me or does the new superman green lantern aquaman and flash look like pretty boy models you see in Abercrombie & Fitch and Old Navy? Give one of the a scar, or facial hair so they look more ordinary!!!

    Make one of them obese! one of them has facial hair! one of them has a scar, and on a related note, WHAT HAPPEND TO AQUAMANS MISSING HAND WITH THE HOOK?!?!?!?!?

    • The hook went away like 15 years ago (I’m estimating).

  8. Hmm, I wonder if this has anything to do with the whole fiasco involving Superman’s origins. New origins=new movie material and NO royalties to pay to pesky lawsuits.

  9. Hmmm, I wonder if these new “origins” are going to mirror Smallville canon for characters like Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg?

    • The Cyborg – Smallville connection you make is interesting. I know his first appearance was a real WTF moment for comics fans because it messed with the “then known” timeline so much. Then Smallville added him to their proto-Justice League. Again complaints about the timeline and him belonging to the Teen Titans era. Now Cyborg is made a 1st generation Justice Leaguer. I wonder how long this idea has been peculating at DC? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Did Smallville use Cyborg this way because of DC prompting and future plans, or was DC inspired by Smallville and made this change while they could? What other Easter Eggs did DC hide in Smallville? What other ideas did they test out on the show?

      We have long known that some of the “wrong” things Smallville did was because DC forced them to do, like using Impulse instead of Flash. But we have never been sure of which “wrong” things were Smallville writers’ errors and which were forced by DC. Now retroactively this “wrong” use of Cyborg is made right. It will be interesting to see if other such “wrong” things are made right.

      • Doubtful. Cyborg was also a member of the Super Friends in the 80s. He’s just a recognizable character via other media in general.

        • That really doesn’t answer my chicken or the egg question. You say Smallville used Cyborg because of Super Friends, and DC OK’ed it for whatever reason knowing the duststorm it would kick up among comic fans, as happened. Makes more sense for DC itself to prompt the idea of Cyborg as 1st gen JLer to SV, since they already knew the minor controversy of it, and these reboot plans have been in the works for years.

          • No, I’m saying Geoff Johns/Jim Lee are using Cyborg because of Smallville, his place on the Teen Titans (cartoon), and Super Friends. He’s a widely used character in other media. With regard to Smallville, Warner Bros. probably said, “Here’s who you can’t use,” so they used who they could. DC is not trying to line anything up with Smallville, a CW TV show that has ended and will no longer be followed up on. Why would they care about doing that?

            • Why would they care about lining up with Super Friends? LOL. Dude I understand some fanboys hating on Smallville to an absurd degree, but this logic reeks of that. The reboot has been building for a long, long time. DC made the puzzling decision to have Smallville use Cyborg as a 1st generation Justice Leaguer. This has always baffled comic book fans, and now it makes a lot more sense, in light of what was going on in the background at DC. Chicken and the egg my friend.

  10. ggrrrrrr……

    I pretty much Dropped Marvel Books From My Pull-Box Completely when they did that whole Heroic-Age thing.

    now i feel DC is pushing in that direction, and i don’t want them to, i hope its not all their titles getting this reboot, cuz the one book that i get every month that never disappoints is Bryan Q. Miller’s Batgirl and if i loose that book i might loose Complete faith in DC all together.

    with resent changes in both DC and Marvel my pull Box’s “Hero-comics” have dropping exponentially.
    since brightest day just ended(and also Re Integrated both SwampThing and John Constantine into the current DCU) this feels daft at most.

    my box’s “Hero Titles” as of now consists of

    Bendis/Maleev MoonKnight
    DickGrason “Batman” (a book that is in the 700′s)
    Batman:Arkham city Mini-series

    this is the smallest my pull Box has ever been on superhero books, and thanks to this DC Revamp it will mostlikely be getting smaller.

    its a shame i find myself re-reading trades more now than current comics.

    i apologize for the nerd rage.



    • also Hal’s Ring is on the Wrong Hand.

      • The hand really shouldn’t matter; it’s not a wedding band or engagement ring. Besides, if he’s righthanded, wielding the ring with his left will allow for much more dramatic, two-handed construct creation.

  11. Cool. Now I can start Green Lantern and know what the fudge is going on.

  12. Hmmm kind of strange to “re-boot” things now when over half of these major characters haven’t even been given the big screen treatment yet. While I’m all for netting a new audience it seems counter productive to throw out all those years of build up and history for the sake of catching younger readers. Personally I think the better approach would have been to get new readers interested in the established back log of books which in turn would give them good reason to republish classic books so that new readers can appreciate the depth and scope of where these characters come from. “Rebooting” is such a cop out and a waste of time. Kind of takes away from the grandness of these characters when they have to be regurgitated simply or the sake of telling new readers a “contemporary” take on essentially the same stories but watered down. LAME! If this carries into the movies count me out of viewing any of them. I want to see a movie if the characters I grew up seeing without the “contemporary” facelifts these new execs seem to think they need.

    • Exactly, I think if they have keep with the original stories they would have got new follower off the back because the wanna know who these people their parents have been praising for years. i worked for Thor cause most of those kids that saw it had no idea who he was till they found out a movie was being made.

  13. HOLD YOUR HATS!!!! 2011 is shaping up to be a Fan boy’s year. Now it all depends on whether or not you’ve drawn lines in the sand about the players…and Studios and Directors etc..etc..

    Yet no one can deny the creative attention put forth by DC/Warner and Marvel. It’s full steam ahead in capturing the market in all its different mediums. As far as ‘publishing.. the big 2 are in the drivers seat and pushing the gas. But when it comes to the Cinematic aspect DC/Warner is in a much better place than Marvel,which is a house divided. Now here’s the difference between the 2 Houses that sets them a part.

    Due to sharing/selling property lisesnses of their characters from the 90′s. Marvel Studios has ,had to *carefully construct a Cinematic universe without the usage of said properties mentioned earlier.Whichever they may be. Cause Honestly.. I’m still tripping on the Human Torch and Toro thing with Johnny Storm from the FF..
    ANYWAY ( That’s a fight I would love to argue in Court) a plan was put into motion that wouldn’t hurt their position and possible increase their marketing of the other 5000 characters still under their controll. I will assume its safe to say after IM,IM2, TIH and THOR its working. Captain America on the horizon…its working. All of these projects working and MS dealing with all the handcuffs that go along with it. Fox and Sony also crowding the field with thier own Marvel props..at the same time. So there’s a lot of Marvel out there…*not connected but a lot.

    Now DC/Warner with its house completely in order launches its plans for participation in the genere. But it seems that since there’s no 2nd thought or handcuffs of strategy on them..DC/Warner is going about it in a strange disconnected and somewhat arrogant way. The completion of the Nolan Batman films is not surprising. But then to go on toward the Superman reboot..with the same guy ‘Who publiclly states the Heros will not share the same universe..tells the public what? No one’s telling DC/Warner to follow the Marvel plan. DC dosnt have to..but the aspects that’s got Marvel Studios selling tickets for their 2nd teir characters is the marketing and inclusion of the Fans. The Justice League is Americana..built in fan base…’Winner. But shouldn’t there be a feeling of a thought process behind it…?

  14. this has ‘we’re desperate for money’ written all over it. they also dont seem to realise that by making their comics digital, they’re making it alot more convenient for pirates b/c they’ll get both quality (not poor scans) and will be able to pirate them from day one of release (dont have to wait a few days/weeks for someone to scan and clean then etc).
    good job DC, now i’ll be able to understand the dc universe and save money ;)

    • That’s the worst argument EVER against going digital.

      Pirates already exist. It’s going to happen. Making it easy or not isn’t going to change the fact that pirates typically have the 0-day releases by EOD of release. I’ve never had to wait “weeks” for a mainstream release.

      What it will do is give people like myself (a person that doesn’t want to buy the paper version for a bunch of different reasons) a way to buy my comics rather than download them from pirates. I would argue that there are a lot of people with the same mindset.

      So, while you see it as making it easier to pirate – I look at it as an easier way to purchase.

  15. I wish someone would invent the internet so people could look up what’s been happening in a comic so they understand what their reading. But until then I guess the only sensible thing to do is reboot the entire DCU so new people can jump right in……
    I definetly think that DC could of just created a whole ‘nother universe ala Marvel’s Ultimate line and still kept their current series and standings.
    Maybe they could take a page from that one company that has 52 alternate Earths/universes? That way they could choosefrom more than one alternate telling of a character but still keep the current comics?

    • I collected comics for most of the 80′s and 90′s, Marvel and some other independent stuff mostly. By 1996 a combination of being burned out by the decline in quality and the shift to quantity just made me stop buying books. The last things I can really recall were the way Marvel rented out allot of their characters after Onslaught and some crap about Peter Parker not being the real Spider-Man and he was a clone. Just ridiculous stunts that turned off so many readers from that time.

      A few years before that I can remember vividly having conversation with one of the owners of the comic shop that I had been going to for over a decade and his comment about where things were going with DC and Marvel kind of should how disillusioned someone like him was even getting with the business that he clearly loved enough at one point to open a shop. He said that Marvel and DC had pretty much decided to flood the market with all the spin-offs, unwarranted solo books, etc., to push the smaller companies into the background and off the racks in his store (and the other stores as well). Having only ventured into shops on a few occasions in the past ten years I have noticed that if it’s not a Marvel or DC title it’s not there, especially in smaller stores.

      Seems like what the companies are doing now is using the books to push movies and television projects they want to do and the desire to bring in this new audience pretty much signals the idea they have given up on the people from the past. Thing is with the short attention span people have today will this be a recurring theme every decade when it looks like people have lost interest and they decide to recycle everything again ?

  16. I guess that whole “Superman-Prime punches reality” bunk was a little too much for some readers.

  17. All sarcasm aside though, this was a well written article, thank you Mr. Ben Moore, and I have to agree that this is a very bold move no matter how you look at it. I guess i’ll just have to wait until September.

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for the kind words.

  18. No martian manhunter? That kinda blows… Why get rid of one of the originals? At least make it aqua man. Who likes him? Lol

    • I admit that MM isn’t the most popular but I like him none the less. He works in the JL simply because he is so different from the other members.

      I personally like what they did with Aquaman over the past 10 years; turning him into a neutral antagonist that has to be won over before deciding to become an ally. He should be part of the JL but not a founding member imho and certainly not at the cost of MM. :(

      • Wait a minute – I stopped reading comics years ago. So Aquaman is the Sub-Mariner now?

        • Aquaman was a knock off of Submariner from the beginning, but he’s changed so many different ways over the years.

  19. Yea it was definitley a good read, I have faith that DC will end up ushering in a new era

  20. Jim Lee’s Batman redesign looks great!

  21. If they are making new characters of batman or superman then its a big mistake or if they redesign the heroes then it will be awesome i like lee`s design though but i don`t want new character instead of Bruce,Clark etc wud like to see redesign!

  22. This sounds interesting. I’ve never taken the time to get into DC comics apart from watching the cartoons as a kid and seeing the films. I know a bit about most characters origins, but always felt the DC universe was too deep to drive into. So this sounds interesting. But at the same time, is a complete universe reboot needed? I mean will the current world they live in implode or something? Or Why not do the marvel thing and create a separate universe? But I also liked what Marvel did with their point issues. That was cool in helping new readers jump on board, without rebooting everything, but opening the door for a fresh look. So this does sound interesting and I am curious to see what happens!

  23. The guys of DC must be desperate to have more sales.

  24. WTF!!They will not mention Martian Hunter????Why they have to do that??Once WB said they are planing Martian Hunter but after This reboot no chance!! :(

    • Who said there will be no Martian Manhunter??? All Ben wrote about was that this “JLA#1″ will start out with 6 regulars and Cyborg WHO PLAYS A MAJOR ROLE IN “FLASHPOINT” right before this reboot starts. That does not mean, by any stretch of the imagination, that MM will no longer appear or be important. Also, this reboot does not mean that the DC Universe is permanently altered…Have you forgotten that we’re dealing with comics?!?

      One more thing (playing off that “Flashpoint” storyline): Barry Allen, this summer, will be experiencing DRASTICALLY different versions of various heroes and villains and an extremely altered world (“Flashpoint” #1, already out, has THOMAS Wayne, Bruce’s father, as a more violent Batman and Flash rogue Captain Cold as a perceived hero!). The reboot idea seems quite logical from a story standpoint if the DC UNIVERSE is ever to return to any recognizable form without the sudden “waking-up” effect, a la “M-Day”.

      • Yeah, all I said was the main roster included those seven members. There’s no reason to assume Martian Manhunter won’t be among the final fourteen member roster. Johns appreciates the character quite a bit, so my guess is he’ll show up.

        • But he should be a core/founding member.

        • Oh i get it now…. :)

  25. Wait ! Didn’t you notice the MOST important costume change ?
    Superman DROPPED THE RED PANTS !!!!!

    • No freaking way! They did get rid of his red pants! Ahhh! They can’t do that!? Can they?

      • Yep they did. It’s a costume change I think might actually work.

        • Wow, I didn’t even catch that until you said something, then I went back and looked. I also like the uniformity of the collars (for some reason I cant quite place).

    • OHMYGOD YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! whoa, NO ONE noticed that!! dude, this is great! i like how they have cyborg, it kind of branches of from what smallville started. they will probably have a thing between superman and green arrow then, and bring in chloe sullivan. this is a great way to bring in more fans more familiar with modern film/tv than comics.

      • Actually, I lot of people noticed it. I probably should have referenced it myself, but I thought the image was enough. Apparently, he’ll get all new boots (with…kneepads?), too, so…there’s that. You can expect Batman not to have the trunks either, although he already got rid of those with Batman Inc.

  26. Yeah, I’ve been following this development all day, being a DCU reader of recent years. This news definitely made my jaw hit the ground.

    I’m a bit tired of discussing it (with friends) at the moment, but I just wanted to mention one thing to all of the people that seems to have completely overlooked one tidbit from their interview with Jim Lee & Geoff Johns, it was even mentioned in the above article:

    THE JUSTICE LEAGUE WILL HAVE FOURTEEN MEMBERS. 14. Okay? We don’t see them all on the cover.

    So Martin Manhunter will likely be part of the team. He’s just not on the cover.

    • Man, martian manhunter better be part of the team… No one is more important to the cohesiveness of the league than he is imo. And taking the pants away from superman is just crazy to me. Might as well take away his cape too if you want to update his look that bad.

      • Really.

        You truly think bright red briefs are anywhere near as important or iconic as the cape? Really?

        • Hell yes they are. Everyone’s image of what a superhero is has a dude with a cape and underwear on the outside of his pants. That is because Superman made that a staple. I think if we saw a full body shot of just a plain blue skin tight suit with no lines at the waist and thighs it will look sillier than with the trunks.

          • Admittedly, I’m used to seeing the red briefs, but in a modernized interpretation of his outfit, I have no problem NOT seeing them.

            • Yeah, I completely understand that it doesn’t work for a modern interpretation because I know it kinda looks silly. But maaaan…. That’s been superman’s suit for like 80 years! I mean batman doesn’t need a spandex suit with underwear cuz why would he? But superman only wears this because it was kryptonian style. They’re either changing what all kryptionians wore or changing the story completely. The former makes the most sense though.

      • Yeah that`s right MM Should be at first in JLA no matter who`s in or out!

  27. Also, one more thing. There’s been six reboots of the DC Universe to this point.

    So this HAS to be the last one for quite a while, because readers are really getting tired of their favorite characters being messed around with. One of two reasons I am staying with this particular reboot, is because Geoff Johns is masterminding this particular revision, and he knows the history of the DC characters better than any other writer I can think of – and I have full faith that he will respect all the characters and their back-stories.

    The other reason is I’m actually a buddy with one of the artists on one of the DC books and I’ll definitely be picking up his #1. But this is definitely a risky move on their part and I can see them losing a lot of customers because of it.

    Still, what better a time to do it than now, before Warner Bros’ really gets going with all the DC movies they have in development, I suppose.

    • See, I haven’t followed DC as religiously as I used to, but my first thought when I saw this announcement was “aw man, again?” and I wasn’t even sure how many they had done. I hope this one sticks, because a 7th one will be a bit much to handle.

  28. Marvel did this first, and had a better idea. Instead of rebooting, and therefore erasing everything that happened beforehand (except for terrible stuff like One More Day), just create an alternate “Ultimate” universe.

    Ah, well. I hope this works out for DC and if its interesting enough, may actually grab a couple of my $$$ in doing so.

    • The Ultimate Universe concept was a real issue though. New readers didn’t know what it meant and were confused with the multiple universes.

      Plus, Marvel couldn’t staff enough good writers – so the Ultimate universe caved brutally when the original staff dropped off.

      Rebooting the entire universe, in my opinion, is a bold move … but a good move. Remove some of the unnecessary baggage that the current continuity has.

      Sure, long time readers will be angry. But they’ll get over it. The weight of all these stories makes it difficult for a new reader to enter.

  29. So are all the existing series gonna come to an end?