DC Comics’ New 52 Reboot: The Complete Guide

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Guide to the DC New 52 DC Comics New 52 Reboot: The Complete Guide

The DC Comics Reboot – or the DC relaunch, or The New 52, or whatever you want to call it – is probably the biggest thing to happen to comic books since Crisis On Infinite Earths nearly 26 years ago. Not just in terms of changing the canonical status quo, but also in terms of the way comic books are sold.

Every DC Comics book from here on out will be digitally distributed “day and date.” This means that on the same day individual issues hit the shelves of your local comic store, they’ll also be available to read digitally on your iPad, your iPhone, your Android, and so forth. In a world where print is dying, the economy is drying up, and comic book sales are laughable, this is a big deal—at least as far as comic books are concerned.

Courtesy of Hero Complex, The New 52 is already on its way to dominating the comic book market share in September – a rare feat for DC in the past, uhm, four decades – with six books that have preorders over 100,000. A little context for you – it has not been uncommon for entire months to go by in 2011 where not a single DC book has reached 100k in sales. Six in a single month, you say? Well, bless my soul!

You can click any of the links below to skip to a particular week of the guide:

For visual aid, Check out all 52 covers on one poster, via the DCU Source Blog:


DC The New 52 Poster 280x364 DC Comics New 52 Reboot: The Complete Guide

Furthermore, Justice League – technically an August book – has sold out with preorders of over 200,000 units, which would make it the best-selling comic book of 2011 so far (by far). Whatever your thoughts are about The New 52, it’s obvious that DC’s gamble has paid off … at least in the short-term. Only time will tell if those numbers stick around, or if digital sales (which are unlikely to be available for public perusal) can save the industry as we know it. Spoiler Alert: Yes, they can…they just can’t save comic book stores.

Check out The DC New 52 trailer below:


For superhero movie fans looking to acquire any miniscule amount of information as to what forthcoming DC Comics film adaptations might entail – from Man of Steel to Wonder Woman to The Flash to Justice League – the New 52 is the place to start, which is why we’ve created this extensive guide to help you navigate all 52 new titles, from Action Comics on down to Wonder Woman. After all, 52 comics is a lot of comics.

We will also rate the worthiness of each “New 52″ title according to the criteria outlined below. WARNING: These ratings are just my opinions and recommendations as a longtime comic fan. The final decision, of course, will be up to each reader to decide for his/herself:

  • BUY means what it sounds like it means. There are enough reliable variables in place for the comic to be worth an immediate purchase.
  • EH means there are reasons to buy a particular comic and reasons not to, so you should probably wait for critical consensus or word-of-mouth before you put money down. But hey! It’s your money, so whatever!
  • DO NOT BUY means do not buy, because why the heck would you even think about buying something like that until you know for a fact that it’s worth your hard-earned cash? 

Covers: Click any of the comic covers in our guide to check out a larger version of the artwork.

Launch Day & Week 1 of DC’s New 52…

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  1. Ok just read some more of the titles and here’s what I think so far:

    Animal Man #1: 5/5: Great story. It cements the presence of Animal Man in the DCU really well. The main thing that I liked about it was that it allowed for the reader to really explore him and too advantage of his previous obscurity by introducing him as a character that doesn’t even really knows where he belongs himself and the only things that anchor him are his family and his powers (which in his words are why he’d never give up being Animal Man). The ending was also really surprising and kind of creepy (but in a good way). Although the art wasn’t what I prefer in a comic, it seemed to fit this certain story pretty well.

    Stormwatch #1: 3/5: Sorry to say, I didn’t really like this one. It seemed to just jump out of nowhere and not even establish either what Stormwatch is or the dynamics between the main characters. The plot was hectic with way too many things happening at once. I feel like it would have been better I they had had Superman #1 come out first. The team has potential but not with all of them split up doing their own thing. I don’t know if I’ll be picking up the next issue.

    Justice League International #1: 4.4/5: This book was a lot of fun, a bit cliché in parts, but the clichés were still enjoyable, at least in my perspective. The book is great in that it introduces a team that has a logic potential, basically an impressive roster of DC’s most promising second stringers. The story is also good surprisingly in that it embraces the JLI as being Justice League lite as a way to introduce internal conflict among the members, which can be seen in Booster Gold and Guy Gardner. These two, especially Gardner are shown to be disappointed that they aren’t “playing in the majors”. But, of course, Booster jumps at the chance to be team leader. The characters do have a tendency to revert to stereotypes but it’s still fun to watch play out and while the main threat is typical, its looks like the setup to a good story.

  2. As a long time DC fan, I have to say, one thing that I’m wondering is: where is Dr. Fate? He’s always been one of my favorite DC characters and has always been a staple in the expanded Justice League. I was kind of hoping that he’d get his own title that could center around the war between the Lords of Order and the Lords of Chaos, it would have been something different. So….why not sacrifice just one of the the EIGHT Batman-related titles under so DC’s most prominent magician can get in on the action. I love Batman too, but 8 titles!!!! I would’ve cut it down to maybe four or less (including Batgirl and Nightwing, and Red Hood).

    • I have no doubt that Fate will make his presence known (and felt) later. He’s been around a long time, so I doubt he’ll simply fade into obscurity.

      • Hopefully he’ll turn up, but idk its not the same as him having his own title. That would have been epic. Who knows, maybe they’ll spin him off into his own book once he is introduced. It looks like that’s what they might be doing with Deadman.

    • He’ll probably show up soon in Justice League Dark. I bet they’re saving him for an upcoming story arc

  3. Having read the Deadman mini series – Dick Grayson is tied in with Doctor Fate… or rather hi IS the New Doctor Fate… I have read the new Detective Comics, and the Joker ending makes me a bit concerned. I did catch the conclusion to Flashpoint – I’m glad I did, because without it none of these story lines makes any sense. Barry Allen races through the time stream to prevent the murder of his mother by Professor Zoom – thereby changing the DC comics time stream. So we have Barry Allen to thank for the New 52! The Action Comics re-boot is fantastic – Rags Morales & Grant Morrison make a great team. As with every major change – DC must have a Psycho-Pirate for the gateway back (the good Doctor Fate perhaps?…). CRISIS tried so hard to throw DC sideways – but FANS will always bring it back. Lets see how long it takes before Streaky, Bizarro, or even Bat-Mite re-appear. They may be zombies or axe-murders when they do, but they will live again. Right Grant…

  4. This reboot suck on sooooo many ways, it is not even funny.It is very white-washing and represents everything DCU ISN’T, even with Superman and wonder woman and making Superman darker and edier like batman is NOT what Superman is about!
    This rebott will not be too much of a success, sine a lot of long-time fans are being driven away by it. And some of them bought and read it and so far…they hate it!!!

    Honestly, i will NOT buy any of their rebooted crap until they find some way to bring back THE REAL DCU!. I WANT MY ORIGINAL DCU CONTINUITY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Action Comics is top-notch. It’s not darker or edgier. It’s just more like the original Superman.

      • I tend to differ with you Ben. If Superman isn’t “Darker,” was is he running from Police? Are you saying that Superman is better because he is disrepectful of the Law? Are saying that Superman as a “Vigilante” (aka Batman) is better than having some Moral Grounding? It seems that this Superman fits this Generation: Disrespectful of the Law, a Vigilante, does what he thinks is best regardless of the Law. This Superman has as much Moral Fiber as a toad! Oh, I forget, this Generation has no Morals…just live and let live!!

        • Joseph: no actually, Superman isn’t being disrespectful of the law. Quite the contrary, he’s upholding it, standing up to a corrupt businessman who used his clout and power to circumvent the law and cause harm to many people. If anything, the new Action Comics #1 shows Superman as the only morally conscious actor in a society that has turned its back on morals, falling into corruption and ignoring the suffering of the less fortunate. Sorry to break it to you, but sometimes the establishment doesn’t always have the moral high-ground on issues. General Lane pairing up with Luthor basically shows that.

          IMO, Superman was presented as being completely different from Batman. Just because he’s running from the cops doesn’t mean he’s become Batman. Batman goes after the all types of criminals and murderers because he has declared a war on crime due to his parents’ death. Superman, on the other hand, is someone who just hates corruption. He grew up as one of the little guys, but was given this great power, which he then tries to use to change a system that tends to pick on the little guys.

          And stop screaming that this generation has no morals…it makes you sound ignorant.

        • Welcome to what superheroes are and always have been — disrespectful of the law. You could never legally go out and do what Superman does, irrespective of the fantasy of it. At best, the police tolerate his actions because he does good.

          Either way, if that is your interpretation of darker, than you and I just disagree on what darker and/or dark means. Spider-Man does the exact same thing. The law is not cool with it. Do you really think Spider-Man is dark?

    • Um…actually many of the titles have been getting really good reviews, especially Action Comics #1. Superman isn’t “darker”, he’s just more like he was back in the original Action Comics #1. Superman started out as a social crusader who took on corruption trying to help out the little guy, that’s who Siegel and Shuster created him to be. It was only during the 50s that he was transformed into a goody-two-shoes, which is not to say that that’s a bad thing, but it was sort of a rift from who he originally was. Anyway, what you say about the whole relaunch sucking is not true. Save for a few that have failed to live up to expectations, a LOT of these titles are hitting the mark. I’d say that the relaunch is actually turning out to be a big success.

      • True…in the Original Series back in the 40’s, Superman was a Social Crusader, but he NEVER was disrepectful of the Law. In fact, the Police was happier and appreciative for the help. NOT TODAY! Oh no….Superman is an Anti-Hero now who dodges Police and does what he wants regardless of the consequences. Sounds much like the Youth of Today. No wonder he is so Popular now. He was such a “Goodie-to-Shoes” before, and so Boring, oh…such a Sap. How could Superman be so popular for all those years!! The Writers much have been so Brainless to make Superman such a ROLE MODEL for YOUNG and OLD alike. Now Superman is a Role Model for Criminals and those who wish to do their “own thing.”I’ll take the Old DCU any day!

        • Well said:)

        • Eh. You clearly aren’t too familiar with the old-school Superman. Back in Superman #1, he trapped a corrupt coal executive into one of his shadily constructed mines, only to rescue him at the last minute. He’s typically been portrayed as somewhat anti-establishment, even more than Batman. Indeed, police would fire at Superman well after Batman and Robin had been deputized!

  5. And mind some couple of the misspellings lol

  6. @Ben moore @DC-kid
    “top-noth” “good reviews” “turning out to be a big success”
    Please! Give it 6 months to a year. Tops.

    • Uh, give what six months to a year? How good it is? It’s good. Right now. I don’t know what you want me to do about that.

      The proof is in the pudding. It’s selling well, it’s popular among fans, and it’s popular among critics. If you think a year from now people are going to turn around and say, “No, I really hated that Grant Morrison Superman book even though I didn’t know it at the time,” you’re kidding yourself. There are very few Morrison books that are remembered in the annals of comic book history as having been bad. I would gladly bet you right here and now that this won’t be one of them. Friendly bet. Winner gets to say to themselves when they go to bed at night “I was right and Anthonth was wrong.” Or, you know, vice versa, but I doubt it.

      • The stories lack any depth. It seems that the stories have been dumbed down. Just toooooo easy to read. BOOOOOO on DC!!! That is why I cancelled my box. Make room for Image and Marvel’s UNCANNY X-FORCE…

        • Wow. I love it when I can spot a Marvel fanboy. Actually, the reviews are disagreeing with you, buddy, especially on this new batch: Wonder Woman, Batman, and Captain Atom have all received high marks, just like a lot of the other before them. I am personally loving them so far. Its nice to see DC showcasing their lesser known heroes, while giving their classic ones a new beginning that isn’t too heavily weighed down by canon. Not that the old continuity had anything wrong with it: I mean Infinite Crisis and Blackest Night are two of the best events I’ve ever read, but its a good streamlining of the DCU that welcomes new readers.

        • Which ones? Because they certainly don’t all lack depth. They’re certainly not all dumbed down.

  7. I’ll pass on the “reboot” I’ve had the rather dubious honor of reading some of the flashpoint series, and I noticed that the DC writers have left themselves a rather large way back to the old DCU. If they were really as confident in the reboot’s success, wouldn’t they have just left it out?
    While I’m sure alot of you may enjoy the writers and much of the art in the new books, it’s not a solid reboot. The Green Lantern book after all, is, numbering aside, exactly as is was pre-reboot. Weird…

    • “While I’m sure alot of you may enjoy the writers and much of the art in the new books, it’s not a solid reboot. ”

      Quality is quality. If the books are good, what else matters? Sales, of course, but those seem to be going well, at least for the time being.

  8. What’s wrong with all these classic superheroes’ outfits? That’s not the Superman I want to see, that’s not the Wonder Woman I want to see. They seem to have been copied from Marvel’s heroes. In fact, I’m beginning to respect Marvel comics. DC is messing up and destroying every single good thing they had. And when they mess with their trinity… it’s simply PROFANE

    • lol at people like ben moore and dc-kid and their totally whack opinions on this, it sounds like they get all their DC knowledge off Wikipedia!

      • Are you freaking kidding me? You think I wrote this entire guide from Wikipedia? HIlarious. Talk about whack.

      • @meshgahh: Just because something actually sounds well-thought out and articulate and unlike meaningless idiotic rambling (which is obviously what you’re used to posting) doesn’t mean that we got it from Wikipedia. You might need sites like those for you to put your words together, but some of us are smarter than that.

    • Classics are good, but at least be happy Superman ditched the red undies! There’s nothing practical or flattering about ’em!

  9. tsk, tsk, tsk

  10. We’ll see.

  11. @Brent Hill? Be happy?! Are you kidding me?! He looks like papa smurf without it – too much blue and not enough red!

    • Ha ha! Papa Smurf! I am imagining him with a big white beard and a red hat! Is it really that big of a change? It’s cool if you prefer the original–it has been weird to see what DC has decided to change and what it’s keeping the same. His new outfit does match pretty closely to the one in the new movie (Man of Steel), but you probably don’t dig that one either.

  12. @Ben
    I am not kidding myself! Yes, the reviews are good or according to these critics? What a bunch of ass kissers, they are. Well it is like you said, it going good for the time being.
    but like I said, give it some time.

    And as for the friendly bet?
    I’m Sorry,man. I refuse to play any juvenile games to prove one’s point,
    No offence.

    • “And as for the friendly bet?
      I’m Sorry,man. I refuse to play any juvenile games to prove one’s point,
      No offence.”

      FYI, I wasn’t being serious.

  13. @Brent Hill Yeah, it’s that big of a change. But I don’t mean in a good way.
    But your right, I won’t like the new movie. But it’s among other reasons.

    • You know Anthony, you just seem to be making up your mind without really giving anything a chance. First the comics and now the movie. The new movie looks like it will be great, at least i hope (knock on wood). Especially, since Nolan is involved with it.

  14. Speaking about undies…it seems from the covers that Batman also ditched his balck undies? I think the ditching of undies thing has something to do with the reboot of costumes too…

    Btw, has anyone read Batgirl and Nightwing? I would like to have a read on reviews of their series…I am still deciding whether I should grab them like what Ben Moore said. And hopefully, I would like to see them as a couple again!

    • I guess Superman’s undies could be considered classic, but is anyone sad that Batman’s are gone? I think he’s ten times cooler without them. Good choice DC! (And I’d also like to hear about Batgirl and Nightwing!)

    • Batman didn’t have undies before the reboot, though. Literally, right before the reboot. And he’s lost the undies several times in his history, so it’s not as big a deal. Even the movies have showcased a Batman sans undies.

      Nightwing isn’t out, but Batgirl was…all right. I enjoyed some of it, didn’t love it, will give it one more chance to impress me.

      • My bad, I re-read and realised that Nightwing series will be coming out this week. I have decided to get Batgirl #1 to support Gail Simone and Barbara being able to kick butt once again.

        Speaking about costume reboots and nightwing, it seems his costume has changed to become very similar (or the same?) to the costume he wore when he was briefly renagade….

        • I truely prefer his previous costume before this change…design and color wise. Black and blue is just cool together. I thought it was one of the best in dc universe.

  15. Hey so I just read some more of the new 52. Ok, so…I’m just gonna start off by saying that this is really the first one of the new 52 that I was really disappointed with.

    Mister Terrific #1: 2/5

    Ok wow. I was really disappointed with this issue because I went into it with so much enthusiasm. Mr. Terrific is a character that has so much potential to be developed into a major player in the DC Universe and I just feel like Eric Wallace totally botched this one. Basically, the major flaws were that the dialogue was completely flat and the characters and plot were unbelievably corny. There was no subtlety and it was backlogged with an effort on the writer’s part to unnecessarily define to the readers the superficial character traits and lay out the events that lead to where we are at this point. The issue basically read like: “Hi, I’m Mister Terrific”, “I fight crime as a way to deal with my wife’s death”, “I’m really smart, so smart that I’ve been called the third-smartest man in the world”, “I do this, I do that, etc. etc. etc…..” This character has so much potential and I hope he can be salvaged, but in my opinion, it would have been so much better if they hadn’t tried to make him into a cheesier, [more so] high-tech version of Batman/Bruce Wayne. The only reason I’m giving it two stars is because the story could have potential, only if it was executed differently.

  16. Also, can someone tell me where the hell Captain Marvel has gone. I would really like to see a Marvel family related title, not so much for the Marvel family, but more so for Black Adam. He’s one of my favorite villains in all of the DCU.

    • It’s unclear at this point. He’s definitely going to be the star of one of Grant Morrison’s Multiversity issues next year, so Marvel may have been relegated to an entirely different Earth/universe, a la the JSA.

  17. I am just wondering why are there so many series on Batman? It makes Batman look like he has so many crimes and battles to solve in 1 day. Gosh, batman has actually 4 series with him in it under his belt!

    And one thing wired is that there are so many heroes fighting in gotham. Is there so many villians to battle in gotham everyday? If I was a villian, I would commit my crime elsewhere rather than where the whole bat family is. Why not make a neighbouring city like bulhaven so it doesn’t make gotham so “overcrowded” with heroes and villians?

    Speaking about bat family, I hope that futhur down the road, there will be some situation that brings the whole bat family to work together once again, like No Man’s Land. I miss the times where the family works togheter often, like in past and cartoons.

    • @ Bats

      One of the things about Batman is how popular he’s been over the years.

      Not many heroes have sidekicks or allies like Batman. Only other hero come to mind is Green Arrow & his partner Speedy. I always wondered actually when Nightwing moved to Bulhaven that Batgirl didn’t go with him.
      Your post here reminds me of a episode from the New Batman Adventures “Nnighttime” episode where Batman is missing & criminals are picking the city clean with only Robin there. So Roxy Rocket headed to Metropolis only to be stopped by Superman & explain what was goin on & thought she’d tried her luck in his city.

      I always liked Robin in the comics all the way till he got sick of being in Batman’s shadow & being his own man with the Nightwing persona. ” Old Wounds” was another great episode from the New Batman Adventures imo. Seeing how Robin’s partnership ended with Batman at the end of the episode was better than that fight they had in the live action Batman & Robin film. I liked the whole bat-family myself. It’s nice to have heroes have different things from others whether it’s their way of serving justice, or having partners/allies, etc.

  18. What happened to all the second batch of teen titans? Half of them are missing! Where is Raven, Donna Troy, Garfield and Wally West? The remaining are not even together, except for Kory and Roy who partner an “outlaw” ex-robin to become “outlaws” themselves? Gah.

    Then Dick goes about “wallowing” in his own past and Cyborg has become a founding member of the Justice League? Gosh, I think when the justice league was ever formed in history, I think he was still a kid in school!

    And that’s why there should have been both Teen Titans and Young Justice series where Nightwing and Red Robin lead their respective cohorts. Dick, Donna, Cyborg, Raven, Kory and Gar really make a great team!

  19. OK, so I’ve just read Green Lantern #1 and the more I read, the more I realize that this reboot really isn’t a reboot, at least not a reboot of the entire universe. Green Lantern pretty much picked up exactly where the old title left off. I’m actually glad that they didn’t do an entire retooling of the DCU because they would have had to sacrifice being able to refer back to all of the great story arcs from the past couple of years. I think that what DC has chosen to do is more so to go back and rewrite just A FEW stories in the DC continuity, while leaving a lot of the other ones untouched. For example, they’re rewriting Superman’s introduction into the DC Universe and the formation of the Justice League, but they’re maintaining the events/continuity that took place in the Green Lantern title. I think its a good thing because they’re touching up on only the stories that need to be touched up or the ones that have become outdated to the point where nobody really remembers them, while at the same time, they are maintaining the stories that didn’t need to be “fixed” or improved in any way.

  20. I’ve read some of the new 52 titles, and they’re not too bad. I’ve been reading comics for almost 40 years, so I’ve seen quite a number of “reboots”. The only one I’m unhappy about is Sgt. Rock, but that’s only because I’m a huge WW2 enthusiast. The others? Some are good. Some are not. I think it’s less about who lost their undies, who’s got a new costume, or who dodges the police and more about the talent behind the title.

    That’s why I follow writers and artists, not characters or titles. And I do think it’s true that DC will be regretting some of these reboots come this time next year, but the majority of them look like they’ve got good, solid artists and writers behind them.

    I mostly suspect this is simply DC’s reply to Marvel’s Ultimates titles.

    • “I mostly suspect this is simply DC’s reply to Marvel’s Ultimates titles.”

      Eh, more like DC’s response to DC’s Crisis On Infinite Earths.

  21. I don’t understand all the bad talk towards this reboot. I think DC was really smart about it and it got me, along with a bunch of others, buying comics again. Why would anyone care if Superman has red underwear or not? It baffles my mind. The art and stories are what gets me. Well done, DC. Batman was great. About to read Action Comics…

    • yeah, a lot of people refuses change. it’s just how it is. a matter of preference. The ‘reboot’ isn’t that bad. It’s actually good and nice to read.

    • I agree. I was jaded with comics but this got me excited again. I’m 49, been reading comics since 68 and I love Superman… But couldn’t give two hoots about Superman’s red briefs!!!! RIP undies.

  22. I’m among the people who are happy about this “reboot” since I’ve been wanting to start reading comics for a long time now and I finally know where to start. Planning to get into Action Comics (which was awesome), Wonder Woman, Justice League, and maybe Supergirl. Batman is just too confusing since there are like 4 series being written about him, not including his many sidekick series. I will stick to reading Batman: Year One, The Long Halloween, and the many other graphic novels that are critically acclaimed. Any other Heroes you people recommend I should start getting into? Is Teen Titans worth checking out (meaning, is the writer for this new Teen Titans series any good?).

  23. I agree with the guy saying there are too many Batman books. I know they can count on him for sales, but it is always confusing for more casual fans to follow Batman.

  24. Can you say COMICBOOKRANT.com ?

    Just an idea after seeing 10+ pages of comments on this story.

    • Totally agree with BlueCollarCritic about comicbookrant.com!!!

    • I actually own that domain. :)


      • comicbookrant.com would be the coolest!

    • I’ve been saying this for months!

  25. We should have a chat room on this website. Have you thought about it Vic?

  26. I guess I don’t really understand how you are recommending/not recommending books that you haven’t actually read, yet. That seems strange, and not particularly helpful.

    • A) This was written before the books came out, B) based on creators/previews/solicits/etc and my own preconceived notions of what looks good. I go over why I think these things look good or not in relative detail, and you can choose to agree or disagree, buy or not buy.

      All you gotta do is read the intro, man. It’s no more complicated than, “This is a guide to all these books, and here is my opinion as to what looks good and why, FYI.”

  27. I’m not interested in comic books at all, but the artwork Im seeing here is frigging amazing. If they made animated versions I’d run out and buy the discs without a second thought.

  28. Well now what have we got here. We have A world were the public hates and mistrusts it’s heros. Shadowy goverment agencys want to expermint on them. Now were have we seen that before,Oh Yeah MARVEL Comics. Somebody tell DC imatation can be the sincerest form of sucide. By the way I want to know what happened to one of my favorite amazons Donna Troy.

    • That certain situation only appears in Justice League, in the comics that focus on later periods, after the JL team up book, the superheroes aren’t as feared, save maybe Captain Atom. Instead, in the Flash, Superman, and Green Lantern titles, people appear to genuinely accept and welcome the heroes. Anyway, DC wouldn’t be “imitating” Marvel even if that wasn’t the case. There were plenty of stories of people fearing superhumans and government interest in the abilities of the supernatural/paranormal WAY WAY WAY before Marvel started publishing characters like Spider-Man or X-Men. Superman actually started out the way he’s being portrayed now; in 1939, Supes debuted as a rough and tumble social crusader, Morrison’s simply tapping into that previous characterization. And Batman has always skirted the law, appearing to live on the fringe of society. DC isn’t imitating anything because A) it seems that the fear of superheroes is only temporary, i.e. set in the time of the Justice League book, and B) Marvel wasn’t the first to publish stories like that anyway, its a well known dynamic which has appeared in fiction since the time of Greek myth.

      • Very well stated…

  29. Could anyone tell me what you think are the top three storylines for the New 52? As a superman and supergirl fan, what did you all think of the new reboot? I really enjoyed the New Teen Titans!

    • I have only read about ten of the new 52 titles, but my top three are:
      Batgirl, Birds of Prey, and Teen Titans.
      (I like the more obscure characters, so I’m not as familiar with some of the big name titles.)