Upcoming DC Movies May Include ‘Green Lantern’ Reboot, ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie & More

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dc comics movies universe Upcoming DC Movies May Include Green Lantern Reboot, Suicide Squad Movie & More

Marvel’s shared movie universe gamble has worked out well, thanks to The Avengers raking in well over $1 billion at the global box office. Over the past week, stories have been flying fast and furious, revealing that Warner Bros./DC are now pressing ahead full-steam with plans to usher in a new era of film featuring their own stable of superheroes. Although Dark Knight Rises will undoubtedly make a bundle for the studio(s) this summer, it’s next year’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel, which is expected to truly launch the new wave of DC movies.

Earlier this week we learned that slate of DC films will definitely include both a Wonder Woman movie and the long-gestating Justice League film. Today, we have news that both a Green Lantern reboot and Suicide Squad movie could also be on the menu (in the foreseeable future).

The Green Lantern news comes as little surprise, given the film’s financial (under-)performance (longtime readers know all too well how we felt about that movie). However, Variety says that Warner Bros. and DC are currently trying to decide whether it would be better to bring back Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, and make a sequel/partial reboot (a la The Incredible Hulk) – or just start from scratch with a new actor, so as to “relaunch the character in a completely new way.”

green lantern 2 Upcoming DC Movies May Include Green Lantern Reboot, Suicide Squad Movie & More

Will Ryan Reynolds return for 'Green Lantern 2'?

Part of the reason there are so many questions right now about what, exactly, Warner Bros./DC’s future plans are with respect to live-action superhero movies has to do with TDKR director Christopher Nolan. As Variety points out in its report: the filmmaker not only rejuvenated the flailing Batman franchise into both a critical darling and a box office behemoth, he also oversaw Man of Steel during its early stages of development (“godfathered,” if you will). Indeed, it’s been speculated that Nolan’s tendency to play things close to the vest is part of the reason why only one official image of Henry Cavill as the new Superman in Man of Steel has been released to date.

Whether or not Nolan agrees to serve as a “guide” and to determine which direction the DC movie universe takes, is the question right now. The filmmaker’s decision could impact such issues as the decision to reboot/relaunch the Batman and/or Green Lantern series; whether or not there will be a shared continuity between movies like the impending Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Aquaman solo ventures (or if each film will be primarily stand-alone) – and whether the Justice League movie will emulate the grounded and mature tone struck by Nolan’s Batman trilogy, as Will Beall’s JL script is already rumored to do.

First Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel Upcoming DC Movies May Include Green Lantern Reboot, Suicide Squad Movie & More

Henry Cavill as the 'Man of Steel'

That Warner Bros./DC would take so great a risk as to rely heavily on Nolan to supervise the creative territory for their coveted comic book properties is a direct response to how Marvel pulled off The Avengers so well – by hiring on a filmmaker (Joss Whedon) who’d already demonstrated a real passion and understanding of what makes good superhero stories tick. Hence, you shouldn’t put too much weight into last year’s reports that Henry Cavill’s Superman will absolutely not be incorporated into the Justice League movie, or how the Batman series will without a doubt break narrative continuity with Nolan’s films, after TDKR (among other outdated reports).

Furthermore, the news that an adaptation of the Suicide Squad comic book is in the works likewise points to Warner Bros./DC taking a decidedly different approach to their superhero movie universe than the one taken by Marvel. Suicide Squad (in its more recent comic incarnation) revolves around a team of incarcerated supervillains who take on dangerous black ops missions for the U.S. government in exchange for reduced prison terms. The players in that series contrast vividly with both the current and upcoming roster of Marvel characters (Ant-Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange) – who are (by comparison) more straight-forward good guys armed with awesome powers and abilities.

suicide squad movie Upcoming DC Movies May Include Green Lantern Reboot, Suicide Squad Movie & More

The 'Suicide Squad'

In summary: Marvel has made its move, and Warner Bros./DC is rushing like mad to retaliate (or something like that). The studio(s) aren’t expected to make any public announcements about their plans until Dark Knight Rises opens in theaters next month. In the meantime, we here at Screen Rant will be sure to continue keeping you up-to-date on all rumors and reports that offer a sneak peek at the DC strategy.

What do you think of the approach being taken by Warner Bros./DC so far? How much do you suspect the DC movies will integrate elements of the “New 52″ comics reboot? Sound off in the comments section.


Source: Variety

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  1. Ewww, it feels like DC is scrambling.

  2. Use martian manhunter in the same way nick fury was used to bring them all together. Hopefully they wont rush into it to quickly and do it right

    • I would just have Batman and Superman recruit the team:
      Being Batman, he’ll obviously have files on all the “superheroes” out there in the world, so when [insert villain's name here] threatens humanity, he pays a visit to his old pal Supes and they recruit heroes to help take down [insert villain's name here].
      - it goes without saying, this idea would only work if they use new/rebooted versions of the characters.

      • I hope they put more forethought into how they will approach this film. I understand that they see dollar signs due to the success of the Avengers, but they need to make sure they get everything right tonally speaking. MOS would likely be the best way to assess whether or not a JL film will work. MOS can be the launching point since Nolan and Bale are concluding their trilogy and interpretation of Batman.

  3. It does feel that DC is just rushing this, but they better know what they are doing.

  4. I really hope they will bring back Ryan Reynolds and do the sequel/reboot. I think a Suicide Squad movie would be great but may just be a cult film. I hope to hear good news from WB

  5. DC has something that Marvel does not. A bonafide woman superhero with Wonderwoman. But they haven’t done anything with her or they haven’t really put a strong focus to making these movies. Warner Bros. and DC has only released three superhero movies after Batman Begins (The Dark Knight, Superman Returns, and Green Lantern; I’m not counting Watchmen). They also were at one point trying to make a Justice League movie, but that fell apart. It doesn’t seem like they are serious until only recently.

    • I can only hope this came out wrong and you meant “in currently released movies” because Marvel has JUST as many female superheroes as DC.

    • “DC has something that Marvel does not. A bonafide woman superhero with Wonderwoman.”
      Ms Marvel, Jessica Jones, Scarlet Witch, Elektra, Invisible Woman, Mockingbird, Spider-Woman, Valkyrie, Tigra, etc. (and that’s just off the top of my head – and excluding all the X-Men heroins).
      Granted, some of these characters are owned by other studios, but Ms. Marvel alone is enough to dismiss you “argument”.

      That said, I do think DC’s female heroes are a little better and they are treated better as well (at this point, I can’t find a single ongoing Marvel title that stars a female character – DC however has Batgirl, Batwoman, Supergirl, Catwoman -just to name a few)

      • I think EP meant DC has the only woman superheroine who is instantly recognizable by everybody, including people who don’t read comics. If he did, I agree with him.

      • Hawkgirl and Black Canary come to mind for DC, and Wasp for Marvel (they just don’t have their own titles, and are supporting heroes).

        • Yeah, but even poor Wasp has been killed off in the Marvel comics (Ultimate-U and 616-U).

  6. Man of Steel was pushed back six months and will have taken over two years to make when it comes out. Anyone else thinks it was pushed back to write in – and shoot – the beginning of a JLA tie in series?

    • No I dont. But I wouldnt mind if you are right.

    • No.

  7. Kind of speechless…. It’s not that I don’t care about the Justice League but if they start rebooting what they have, it’ll make me care even less.

  8. It does feel like DC/WB is rushing a little bit but I feel like DC/WB are finally gonna rise (pun) and prove why they are better…. I hope

    • Showing your DC fanboism much? Why exactly do they have to be, “better” and can’t both be equally good?

  9. DC has an awesome pantheon of characters, that I feel are more nostalgic in comparison with Marvel. If handled correctly, and given enough thought, DC’s heros and villains can make Marvels look a little childish and family friendly. For instance, The character of Black Adam (if portayed with enough evil) can Make Tom Hiddlestons Loki look like an altar boy. If you continue to look at characters like The Spectre, Deadshot, Deathstroke, The Joker, Lex Luthor, Darkseid, Calendar Man, you can really begin to see some genuinely dark, evil, and frightening characters that can only be matched by a complex, noble, and awe-inspiring group of heros-the JLA! C’mon! was Loki, Red Skull, The Chitauri, or even the small cameo of Thanos enough to frighten anyone? We all know a hero is only as Good as his/her villains. I’m gonna go ahead and say that Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City had me more nervous and creeped out than any Marvel Movie. And that was just Batman. Dont get me wrong, The Avengers was awesome, AND I own every Marvel Movie. (cant wait for Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Heros for Hire) but what If DC excels in the areas where Marvel was lacking? What if they can do it better? I say anyone that thinks DC is “scrambling” is just afraid DC was smart enough to let Marvel make the first move in order to study their opponent, learn their weaknesses, and then crush them. Its the Art of War, plain and simple.

    • I really like this comment, you said everything I was thinking

    • Exactly, also ppl might get nervous if they give Nolan more power but that could be a good thing because he understands the importance of “character”. He could just be there to point them in the right direction to find other capable directors.

    • Obviously you missed DC’s first salvo, Green Lantern. The first movie after they reorganized the way DC/WB took on the DC heroes to film.

      So plain and simple, wrong.

      But hey I say keep trying, their bound to get it sooner or later. I know I’m dying for a good JL film

    • DC was smart enough to let Marvel make the first move? I bet Marvel is feeling really played now. Hopefully the billon dollars + that the Avengers is raking in will help cool those burns.

      Was having less than stellar movies, other than Nolan’s Batman, also part of DC’s plan? Taking a fantastic character like Green Lantern and giving him a so so movie? Not even being able to have a Wonder Woman movie when the film practically writes itself? No Flash? Diabolical scheaming there, DC.

      I keep hearing all this talk. Probably the DCCU will be more cohesive and more mature. But only because they learned from Marvels mistakes. But Marvel stood up and did it first. If DC did it first, would we now celebrating the Justice League breaking over a billion at the box office? I doubt it. Marvel took a chance and did something that has never been done before. It created a true cinematic universe. DC stood by, with instantly recognisable comic book franchises, and did nothing.

      No matter how good the Justice League movie is now, to the world, it will always be just that Avengers ripp-off.

    • Wait……so a superhero movie is defined by it’s villains but yet all the DC universe has yet to muster from your little list there is the Joker twice and Lex Luthor, what 3 times and all we have to look forward to in MoS is Zod…..again? So by your very definition DC has pretty much failed on most accounts.

      At least Marvel had the balls to show us that Thanos is coming and if you don’t think he is dark or evil then you don’t know him very well. We also know that he is after the infinity gauntlet and the cosmic cube (and will probably get them) which would make him one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe…….so yeah the implications of Thanos are rather frightening (in an epic way). So yeah, as soon as DC steps up to the plate and offers us a REAL villain like Darkseid, Brainiac, Doomsday or the like then we can talk but until that time, talk to the hand.

      I am also in agreement with avatar_popco and it had absolutely NOTHING to do with being “smarter”. DC has been playing it safe for 30+ years now and it was Marvel who took the risk, something DC most likely didn’t think could be pulled off. So while I don’t think DC is necessarily scrambling, they sure in the heck are reeling a bit about only having one superhero movie to look forward to in the near future and nothing but plans while Marvel Studios has 2-3 projects lined up each year for the foreseeable future.

      So you use your little analogy……DC has sat back in their war room, digging in their heels and making plans believing Marvel would fail but Marvel is out there taking over the cinematic world and is continuing to pump their troops out to keep up the pressure. Wait too long and you lose the war. (Reminds me a bit of WWII ;) )

    • That…is actually genius. CRUSH MARVEL. MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

  10. It does feel like DC/WB is rushing a little bit but I feel like DC/WB are finally gonna rise (pun) and prove why they are better…. I hope.

  11. If they totally reboot Green Lantern will he be gay? Or does DC not think that is a profitable business move? For that matter – if it is concluded that making Green Lantern gay in the rebooted movie would be commercial suicide – why did DC reboot him as gay in the comics?

    • I am not a gay basher but making him gay in the comic will hurt DC. No one is going to buy those comics.

      If the world needs a gay superhero, fine. Make up a new one and leave the ones we all love alone.

      • So am I a no one? Because ‘Earth 2′ is actually a well written book with amazing art set on an ALTERNATE earth. Are people seriously so childish that they complain that a FICTIONAL charater is gay? I mean if they made Spuderman, Ironman, Cap, Bats Superman etc. etc. That would be different but in the end it’s just a story.

        • Well said.

    • The gay Green Lantern is Alan Scott in the earth 2 continuity so that won’t be onscreen….possibly ever.

      • But the non-comic reader is taking it as “the Green Lantern is gay,” so they’ll be surprised if he isn’t gay onscreen and complain that they changed him. Just like people complained that he wasn’t black in the first movie.

        I don’t really care about this, but it seemed like a really lame gesture on DC’s part to announce that a major character is coming out and then it’s some unused, retired, or Earth 2, pre-52 dimension stuff. Just out some third string character like Marvel did 20 years ago. Or don’t do it at all, but if it messes up their movies it’s their own ill-concieved fault.

        • This is the point I was getting at. How can they make such a big announcement that Green Lantern is now gay and then try to reboot the movie franchise with him being straight again. I understand the various dimensions and that GL is actually several different characters – but the average movie goer can’t be expected to understand all this. Unless they plan to reboot it as a gay GL – which I think is a bad business move – I think DC’s big coming out of the closet move really screwed themselves over with this GL franchise. And could even affect their Justice League prospects because GL is a prominent member. They will have to explain why their big PR move isn’t being translated on screen. Basically, DC was stupid and didn’t think this through.

          • I don’t think it’s so difficult for the general audience to understand that there are different Green Lanterns.
            If they can learn the names of all the Kardashians, then I’m sure they’ll be able to draw a distinction between Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Alan Scott — okay… on second thought, maybe not… but still ;)

            If they make a new Green Lantern movie (or a JL movie) and show the character hitting on a girl or kissing Carol Ferris then I’m sure they’ll figure out he isn’t gay – if they can’t even do that, then all hope is lost for humanity.

          • Yeah, it’s confusing. I understand it well enough because I actually knew about the original Green Lantern (met the creator once too, he looked like one of the Guardians. Nice guy). Earth 2 has been around for a long time. But I still don’t understand where Earth 2 falls in the new order, and I’ve never seen very many stories with Alan Scott. In fact I can’t remember any. I’ve seen reprints of the 40′s stories.

            Anyway, I read the comments on CNN or one of those sites, which detailed all this twisty alternate world mess. It went over everyone’s heads. They read the headline, period. People were aggressively for it or against it, but I had the clear impression they just assumed it was one Green Lantern.

            First of all, it always smacks of PC and publicity when they do this. That’s fine. It is what it is. But it’s so weak that they grabbed headlines announcing it would be a “major” character, and then announce some other-dimension once removed rarely used character. So if this works against them they kind of deserve it.

            The only thing I can say is that I underestimated how quickly word-of-mouth can inform people. Marvel totally utilized this, knowing that there’s 5 vocal nerds in every theater to clarify the details. Still, if DC is trying to look tolerant, this will likely work against them.

          • It’s not the same GL they’re not even connected. It is not a GL Corps GL, he has similar powers, but other than that they are very different.

        • Thats why most sites specifically mention the name and universe this GL is from. Other than that it’s bad reporting on other sites that just say ” Green Lantern is gay”.

          • I read about it on CNN or something. It was very detailed and specific, but the comments afterwards seemed like just about everyone only read the headline and didn’t understand the idea of more-than-one GL and multiple-Earths.

        • Ummm, if they do not read comics, they will not care in the slightest. I DID read the issue, and it was fine…NOT even particularly stunning. If they make a BIG issue of it in coming stories, then I will think they are overdoing it. Right now, it does not appear that way. Also, why not have Scott be the one they use for the story? It takes nothing away from the character (granted, it does not particularly ADD anything either…good OR bad…it is a fair lateral move). I saw no problem with it and, so far, like the way Earth 2 is shaping up.

          • Are you talking about using Alan Scott in the movies?

            I was thinking about that. Marvel is talking about adding diversity, so it might give DC something to one-up Marvel. It wouldn’t phase me.

          • Yea I know, they should really be focusing on the fact that it’s not a main GL character. Other than that ppl like us will have to do for now.

        • Studios can only dumb down so much for stupid audiences. If people automatically assume one Green Lantern represents *ALL* Green Lanterns, they’re too stupid to help.

      • Maybe Dr. Fate could use his magic and turn Allen Scott straight again?

    • NOOOOOO! If Green Lantern does get a reboot it will probably still be HAL JORDAN as GL. Or maybe Jon Stewart.

      The guy who’s gay is Alan Scott GL.

    • The Green Lantern that was re-imagined as a homosexual isn’t Hal Jordan or John Stewart (and from what I’ve read and seen, those two guys are the only characters that DC might ever use in their movies)

  12. Most ppl would say they are rushing but I don’t necessarily feel so. With HP finished and Nolan’s Batman ending of course they would be looking for newer stuff to fill in that could last for the long run.

  13. No one wants to see another Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds….I think that fact was proven when no one went to go see the movie. They should do a green lantern with John Stewart played by Idris Elba. Or something with flash. Or wonder woman.

    • it made 200 mil I assure you that isn’t nobody. The word of mouth about the overall quality of the movie is what killed it. They don’t have the time to waste on total reboots right now.

      Keep RR, make it a space opera with a director who knows sci-fi and possibly introduce a new GL into it.

      • Yes. One of GLs biggest failings was that the just HAD to return to earth. The movie would have been much better if they had stayed out in space.

        • if it had to be on earth that much the original Emerald Dawn version of the script should have been used.

      • If you mean a generally okay script needing more content, better script presentation in places, and tigher pacing in places, then yes, quality, because the CG is actually pretty watchable, and going to see a movie just for the CG is ridiculous anyway.

        I thought Reynolds was awesome. He did good with the script that was given to him. It’s not his fault the script-writers decided “Oh, we have to spell out explictly Hal is scared, because audiences are probably too dumb to get it/pay attention.” Believe it or not, they’re probably right. Many, if not most, audiences are impossibly stupid.

        Even in its state, Green Lantern was somewhat close to being DC’s answer to Iron Man.

        People, you need to remember a little thing called marketing, target markets, audiences, etc…the dumber the audiences are, the dumber studios will make a movie so that it is “accessible.” You think Watchmen would have done any better if it actually WAS a big squid in New York City? Probably not, because the non-comics fans would probably not get it and go “a squid, that’s so dumb, I’m going to tell everyone I know to not see this movie.” Avengers did well because probably most or all of that audience were fans familiar with comics or familar with some of the movies previous to the Avengers. If you didn’t like the comics, the movies, or you weren’t familiar with them, you probably thought it was just okay. Since I am not a big fan of Marvel in the first place, I am one of those people. Avengers was mostly “IRON MAN and Friends/IRON MAN 2.5″ for me, and not much else. If they had kept Edward Norton, I would feel way differently about that, but nope, they didn’t. If Green Lantern had one of the best scripts in the world, but the audiences didn’t bother paying attention and therefore, didn’t get it, good luck with those dummies recommending the movie to their friends. It’s a sad state of affairs, but that’s how it is, and I assure you DC is definitely *NOT* the only culprit for this. Almost no one sits back and goes “No, we’re putting our foot down for this, if the guy texting on his phone during the movie doesn’t get this part, then SCREW HIM, we don’t want his f****** money.” Not for movies, not for books, not for games. This is just the way things are done now, and until more people take a stand and more audiences try to be smarter, don’t expect it to get any better.

    • Why does everyone blame RR for the poor showing of GL? It wasn’t his fault but the fault of a poorly constructed script that caused the movie to fail.

      Also why the hell does EVERY black role automatically default to Elba? I like him as nuch as the next person but there are PLENTY of other talented black actors out there so it’s a bit insulting and ignorant to only choose him. Is that really the only black actor you know that can act?

      • Jamie Foxx wouldn’t be bad or maybe Will Smith? The list goes on.

        • If Smith could lose any Smith-isms (that awkward left-and-right shoulder swinging when he tries to be serious) or dumb Smith humour, then yeah, I’d like to see him in Green Lantern 2, WITH RYAN REYNOLDS.

          This actually might be a good marketing ploy, too, because both actors have comedy backgrounds in some way, shape, or form.

      • Chris Rock for John Stewart/Green Lantern!

        • lol, NOW you are just being silly.

      • RR DID do well with the script he was given, see my above comment. Audiences are too dumb in order to write a really awesome script without risking the loss of money due to audience stupidity. So instead of compromising in terms of $$$, the studios tend to compromise otherwise to the movie is more “accessible.”

        Target markets, etc., should be a GUIDE, not a rule, and no one gets that.

        Also, about black actors, insert delayed Kone joke about how black people all look the same, lol ;).

    • IMO, Ryan Reynolds wasn’t a bad Green Lantern at all (I actually think he did a great job considering the bad script that he had to work off of).
      I wouldn’t mind seeing him return (but in a semi- or full on reboot), but I also wouldn’t mind seeing John Stewart.
      If I had to choose? I’d say give Hal another shot.

      • I admit to being a bit bias towards John Stewart simply because I loved the JLU series so much. But as long as they give RR a more practical uniform (no more naked muscle outfit, real mask and some boots dammit!) with some CGI after effects, I’m in.

  14. So, Green Lantern come out of the closet, so he can return as the first gay superhero to hit theaters? DC-Comics should really think about this for a second. Guy on guy action on the big screen?


    • Does no one actually take the time to read details such as names these days? The gay GL is Alan Scott of the Earth 2 universe NOT Hal Jordan or the other earth Lanterns.

      • Precisely.

      • Clearly they don’t Merciful Rao.

        I’m sure it will all be straightened out (no pun intended).

  15. I hope they keep rr he was pretty good as green lantern its just that the movie itself wasnt that good. And i really dont see a point in making a suicide squad movie theres a bunch of other movies they can make

  16. Remember when it was all the Marvel properties sucked as movies, 15 years can change a whole lot! Hope they can pull it out, but unless they ditch the plan to rush these things as fast as possible and simply let them happen organically, there will be many more Green Lantern debacles to come

  17. I vote to bring Reynolds back as the Lantern. Just write a better story.

  18. I am not the buggiest fan of DC comics and their latest movie creations have not done much to change my opinion.

    Has everybody completely forgotten that Ryan Reynolds has already had a super hero part??? HE WAS DEADPOOL IN THE X-MEN MOVIE!!! You can not be 2 hero’s at once!

    Now he was the perfect part for Deadpool with his cheesy humor, but him going to be a green lantern is just…well stupid.

    Marvel has also made mistakes, like Ghost rider my fav comic book hereo, how could they pick Nick Cage?!

    I look forward to a justice league movie, but it would have to be done like the avengers, you cant just stick a bunch of people into a movie with no character development. Thats the problem with DC comic movies, they completely get away from the character and deal only with action action action.

    A reboot for the GL is a must.

    • Your premise that an actor can’t play two heroes is already shot down with Chris Evans..you know the whole Human Torch/Captain America thing…

      • Exactly. “Oh, but the movie sucked.” Don’t care, still counts.

    • i think you are mistaken it for michel bay… dc movies usualy dont have enough action i them…

    • Wasn’t he in a Blade movie, too?

      • lol, yes he was, how quickly people forget. He played Hannibal King in Blade 3, although I’m not sure that would qualify as a superhero though.

        • TIL, vampire movies don’t count as superhero movies ;).

    • They are in completely different universes so it doesn’t really matter since the charactors could never cross paths in the first place.

      • Yeah, not like how the introduction of Black Panther screams for a Heimdall vs. Black Panther movie. THAT’S why BP can’t be played by Indris Elba.

        • Well, Thor has known Heimdall his whole life, and Thor is also an Avenger… if the Black Panther joins the Avengers (and both BP and Heimdall are played by the same actor), how can the fact that Thor’s life long comrade looks exactly like this new guy just be ignored when Thor and BP are standing next to each other?

          It’s not so much about the characters actually meeting each other, as it is about the established universe kinda being messed up when the same actor plays two characters in the same continuity.

          That’s just my take on the whole thing though…

  19. Complaining and worrying isn’t gonna do anything but stress yourselves out. All we can really do is wait for confirmation on upcoming projects which might be soon (Comic-con).

    I have faith in DC/WB solely because of the interviews Snyder was doing during and before production of MOS, he seems to understand the essence of the character. This could be a step in the right direction for DC. When we finally get some footage next month it could only reinforce this.

    Bring it!

  20. It doesn’t matter much to me whether they decide to bring Reynolds back or not (although, I’d like to see Mark Strong return)…Just as long as they do make another Green Lantern movie, and continue to use Hal Jordan instead of one of the other Lanterns.

  21. I’m all for someone over seeing the production of these upcoming movies but please not Nolan. DC doesn’t have to “paste and copy” the avengers but to really stand on its own they need to go all in with the JL. Kind of a backwards moment, we know the characters of the JL, (fanboys) know the big villains but not the common public. Its in that play of getting to know the villains that the movie can take flight. If you get Darkseid smashing Superman on his own then you can see the reason for the JL. Also the other tie point could be simply who do Superheros have for friends? You really really need to do what the Avengers did and make the public care about the hero’s by getting to see those animated moments from JLU cartoon. There is a lot of cash as stake more so for the JL movie than the Avengers.

  22. DC needs to follow Marvel’s formula and stay as close to true to the comics as possible! Keep Ryan Renolyds and do a 2nd movie but make it better. Use the new Superman from the upcoming movie and Wonder Woman from her new movie. Tie them together in the Justice League Movie. Also a Flash or Aquaman movie would be awesome.

  23. I really think that DC needs to just take it’s time. I appreciate that demand for Justice League is high, especially in the wake of The Avengers. But if it takes 5 – 7 years and a few solo characters movies to get a great finished product.

    I still think individual movies is the way to build up to he JL movie. Green Lantern has a great advantage in that the reboot can be completely standalone. Kyle Rayner or John Stewart can take up the reigns in a fresh story.

    Both indivudal movies for The Flash and Wonder Woman are a must. I would personally opt for a Flash movie first. With the right actor in the role – it can be that fresh, brighter, accessible comic book movie – in the same way Iron Man was.

    To me much depends on how well Man Of Steel performs. It’s not enough that it just doesn’t become a flop like Green Lantern. It needs to be one of the biggest hits of the year, generating a gross of around $700 – $800 million worldwide. That would then be the perfect catalyst to get Justice League off and running.

  24. IMO with the success Marvel has had it puts an incredible amount of pressure on WB/DC. Not only with us die hard CBM fans but with the general movie going public. Anything to rushed will feel like a rip-off and those who aren’t to familiar with CB History and how it all works may think it’s just a cash grab.
    Yeah, everyone here knows the difference but average Joe or Jane moviegoer doesn’t know the difference between Marvel, DC and so on. To most people Comic Books are just a thing kids and fan boys & girls read. And like I’ve said many times before burn out becomes a factor. If it seems like every movie is based off some CB people will just get tired of it. Just like with Vampires lately, people are so sick of it that even if something good or different comes along all they automatically shrug it off as another sparkly vampire movie.
    I know it seems like I’m saying that I don’t want this to happen, but I’m NOT… I’ve wanted to see a Justice League Movie since I was a kid but what I don’t want is a half brained rushed mess. I’ve waited so long that if it means another 3-5 years I’m ok with that, especially if that means it’s done right.
    Take your time WB/DC, get it right, make us happy. Please!!!

  25. hal jordan is not the gay green lantern, get your facts straight people

  26. Most excited about SuicideSquad.I love unconventional comic book movies.

    I think a Justice League movie woukd work best in its own self contained movie-verse. That way the individual movies wont get bogged down by overreaching plots and the Justice Leauge film can end on a cliffhanger and not be worried about time restraints. The Justice League lwould be the Lord of the Rings of comicbook movies.

    • The LOTR approach is exactly what I’ve been thinking.

  27. They shouldnt do another Green Lantern movie until after Justice League. Introduce him the same way Marvel did Hawkeye, hint at him and then bring him in the Justice League. Also, not Ryan Reynolds, seperate this universe from previous DC films like Catwoman and Green Lantern. Maybe down the line have a Green Lantern reboot/solo film, but not for a while. DC shot themselves in the foot with the Ryan Reynolds movie

  28. DC is not rushing it people they havent even given a release date for any of the projects so how can you consider it being rushed? Also after the Dark Knight Rises is released next month the only other comic book adaptation ready to be released is Man of Steel! Shouldn’t WB start production on other franchises?? I mean C’mon the news these past couple of days have gotten me excited not worried

  29. DC is not rushing it people they havent even given a release date for any of the projects so how can you consider it being rushed?

    Also after the Dark Knight Rises is released next month the only other comic book adaptation ready to be released is Man of Steel! Shouldn’t WB start production on other franchises?? I mean C’mon the news these past couple of days have gotten me excited not worried

    • I excited because this could mean after MOS next year we could have 1 DC cbm each year.