Upcoming DC Movies May Include ‘Green Lantern’ Reboot, ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie & More

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dc comics movies universe Upcoming DC Movies May Include Green Lantern Reboot, Suicide Squad Movie & More

Marvel’s shared movie universe gamble has worked out well, thanks to The Avengers raking in well over $1 billion at the global box office. Over the past week, stories have been flying fast and furious, revealing that Warner Bros./DC are now pressing ahead full-steam with plans to usher in a new era of film featuring their own stable of superheroes. Although Dark Knight Rises will undoubtedly make a bundle for the studio(s) this summer, it’s next year’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel, which is expected to truly launch the new wave of DC movies.

Earlier this week we learned that slate of DC films will definitely include both a Wonder Woman movie and the long-gestating Justice League film. Today, we have news that both a Green Lantern reboot and Suicide Squad movie could also be on the menu (in the foreseeable future).

The Green Lantern news comes as little surprise, given the film’s financial (under-)performance (longtime readers know all too well how we felt about that movie). However, Variety says that Warner Bros. and DC are currently trying to decide whether it would be better to bring back Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, and make a sequel/partial reboot (a la The Incredible Hulk) – or just start from scratch with a new actor, so as to “relaunch the character in a completely new way.”

green lantern 2 Upcoming DC Movies May Include Green Lantern Reboot, Suicide Squad Movie & More

Will Ryan Reynolds return for 'Green Lantern 2'?

Part of the reason there are so many questions right now about what, exactly, Warner Bros./DC’s future plans are with respect to live-action superhero movies has to do with TDKR director Christopher Nolan. As Variety points out in its report: the filmmaker not only rejuvenated the flailing Batman franchise into both a critical darling and a box office behemoth, he also oversaw Man of Steel during its early stages of development (“godfathered,” if you will). Indeed, it’s been speculated that Nolan’s tendency to play things close to the vest is part of the reason why only one official image of Henry Cavill as the new Superman in Man of Steel has been released to date.

Whether or not Nolan agrees to serve as a “guide” and to determine which direction the DC movie universe takes, is the question right now. The filmmaker’s decision could impact such issues as the decision to reboot/relaunch the Batman and/or Green Lantern series; whether or not there will be a shared continuity between movies like the impending Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Aquaman solo ventures (or if each film will be primarily stand-alone) – and whether the Justice League movie will emulate the grounded and mature tone struck by Nolan’s Batman trilogy, as Will Beall’s JL script is already rumored to do.

First Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel Upcoming DC Movies May Include Green Lantern Reboot, Suicide Squad Movie & More

Henry Cavill as the 'Man of Steel'

That Warner Bros./DC would take so great a risk as to rely heavily on Nolan to supervise the creative territory for their coveted comic book properties is a direct response to how Marvel pulled off The Avengers so well – by hiring on a filmmaker (Joss Whedon) who’d already demonstrated a real passion and understanding of what makes good superhero stories tick. Hence, you shouldn’t put too much weight into last year’s reports that Henry Cavill’s Superman will absolutely not be incorporated into the Justice League movie, or how the Batman series will without a doubt break narrative continuity with Nolan’s films, after TDKR (among other outdated reports).

Furthermore, the news that an adaptation of the Suicide Squad comic book is in the works likewise points to Warner Bros./DC taking a decidedly different approach to their superhero movie universe than the one taken by Marvel. Suicide Squad (in its more recent comic incarnation) revolves around a team of incarcerated supervillains who take on dangerous black ops missions for the U.S. government in exchange for reduced prison terms. The players in that series contrast vividly with both the current and upcoming roster of Marvel characters (Ant-Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange) – who are (by comparison) more straight-forward good guys armed with awesome powers and abilities.

suicide squad movie Upcoming DC Movies May Include Green Lantern Reboot, Suicide Squad Movie & More

The 'Suicide Squad'

In summary: Marvel has made its move, and Warner Bros./DC is rushing like mad to retaliate (or something like that). The studio(s) aren’t expected to make any public announcements about their plans until Dark Knight Rises opens in theaters next month. In the meantime, we here at Screen Rant will be sure to continue keeping you up-to-date on all rumors and reports that offer a sneak peek at the DC strategy.

What do you think of the approach being taken by Warner Bros./DC so far? How much do you suspect the DC movies will integrate elements of the “New 52″ comics reboot? Sound off in the comments section.


Source: Variety

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  1. I personally don’t think they should reboot Green Lantern. WB/DC is pressed for time as it is, and any shortcomings of GL could be sorted out in the sequel/JLA movie, whatever comes first. I think they should do one of those sequel/semi-reboots in a darker tone, similar to what was planned for GI JOE 2 (although that didnt really work out so well, thus far).

    And regarding suicide squad, does WB/DC really need another movie involving a team of villains/anti-heros with questionable moral beliefs? I think Watchmen and The Losers were enough, but that’s just me.

    • You should really give Suicde Squad a chsnce. It would make a really good movie.

      Heres a “Suicide-esque story”

      The Gov’t working on a new bio-weapon accidentally loses contamination and an entire Football stadium is quarantined for reasons unknown to the outside public. The bio-weapon turns the entire stadium crowd into zombies. A suicide squad of 5 is sent to neutralize. One team member has an electricity power that is highly efficient on zombies. By using the electricty his power they are succesful. As the Sucide Squad exits,the team leader kills the electricty dude to make him the fall guy and clear the gov’t of any wrong doing.

      • ANd they are not fighting for the good of the country. These villains are being manipulated and fighting on the promise of freedom.

    • Please bring back Ryan Reynolds he’s perfect for the part!!!No one else will do it as good!!I and many others will not go to see Gl2 if Ryan Reynolds is not Hal!!

  2. I think Nolan should just do the justice league movie without a movies to tie into a JL movie first Nolan should do a justice league movie and then after the JL movie separate the characters into individual movies

    • No Bruce Timm

      • Please bring back Ryan Reynolds he’s perfect for the part!!!No one else will do it as good!!I and many others will not go to see Gl2 if Ryan Reynolds is not Hal!!

    • Please bring back Ryan Reynolds he’s perfect for the part!!!No one else will do it as good!!I and many others will not go to see Gl2 if Ryan Reynolds is not Hal!!

  3. I prefer Bruce Timm over Christopher Nolan to be involved in the DCMU.

    • agreed !!! No NOLAN !!!

    • i’d love to see bruce timm and also paul dini be involved with the whole DCMU universe….that would be pretty cool

    • I love Nolan, but Bruce Timm is the better choice

  4. Keep Nolan away from Justice league. He’s passionate only about reality based films; and quite frankly, I don’t want his crap on a Justice League movie…period. he needs to go and create his own franchise like Lucas or Cameron.

    • So al,

      What you are asking for is DC to hire a director with zero vision to helm the series. Despite your insistence that great directors (like Lucas and Cameron) should only stick to original material (which makes no sense considering one of Cameron’s all time great films was a sequel to an iconic sci-fi series AKA Aliens), great directors that make great films always bring their vision to bear on it. Take Spielberg, one of the greatest ever. Almost all his work are adaptations (like Jaws, Jurassic Park, Minority Report, War of the Worlds). Same for Peter Jackson. Great directors elevate material, regardless of its source, and bring originality to that material (as we saw with Jurassic Park 3, a lesser director would easily have crushed a movie that is otherwise one of the all time greats by having people “talk” to dinosaurs and killing T-Rex’s by having other dinos snap their necks martial-arts style).

      The same go for super hero movies. The greatest/most memorable of them all had directors that came on board with their own singular vision. Donner, Burton, Raimi, Singer, Whedon, and Nolan have far and away made the greatest super hero films… and its because of their vision. Part of the reason Marvel generally has been so successful is because they are focusing on directors that, while even not great themselves, have have great ideas for howthey want to build their characters and worlds (that’s why Thor, Captain America, X-Men First Class succeeded).

      Instead, you suggest DC should go with a director like George Miller or Gavin Hood (who made the abysmal Green Lantern and X-Men Origins: Wolverine) instead. Their movies were atrocious in large part because the directors had nothing to add and no stamp to put on the franchise. I may not like the Burton Bat-films, but he did create some iconic scenes and memorable performances – much more than can be said for GL or Wolverine (or X-Men 3, Fantastic 4, Punisher, etc.). Much better to fail with vision than to just fail due to lack of it.

      While Nolan may not be the best man for the job with a JLA film, I certainly hope DC hires someone like him who will make brave and bold decisions, and not take your advice to hire someone who is too “original.”

      • Evan,

        Martin Campbell directed Green Lantern.

        • @Rafter

          That’s right, Miller was kicked off/left amicably the project (not that I think it would have saved that film in any way). Thanks for the correction.

        • Which was way out of her league. But didn’t she direct two 007 movies. Green Lantern is a prime example of the suits getting involved, coming down, and thinking they know how to direct, and write. This has happened time and time again in movies. THE SUITS NEED TO BUTT OUT, and let the real storytellers create.

          • Al, Martin Campbell is a guy. There hasn’t been a female director for a Bond film yet. Which would be a sweet juxtaposition. But Martin Campbell did direct two Bond films: GoldenEye and Casino Royale. Both of which were praised for getting Bond restarted after a hiatus.

            Evan, no problem. I thought Campbell was the director from the get go. I take it they had others signed on and then they were let go?

            • @rafter

              No, I guess I was confused. Miller had a JLA movie set to go that fell apart. He had already cast a GL too (the John Stewart version) – http://collider.com/george-miller-justice-league-mad-max/125487/


              I am a bit confused on some of your contradictions. You rail against cheap money grabs (which, admittedly, turn out good occassionally like X-Men First Class or Fast Five, but are mainly as you said pretty atrocious) but then also say movies aren’t as fun and original as they used to be. Yet, Nolan’s Bat-films are, if anything, original as hell (much more original than the Avengers which, while great, simply brought the traditional super hero teamup story to screen).

              Nolan uses very little Burton or Adam West inspiration and completely changed how comic-book movies could be done (and I admit that while also finding his movies to be highly overrated by a rabid segment of people). Also, the Avengers and Donner’s Superman both ran well over 2 hours so not sure why you are fine with the length there and not for the Bat-films.

              I am totally fine with you not liking the Nolan films or finding pseudo-realism (something I don’t get with the Nolan films, didn’t Begins revolve around a ludicrous microwave emitter plot and TDK feature an equally ludicrous two boats rigged to cartoonish detonator scene?) bad for comic book movies generally (while I think the approach is definitely built for Batman and a few other heroes like Daredevil, Wolverine/X-Men or Punisher, I agree that Hollywood will wrongly foist it on to heroes like Spidey and Superman), my issue is with your final premise that because Nolan is an original director, he shouldn’t make comic films.



            • So it is a guy, and I thought the pic they had on wikapedia…oh never mind. What a shame…GL could’ve been so good…had it’s moments. REBOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Out of curiosity al, what moments did GL have (if you meant “nothing but bad moments” I completely agree)?

                • THE SPECIAL EFFECTS WERE AWESOME. The opening with Pharalax as he sucks the aliens lifeforces. The stuff with Pharalax attacking Aben Sur; Oa, I’m mostly speaking of the effects….which unfortunately couldn’t save the weak azz story. GL’s induction in to the corps was handled poorly. His training was handled poorly…there was no build up to anything !

      • Nope, I just don’t like Nolan on Superhero films. Period ! who wants reality ? Appearantly a lot of people liked his take. Nope…got too much reality in life to begin with. I never said he was a bad director, I just don’t like his Batman. They are pretentious and over long. You think I’m going to sit in a theather for 2 hrs and 44 minutes? Hell no.
        I haven’t seen any of his movies in the theather, and plan to keep it that way. Spiderman just recently took this somewhat realistic approach in Amazing Spiderman ( No…won’t see it either) I feel this is a fad, that will die out eventually. Wanna know how to make a superhero movie ?
        Richard Donner’s Superman 1 and 2 ( Yes…donner directed most of superman 2 before being removed because of those BASTARD Salkinds)and of course The Avengers (2012) In recent years I have limited my theather going due to the fact that there isn’t any good movies out there; and that’s across the board in the different genres.
        Movies aren’t as fun and original as they used to be. It’s all commericalisium; movies front loaded with spectacle and little more.
        Will we ever get great writers, and directors again ? Who knows? Maybe a second golden age of Hollywood will be coming around again. Unfortunately, right now the people with money, are constantly recycling crap and feeding it to the people that like crap.

  5. I think superhero movies have a history of missing the mark despite who is at the helm. “Daredevil”, “Spawn”, all three “Fantastic 4″ films, “Electra”, Ang Lee’s “Hulk”, the “Swamp Thing” movies, “Supergirl”, “The Phantom”, three horrible “Punisher” movies, “Catwoman”, dare I mention “Steel”? The list goes on and on. The list for great superhero/comic book based films is much shorter I assure you. There is so much love of these characters, so many limitations in regard to translating it to live action, and too many people with no respect for the source material involved. The expectations from the fans is always huge, while the studios are trying to find a way to appeal to people outside of it’s original audience. You can’t please everyone. I think most of the time I just feel grateful that someone out there is even trying. Win, lose or draw, a bad superhero is better than no superhero movie at all.

    • @100proofhero

      I think that your statement really rings true generally of film. I would say that of the hundreds of films that are released a year, only about 5-10 a year (10 is pushing it) are in the great category/worth buying. Then, you have spectacular films that fail (like Cabin in the Woods) and BS films that explode (all three Transformers) which makes it harder for good films to be made.

      The Superhero genre simply mimics it. There are only 5 GREAT/transcendent/masterpiece superhero films (Donner’s Superman, Spider-Man 2, The Dark Knight, The Avengers (which imo is on the cusp, but for being such an amazing team-based film, deserves equal ranking) and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World). People may b**** but really, we cheapen the term of great film if we bestow it to even very good films like X-Men 2, Batman Begins, Spider-Man 1, etc.). This tier should only be reserved for films with unbridled originality, expert execution and/or iconic moments.

      Then you have a nice crop of good to very good films (Burton’s Bat-films, X-Mens, Thor, Kick Ass, V for Vendetta, etc.).

      Then as you mention, the load of crap that accompanies every genre (particularly rom-coms, boy we miss you Nora Ephron). (Also, I disagree with Daredevil being wretched, I never understood the Spawn hatred considering Violator alone was worth seeing and the fx are still decent, and the Thomas Jane Punisher is exactually enjoyable camp imo – a great movie no, but it does have great over the top violence with some enjoyably goofball fights).

      My only issue with you is when you say that crap is better than nothing. I disagree. Every poorly-made cash-in (some cash-ins can be decent to good, such as Amazing Spider-Man or Blade 2) is an insult to a genre we all love and are passionate about. I would rather see 1 good to great film (or hell, even one ambitious film like First Class that wasn’t very good but at least had a fun/exciting take with some above-average acting) than 10 Elektras, or Jonah Hex’s or Fantastic Fours or Green Lanterns where it is an insult to the genre and stories. Nothing is always better than crap.

    • Spawn was a good movie and I recon inspired nolans batman trilogy

  6. After watching the dark knight rises srriously think the best thing for Warner bros/dc to do is to convince Nolan to make 1 last batman movie where (spoiler) John blake as robin is explained a lot more, as well as that they could leave it there and let robin transform into knighwing that would probably be the best idea. As for the justice league movie, I personally think the should not think about that right now let the hype of the avengers die down like a good couple of years and the think about introducing the justice league in a different and creative way different from how marvel did the avengers. The green lantern movie needs a reboot like how marvel rebooted the hulk, jus make it as dark as batman but as unique as the story of a space cop should be. In conclusion marvel seems to be setting the goal right now and dc seem to be catching up. Although I’ve said it many times before marvel is for kinda whilst dc, detective comics are for a much older audience

  7. Reboot Green Lantern using the Alan Scott character!! – that would be very different – but alas I don’t think we are ready for a movie with a gay superhero :(

  8. I say they reboot green lantern that overall wasn’t that good a movie and I don’t think I’m alone on that field. But I would advise Nolan to avoid the justice league movie if it ever does gain any speed, I find him a terrific director, writer, and movie maker but I dont picture him enjoying himself or doing a good job on the movie, there’s so much there there’s a ton of characters a ton of background and unfortunately there is some stuff that needs improving in order to make the film as entertaining as the dark knight or the avengers, I think a smart move would be to make the league a but smaller maybe just use Superman Wonder Woman Batman and Green Lantern, I hate to break to all of you but that flash movie really just looks stuck and who knows how long it will be before it gains speed again, so I say keep it small and maybe a little vulnerable try and maybe make plenty of references to the rest of the DC universe maybe have a fight scene in Keystone city or something, this is one of those movies that can go really well or really wrong so let’s hope they try their best.

  9. I love Green Lantern (I know I’m in a small minority there) so I really don’t want a reboot, it’s too soon for one anyway. I am however in favour of a requel, continue the story build up the Sinestro Corps/Star Sapphire things and use it to reset the series’ tone.

  10. They could easily do to Green Lantern what Marvel did with Hulk (since his movies never did well either): Recast him and briefly explain his story in subtle ways so no one is completely lost about who he is. Then make him a likea le character that audiences will fall for.

    To the idea of having the Justice League being dark, gritty, and realistic, that simply won’t work. The likes of Superman, Aquaman, amd Martian Manhunter throw reality out the window and the JL was really never overally serious or dark toned (the popular incarnations of it at least). To force it into a Dark Knight style would not be true to what the team is.

    And further to that point, a big part of what made the Avengers so successful is the family appeal. There were at least 3x more kids at the Avengers viewing I went to than the Dark Knight Rises one I went to. That is a big part of the success because families mean more tickets bought and therefore more money in the bank. So if WB is looking to stuff their wallets they’ll need to follow suit with the general tone and style the Marvel U movies have followed thus far.

  11. I just don’t care for the character of GL there was very little interesting things about him to me, so if theyre gonna reboot him i hope they change that, i mean i guess it always just bothered me because he had this all powerful power ring that he could use to make great powerful weapons and half the time he was making shovels and arrow pointers it was more like a cartoon character than an actual comic book character. The movie i loathed, it made very little sense to me, i mean Ryan Reynolds as GL i never thought that would ever work i mean he’s just in movies because he’s ryan reynolds and he’s the sexiest man alive he isn’t a good actor, my brother always thught a young Harrison Ford would have been good in the role of Hal Jordan and i think he’s right

  12. i saw the movie of marval but its was not that good i like more dc with superman and bat man and the flash and so on i think it will be so damn cool if the movie of dc will come out with ex. the flash batman superman greed lantern and the bad guy is the best enimie of surperman darside and the enemis of batman the joker that will be so damnnnnnn cool anyways i ope it eill come out soon

    • but not in cartoons lol xP

  13. I think that the new Superman movie could be cool, but I’m not sure if they can really do anything with it that will draw as big a crowd they’ll need to get people excited for the movies follow(whether Superman or not).

    I bet the JLA movie will be a hit, and I’m hoping that they’ll a YJ movie after. I mean after the success of the JLA and YJ series people should be marking their calendar. So long as they don’t screw it up…

    As for the GL.. I’m not touching that with a ten foot pole. I’d suggest they do the same; or at least until fans voices die down, and what they want becomes more clear.

  14. Do you know what we need. We need fan based films the same way we have fan based animated shows. Award worthy shows like The young Justice. DC fans need to get together and assemble a team to handle DC work in film. The Same way we’ve done with shows and video games.

    In all honest I don’t think I’ve seen a single movie portray comic book heroes the way they were meant to be. However, shows like The Young Justice and video games like the Arkham based games, and DC’s superhero match ups seem to have hit the nail on the head.

    So DC fans, lets form our own film production team.

  15. Please bring back Ryan Reynolds he’s perfect for the part!!!No one else will do it as good!!I and many others will not go to see Gl2 if Ryan Reynolds is not Hal!!

  16. Please keep Ryan Reynolds as Hal he ‘s perfect and made for this role!No one else can play this part! I and many others will not go to see GL2 if Ryan Reynolds is not Hal!!

  17. Lantern is by far my favorite DC character. So chances are i was over judgmental about the movie. But regardless i wasn’t a huge fan. I don’t quite get why all these self proclaimed GL fans wouldn’t want a reboot. I wouldn’t want Hal Jordan to avoid confusion and criticism. I know this is probably just old JL cartoon bias from when i was younger, but i’d love a John Stewart movie. And maybe Atrocitus??? Yes? No? Maybe? Perhaps? Please?

  18. I would like Ryan to return and finish off his own trilogy before moving on, the third last film should be introducing the next GL.

  19. Quite frankly I am not a comic book expert, but I do have my opinions and ideas which I plan on sharing. First off I enjoyed seeing Ryan Reynolds take up the helm of the green lantern, even if most of the movie and needless CGI sucked. I feel that with a few costume alterations, some limitations on the use of CGI, and a good director… We could see a great reboot coming our way, that said I also wouldn’t mind recasting an African American actor to take up GL’s mantle. One such as idris Elba for instance. What the CW did with the Green Arrow was just great. Of course there were some clichés and a few over flashy scenes but what doesn’t nowadays. Originality is did, all we have left is various interpretations. That is one superhero id like to see in a JL movie. I liked Nolan’s work with batman, I mean c’mon the man revived DC. Okay maybe not so much but it was good. Sure it took itself a little too seriously at times especially with a character who dresses up as a bat, these are comics cartoons after all just some imagination but that’s not to say Tim Burton’s was perfect. Each director had their own take, each was great in its own aspect, especially with all these alternate timelines and universes I think it’s okay, in fact I love the variations. It keeps things spiced up. But if I was Nolan I would have killed off Christian bale to keep with the flow. Although if they create the justice league then well who else to play batman, bale is the only one I can see. Nolan’s version will last a while. What t

  20. Okay let’s get one thing straight, yeah DC and Warner brothers need to start spitting out movies if they are to start making money. But if they go to fast or rush then they’ll flip just like Green Lantern did. And they can’t just cast a bunch of random *ss actors into a justice league movie. It won’t work. Yess, you comic fanatics will know the characters backstories but it will hurt the flow of the movie if you expect to branch out afterwards. And what about kids not raised on comics, they are gonna have a hard time understanding whats going on. imagine trying to cram in all the basic info of five characters into one movie and still keep it going. yeah nice try, and avengers threw in like 7. Marvel is soo lighthearted all about some laughs yeah I know it doesn’t hurt sales, but we should take a darker grittier turn for these heroes as to avoid comparisons between the companies. I mean iron man 3 completely let me down. Lets take the bad*ss mandarin and turn him into a joke in exchange for more robots, more explosions and cliches. God what a wAist of money. I know these comics were meant for kids but jeez, now you say well Nolan’s darker approach was lost on the kids, b******* they didnt care.

  21. So I’m thinking Olivia Wilde for Wonder Woman, but only if they beef her up a bit (tv is so about beauty now that they expect us to believe a Barbie with a pretty face can pick up a car. Ralph fienes for Martian manhunter or a black actor. Oh and for GL please no will smith maybe Jaime Foxx but no smith. Perhaps Ryan gosling for a serious flash man. I heard someone would suggest Ron pearl man as darksied. What he did with hell boy was cool.

  22. i know i might get hate for this, but frankly, i think Nolan has made the best movie franchise ever with batman, it not only allowed people to connect but it gave a feeling of true evil existed. Now Nolan would be the last guy i would pick to direct superman or justice league but he could help, solely with the audience connection.

  23. You know what here’s the best to do:

    Reboot Green Lantern with a new actor, and pack up a lot of Easter eggs hinting other possible League members’ participation just like in Man of Steel.

    Release a Flash and Wonder Woman movies, at least.

    Let Nolan direct if not produce all the films.

    With all these, a JL movie will be better than Avengers 5x!

    • omg, please keep Nolan and his excessive realism away. These are supposed to be SUPERhero movies not Sci-Fi. He was okay with Batman alone, but DC can’t expect him to have that level of success with other characters because their backstories are different. The Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman mythos would not be acceptable to the fans because of his level of realism.

  24. I,d rather see a secret six movie then suicide squad

  25. I think the Man of Steel would have to be gound zero for a JLA team up if they were to put it together anytime soon otherwise in my opinion things would be too messy introducing a new Superman, but if not I dont mind being patient for all current DC films to die off before rebooting for a mashup. But if they start from MoS I believe the Next films should be Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aqua Man, and Green Lantern(reboot – for f*cking up Parallax). I believe a Batman reboot goes without saying and would have to showcase more of his detective and martial arts brilliance, The bats smarts and agility were not really seen in Nolans depiction and for a JLA film to work I couldn’t see it any other way. We love Nolans work, but Batman needs more sci fi to fit in a mashup. I think the JLA first film should then introduce Martian Man Hunter kind of like the animated movie.

  26. Really want to see a Gay Or Bisexual Superhero. The dynamics would be very sexy he would have sexual power over other men. That would make him a hero in a sence. Also a female superhere would be great. Where is Wonder Woman.

    There seems to be some talk that some of the early super heros may have gay fantasies anyway. The muscles the skin tight outfits are almost stylized s and m. I mean this in a good powerful dramatic way.

    Why can’t a superman come home to a man for a movie or two. Or come home to a man and a woman. In ‘superman Returns’ which was a beautiful film. There was a three way non sexual relationship anyway because there had to be in that situation. Both guys loved Louis. But what if the 2 guys also feel in love . Those types of big guys often do. This can happen. Why mirror life in films.

  27. spell checked version

    Really want to see a Gay Or Bisexual Superhero. The dynamics would be very sexy he would have sexual power over other men. That would make him a hero in a sence. Also a female superhero would be great. Where is Wonder Woman.

    I liked the earlier Superman up to superman returns who was compassionate, the same with wonder women. We all know some people can be nasty but true compasison is rare and beautiful.

    There seems to be some talk that some of the early super heros may have been gay fantasies anyway. The muscles the skin tight outfits are almost stylized s and m. I mean this in a good powerful dramatic visual way.

    Why can’t a superman come home to a man for a movie or two. Or come home to a man and a woman with gay Marriage around the corner it is only time. In ‘superman Returns’ which was a beautiful film. There was a three way non sexual relationship anyway because there had to be in that situation. Both guys loved Louis. But what if the 2 guys also feel in love . Those types of big guys often do. This can happen. Why not mirror life in films.

  28. Here’s a great idea for a Green Lantern sequel/reboot. Hal Jordan is Green Lantern at the start of the movie but he breaks the Green Lantern code by killing someone ( a complete accident) and gets moved to another sector, and the guardians must find another ring bearer and they choose Guy Gardner, and when they are about to find him he has his accident and cannot be the ring bearer so they choose John Stewart instead and that’s all I have so far, all I’m saying is bring in John Stewart he’s a much better Green Lantern than Hal Jordan.

  29. I would like to comment on a sequel to The Green Lantern…it has to be Ryan Reynolds, and NOT A START WITH a new beginning/new actor as the green lantern. Ryan did a great job and we want to see him do the sequel.