Over 40 DC & Marvel Movies Will Hit Theaters In The Next 6 Years

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Marvel vs DC Justice League Avengers Team Up Over 40 DC & Marvel Movies Will Hit Theaters In The Next 6 Years

The fourth and final comic book movie superhero blockbuster of 2014 is finishing its run in theaters with Guardians of the Galaxy setting multiple world records for its August opening and many weekends since. Now, we can look forward to what the studios will bring in the coming years, especially after some major recent announcements from DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios/Disney.

Looking ahead has been made easier than ever thanks to the studios developing these comic book properties for film continuing to announce release dates further and further into the future (Marvel added six around Comic-Con), and Sony attempting to blow open the Spider-Man movie franchise with a slate of movies that feature other characters as the lead(s). Then of course, there’s Twentieth Century Fox who are finally going to bring their Marvel properties to the forefront with annual releases and a “serious” reboot of the Fantastic Four. They even announced an FF followup already alongside Deadpool.

Finally, there’s Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment who are using the followup to 2013′s Man of Steel to launch their own shared cinematic universe. They announced 9 additional DC movie release dates and just confirmed what they all are. Everyone wants a part of the shared universe pie and there’s a race to plant tentpoles for the future. As a result, we currently have over 40 DC and Marvel branded films scheduled to hit cinemas the next six years, with a few more still unannounced.

Updated: Deadpool has been announced by Fox and Warner Bros. unveiled its 2016-2020 schedule. Original article posted August 7, 2014.


  • May 1, 2015 – The Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • July 17, 2015 – Ant-Man
  • August 7, 2015 – Fantastic Four


  • February 12, 2016 – Deadpool
  • March 25, 2016 – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • May 6, 2016 – Captain America 3 (Fallen Son/Civil War)
  • May 27, 2016 – X-Men: Apocalypse
  • July 8, 2016 – Doctor Strange (unofficial but happening)
  • August 5, 2016 - Suicide Squad
  • November 11, 2016 – Sinister Six


  • 2017 – Venom Carnage
  • 2017 – Unannounced Female Character Spider-Man Movie
  • March 3, 2017 – Wolverine 3 (Untitled)
  • May 5, 2017 – Unannounced Marvel Movie
  • June 23, 2017 - Wonder Woman
  • July 28, 2017 - Guardians of the Galaxy 2
  • July 14, 2017 – Fantastic Four 2
  • November 3, 2017 - Unannounced Marvel Movie
  • November 17, 2017 - Justice League


  • 2018 – The Amazing Spider-Man 3
  • March 23, 2018 - The Flash
  • May 4, 2018 - The Avengers 3 (Unconfirmed)
  • July 6, 2018 - Unannounced Marvel Movie
  • July 13, 2018 – Unannounced X-Men Movie
  • July 27, 2018 - Aquaman
  • November 2, 2018 - Unannounced Marvel Movie


  • April 5th, 2019 - Shazam
  • May 3, 2019 - Unannounced Marvel Movie
  • June 14th, 2019 - Justice League 2


  • April 3rd, 2020 - Cyborg
  • June 19th, 2020 - Green Lantern


  • New Batman solo film
  • New Superman solo film


  • 2015-16 is the calm before the storm. We go from three films to six, then from six to nine in 2017.
  • We’re not counting any animated features – list is comprised of live-action theatrical releases.
  • Sony has yet to date three of their movies.
  • There are 30 DC/Marvel films currently scheduled (28 officially) from 2015-2020
  • For all of the studios, the plan is mostly set from now until 2018 but after that we’ve yet to see or hear what’s happening from the studios with Marvel properties.
  • Following Fox’s current trend, there will be at least 1-2 X-Men/FF movies in both 2019 and 2020 so we can add 2-4 to their number. (Recall: There’s interest and/or scripts ready for Deadpool, Gambit, X-Force) (Update: Deadpool has been added!)
  • Following Sony’s current trend, there will be at least one Spider-Man movie in 2019 and 2020 so we can add 2-3 to their number.
  • Following Marvel’s growing trend, there will be at least 2-3 features in 2019-2020 so we can add 4-6 to their number.
  • Conservative estimate is that there will be a minimum of 38 DC/Marvel movies over the next six years.  If the genre keeps performing as it is now, there will easily be well over 40. (Update: There are more now…)
  • Is your mind blown?
  • Is the genre about to peak?

Previously: At Comic-Con 2014 there were expectations that Disney/Marvel Studios and Warner Bros./DC Entertainment would announce a series of titles and dates for their upcoming features but both held back entirely, likely to focus attention on their immediate future. With both studios now (officially) laying out plans for their future, we can expect more and more news soon, especially since some of these must begin shooting next year (Doctor Strange for Marvel and whatever DC’s 2016 feature is).

Marvel vs DC Wallpaper 1024x640 Over 40 DC & Marvel Movies Will Hit Theaters In The Next 6 Years

Let the speculation begin!


More: Joss Whedon on DC Films


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  1. I like how its automatically assumed that Fantastic Four will have enough of a fan following to actually produce a sequel to a reboot. By how everything’s been done so far, the first movie looks as if it’ll be a huge flop, but Fox is still bumbling around convinced that rebooting that particular franchise is going to end well.

    • Is it any different from the assumption that the movie will be a huge flop?

      Right now it’s anybody’s guess. But the naysayers are forgetting that the common moviegoers couldn’t care less about the changes as they’re not in love with the source material. They’ll care if it in itself is a good movie. And that it can be without being excactly like the comic books.

      Fox aren’t betting on the fan following. They’re betting on the common moviegoers.

      • If youve noticed, the movies that stay very close to their comic book source material have done the best in the box office. Take X-Men Days of Future Past for example, a comic story arc that only comic fans really know about stays very true to the source material and does very well in the box office. X-Men 3 tried to go the route your speaking of and please the average movie goer and it flopped horribally. Basically what I’m getting at is make a movie that pleases comic book fans and they get all their non comic book friends to see it. When word spreads that the movie is good, more people go see it.

        • DoFP does not stay very true to the source material. It actually strays very much from it.

          In the comic book the future Kitty Pryde transfers her own mind back to the present day version of herself. In the movie they use Wolverine and they go all the way back to the 70s.

          In the comic book Mystique assassinates senator Kelly. In the movie she goes after Bolivar Trask. That may seem like a smaller detail, but then there’s the whole plot of her DNA being used to update the sentinels. That’s something the movie makes up.

          Also, this version of Mystique is herself very different from the comic books. They’ve made her part of a threesome with Xavier and Magneto, and it plays a huge part in the movie but Mystique never had such a past with Xavier in the comic books.

          So I’d say this movie, your example, strays as much as any comic book movie, if not more, but it works because they’ve still made a good story out of those changes.

          Actually, the only reason they use Wolverine, is to please moviegoers. But hey, it worked. So you can’t make rules that say that staying true will always work and straying or pleasing moviegoers – or both – will always fail. It’s never that simple. At the end of the day a good movie always works no matter if it strays or stays true or not. If it’s good it’s good.

          • Everything in the X-Men movies is so loosely based on stories from the books that you have to squint and look real hard to find anything adapted straight from the comics. As for Days of Future Past they used Wolverine partially because Wolverine and Jackman sell tickets and secondly because they kind of wrote themselves into a corner and would have had a hard time explaining sending Kitty back to way before she was born in the movie timeline.

          • And this is why I refuse to buy tickets to see such drivel.

            • You only see movie adaptations that doesn’t stray? Which have you seen then?

          • Not entirely in dofp comics kitty used her mutant powers to travel back in time to her older self to warn about the coming danger here they didn’t send her because in 1973 she isn’t even alive . and they might have thought of sending hank or professor and that wouldn’t be a great story isn’t it .it would be to easy . then the most logical choice is wolverine .

        • That is complelty wrong. GotG for example was far far away from the comics. Winter Soilder was far away from the comics. X-Men First Class was far away (granted that was not a huge success but the studio was happy with it), Days of Future Past was very diffrent from the comics (what comic did you read?). What comics are Nolans Batman based on? Man of Steel was successful even when many fands did not like it (because its not the right superman or whatever).

          So I really dont know on what data your basing your argument on. You mentioned 1 movie X3 but that does not make a pattern. Also X3 was further away from comics then most other movies.

        • X3 (#16 USA box office) was more successful in America then DofP (#17 USA box office), if fantastic four reboot has the success of X3 then there will be a sequal, in the end it’s all about the money. It also made more money in total then X2 arguably the best xmen movie and a lot more financially successful then xmen first class and that spawned dofp.

          Regardless of what you think of fox, they know how to make money, even with poor quality movies.

          • Yeah, but the difference is only $440,928 in USA and if we go worldwide the difference becomes $286 million. So it makes sense to consider DoFP the more successful of the two.

            And DoFP also made more than X2 both in USA and worldwide. But I agree it’s one of the best. I don’t know if I could pick one as I like both, but I would put them both in my Top 2 of X-Men movies ;)

            I also agree Fox knows how to make money. And I also think that Wolverine, First Class and DoFP shows they know how to get back on track from a critical point of view.

            After all, X3 was riding on the success of X2. That’s probably why it did well. First Class didn’t have much to ride on, but I think it still helped getting the expectations of a good X-Men movie back in time for DoFP.

        • Marc, in your examples you are ignoring the fact that Days of Future Past had a talented competent film maker in charge of it, and X-Men 3 had one of the worst film makers currently working in the business in charge of it. X-Men 3 sucked simply because it was made by a talentless director-for-hire hack, not because it strayed from the comics too much. Days of Future Past was good because it was made by someone who actually cares about the quality of the movies he is making, and has the talent and skills as a film maker to back that up, not because it somehow stayed more true to the comics (which it didn’t). Staying true to the stories in the comics is irrelevant to how good a movie is, and it should be irrelevant even to FANS of the comics as long as they stay true to the CHARACTERS.

    • I would not assume any film as being confirmed beyond next summer. Espically on the Fox/Sony front.

  2. Even though up to now all previous female superhero movie failed
    its very sad to only see two upcoming ones hopefully they will add more
    and make it good not like tomb raider or cat woman

    • I strongly agree with you slick, I am an individual male and I’m loudly rooting for a strong female lead movie. The only times that I have seen that personally was by two movies, Salt with Angelina Jolie, and your next with that doom prepper woman who was cold, calculating and gave her killer attackers a chill down their spines and yet they were the bad guys. Yet when it comes to seeing great potential and strong will and power with Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow where is her movie already? This generation has been the to act already give a strong female lead movie that is of the superhero genre that breaks the box office. Personally I love woman who are strong independent and beautifully smart and clever because that is what the young guys like me this time appreciate, women ruling the world and I have no problem with, looks like a better picture anyway. And I’m not talking no spandex wearing all about the looks heroes, I am talking about hard as iron in your face and proud to wear battle scars type of women heroes, so where is that. Something like that sends a message to both sexes that are finally equal and powerful on both sides. My heroes that I wish to see with that female are; She-hulk(as tough as the hulk but and with an intelligent lawyer side), Elektra rebooted(marvel’s deadliest female human assassin, I liked the first), Black Widow made even stronger in her own movie, Wonder Woman(in actual full bodied flexible armor and not that crap we see in the old comics of her and must have be equal to superman’s power level, and lastly bring back Buffy the slayer better and tougher than ever before

    • The problem is there arent enough female characters really deserving of their own movie. I would say only Wonder Woman is truly deserving of her own movie. This is not coming from a sexist point of view but even in the comics, the female characters are usually in the background or part of a team and rarely a solo act. I ‘d like to see the team based movies like Suicide Squad and Justice League feature their female characters more heavily. I hope they have Hawk Girl instead of Hawk Man in the Justice League movie and Harley Quinn must be in the Suicide Squad movie!

      • Enough for what? It doesn’t have to be 50/50.

        I’d say there are more than just Wonder Woman that could get solo movies. We shouldn’t look to the past and think that those movies only failed because a woman was the hero of them. We know perfectly well that they should be categorized with movies like Daredevil or Ghost Rider in terms of overall quality and those failed equally despite their male heroes.

        If a female superhero gets the same treatment as the big male heroes, I am certain it can be succesful. So who are the candidates besides Wonder Woman? Well, if we look towards characters who has had their own comic book as solo acts and not just been part of a team or a supporting character, then you have these:

        Ms. Marvel
        Silver Sable

        Power Girl

        I’m not saying all of them should get movies. But they’ve all been solo acts before. So to me Wonder Woman isn’t the only possible female solo act.

        • Just to tack on to your list of DC Superheroines:

          Hawk Girl
          Madame Xanadu
          Wonder Girl
          Death (though she is of Vertigo)

          …& there are more. The key is to have a character that is rich enough & then it’s all about what it’s always about: writing a good story that involves the hero only ever inasmuch as it serves the story & not pulling a stunt where all you care about is flash, boom look at her costume, how she stretches & wow it looks cool. It’s never about a character but a story that happens to have a character that’s incredibly cool. Flub the story & the character is left dangling there for all to groan at.

          I can’t see any reason why a Superheroine hasn’t yet had a big movie, aside from the Studios’ Men in Suits’ dislike of strong girls & women, in a mad scrambling mission for their chauvinist worldview to remain relevant. (like why the Black Hats will die before Disclosure ever happens…lol).

  3. As what I said FF is Sony’s gamble movie of the year maybe thats the reason why they put it on the month of August where no other cbm on schedule. Its either a hit or a miss for them.

  4. Only 7 a year. Someone needs to pull their finger out and get with the program. There are five months of every year unaccounted for lol.

  5. i think marvel Overcrowded theater with 5 movie a year and dc do it right with 2 movie a year I’m fan both marvel and dc

    • Sadly marvel have no choice, they only have two films they control. Please aim your complaints at fox and Sony ;)

  6. Meanwhile, my favorite comic publisher (and much smaller compared to behemoths DC and Marvel), Valiant Comics, has movies in the works that I fear are going to be largely ignored due to the upcoming glut of films from the Big 2.

  7. @therdal

    Well hulk 2 never worked out cause of the Norton headache for marvel…don’t forget the tony stark cameo,the end credit scene of the incredible hulk, which definately suggested that they had plans for hulk 2…its realy unfortunate that hulk 2 never took off as norton hulk has been my favourite bruce banner till now..wished marvel to somehow work it out with norton..plus thor 2 last scene with loki definately suggested that marvel has sequel plan for it, so the last scene implying the story ain’t over yet…hence looking at this details, am preety much sure they have plans for ant man 2 and every other characer’s series…they are telling the the marvel world, so sequels have to be there for every character in order to justify each individual’s adventures as well as have a growth as a whole of the marvel universe…and seems like they will be churning out series if the box office receipts are good..if not, they can always modify the plan for some character, just like they handled the hulk matter…these are smart people…just bring on hulk 2..its ben long enough..

  8. Typical F’ing Hollysuck strategy: flood the market, therefore diluting and saturating it with copy-cat films in the same genre = quality takes a HUGE s+++. How about trying to concentrate on ONE AT A TIME and then justify if a sequel or another movie is even earned or WARRANTED!?

    Planning is the dumbest thing in the world in Hollywood because it doesn’t intensify the focus of the individual film but rather spreads it out over a course, for which ALL the movies will now suffer. Chris Nolan didn’t even intend to do The Dark Knight, but when an idea was had that was GOOD ENOUGH and provided substance, THEN he went ahead and made it. He EARNED it. Ditto for the Dark Knight Rises, although not as good a film, it’s still leagues ahead of the most comic film peers.

    This is too much. This is why Nolan and Bale walked away. To quote Bale, “we’ve done three, let’s not get greedy”. Although I would have supported him 100% in the role of Batman again, his words are preaching to my ears now. Too much. Too much. Too much.

    • Planning is the dumbest thing? That would be an interesting business strategy ;)

      Even before Batman Begins was released, they were planning what they could do next if it did well. That doesn’t mean that they were already in production. Neither are many of the movies on this list. But there are many stages of planning.

      This isn’t too much. Because it’s not one big thing. When Nolan was doing the Dark Knight Rises, nobody was saying it’s too much because we also got 3 Spider-Man movies and Superman Returns and Iron Man and 2 Hulk movies and 5 X-Men movies and 2 FF movies and Daredevil and Punisher and Ghost Rider and… and… and…

      People didn’t see the Dark Knight Rises as Superhero Movie no. 18. They only saw it as Batman no. 3 of its own run. And it’ll be the same with all of these movies. People will be able to distinguish between them. Don’t worry.

      • Sorry Shoveler, but there is just no comparison between the years and films your talking about and the current slate of upcoming super hero films. Just look at the complete list of US super hero films released, starting with the original Superman back in 1978. Here is the link:


        What your saying makes no sense. Of course nobody was saying it was too much when Dark Knight Rises was being produced as all of the subsequent films you listed were released sparingly over a number of years and there was increasing demand for more super hero films during those years. For example the 5 X-Men movies you spoke of were released over an 11 year period. Up to this point, there has been no problem with the number of super hero films released, especially given the fact that the overall superhero fan base has seen significant growth over the last 5+ years, largely due to the success of Marvel Studios films. You now have a SIGNIFICANT fan base for these films that have no interest in the comic side of the industry. These fans were created from the films themselves. My nephew is a perfect example. He never had any interest in comics, or anything super hero related for thta matter. Yet he is now a HUGE fan of super hero films and this was largely due to Marvel’s films.

        Sorry, but comparing what is going on today to what has gone on the last 5-10 years is nothing short of laughable. Given the slate of films planned for release over the next 5-7 years, the number of super hero films released each year is easily going to increase 3 fold. Not to mention the TV side of the equation. We now have a slew of super hero TV shows (Flash, Arrow, Gotham, Daredevil, etc) and those are only going to increase in number as well. 2008 to 2014 saw a significant increase in the number of super hero films being produced and in all honesty, there was a legitmate risk of burnout even at that release rate. It may have taken some time, but it most likely would have happend to come extent. You increase the current release rate 2-3 fold, which is exactly what is happening, and its not a matter of if the general population will get burned out, but when they will get burned out. Comic fans are in 7th heaven and they will most likley never tire of these films, that is of course if they continue to be quality films. The generla movie going population is a different story entirely. At the rate these films are being produced now, they will begin to tire of them.

        The bottom line – the number of super hero films/TV shows slated for release over the next 5-7 years is nothing short of overkill and the end result is extremely easy to predict. Again, at this rate, the general population will start to tire of super hero films/tv shows. The only question now is just how long it will take.

        • You missed my point. I know the number of superhero movies seems to be increasing. But I made a point about the movies not being one big thing. They have different characters and storylines. It’s not like watching the same thing again and again and again.

          I trust that the moviegoers will go and see whatever movie that is running if it looks interesting and they hear good things about it. I cannot imagine a single moviegoer thinking that he doesn’t want to see for example Justice League because he’s already seen GoTG2, Wonder Woman and Wolverine 3 that year and another 3-4 superhero movies the year before.

          They’re all different movies with different characters and stories. I suspect that the only people who sees them all as one thing to grow collectively tired of are the ones who probably never cared that much about them in the first place.

          PS. Did you actually look at your own list?

          It shows 44 movies released in the past 6 years. And 80 movies since 2000. The year of 2008 and The Dark Knight saw 10 movies released in total that year.

          So the idea that this is increasing 2-3 fold is actually laughable. You’ve alreade sat through years of just as many superhero movies without realizing it.

          Youv’e only reacted now because you’ve seen a headline with the number 40. And I am sure that if somebody had shown you a headline with the number 44 back in 2007, you would have reacted the same way and drawn the same conclusion.

          But clearly people didn’t grow tired of the movies based on those 44 in the past 6 years. The market survived them and their popularity actually grew because several of them was plain and simply good movies that people wanted to see.

          • Bravo! You won The Internet for tomorrow (sorry, but someone else actually has it for today so they’ll mail you The Internet Key (it’s called The Skeleton Key…is that cool or what?) via hard light wifi transmat manifestor…it’ll be in your clever little hands when you wake up tomorrow morning…! lol


            Seriously though; you nailed your point with a Vibranium Hammer coated with Adamantium & Nth Metal bonding. Awesome post, man.

          • There were actually only 27 Marvel and DC movies in the last six years. The rest are other studios, other comic companies and originals like Chronicle. What this new list doesn’t take into account are all of the other comic book movies that will release alongside DC and Marvel in the next six years. So there’s really no two ways about it, the market is getting flooded with these movies. You may make the argument that they’re all different and just blend in with other genres, but you know that’s not really true. They all have far more in common with each other than they do with the genres they’re mixing with. Name me another political thriller where the hero is a super. Now name another movie where the hero is a super. You get my point.

            • I’m not saying they don’t have anything in common.

              I’m saying they still have individual characters and stories that makes each of them stand apart.

              You may feel that if you have seen Batman, you don’t have to see Spider-Man, because they are both superheroes and that you’ll probably just get the same movie twice.

              But the moviegoers who knows these characters and sees these movies already now that it’s not that simple. Just because they are both superheroes, they can still be different.

              Time will tell.

          • No, its really not laughable. Do the math. This article lists JUST Marvel and DC movies. if you would have actually taken the time to read the list on Wikipedia, you would have realized that a LOT of the movies listed were actually by studios other than DC (WB) and Marvel. So 40 movies from just DC and Marvel, added on to all of the other super hero movies that will be made….well, it will most assuredly add up to a 2-3 fold increase in total super hero films released over the next 5-7 years. That is a fact. Sony is already increasing the number of films that they plan on producing and if you honestly think all of the other film studios are just going to sit back and watch….well, you living in la la land. I guarantee 7 years down the line when this Wikipedia list is updated, the total number of super hero films produced over the next 5-7 years will be at least 2-3 times as many as were released the previous years. Actually, I guarantee if you were to add up just the films announced thus far, you would already have a 2 fold increase, of double the number we had the last 7 years.

            • Only 16 of the 44 titles in the past 6 years are not DC or Marvel. That’s about 1/3. You don’t get a “most assuredly” 2-3 fold by adding less than 1/1.

              Sony is on the list already with 4 movies. But we’ve recently heard that one of those movies are dead again. And they don’t have much else to add. They only have Spider-Man characters.

              You got 5 Fox movies on the list too.

              So the list covers WB, Fox, Sony and Disney/Marvel.

              If you think you can find another 40-80 titles from other companies to make it your magic 2-3 fold then you are the one living in la la land.

          • Oh and by the way, did you even read the bullet points at the end of this article?

            *Sony has yet to date 3 of thier films so thats another 3 added to the list.

            *Following Fox’s current trend, there will be at least 1-2 X-Men/FF movies in both 2019 and 2020 so we can add 2-4 to their number.

            *Following Sony’s current trend, there will be at least one Spider-Man movie in 2019 and 2020 so we can add 2-3 to their number.

            *Following Marvel’s growing trend, there will be at least 2-3 features in 2019-2020 so we can add 4-6 to their number.

            And again, this doesnt incude any of the films from other studios, which made up roughly 30% of the films on Wikipedia’s list. No offence, but if you honestly cant see the HUGE increase in the total number of superhero films being produced then you are either blind, biased, or just really really bad at math. Since I don’t know you, I won’t presume to know which one it really is.

            • The 3 movies not dated by Sony are:

              2017 – Venom Carnage
              2017 – Unannounced Female Character Spider-Man Movie
              2018 – The Amazing Spider-Man 3

              So they are already on the list. If you’ve been following this, you know that Sony doesn’t have 3 more to add. They only have Spider-Man characters.

              The actual list only has 33 slots so it only gets to 40 by including some of the numbers from the bullet points. And the numbers are spedulations. Not confirmed. Notice how many slots that don’t even have a title. Securing a release date and having a movie planned out can be two different things. Just look at Sony’s going back and forth almost daily.

              And you are still nowhere near that laughable 2-3 fold claim.

            • The 3 movies not dated by Sony are:

              2017 – Venom Carnage
              2017 – Unannounced Female Character Spider-Man Movie
              2018 – The Amazing Spider-Man 3

              So they are already on the list. If you’ve been following this, you know that Sony doesn’t have 3 more to add. They only have Spider-Man characters.

              The actual list only has 33 so it only gets to 40 by including some of the numbers from the bullet points. And the numbers are spedulations. Not confirmed.

              And you are still nowhere near that 2-3 fold claim.

  9. I was afraid this exact thing was going to happen. With the huge success that Marvel Studios has seen with thier films, everyone now wants a piece of the superhero pie. Unfortunately, with this mant movies being produced, the end result is going to be super hero burn out. Sure, most comic fans will watch as many of these films as they can get, but the general movie going audience will begin to tire of these films. Of course, its not just movies. You now have super hero TV shows poping up left and right. Arrow, Flash, Daredevil, Gotham, and you can bet there will be more and more as the years go on. Its overkill and again the end result will be super hero burn out within the general population.

    • Y’know the real question is why some persist in arguing against the very grain of what all evidence points to.

      “Your son has been getting better & better grades in the last few years; he’s gonna burn out before he finishes Medical School!”

      “Those rabbits have been popping out bunnies for years now so it’s bound to stop soon”

      “He’s been playing great baseball for 5 years now, so let’s get that doofus instead cuz that other guy’s streak is over soon, right?”

      Treating trends as if they’re a compulsive gambler is perhaps not the best model to go by. Medical dramas, Police shows, Sitcoms, Game Shows, Talk Shows, sci-fi, horror & tween dramedies & Soap Operas aren’t going anywhere despite being around for decades. And the only reason we’re seeing an explosion of Superheroes on Film & TV is because of the oldest reason in the book: because they can!

      It all comes down to film & TV studios’ ability to make these shows. If they could have done it this well 10 years ago, we’d still be seeing them for years to come, just like Soaps, Sitcoms & Tween Dramedies.

  10. Still waiting on Black Panther updates. I wish Marvel would cut the crap and choose an actor already. Aldis Hodge should be the Black Panther. He’s a good actor, young (28), and has the body to play the character (although he should gain 15-20 lbs of muscle. He’s muscular but lean, with the right trainer he can bulk up easily). It’s an easy choice in my opinion. He’s not an unknown people know who he is and if Marvel puts their name on a movie it’s pretty much a goldmine (Guardians of the Galaxy). The time is now for this film to be made.

  11. That May 5, 2017 Marvel movie has to be female-led. With the Wonder Woman solo film and Sony’s female film, they’d be crazy not to do it. Especially with all the flack Marvel has been getting about diversity. 2017 will be the year of super-heroines.

    • Yea, either Ms. Marvel or Black Panther.

    • Yeah, its pretty strange that we havent seen more female super hero films made. Not sure I understand the studios reluctance to produce female super hero films. Well, at least the female characters are getting a lot of attention on the collectible side. They are really dominating right now in regards to Sideshow’s statues. I have 7 premium format female statues on pre order right now including Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Emma Frost, Batgirl, Jean Grey, & Vampirella. Not to mention Catwoman’s Maquette from Tweeterhead and Sideshows Court of the Dead series, which already has 3 female charcters. They are definitely getting the bulk of the attention on the statue side. Now only if the movie studios would follow suit.

      Personally, I would LOVE to see more female super hero films. I have been waiting for a proper Wonder Woman film for as long as I can remember. Again, I am not sure I understand the studios relectantce to produce female super hero films.

      • It seems to me that a lot of people have pointed to poor returns on previous non-white male led superhero movies in the past as being the reason for cold feet. But we really are in a renaissance of comic book movies right now, so I think that has to change. I think audiences are hungry for some diversity. Where I think they screw up–and this is just my opinion–is that they change races (I’m thinking Catwoman) instead of just finding a character whom readers and even the general audience knows is already not white. Also, don’t spin out of bad movies. Elektra from Daredevil is a good example.

        But at any rate, we should be patient. Marvel has taken one of their best movies, in my opinion, Captain America, and pulled its strong female costar into her own TV series. Brilliant. Black Widow, despite not having her own film, has appeared in four Marvel films with a strong presence in each. She doesn’t really need her own film–how could it service the larger story being told, anyway? It would most likely be some kind of espionage thriller. It just doesn’t feel like the direction that huge story is going in. Ms. Marvel, on the other hand, fits right in and she needs to get an intro soon.

        As far as non white males go, there are plenty, but they do seem relegated to supporting or sidekick roles. I think that we desperately need Black Panther and all indications seem to point to his film on the horizon.

        On DC’s side, sure they’ve announced Wonder Woman and that’s great, but it’s also sort of a given. She is part of the trinity and it would be nearly impossible to justify not giving her her own film in this shared universe they’re creating. And then there’s Cyborg, so they seem to have their bases covered. What I think is fascinating is Ezra Miller as the Flash. Are they going to make Flash gay? I’m not saying gays can’t play it straight (Jodie Foster, Neil Patrick Harris) but I have a strange feeling that there is more to this odd casting than meets the eye.

  12. Here is an amazing review of ASM2… see what I did there?

    It focuses on the core problem with the storytelling and, if you extrapolate a little, explains how miserable the prospects are for Spider-Man movies going forward.

  13. All of the debate over whether this will cause a drop-off in interest in comic book based movies leaves out the fact that there are many other similar science-fiction/action adventure films coming out during the same time period (many made by affiliates of the same studios releasing these films). Unlike many fans on this board and other places on the internet I doubt the majority of casual fans differentiate “super-hero” themed films from stuff like Star Wars, Transformers, Avatar, Star Trek, etc.

    Studios can keep glutting screens with films, especially over the summer season, but at a point people only have so much time and money so some things are going to fall by the wayside. I feel bad for the smaller films or the ones that do not have a built-in marketable name, because many will get pushed into cable and DVD obscurity even if they are quality attempts.


  15. How about Gambit in 2016?

  16. Niceer

  17. Seriously? Fox thinks the new FF movie is going to be good enough for a sequel? I strongly feel that Sony will cancel the Female-led movie after(if) the Sinister Six flops. I’m impressed by DC’s new movie slate! They are showing confidence, even Cyborg is getting his own movie!
    I’m impressed.

    • That sounds biased.

      DC movie slate = confidence
      Other studio movie slate = seriously?

      Can you hear it?

      All movies on such a list can get cancelled. No studio is immune to flops.

  18. Fantastic Four will be a complete re-imagining of the 2000s movie franchise. IE: nothing like the comics. Can’t wait for it to fail on a biblical level.

    • Like “Noah”?


  19. I go down the list like “That’s not happening…..that’s not happening…” at least not when they say.

  20. I love hearing this wonderful news.Keep making these superhero movies it’s all I watch nowadays.Can’t wait to see Avengers 2,it’s going to be totally awesome.

  21. what about x-force (2016) ???


  22. Terrific to see all of these projects in the pipeline.

    But Marvel is still clobbering DC in the amount of movies based upon their heroes.