David S. Goyer: DC Movie Architect? Deathstroke & Team 7 Movies?

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david s goyer man steel batman superman David S. Goyer: DC Movie Architect? Deathstroke & Team 7 Movies?

David S. Goyer’s name gets tossed around a lot these days. Most fanboys now know him as the guy who wrote the Dark Knight Trilogy alongside Chris and Jonathan Nolan – and more recently, the Superman reboot Man of SteelBut hardcore fans (or just older ones) know that Goyer’s comic book movie resume goes WAY deeper than that: He wrote the Blade movie trilogy, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the superhero-themed Jumper, and even directed Blade 3, the spinoff TV series, as well as the 1998 Marvel TV movie Nick Fury: Agent of Shield with David Hasselhoff – just to name a few. 

With a filmography like that, it’s surprising that it’s taken this long for Goyer to find a prominent place within the order of big business comic book movie-making; however, a recent report suggested that Warner Bros. could be advancing Goyer up the ladder of creative oversight – and today brings further conformation that that is indeed the case.

Last month Goyer signed a first-look deal with WB to help bolster him to the studio. As stated, the man is known for keeping a full plate of work in front of him – and that hasn’t changed. The upcoming Batman vs. Superman and Sandman movies – as well as a possible Constantine TV show – are just some of the geek-friendly projects Goyer currently has in the works. However, even while trying to expand the DC/WB brand on both the big and small screens, Goyer and Co. are also up against another challenge: trying to appease a rabid and impatient fanbase with Marvel-style expectations of a shared universe.

Batman vs. Superman starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill David S. Goyer: DC Movie Architect? Deathstroke & Team 7 Movies?

There’s been recent debate about whether the Arrow TV show will be part of the Justice League movie continuity – and subsequently, whether the version of The Flash that show introduces will be incorporated into films, as well. Such rumoring has rekindled the fiery debate about DC’s lack of cohesiveness when compared to its biggest competitor, Marvel, which has its fully-established Avengers movie universe in place, and has clearly tied to that movie world to its Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV experiment. Man of Steel was supposed to be the big beginning of the DC shared universe – but so far, beyond the promise of Batman and Superman in one movie, there’s been little evidence (actual evidence, not rumor) of a DC Universe to speak of.

As Bleeding Cool now tells it, Warner Bros. and DC Comics seem to be getting their ducks in a row by handing down the mandate that any DC movie project needs to go through Goyer. As reported by the website:

I understand that people looking at making films based on the likes of Suicide Squad, Booster Gold, Deathstroke and even Team 7 have been told that they have to partner or work with Goyer as producer.

Justice League Movie Discussion Characters David S. Goyer: DC Movie Architect? Deathstroke & Team 7 Movies?

The website goes on to explain that not everyone at WB is happy about that mandate, which could be why Goyer’s Sandman movie might be coming sooner rather than later. There are also those former rumors of Goyer being involved either writing and directing (or both) the Justice League movie – though with his questionable directorial track, and guys like Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck fully connected to the WB/DC brand, we’re betting (read: hoping) that Goyer’s efforts stay on the writing/producing side – which will already be too much for some fans.

Look, love or hate Goyer (sentiment seems to change by the project; the discrepancies in opinion between The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel still baffle me…) there’s no denying that, these days, this is how the franchise universe game is played. In my own guidelines for how to build a good DC movie universe, I pointed out that DC/WB having a master architect – like Marvel does at both the creative level (Joss Whedon) and producer level (Kevin Feige) – is the only way to go.


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What did we all learn from DC/WB in the last five years? During all the back and forth about Nolan’s standalone Batman continuity or how Green Lantern and Man of Steel fit into the picture? Well, I for one learned that having too many cooks in one kitchen – especially when they have differing meal plans in mind – does not a good shared universe make. Now that some growing pains are out of the way, and projects like Man of Steel and Arrow are showing good returns, it’s time to take the right step forward. But is Goyer the man fans want at the helm? 

There will be endless debate, but personally speaking, I’ve enjoyed the darker and more serious attempts to realize Batman and Superman on the big screen – and even though Nolan’s influence is often attributed to those projects’ success, Goyer has had just as much to do with it. DC and WB have also been sitting on a possible treasure-trove of non-traditional superhero projects – films that could radically differentiate the studio from the Marvel brand – and if there’s someone with enough variation in experience to make projects like Booster Gold, Suicide Squad or Team 7 into realities (while still keeping loyal to their respective sources AND fitting with the demands of a shared universe), it’s probably Goyer more so than Nolan.

Meanwhile: While we’ve heard about the Booster Gold and Suicide Squad movies before,  mention of possible Deathstroke and Team 7 movies are interesting footnotes to this story.


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  1. I loved the Nolan Batman movies, think they are some of the very best superhero movies, and I’ve watched them again and again. However, from the BEGINS(ing) I’ve noticed how a lot of the dialoge is heavy and laborious. I’ve always noticed this, but those movies make it work, or at least allow me to view the film without dwelling on these things. To me there was something at work that made this happen. It was the director or the actors, or the actors and director. But what I’m getting at is that maybe Goyer can be good with the right director and actors (as well as co-writers). MOS, on the other hand, was pretty much repulsive to me. (I plan on watching it again to try and give it a second but honestly I really despised the movie).

    • Yeah, we know.

      You make it a point to say so on every DC thread.

      BTW, you forgot the standard Marvel plug, here I will do it:

      Captain America: Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy.

      You’re welcome 😉

      • Well you don’t seem to know Dr. M, because you always dismiss any opinion counter to your own as anyone merely taking sides in a DC/Marvel fight.

        • Nice try with the misdirection attempt.

          I don’t dismiss REAL OPINIONS. I dismiss hype-men.

          • “Hype-men” must be Marvel. Never heard of them.

            • Here’s what our good un-biased friend Nostelg-O had to offer multiple times on the Batman/Superman title thread… making sure his noise was heard on whatever the last page happened to be:

              “I can’t believe how bad all of these titles sound.

              I think “Batman v. Superman” is the only way to go (or the reverse). The problem is that “Man of Steal” is already an obscure way of saying “Superman.” Adding more convoluted terms just sounds bad. It’s not like “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” for example. A title like that clearly has CA’s name in it.”

              I clearly have no clue what I’m talking about.

              • +1

              • hmm, looks like Nostelg-O got schooled, you really should be able to back up your arguments, at the very least stick to your guns.

      • Maybe because he is right and that Goyer is a hack needs other people to check his scripts so that they’re bearable ?

  2. Team 7 and Deathstroke movies? Those scripts must be stuck in the forbidden caverns of development hell.

  3. DC should have made BRUCE TIMM in charge of their movie universe. He’s a great story teller and also knows all of DC’s mythology.

    • Paul Dini aswell. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have characters like Harleyquinn,Lock-Up in DC comics. Like John159 mentioned, they do know DC’s mythology pretty well and would make the DC universe fresh.

      • Paul Dini as the architect for the DC movie universe ? That would be the dream.

  4. Team 7=Secret Avengers?