David S. Goyer: DC Movie Architect? Deathstroke & Team 7 Movies?

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david s goyer man steel batman superman David S. Goyer: DC Movie Architect? Deathstroke & Team 7 Movies?

David S. Goyer’s name gets tossed around a lot these days. Most fanboys now know him as the guy who wrote the Dark Knight Trilogy alongside Chris and Jonathan Nolan – and more recently, the Superman reboot Man of SteelBut hardcore fans (or just older ones) know that Goyer’s comic book movie resume goes WAY deeper than that: He wrote the Blade movie trilogy, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the superhero-themed Jumper, and even directed Blade 3, the spinoff TV series, as well as the 1998 Marvel TV movie Nick Fury: Agent of Shield with David Hasselhoff – just to name a few. 

With a filmography like that, it’s surprising that it’s taken this long for Goyer to find a prominent place within the order of big business comic book movie-making; however, a recent report suggested that Warner Bros. could be advancing Goyer up the ladder of creative oversight – and today brings further conformation that that is indeed the case.

Last month Goyer signed a first-look deal with WB to help bolster him to the studio. As stated, the man is known for keeping a full plate of work in front of him – and that hasn’t changed. The upcoming Batman vs. Superman and Sandman movies – as well as a possible Constantine TV show - are just some of the geek-friendly projects Goyer currently has in the works. However, even while trying to expand the DC/WB brand on both the big and small screens, Goyer and Co. are also up against another challenge: trying to appease a rabid and impatient fanbase with Marvel-style expectations of a shared universe.

Batman vs. Superman starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill David S. Goyer: DC Movie Architect? Deathstroke & Team 7 Movies?

There’s been recent debate about whether the Arrow TV show will be part of the Justice League movie continuity – and subsequently, whether the version of The Flash that show introduces will be incorporated into films, as well. Such rumoring has rekindled the fiery debate about DC’s lack of cohesiveness when compared to its biggest competitor, Marvel, which has its fully-established Avengers movie universe in place, and has clearly tied to that movie world to its Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV experiment. Man of Steel was supposed to be the big beginning of the DC shared universe – but so far, beyond the promise of Batman and Superman in one movie, there’s been little evidence (actual evidence, not rumor) of a DC Universe to speak of.

As Bleeding Cool now tells it, Warner Bros. and DC Comics seem to be getting their ducks in a row by handing down the mandate that any DC movie project needs to go through Goyer. As reported by the website:

I understand that people looking at making films based on the likes of Suicide Squad, Booster Gold, Deathstroke and even Team 7 have been told that they have to partner or work with Goyer as producer.

Justice League Movie Discussion Characters David S. Goyer: DC Movie Architect? Deathstroke & Team 7 Movies?

The website goes on to explain that not everyone at WB is happy about that mandate, which could be why Goyer’s Sandman movie might be coming sooner rather than later. There are also those former rumors of Goyer being involved either writing and directing (or both) the Justice League movie – though with his questionable directorial track, and guys like Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck fully connected to the WB/DC brand, we’re betting (read: hoping) that Goyer’s efforts stay on the writing/producing side – which will already be too much for some fans.

Look, love or hate Goyer (sentiment seems to change by the project; the discrepancies in opinion between The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel still baffle me…) there’s no denying that, these days, this is how the franchise universe game is played. In my own guidelines for how to build a good DC movie universe, I pointed out that DC/WB having a master architect – like Marvel does at both the creative level (Joss Whedon) and producer level (Kevin Feige) – is the only way to go.


READ: 5 Tips for Building the DC Movie Universe


What did we all learn from DC/WB in the last five years? During all the back and forth about Nolan’s standalone Batman continuity or how Green Lantern and Man of Steel fit into the picture? Well, I for one learned that having too many cooks in one kitchen – especially when they have differing meal plans in mind – does not a good shared universe make. Now that some growing pains are out of the way, and projects like Man of Steel and Arrow are showing good returns, it’s time to take the right step forward. But is Goyer the man fans want at the helm? 

There will be endless debate, but personally speaking, I’ve enjoyed the darker and more serious attempts to realize Batman and Superman on the big screen – and even though Nolan’s influence is often attributed to those projects’ success, Goyer has had just as much to do with it. DC and WB have also been sitting on a possible treasure-trove of non-traditional superhero projects – films that could radically differentiate the studio from the Marvel brand – and if there’s someone with enough variation in experience to make projects like Booster Gold, Suicide Squad or Team 7 into realities (while still keeping loyal to their respective sources AND fitting with the demands of a shared universe), it’s probably Goyer more so than Nolan.

Meanwhile: While we’ve heard about the Booster Gold and Suicide Squad movies before,  mention of possible Deathstroke and Team 7 movies are interesting footnotes to this story.


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  1. I’d be fine with this as long as they can make it work because despite it being cancelled after only a few issues, I liked Team 7 as a nice prequel. Be interesting if they use other characters from that New 52 version.

  2. I am not real familiar with most of the ones mentioned here as new possible DC movies, except Booster Gold, which I might have a mild interest in. I would rather see some of the following, and don’t know why DC does not concenrtrate on those that will bring in more interest and money, like:
    Green lantern #2
    Flash #1
    Green Lantern and Flash teamup
    Doctor Fate and Hourman teamup
    Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, and Atom teamup
    Legion of Superheroes

    I would find any of those more interesting than some piddly-diddle teams many are not even familiar with. Even Spectre or Deadman are more familiar to many than the ones suggested in the article.

    • Team 7 in The New 52 was basically a merc team with the absolute best. Black Canary’s powers unleash during the mission when something happens to her and we see Amanda Waller before she led the New 52 version of the Suicide Squad (which featured Deadshot, Harley Quinn etc on the team).

      It’s pretty good. Haven’t read the Deathstroke issues yet and haven’t seen Booster in New 52 books yet (still catching up, haven’t even read any in the Batman Family line).

  3. I’d rather have Deathstroke as the antagonist in a Batman film or something, it would be a great addition. David Goyer being the architect and the ‘idea man’, I can definitely live with but him directing? Eh wouldn’t be down, especially when so much is at stake. I say give him a couple of episodes of one of DC’s TV shows and slowly bring him on instead of giving him a Justice League film off the bat (stup*d move on WB’s part if you ask me). Goyer has done some great films and some very poor ones, though the ones he’s done great with are the type of movies he’ll be working on in the future, so why not give him some power over the universe?

    • I’ve got no qualms with Goyer drafting stories and being the over-seer of projects.

      Let someone else polish the dialogue, and let Zack take it from there.

      The future is bright for DC, indeed.

      • I totally agree with you. With Goyer as the idea man, I think DC will do well.

        • Same here. The guy is a clearly devoted comic book fan, accomplished writer, and seems to have an idea for how to keep WB’s superhero movies along the same tone – and completely different from Marvel.

      • I agree, Goyer is doing well so far in storytelling, but he’s not very good at scriptwriting. Look at Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance..

        • i respect your opinion
          but look at the dark knight
          that movie had some of the best lines in history of cinema
          i mean the ending speech was mind-blowing

          • thats the help of Jonah Nolan. David Goyer is only good with ideas when it comes down with script he sucks. all hes best work is when its been co-written with him and someone else.

      • Exactly, he’s great with stories and establishing ideas and mythos. It’s just script writing that he needs a little help with.

        SIDENOTE: Just last week, I was reading up about little tidbits of scenes and watching a Youtube video referencing scenes in trailers and teasers that didn’t make it into the movie. Most of them were sort of just lengthening individual scenes to be honest. Anyway, one problem I had with Man of Steel was it’s choppiness and how it quickly jumped from one plot point to plot point. That’s something I blamed on the script Goyer wrote. Now that I think about it, what if it was the editing? Cutting scenes too close to the neck maybe.

        • I think it felt so choppy because the scenes were so epic and gripping that they pulled you in and then pulled you out so quickly it kinda made your head spin. This is the main reason why the movie is better the second time around, when you are prepared for it and you understand that it all falls in perfectly with the narrative.
          Still, some of the cuts were pretty blunt. For example, I don’t like how we miss out on the ‘Super-Memo’ that Superman gives to the military to know where to meet him… guns drawn.
          Regardless, given the scope of the movie and what it was successful in accomplishing these gripes end up being pretty minor.

          • The only one that drove me a little nuts was the cut from when Superman learning to fly to the Lois voice over of hunting for him.

          • Yeah that was one of the bigger reasons why I thought the movie was a bit choppy. Also when Superman and Lois just cut from the interrogation room to the dried land waiting for Zod. Weird jump.

          • thats true…i enjoyed the the movie but kinda gave me a concussion by the end fight sequence, the more i watch it the better it gets

        • I had thought it might hace been somewhat on purpose.
          He had no purpose, no people, no knowledge of his origins. He bounced from place to place and job to job in a similar way the movie bounced from scene to scene at times.

          • One scene I didn’t get was the scene with Clark and Lois at the cemetery. Lois goes to his mother house asking question about him then to the cemetery and Clark is there She said she knew if she turn over enough stones he would find her.

            Then clark goes home and his mother tells him about a reporter that came by? How did he know she was at the cemetary? I thought his mother told him and he went to cemetery but apparently not because she told him after the cemetery scene.

            • Good point.

              “Did that reporter find you at the cemetery” would have been a better line

              Or maybe Lois thought to go look there herself? Kind of a minor nitpick either way I suppose.

              • It was minor I didn’t catch it until I got the dvd. That scene just irked me I loved Mos , I cant wait for the sequel.

        • I remember a lot of choppiness too. (Disclosure: Didn’t like MOS). I blame the director mostly, but nothing Goyer has done has worked for me except the Nolan Batman movies, so I have to think it’s Goyer as well. They’re the ones who have to create the proper segue ways. There were a lot of things in the script of Nolan’s movies that were like little bumps in the road, but in MOS the little things became all out road blocks.

      • Damn right Doc. I think this is the perfect way to use Goyers skills while neutralizing his weaknesses.

        No directing though, that is what Snyder, Affleck (hopefully) and any future talented directors added to the mix are for.

  4. *Michael Scott Voice* NOOOOOO! NO! NOOOOOOOO!

    • You don’t want to see these turned into movies?

      That’s a shame.

      • I’m all for these movies, I’m just not ok with Goyer “architecting” anything. I thought the dialogue was the worst thing about MoS, if not the only thing I didn’t like. If he’s to write a large part of these projects then I can only expect more of the same from him.

        Who knows, I hope I’m wrong.

        • I felt the same but then I look at some of the other movies he’s written, some with iconic lines of dialogue and I just think it’s a case of him having what all writers get. You want to write something and no matter what you do, it comes across as cheesy or lacklustre and you just have to resign yourself to being unable to improve it and hand it in as it is.

        • Shouldnt you like him being the architect then?
          He would probably be doing the rough story and then letting somebody else polish the script. As an overall producer I doubt he would have the time to write every script.

  5. Suicide Squad would be wicked. I like Deathstroke but I think people overestimate his popularity, his New 52 title got cancelled along with Team 7 which he was a big part of.

    • I dunno, they cancelled I, Vampire and Frankenstein, Agent Of S.H.A.D.E. too back in mid 2012 and they were fantastic books that people seemed to complain about when they got canned.

      • True but I think the people complaining were just a vocal minority, evidently not enough people were buying the books. It surprised me when Deathstroke got cancelled.

        • I’m still hoping they continue with Voodoo because that title was pretty good too.

  6. Great article Kofi.

    This bit here though:
    ” DC and WB have also been sitting on a possible treasure-trove of non-traditional superhero projects – films that could radically differentiate the studio from the Marvel brand.”

    ‘films that *will continue* to radically differentiate’ is more like it.

    Films like History of Violence, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and A Road to Perdition have already done this.

    Awesome. We all win with so many properties and tones to choose from when it comes to CBMs. Marvel/FOX, Marvel/Disney, Marvel/Sony, and DC/WB.

    Great time to be a fan.

    • Yep.

      Honestly, Disney/Marvel Studios have their thing, WB/DC have everything from light-hearted stuff to dark, violent, sexual, runs the whole gamut.

      They could even branch into horror with Hellblazer, Swamp Thing and JLD while Marvel sit on their Marvel Knights properties twiddling their thumbs.

      • Well, that Netflix deal does bring us one step closer to Marvel Knights

        *fingers crossed*

        • Hope so.

          I’d really love to see The Punisher and Ghost Rider, especially if they bring Thomas Jane back.

    • I liked History of Violence and Road to Perdition, but I don’t consider those to be “comic book movies.” They were simply stories that originated in comics, but adapting them for the screen was no more complicated than any thousands of novels, plays, or screenplays.

      Anyway, I really didn’t like MOS, loved the Nolan Batman (that’s where I stand), but maybe you are onto something with DC developing some of their second tier “off” stuff like Swamp Thing, JLDark, Metal Men, etc. A lot of that stuff is some of the best, and I agree, Marvel really hasn’t matched them in that department.

      I’ve said before that if Marvel had the rights to all it’s characters, we’d probably be seeing endless movies and reboots of Spider-Man and FF (maybe not even X-men), and long periods of nothing. And in a way, that’s what we have from DC. They’ve mainly focused on Batman and Superman, with some other forgetable attempts. Anyway, maybe DC should push some of their other ideas.

      • “I liked History of Violence and Road to Perdition, but I don’t consider those to be “comic book movies.” They were simply stories that originated in comics…”

        ^^^ this is brilliant. An astute observation, professor.

        “Anyway, maybe DC should push some of their other ideas.”

        They already have, try again.

        • I wrote that for you Dr. M. Unfortunately you seem to be the only person on the planet who can’t see the difference between movies like Road to Perdition, History of Violence and movies like Spider-man, Batman, etc.

          Let me see if I can clarify the difference for you with a rhetorical question: Was there ever any serious, long consideration that either Viggo Mortenson or Tom Hanks wear their underwear on the outside of there pants or on the inside of their pants while they were adapting those comic-books?

          If you still can’t see the difference, I don’t think you ever will.

          Oh, and by the way, “Road to Perdition” was produced by “New Line,” and “Road to Perdition” was produced by “Dreamworks,” which is a subsidiary of…. oh never mind, I just don’t have the heart to tell you. Who am I kidding? It’s Disney!

          • Oops. Meant “History of Violence” was “New Line.”


              You can go on and on and on about how they aren’t superheros. No sh*t. That doesn’t make them any less of a comic book. Insisting that only superheros is what defines a comic book is about as asinine as it gets.

              • *ahem* that and my spelling

                • So following Nostelg-O’s logic Sin City wasn’t a CBM? Darkman wasn’t a CBM? I could go on but if memory serves correctly there are no pants on the outside of those films?

                  • in*

          • Dreamworks is a subsidiary of Disney?!? It was my understanding that someone FORMERLY of Disney and two others got together to form a company to COMPETE with Disney.

            Touchstone, Marvel, and ABC belong to Disney. I believe Dreamworks is a separate entity.

  7. I have little/no issue with Goyer being placed as ‘over-seer’ to the dc universe, in fact I’d probably welcome it, as he has been involved with some of wb/DCs best and recent movies and having someone in that role will be useful in creating a shared universe
    However I would prefer they keep him out of the directors chair, particularly if/when justice league rolls around

    Would definitely be interested in a deathstroke film (after he dons the mask on arrow) and I would have no problem with Manu Bennett playing the character in a movie. He’s done a pretty decent job so far

    • Yeah, I’m still hoping for Stephen Lang but wouldn’t mind Manu Bennett if they went with a younger Slade.

    • i dont think they will connect the tv and movie universes though
      especially because if they are bringing a popular character like flash to tv
      he is too big of a character to use use in tv
      they can make so much money off of him in movies because of his wide recognition
      arrow is fine because green arrow isn’t as well-known as flash is to the general audience
      flash is more popular than captain america and thor
      they are only more popular now because of mcu

      • Flash has already been on tv
        Also with the multiple identities of flash it means they could still use a different guy in movies if Grant Gustins as Barry Allen doesn’t go well they can switch to Wally West for example

        • But you do make a fair point, and I would prefer Flash as a movie than a tv show, but given how well DC is doing on tv I would like the universes to combine across tv and movies – especially when I think about the fact that WB/DC is unlikely to suddenly start churning out 2 movies a year, the use of tv shows to keep people in the universe between the movies would be good in my mind
          I’ll wait to see what dc decide though

  8. Are they insane? Whenever Goyer has been given free reign he’s given us such masterpieces as, Blade: Trinity, Jumper, The Unborn, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

    • Oops, forgot the P.O.S. better known as Man Of Steel.

      • You likely almost forgot it because it doesn’t exist…there WAS, however, the excellent MOS which you, sadly, must have missed while it was it in theaters. Don’t worry…it’s out on DVD and Blu-Ray, so you can watch it now, at your leisure.


        • He’s seen MOS. It isn’t excellent. More like mediocre and disappointing.

          • Agree to disagree…I found it excellent. You didn’t? That’s okay.

    • I loved Blade Trinity.

      Admittedly, Ryan Reynolds was the best thing about the movie but hey, I liked it more than Blade 2 at least.

      • WOW, really? Blade II is the sh*t. Blade Trinity is my least but eh, thats just my little ‘ol opinion.

        • Yeah, I really don’t know what it is about Blade 2 that I hate, it just always seemed so dull compared to 1 and 3. I watch it wanting to enjoy it but I switch off midway through thinking “maybe next time”.

          • Not a Del Toro fan?
            Or just think it was one of his weaker outings?

      • Blade 2 is the best of the franchise in my opinion.

        • I’d put it as 1,3,2 if we’re numbering the best of the Blade movies.

          • Blade II is just pure action entertainment and those Reaper vampires are freaky as hell. And the action scenes are sweet, Wesley Snipes destroying all those guards with his bare hands, fighting vampire ninjas and that final boss fight with the main Reaper guy was awesome!

          • Have to go with Dazz on this one, in order Blade 1 (easily one of my movie intros of all time), Blade 3, Reynolds made this film for me (in spite of Beil) and is still the reason I think is still the best choice for Deadpool. On a side note, unbelievable body transformation for that film, people bang on about Hardy and others (for good reason) but check out before and after shots. Lastly Blade 2, I believe its a better film than Trinity but I just didn’t enjoy it as much. In addition Blade pulled off a standing suplex and I cant tell you how much I hate wrestling, well it made me dislike the film so that should give you an indication.

  9. I’d be a bit worried about Goyer directing more than anything else.
    As for writing, sure he’ll write the next Man of Steel and possibly The Justice League but there wouldn’t be time for him to write anything else.
    Cranking out a great script for a handful of other films would be impossible for one person while juggling everything else.
    So I’m cautiously OK with this news if it’s true.

    • I imagine it’ll be similar to Mark Millar at Fox or Joss Whedon at Disney.

  10. good for me if this stuff is true. I prefer the harder edge he’s brought to the dc movie realm. I hesitated for a while before seeing batman begins, ended up loving the movie and jumping on the Nolan/goyer train. with Snyder, goyer, and Affleck, that limits the set of micro managers.

  11. so he is DC’s Whedon, who is their Kevin Feige?

  12. Arrow does need to be wired into dc cinematic universe because the show and steven amell
    have proved their worthiness, however iam not to sold on the glee actor being the flash. They
    Should have gotten a more mature actor to be flash and should have given him his own movie
    release in 2014. Gustin already looks like the weak link that can derail arrow from joining JLA.

  13. I think Goyer is a great idea man, but I wish he could just be that, and stay as just a producer. As much as I loved MoS and TDKR, you can tell he’s not that great of a writer when it comes to dialogue. In Man of Steel particularly it struck me as odd how some of the personal dialogue (more so between both Dad’s and Clark) was really good, while the rest of the stuff was silly and laughable (Lois Lane anyone?).
    I don’t really want to see him direct any of the major movies either, please let those be directed by other people.

    • He didn’t even write TDKR, at all. That was Chris and Jon… Goyer only wrote the “story”.

  14. Do we know if Chris Nolan is going to be producing Batman vs Superman/Man of Steel 2 or is he done with DC?

    • He’s done. Legendary, the studio which has produced all of Nolan’s films since at least Batman Begins, has severed ties with WB. Plus I think he announced it

      • Thankfully, he is done. The dude caught lightning in a bottle with TDK and I haven’t been impressed with his overly convoluted stuff since.

        DC doesn’t need Nolan. Both Batman and DC are much, much bigger than he is.

        • I sooooo agree Doc.
          I like his movies, but he does seem to like convoluted storylines.


          DC characters are bigger than any one man.

          • Memento is cool. I’m not a fan of TDKR or Inception. I am a fan of Matt and Trey though, who point out that complexity doesn’t necessarily equal awesomeness.

            I agree with their assessment.

            • TDKR and Inception were solid Meh’s to me. (Okay TDKR pissed me off a little because I expected SOOO much from it. It got better when re-watched with lower expectations)

              Memento was pretty good though.

              “Why am I running?”

    • I believe he’s still executive producing.

  15. I definitely want to see Steve Amell play Green Arrow in a DCU movie.

    • He most likely won’t. If DC is making a Deathstroke movie, I doubt they’ll take the time to line his character up with the Arrow version. With him being such a big part of that shows mythology, it just seems unlikely.

      • i completely agree

  16. Just make Aquaman already

    • Agreed.

    • Oh if they only had the guts.

      People make fun. But I think an Aquaman movie could be one of the most epic properties they own.

      And hey, since Wonder Woman is so “tricky,” why not start the whole thing off with a bang… Sea vs Land, Atlantis vs Themyscira, Aquaman vs Wonder Woman.

      Make the movie and epic clash of two civilasations in the vein of LOTR, Troy, or 300. Do it right, and nobody will be laughing at either of those two characters anymore.

      • Agreed,
        I have been saying Atlantis vs Themyscria for months, although I see it as a possible trinity film post BvS, the war between sea and land brings bats and supes to Themyscria to help/sort and put aquaman in a similar position to batman in MoS 2, should sort out the negative view of aquaman by showcasing him being king of Atlantis and his ability to go up against the 3 biggest characters dc has
        By the end of the film you have 4 of the JL in place including 2 of the trickier characters
        If they wait till after James Cameron has sorts his underwater cgi stuff in avatar 2 then use that and do an aquaman movie though

        • Ooooohhh, that’d be very cool indeed. Then they release a Flash/Green Lantern movie the same year (2016) and its time for Justice League. Save for Martian Manhunter, not sure how to fit him in. Debut in the JL movie itself, maybe in a similar capacity as Batman in this upcoming movie and Aquaman in the movie you proposed?

          If only we were in charge eh?

          Since we’re not, I’m gonna sit back and enjoy the ride WB has in store for us. They have already made me happy with MOS, which I loved, and now putting the two most iconic superheroes around in the same movie. I just hope they are not playing the “wait and see” game after each movie and only give us one flick every 2 years. I get Marvel only has Marvel, where that is not the case with WB. They don’t have to match that kinda output to please me. But a movie a year would be GREAT!

          • Totally agree that WB/DC should increase the output of their DC films at this point, even to just one a year

            I’d like to see Martian manhunters intro done in 2 possible ways in JL film – if we continue on from MoS, BvS, Trinity vs Aquaman, Flash/Grren Lantern into JL film (all in theory of course)
            1) as you say have him used similar to batman in upcoming film, maybe Martian manhunter joins the team then have him betray them/turn evil and fight the league, eventually is exiled to mars (but not totally defeated, so he can return)
            This would give an opportunity for the other members to decide against making the league too big due to trust issue from previous experience, even though there are other potential members, like GA and Cyborg among others (keeps the numbers from getting to unruly for future films until 6/7 members is not enough, like against darkseid)
            2) an extra-terrestrial threat, that gives the league a bit of a beating, which is seen by people (news coverage) and Mr Jones makes a decision to stop hiding and help (following supermans example from MoS) he turns up in JL HQ (watchtower?) unannounced and reveals his Martian side to them and offers to help for final act

            But I’m certainly forward to how DCCU is building and will be enjoying the journey, possibly even more so than marvel due to it being harder to predict, and should therefore be more surprising
            Not that I am not looking forward to MCU, cos I am liking the way marvel is building, but I just think that the Avengers universe has a clearer picture of what’s going to happen further down the line

  17. I’ll be honest, the biggest disappointment I felt with Man of Steel, was definitely the script. So feel free to call me a naysayer, but I sure hope Goyer will not ruin the DC Movie Universe because I don’t trust him enough to do so.

    • NAYSAYER!!!

      But seriously, I agree with you.

  18. He’s no Kevin Fiege. He’s not an Executive Producer. He’s a screenwriter/director first and foremost. I don’t see him being the “Kevin Fiege” of the DCCU. I’d rather Bruce Timm, honestly

    Bring in Bruce Timm, and you have a nice recipe for success.

    • Key word: “screenwriter”

      Meaning, all story elements come from him while others flesh them out as full scripts and plots.

      You can act as supervisor without having been in a managerial role as long as you have knowledge and experience in that field.

      Feige being Exec Producer means he can say yes or no to projects but leaves it up to Whedon to work on the actual stories that make it to the big screen.

      That’s why I can see Goyer taking a role that blends Feige and Whedon.

    • Has Bruce Timm ever even been involved with a movie?

      • i don’t think so

  19. “With a filmography like that, it’s surprising that it’s taken this long for Goyer to find a prominent place within the order of big business comic book movie-making”

    Um, no it’s not. Did you read the paragraph before that? It’s taken exactly as long as it should have. He only got recognition for TDK trilogy, which was polished by Chris and Jon Nolan, and also had fantastic casting and direction.

    In Man of Steel (which I did still like for the most part), Nolan’s hand is there, but he didn’t have as much involvement to restrain and focus Goyer, and Jon wasn’t there to refine dialogue (which I will admit even in the TDK trilogy, is rough sometimes). So now you have a strict story man writing the MoS sequel and JL. I’m not quite as worried about other movies, since it seems like he’d be more of a story/idea guy, but the MoS sequel really worries me.

    Also, Zack Snyder has changed his DP back to his one from 300, so the relative visual restraint that he showed so well in MoS will most likely be gone. He is also not the best actor’s director, which shows in MoS, which sometimes even manages to make Russell Crowe a little wooden. This worries me with Affleck, as he has not yet completely proven that he can act outside of his own movies without the help of a fantastic director.

    All of this, combined with the fact that Legendary and Chris Nolan have officially separated from DC/WB has me worrieds that the future, especially for Bats and Supes, will be good ideas executed in a clumsy fashion where action and visual effects overrides character and story.

  20. Let’s make one thing clear:

    If you show up posting about how Batman/Superman “worries you” or how any type of announcement makes you “less excited” you have identified yourself as a slanter and need to get the f**k off the big kids page and go back to gushing over the Marvel pages.

    Please contest this post. Please.

    • That was brilliant. My thumbs are up for that comment Doc.

      Up where exactly, I won’t say. +1 and multiply it by pi.

      • …a man can only take so much…

        …a man has said…

    • You’re the man Doc.

      “get the f**k off the big kids page and go back to gushing over the Marvel pages.”

      That… made my day. Too funny.

      • *ahem* Now I feel the need to clarify:

        I am not anti-Marvel. I am anti-Marvelite.

        Let me put into perspective how I feel about these properties-

        *DISCLAIMER* The following is opinion-based *DISCLAIMER*

        The way I see it, Marvel has three awesome movies – Avengers, Iron Man, and Captain America… in that order.

        If you were to ask me which I prefer, those three movies or Nolan’s DK Trilogy, I choose Marvel.


        Replace TDKR with MoS and ask me to choose again, and I’m going to go with the DC side this time.

        I hope this helps clarify how I feel about these properties.

        • Maybe for the rest you do. I have read enough of your posts to know where you stand. Even in this thread you talk about looking forward to “Marvel Knights”

          I took your post as being sick of childish people who complain to either get attention or to just make others mad without ever presenting a valid opinion of why.

          ie, looking to troll not converse.

    • What? Dude, if anything I like Marvel movies less overall than DC. MOST of Batman’s films are at least decent, if not brilliant, old Superman is good (1 and 2), and I did enjoy Man of Steel. They also have a lot of great lesser known hero movies. As far as Marvel goes, I like Spiderman (which is technically Sony, and not SM3) Iron Man 1, the Avengers, and I thought Thor and Cap were okay but not that great, just face-value enjoyable. So please don’t assume to know my opinions. I was voicing my concerns because I have such a strong connection and love for most DC movies and characters, especially Batman, who I feel is not being handled correctly. It is possible, also to like both Marvel and DC. Stop being a troll fanboy, dude. There was nothing in my last post that would even qualify as slant. It was almost all facts, like Goyer’s writing history, and Snyder’s history as a director.

      • yeah yeah yeah… you were extra careful to make sure that your post sounded like a very concerned “fan.”

        Here’s the thing: REAL FANS AREN’T CONCERNED, and that’s all there is too it.

        Sit back and enjoy history bro.

      • And to further counter your label of “Marvel fanboy” that you have so omnipotently given to me, may I add that I also do have concerns about Marvel’s future and so far have not been impressed with Phase 2, and especially not AoS. I am truly looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy, and that’s about it, and I think that Marvel missed a huge oppotunity to do the Civil War storyline in Avengers 2. I also think that overall Marvel’s tone should be adjusted slightly. There is a difference between levity in between action and IM3

      • Snyders history of directing?

        I will admit, I have not yet seen Suckerpunch or the Owls movie, but I love Snyders work.

        It can be a little style over substance, but sometimes that is the exact type of movie I want to watch. If I want haevy plot and extreme character development I will just read a book.

    • huh?…I don’t get it. How does being worried over the quality of Batman Vs. Superman make one a gushing Marvel fanboy? I’m not seeing the connection

  21. The original Team 7 would crazy sweet. If I ever read about a Wetworks movie rumor it might be more than I could handle. I still pull that run out and reread once in a while.

  22. i like this news, shows DC has a plan and have begun to share it with fans…it was starting to feel like they didn’t have confidence in there lineup, time to strike the iron when it’s hot cause who knows how long this genre will last with the average movie goer.

  23. Deathstroke and team 7 movies sound cool. but i would rather see an Aquaman or Flash, Even a shazam movie before those choices, and definitely before a Booster Gold movie. There should be a Young Justice/Teen Titans movie before a Booster Gold movie.

  24. He’s like the poor man’s version of joss whedon. Both know the stories but while Whedon can write characters with personality and depth, goyer can’t really write without screwing the characters up unless someone else writes down his stories for him (e.g. Jonathan Nolan for Dark Knight.)

  25. He is a hit or miss writer and clearly needs someone else to bounce ideas off of. The fact that projects like Blade 3, Ghost Rider 2 and the Nick Fury movie were mentioned so prominently in the article kind of shows why he might not be able to produce a consistent series of films, since those movies are bad even for comic book fare. His directing is even more perplexing since he does not even seem able to translate his own screenplays well.

  26. All for a Deathstroke movie. If the cards were played right Deathstroke could rake in numbers the likes of a Batman film and become a household name. It’s about time DC films have stepped out of what the people know. What they know is batman and superman. Whereas on the marvel side people are about to discover Ant-Man. Who would’ve thought it? Deathstroke is the epitome of what it is to be the Villain/Anti-hero that people would pull for. It would be a curveball, a breath of fresh air, and could possess a story the likes of which comic book movies haven’t truly seen before.

  27. i am pretty sure joss and kevin were not what fans WANTED before avengers or mcu
    we not want joss and kevin because of the way wonderful job they did shaping the mcu
    give goyer a chance to do the same, i loved man of steel, i dont mind what some fans think
    let DC own the realistic approach to superheroes while marvel approaches the light-hearted version
    this will differentiate the too brands so marvel fan boys wont be like dc is just copying marvel

    • To add one thing…

      this also creates diversity for us fans. Which is good.

  28. Are we really that happy that they’re pleased with the writing? I mean Rises and Man of Steel had great atmosphere, some lovely effects and good actors doing their best.

    But the writing? Jesus Christ both of those films were pants on head retarded with just horrific dialog. Both had villains with irrational and vague motives (Why are we nuking what now and what does it have to do with occupying wall street? Hey Zod how about you try Mars with your giant terraforming engine?).

    I mean the films had great parts and all but come on.

    • “Why are we nuking what now and what does it have to do with occupying wall street?”

      Let me hold your hand and walk you through this like a small child…

      Ra’s al Ghul (and The League of Shadows) wants to destroy Gotham in Batman Begins. Batman lets Ra’s al Ghul die in the process of saving the city.

      Talia al Ghul is Ra’s daughter and wants to finish her fathers (and The League of Shadows) work to gain revenge on Bruce for murdering (in her eyes) her father.

      Banes motives stem directly from his feelings towards Talia.

      They occupy the Gotham Stock Exchange (not wall street) to bankrupt Bruce Wayne and have him hand over the fusion reactor to Talia al Ghul (who has been working on the project as Miranda Tate) which she will then use to destroy Gotham.

      “Hey Zod how about you try Mars with your giant terraforming engine?)”

      Because Earth has a similar atmosphere to Krypton as explained and referenced throughout the film.

      Both films have glaring plot holes but you seem to have missed them, jumped on the band wagon to put them down, without any real understanding of what you’re talking about. Maybe watch them again without your head up your a*se and you might follow the plot?

  29. Nice try WB/DC, but you missed the mark with this one.

    Joss Whedon > David S. Goyer

    Kevin Feige > David S. Goyer

    Marvel > WB/DC

    Enough said.

    • Your math is faulty…it’s not fact; it’s opinion. Thus, it’s not math.

      …but, awww, it’s really pretty to look at.

    • Oh, and I almost forgot: Enough said.


      • +1