DC Chief Wants to Bring ‘Sandman,’ ‘Fables,’ ‘Aquaman’ & More to the Big Screen

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DC Entertaiment Wants Sandman Fables and Aquaman Movies DC Chief Wants to Bring Sandman, Fables, Aquaman & More to the Big Screen

Now that Man of Steel is Warner Bros.’ first major cinematic superhero success since Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, the natural question for fans is – what’s next? We know that Man of Steel 2 and Justice League are “in development” (the former apparently more so than the latter), but what else does the studio have in store for comic book movie fans the world over?

DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson recently chatted about all things superhero – including the five comic book properties she’d like to bring to the big screen, the importance of doing a Wonder Woman film right, and the reason Green Lantern crashed and burned at the box office.

With regard to the five properties – courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter – Diane Nelson said:

” ‘Sandman’ is right on top. I think it could be as rich as the ‘Harry Potter’ universe. ‘Fables.’ ‘Metal Men.’ ‘Justice League.’ And yes, I’m going to say it: ‘Aquaman.’ “

Well, what do we have here? Is it 5 Reasons Aquaman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie? I do believe it is.

Superman and Aquaman DC Chief Wants to Bring Sandman, Fables, Aquaman & More to the Big Screen

Interestingly, all five properties either are or have been in development previously. Sandman, of course, has had a rather tumultuous history when it comes to live-action adaptations, the last of which was developed by Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and eventually abandoned. With Neil Gaiman returning to write a six-issue Sandman prequel called Sandman: Overture (the first issue hits in October), we wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Bros. were renewing its push for a Sandman adaptation sometime soon.

Fables – a comic book about a world where all the famous fable and fairytale characters are real and live together in New York City – was once being worked on as a TV series at ABC. When development fell apart, a show about all the famous fable and fairytale characters living together in a small American town just happened to spring up in its place. Now a film adaptation of Fables is supposedly moving forward with director Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair).

Fables DC Chief Wants to Bring Sandman, Fables, Aquaman & More to the Big Screen

As of a year ago, Metal Men was in development with Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld. We haven’t heard anything about it since, but Nelson namedropping the property could be a hint that the adaptation is still alive.

And of course, we probably don’t need to mention all the Justice League talk.

On the topic of a Wonder Woman adaptation, Diane Nelson said:

“We have to get her right, we have to. She is such an icon for both genders and all ages and for people who love the original TV show and people who read the comics now. I think one of the biggest challenges at the company is getting that right on any size screen.

“The reasons why are probably pretty subjective: She doesn’t have the single, clear, compelling story that everyone knows and recognizes. There are lots of facets to ‘Wonder Woman,’ and I think the key is, how do you get the right facet for that right medium? What you do in TV has to be different than what you do in features. She has been, since I started, one of the top three priorities for DC and for Warner Bros. We are still trying right now, but she’s tricky.”

There’s no doubt that Wonder Woman is a bit trickier than, say, Batman or even Superman. She’s not a character you can can easily describe in a single sentence, and that’s true even after you’ve figured out precisely which version of the character you want to adapt. Was she made with clay or was she the offspring of Zeus? Is she a kindhearted ambassador to the world of man or an angry woman-warrior? Does she have an invisible plane or does she not have an invisible plane? Important questions all around.

New 52 Superman Wonder Woman DC Chief Wants to Bring Sandman, Fables, Aquaman & More to the Big Screen

We would suggest that one of the better places to look for ideas would be Brian Azzarello’s take on the character for The New 52, which has been, by all accounts, the most successful take in years.

Lastly, Nelson also spoke about why Man of Steel worked when Green Lantern did not:

“That balance of what matters wasn’t quite right on ‘Green Lantern.’ I know everyone involved with the project wanted it to work as much as everyone involved with ‘Man of Steel’ wanted it to work. In the debate of art versus science, sometimes the mix isn’t just right. But we will find some other way to bring that character to the screen.”

You’ll note that she did not say “we’ll find a way to bring that character to the big screen in his own movie.” Green Lantern will almost certainly return to theaters again at some point – in the inevitable Justice League movie, that is. Short of Lantern stealing all his scenes in that tent-pole project – a la The Hulk in The Avengers – we probably won’t be seeing another Green Lantern film for a very long time. Which is a shame, because it really could make for an amazing sci-fi buddy cop movie if handled well.

What do you think about what Diane Nelson had to say, Screen Ranters? Of the properties she mentioned, which would you prefer to see on the big screen first? Let us know in the comments.


Keep your eye on our Comic-Con 2013 page this week for what is sure to be more DC Entertainment news.

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  1. Aquaman would work if they approach it as a horror movie. Any sane person fears the ocean. Dangerous marine conditions, sea monsters, or whatnot. And Arthur is there to stop it. And the film shouldn’t be called Aquaman, obviously. It should be called King of the Seven Seas (with his symbol behind the title).

  2. Aquaman & Metal Men are terrible choices.

  3. If a Aquaman movie is made I’ll be so happy !!!

  4. Didn’t explain very well why Green Lantern failed imo. Other than the film was rushed & was poorly written with bad lines. Metal Men, Sandman wouldn’t be my choices to start with. Not even Aquaman yet.

    • Not even the director of the film will start pointing fingers. I get what you’re saying, cuz I would like a better explanation, but as a corporation, you don’t point fingers publicly. You take them into rooms and yell.

      • Script/story elements were poorly thought out, I think the movie failed because for one it didnt know what it really wanted to be or acheive and two that the whole villain sub plot & paralax were poorly executed. A movie can only be as good as its villains.

      • Yess! See sometimes i font understand why studios font just get a bunch of us internet jockeys in a room and tell them whats what lol damn DC listen to the hardcore fans.

  5. Aquaman depends. He could be a jokey smart wise cracking water hero like Iron man but it could be like Joel Schumacher underwater.
    I would like more unique properties to become popular. Sometimes the old generic superhero can be boring. Example: TASM!
    DC need to stop being chicken. I can understand that WW is a difficult choice but they can make it great like MOS.
    DC make a choice
    Aquaman. Why did nobody say Flash?Make it before Avengers 2 and audiences won’t be confused.
    Martian Manhunter for JLA!
    Maybe no Aquaman
    Go DC

  6. I hope Wonder Woman is sexy as hell.

    • Yes!!!

  7. Adrianne Palicki for WW!

    • As sexy as Black Widow!

    • About your mane… what’s an “Indivisual?”

      • Oops I meant Individual…but you probably kind of knew what I meant like I knew you meant name not mane lol

  8. Fans should run DC. Maybe there should be a bit of sense in the coroporation. And that is a little sexist

  9. Haven’t they figured this stuff out yet at dc?! They have been writing stories for the characters forever! Just pick the best stories, a screen writer to adapt it, a great director to make it, and good actors, not flavor of the week actors, to be in it, Boom that’s it. Awesome movie made. Not too hard

    • I totally agree! for real, what are they doing in Hollywood if they cant find appropriate writers shoot!!! GOD I wish Marvel owned DC Comics!

  10. But how much does that cost

  11. Finally a lover of MM!I think MM should be introduced in JLA. He’s a wise interesting character. And Gl make a sequel fix it and recast RR for Bradley Cooper

    • Totally agree! RR is overrated!

  12. Finally he’s a box office bomb

  13. Ryan Reynolds was a bad choice. He’s a man-child model. They need real men, super-men to play these parts. Like…like…Idk. doesn’t exist in Hollywood now. Time travel young tom selick, Mickey Rourke, Harrison Ford and Clint Eastwood for justice league

  14. I don’t understand how these actors who are cast to play in these movies can’t recognize the terrible script writing and say to the director something like “hey man these lines are not going to sell tickets, and we need to change the script fast before we lose a lot of money.” I watched that movie one time and realized how horrible the dialogue was, and I am no actor.

  15. Talking about dialogue swearing doesn’t help

    • Swearing? Where?

  16. I mean the first half of GL was swearing,swearing and a rip,off of Iron man. Writers need to improve these days and directors. Looking at Michael Bay

  17. “Get the physics right”.

    THIS IS WHAT THE AUDIENCE WANTS. We -the audience, that is, are aware we are watching beautiful faces with 0% body fat and dazzling dental work preening themselves in front of green screens, wearing makeup costumes and being lit up by a brilliant cinematographer.

    This is why Green Lantern failed.

    Diane Nelson gets it – get the physics right, the story will make sense and people will buy tickets.

  18. DC is interested in doing Aquaman huh? Right. Sure. Probably just as interested as Marvel is in doing Black Panther…

    …sounds like public relations fiddle-faddle if you ask me.

    • Marvel IS definitely interested in making a BP movie. BP is the first African superhero.

      • I know who BP is, and we all are praying that you’re right.

        To be clear, I’m sure we will get Black Panther… I just have my doubts about a solo film.

        Same with Aquaman. If we do see him, probably not as a solo film. I’m sorry Aquaman fans, but those who aren’t fans find the whole concept of “ocean king” to be extremely silly and point-less. And unfortunately, there are quite a few of us.

        Galaxy Cops? Sure.

        Space Police who fight with the power of “will?” Absolutely.

        Asgardians? Of course. They get a better explanation for a “why” instead of ruling over fish.

        Okay… so that brings me to my next point.

        An Aquaman solo movie would have to make me believe that Aquaman is vital to SOMETHING. I’m not sold that king of the ocean is really vital to anything. Like, lets say… Atlantis must always be protected because Atlantis is holding together a portal that would release the Keiju or something.

        There we go. Make Atlantis important. Like vital to the fabric of earth’s reality being held together or some crazy s**t. Have Aquaman be “protector of Atlantis” which makes him king of the sea by default. Just have a good answer for:

        “What are doing underwater, bro?”

      • Do you have doubts that a BP stand alone movie will be made at all, or that one would be any good? If its the former, then you should have no doubt. It’s going to be made within five years.

        • *fingers crossed*

  19. Too often she gets written as a very pretty Klingon. I think they should dial down the angry warrior stuff and find other ways to make her strong while at the same time giving her plenty of action scenes.

    Despite how bad the 70′s tv series could be Lynda Carter brought across the character as someone who was kind and compassionate but also very strong and fiercely determined to save lives. She was able to do that with just her bare hands and the lasso. She didn’t need a huge-ass axe and blood splattered all over her. She’s not Xena. She’s not Red Sonja. She’s Wonder Woman.

  20. All those movies seem great exept a Metal Man movie

  21. What is going on here?

    For Ms Nelson to say, “I know everyone involved with the project (Green Lantern) wanted it to work as much as everyone involved with ‘Man of Steel’ wanted it to work…” is an insult to Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill, Deborah Snyder, David Goyer and everyone else involved with MOS.

    I love Marvel. I love DC even more. But when it comes to television and film, DC is confused.

    Marvel, on the other hand, is completely focused.

    DC has had great success with Nolan’s Batman trilogy. But did DC know in the beginning, back in 2005, that they couldn’t even incorporate this “Batman” into their shared universe?

    Now that Nolan is done with his Dark Knight, DC will go forward with SUPERMAN as the main focus of their cinematic ventures . Supes will have a trilogy of his own. That’s FINE with me.

    But as for whatever DC hopes to achieve beyond Man Of Steel is beyond them.

    • Agreed. They have intentions of expanding the universe but I doubt we’ll see anything, they’ll end up finishing a MOS trilogy and still be clueless of what to do with the other characters. I’m hoping I’m wrong but judging by her comments, they’ve got nothing official or even close to being official. Shame, I wasn’t really up for a Justice League film but it would’ve been nice, I’m more interested in World’s Finest. I’m not even sure that will come to light either.

      It also sounds like Green Lantern will be put on the backburner for a little while. Let’s just hope the Man of Steel will continue to fill our DC hunger.

  22. I admit yes they are not good with TV or film. They’re chickens!

    • Obviously, they allowed the Green Lantern and Young Justice Cartoons to be cancelled. DC lacks cohesion.

  23. I’m really hoping they actually announce something at Comic Con instead of simply talking about the possibilities. The fact that they are talking about how these characters are ‘kind of’ in development and they’re looking into it gets me thinking that they may not have anything to announce for comic con other than Man of Steel 2.

  24. It’s good to hear an official statement from DC.

    I sure hope they’re strategically planning everything out behind the scenes. They need a sense of direction if they’re going to be successful going forward.

    Otherwise, before you know it, we’ll have a couple solid trilogies (MoS, Batman) and a few standalone failures (GL, whatever’s next) that are all completely unrelated.


  25. You sure. It would be unlikely for them to make an offical announcement. It’s more of a statement

  26. All I care about right now is that she said Sandman is right on top. Sandman is my favorite story of all time.

  27. At TV DC blows Marvel out the water, DC has way better shows than Marvel