Confirmations & Denials on Batman 3, Watchmen 2 & Superman

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dc entertainment logo Confirmations & Denials on Batman 3, Watchmen 2 & Superman

In the last two weeks we were subjected to some news regarding director Christopher Nolan and what was reported to be his involvement in another Batman film, rounding out his trilogy, and more interestingly, his involvement in the next Superman feature.

This news was epic for a lot of reasons, but mainly as it potentially laid down the beginnings of what would be a foundation for the DC Universe coming to silver screens in full force, much like it currently does over at Marvel Studios.

If Nolan was involved in the Superman project, that would mean he was no longer interested only in his Batman universe and keeping it isolated. With Green Lantern coming out, at Batman 3 and a Superman reboot could throw out some cross-over opportunities that could lead into more character films and what everyone wants to see, a Justice League film.

Unfortunately for comic and movie fans everywhere, the new DC President Diane Nelson denied the rumors. MTV News spoke with Nelson recently and this is what she had to say about the Nolan involvement with Superman rumors:

“Wouldn’t you like to know!… We don’t have any plans about that, and as I’ve mentioned, in the coming months we’ll be making a lot of announcements about what our content plans will be,” she added. “But right now, that’s nothing but rumor — and we frankly don’t say a whole lot more about rumor than that, so…”

While not exactly a flat out denial, it does put a damper on the hype generated by that news. The good part here is that she indicates that we’ll be hearing a lot more news in the coming months so hopefully that also means we’ll see some confirmations on what projects are next to be developed at DC Entertainment and maybe we’ll get to see some new stuff at Comic-Con this summer.

With David Goyer working on the script to Batman 3, don’t be surprised if one of those announcements pertains to Christopher Nolan rounding off his Bat-trilogy. We know his tendency is to make room for his passion projects between that Batman movies as we saw with The Prestige after Batman Begins and now with Inception after The Dark Knight. If the pattern is exactly that, Nolan should be prepping for Batman 3 in the near future.

The other rumor out there regarding Batman 3 is that it’ll likely feature The Riddler as the villain and may introduce the character of Dick Grayson. Join in our our Ridder & Robin discussion for more.

Continue to part 2 for more on Watchmen 2!

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  1. I bet Nolan still comes on board for Superman in some capacity. DC definitely wants his guidance for the next series of movies.

  2. The more Batman the better, and a Justice League movie makes me drool!

  3. Maybe I'll get my Wachowski brother Superman movie featuring Bizarro Superman as the villain after all. I can hope can't I…

  4. Batman good. Superman good. Watchmen 2? NO! It is a standalone story, leave it at that. I bought the graphic novel years ago. I bought the theater ticket. I bought the DVD and the Tails of the Black Freighter and Under the Hood one. They got all the money they could get out of me for the Watchmen franchise. Don't beat off a dead horse.

  5. *Tales of the Black Freighter

  6. More Batman please!
    And I thought Nolan for sure confirmed for Superman? Hopefully they'll get him in on it. That'd be smart for them to do. They should just put Nolan in charge of all DC Comic-related films.

  7. I agree, there's no need for a Watchmen 2. Though I'd definitely see it if Rorschach got his own movie.

  8. NO RIDDLER! NO DICK GRAYSON! What the next Batman film needs is THE PENGUIN and DEADSHOT

  9. I thought the Watchmen was boring……Some obscure comics and graphic novels need to left as obscure comics and graphic novels……Unless the screen writer stay true to the comic…..

  10. Just had an idea…

    Adrien Brody as the Riddler.

    Oscar winning performance?
    This would be awesome.

  11. Frankly, I would prefer seeing the Riddler or Killer Croc or Poison Ivy or Clay-Face in the next Bat flick before the Penguin, Cat-Woman, and Two-Face. They can get the special effects right thanks to Avatar.

  12. Adrien Brody should replace Heath as the Joker. It was the part he was born to play. Just look at all his movies leading up to now. There was even rumors, that he was the first actor that they had originally wanted. But if you are going to go Riddler. You have to go with the Animated series one. Someone like a younger version of Simon Baker from “The Mentalist”. You need someone who can pull off super smart.

  13. Bhaaaahaha… It amazes me how many people think johnny depp should be in the next movie as 'the riddler'. My god maybe they will have Daniel Radcliffe as robin. Nolan and Bale have clearly stated that there will be no robin period. NO buts or maybe 1 & 2 work so well because it ant camp! regardless of “how you do it” Oh sorry I made a mistake Jonny Depp will be in batman 3 as a wheel stop…. for the tumbler. No one picked Ledger as the joker, idea's for villain casting please at least try half an inch outside of the box!

  14. Robin will never make it into batman 3! Nolan is all about characters, which is why it took more then 3/4 of TDK to make Harvey Dent twoface, “Robin Begins” i dont think so…

  15. In the world of comic books, Robin is a portal for the younger reads to imagine themselves in the story, as the younger of the figthing duo. While Batman was campt and for kids in th ebegining it is clearly more adult themed now in alwmost every way imaginable. The addition of the Boy Wonder allows for some softening and to make the comic a little more appealing to the not so mature reader.

    As for movies, Robin was, is and probably always will be a BAD IDEA! I repeat for those studio execs whop can't see the quality for the imaginary dollar signs, DO NOT MAKE A BATMAN MOVIE WITH A ROBIN CHARACTER! If you want to know why you should not do this simply go to your nearest video rental source and rent BATMAN FOREVER(1995) and BATMAN & ROBIN(1997) and any questions you have about the above statement will be clearly addressed.

    Jim Carey and Tommy Lee Jones have every right to be ticked at the decission makers who orchestrated this mess as it puts an undeserved black mark on their acting BIOS and both of those movies put a stain on the whole comic book genre of film making.

    The only thing left is to ask, will DISQUS actually email me when additional posts are made to this thread or not and I'm betting NOT.

  16. I wouldnt mind a Robin character in the next Batman movie, as long as he gets killed within 15 minutes.

  17. I like the nature of the singular Watchman story. I never heard of until the movie was coming out, and like a nerd I hurried up and rented the animated version first. I enjoyed both the animated and the movie versions which damned near identical.

    I dont think it would be a good idea to mess with that story, it should be left alone as a classic.

  18. Watchmen is the closest movie to source material I have ever seen. I say this bc I read the graphic novel literally right before I saw the film. If you watched the movie while flipping thru the novel you would notice that virtually all the dialog was left unchanged and the scenes actually look like some of drawings in the novel. Amazing stuff.

    Anyways I say jude law as the riddler. Depp would be too expected to take this roll.

  19. nolan should be an advisor for all future movies about Justice League characters so he can tell them how to make them fit with the current batman. Nolan already got pissed when they wanted to make a justice league movie without his batman, so pretty much it's make him fit or don't do it at all cuz there's no justice league without batman; he brought them all together

  20. How about a moratorium on all Batman and Superman movies for ten years?
    Do we REALLY need any more Batman/Superman movies? If so, make it like the old comics where they appear TOGETHER.
    I still think it's a shame that Miller's Dark Knight will never be made. That's a truly inspired, original plot whereas all these others are a bunch of insipid, kiddy-nonsense.

    “I'm Batman”. Ooooh. Scary. I'd like to see a superhuman Superman in the ultra-patriotic Reaganesque role Frank Miller wrote for him, never aging, while Batman has to come out of retirement as a very fit, acrobatic older man to try and show him the error of his ways, with a one-armed Green Arrow at his side.
    THAT'S a Batman/Superman superman movie I'd see. The rest is recycled drivel.

  21. And for the record, I'd watch a Minutemen movie or a Watchmen prequel if Alan Moore penned it or approved it, which while unlikely, would get a ton of people to the box office. Like he cares.
    I really enjoyed Zack Snyder's treatment of it, and I thought it was thoughtfully cast and that he could do another one very well with the right material. He is an excellent director.

  22. If u look at the scene where the joker shoots at at the mayor but hits Gordon, you can see a look a like of Johnny Depp. he should b the joker if they bring him back, the guy is already weird.

  23. Lmao

  24. there shouldnt be a Robin, Batman became basically the Dark Knight because of Jason Todds Death so that would have to be a prequel, unless they bring in Grayson who would be older and of course Nightwing. But its not gonna happen. No form of Robin in 3.

  25. There was no movie that came closer to staying true to the comic than Watchmen! Helloooo!!!!!!!!!!!!