DC Chief Wants to Bring ‘Sandman,’ ‘Fables,’ ‘Aquaman’ & More to the Big Screen

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DC Entertaiment Wants Sandman Fables and Aquaman Movies DC Chief Wants to Bring Sandman, Fables, Aquaman & More to the Big Screen

Now that Man of Steel is Warner Bros.’ first major cinematic superhero success since Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, the natural question for fans is – what’s next? We know that Man of Steel 2 and Justice League are “in development” (the former apparently more so than the latter), but what else does the studio have in store for comic book movie fans the world over?

DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson recently chatted about all things superhero – including the five comic book properties she’d like to bring to the big screen, the importance of doing a Wonder Woman film right, and the reason Green Lantern crashed and burned at the box office.

With regard to the five properties – courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter – Diane Nelson said:

” ‘Sandman’ is right on top. I think it could be as rich as the ‘Harry Potter’ universe. ‘Fables.’ ‘Metal Men.’ ‘Justice League.’ And yes, I’m going to say it: ‘Aquaman.’ “

Well, what do we have here? Is it 5 Reasons Aquaman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie? I do believe it is.

Superman and Aquaman DC Chief Wants to Bring Sandman, Fables, Aquaman & More to the Big Screen

Interestingly, all five properties either are or have been in development previously. Sandman, of course, has had a rather tumultuous history when it comes to live-action adaptations, the last of which was developed by Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and eventually abandoned. With Neil Gaiman returning to write a six-issue Sandman prequel called Sandman: Overture (the first issue hits in October), we wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Bros. were renewing its push for a Sandman adaptation sometime soon.

Fables – a comic book about a world where all the famous fable and fairytale characters are real and live together in New York City – was once being worked on as a TV series at ABC. When development fell apart, a show about all the famous fable and fairytale characters living together in a small American town just happened to spring up in its place. Now a film adaptation of Fables is supposedly moving forward with director Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair).

Fables DC Chief Wants to Bring Sandman, Fables, Aquaman & More to the Big Screen

As of a year ago, Metal Men was in development with Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld. We haven’t heard anything about it since, but Nelson namedropping the property could be a hint that the adaptation is still alive.

And of course, we probably don’t need to mention all the Justice League talk.

On the topic of a Wonder Woman adaptation, Diane Nelson said:

“We have to get her right, we have to. She is such an icon for both genders and all ages and for people who love the original TV show and people who read the comics now. I think one of the biggest challenges at the company is getting that right on any size screen.

“The reasons why are probably pretty subjective: She doesn’t have the single, clear, compelling story that everyone knows and recognizes. There are lots of facets to ‘Wonder Woman,’ and I think the key is, how do you get the right facet for that right medium? What you do in TV has to be different than what you do in features. She has been, since I started, one of the top three priorities for DC and for Warner Bros. We are still trying right now, but she’s tricky.”

There’s no doubt that Wonder Woman is a bit trickier than, say, Batman or even Superman. She’s not a character you can can easily describe in a single sentence, and that’s true even after you’ve figured out precisely which version of the character you want to adapt. Was she made with clay or was she the offspring of Zeus? Is she a kindhearted ambassador to the world of man or an angry woman-warrior? Does she have an invisible plane or does she not have an invisible plane? Important questions all around.

New 52 Superman Wonder Woman DC Chief Wants to Bring Sandman, Fables, Aquaman & More to the Big Screen

We would suggest that one of the better places to look for ideas would be Brian Azzarello’s take on the character for The New 52, which has been, by all accounts, the most successful take in years.

Lastly, Nelson also spoke about why Man of Steel worked when Green Lantern did not:

“That balance of what matters wasn’t quite right on ‘Green Lantern.’ I know everyone involved with the project wanted it to work as much as everyone involved with ‘Man of Steel’ wanted it to work. In the debate of art versus science, sometimes the mix isn’t just right. But we will find some other way to bring that character to the screen.”

You’ll note that she did not say “we’ll find a way to bring that character to the big screen in his own movie.” Green Lantern will almost certainly return to theaters again at some point – in the inevitable Justice League movie, that is. Short of Lantern stealing all his scenes in that tent-pole project – a la The Hulk in The Avengers – we probably won’t be seeing another Green Lantern film for a very long time. Which is a shame, because it really could make for an amazing sci-fi buddy cop movie if handled well.

What do you think about what Diane Nelson had to say, Screen Ranters? Of the properties she mentioned, which would you prefer to see on the big screen first? Let us know in the comments.


Keep your eye on our Comic-Con 2013 page this week for what is sure to be more DC Entertainment news.

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  1. Can someone explain why green lantern corps didn’t help save krypton or kryptonians?

    • The GL Corps still operates on the same basic principles of time as everyone else…Krypton had isolated itself, and no one off-planet would have just magically known what was happening beneath the surface of the planet. Simply put, there was no time to save anyone on Krypton.

    • Krypton didn’t suffer a galactic threat or natural disaster:

      Krypton suffered for her own mistakes, and Krytonians are not like Earthlings- instead of searching for a scapegoat, they blamed themselves and excepted their fate.


      There is a VERY old story of a Lantern that was on their way to help Krypton but didn’t make it because of a star unexpectedly going super-nova or something.

      • What they said in man of steel about why krypton imploded was wrong it was a natural disaster

        • The film universe is not the same as the comic universe, so NO, they were not wrong.

    • Because the Lantern assigned to the Kryptonian sector failed his mission. I’m dead serious. Look it up.

  2. Dudes, Aquaman would be the most amazing superhero movie of all time if they stick to the new 52 Geoff Johns run. One of the best series out there right now.

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    • I agree! New 52 aquaman series great

  3. Aquaman ftw.

  4. I would love to see the current incarnation of Aquaman on the big screen. Wonder Woman is, of course, the ever-present dream film project. The Metal Men would easily distinguish themselves from ANYTHING in the MCU, would inject some wonderful humor into the DCU, and yet would still allow for some more provocative storytelling about what it means to be human, a la Data from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. Bringing the Fables to cinemas worldwide, besides just providing a fun (and, if done right as with all of these properties, truly an epic) romp through a universe forgotten by so many people, would also, hopefully, inspire younger viewers to delve a bit more deeply into the origins of stories that have become diluted and dumbed down/corrupted through decades of “Disneyfication”. JLA? Well, we’ll see. As for Dream and his siblings? YES, PLEASE.

    Here’s hoping…

  5. Sandman would be interesting in the DCU now that Man of Steel has paved the way for a more darker film-verse. In comparision, I believe the DCU needs to have the drama, and jus a bit of comedy, to balance itself out, and make it more realistic for the way the characters are, specially if your adapting the New 52s story line characters. A Dark DCU is perfect, and the way that Del Toro’s “Dark Universe”/Justice League Dark is going to shape up, it’ll be a welcomed inclusion to the DCU.

    Also getting Aquaman and WW off the ground would be fantastic.
    I don’t know how these ‘Fables’ would fit into the picture, but they could have their stand-alone film..
    DC/Warner need to get their stuff together, come on now.
    Get your stuff together Warner, and get these movies cranking.

    Flash, Cyborg, Green Latern (reboot?), Batman (reboot), get on em!

  6. Completely agree with what was said regarding Man of Steel and Green Lantern.

    • What? That one was excellent (MOS) and the other had great potential (GL)?


      • I’d say MOS had great potential but that would mean GL would be the excellent movie and it really wasn’t.

        • Nope. Exactly backwards. MOS was excellent. GL had great potential (and, personally, I enjoyed it).

  7. Sandman,Fables, and Metal Men is going to be three massive FAIL(s)

    I doubt that Justice League is going to happen anytime in the near future. The way to go would have been to combine it with the Dark Knight movies. If that does not happen then that means there are NO other heroes introduced in the DC universe which means just a hollow and sad attempt at a Justice League film.

    I am all for an Aquaman movie but in a VERY limited almost cameo role. But if that is a priority for DC then they are completely tone deaf. According to this poll…


    Which states…

    “As for who they want to see next on the big screen, fans [SIC]mad a decisive call for Wonder Woman (32.8 per cent), then The Flash (18.4 per cent) and Avengers archer Hawkeye (14.1 per cent). There was a considerable demand for the return of X-Men teleporter Nightcrawler (12.7 per cent) and then for Deadpool (10.4 per cent), more than the desire for Aquaman (8.5 per cent). ”

    Wonder Woman then Flash are the two superhero films that audiences clearly want to see next so OF COURSE Warner Brothers would go in a completely different direction and go for Aquaman. I guess so we can commiserate on it after it is released on why it failed miserably.

    • Ummm, WHY will those three films, if made and made well, be “massive FAIL(S)”??? Just because you say so? Support your prediction.

      Also, is the “Coventry Telegraph” a major, representative newspaper, or does it get a mention merely because it backs up your complaint? Come on, you’ve been whining about this same point constantly for at least a month or two…BACK IT UP.

      • Here is a list of the superhero movies since 1978 based on the DC comics made by Warner Brothers. The ones that are capitalized are the ones that have been successful which amounts to 8 out of 19 films. As you can see Warner Brothers has NEVER made a successful film without Batman/Dark Knight and Superman/Man of Steel as the feature and they even had terrible movies for those two characters AFTER successful ones.

        1978 SUPERMAN
        1980 SUPERMAN II
        1983 Superman III
        1984 Supergirl
        1987 Superman IV
        1989 BATMAN
        1992 BATMAN RETURNS
        1995 Batman Forever
        1997 Batman & Robin
        1997 Steel
        2004 Catwoman
        2005 BATMAN BEGINS
        2006 Superman Returns
        2008 THE DARK KNIGHT
        2009 Watchmen
        2010 Jonah Hex
        2011 Green Lantern
        2013 MAN OF STEEL

        There is no basis for ANYONE to think that after 35 years of trying WB are suddenly going to get it right with comic book characters that are even more obscure than Catwoman, Supergirl, or Green Lantern .

        Why does the “Coventry Telegraph” have to be a major representative newspaper. It is a poll that was taken early this year (I don’t know how many people they polled or where the polling came from) But it is an indicator that Wonder Woman is a character people want on screen. Can you find ANY poll that suggests that people are clamoring for an Aquaman film…I did not think so! There it has been BACKED UP!!!!!

        • Batman Forever was very successful financially, more than Batman Returns. But granted, in retrospect, Returns is probably better regarded as a film.

          • Good point! That is always kind of hard to compare. Batman Returns was a critical success (although personally I thought it was so-so). Even though Batman Forever did better, when adjusted for inflation it only did about $20 million more than Batman Returns and at the same time cost $20 million more to make. So I have always seen it as a bit of a wash. I did not put it in the successful category because it was largely seen as a critical flop.

        • Excellent list.

          Tell me again DC fan, why I would want to be a fan of DC, Warner Bros. or anybody for that matter, that has made this many horrible movies?

          DC is losing it’s relevance in the wake of Marvel’s dominance, it’s that simple, and they have no clue how to stop it, or turn it around.

          • I looked at Marvel films too. Although they do a bit better, they have had their share of flops and are not too far behind DC. They have had many more movies but they have done so spread over several studios. Their rate of success is not that much better. Here is the list (since 1986)…

            1986 Howard the Duck
            1994 The Fantastic Four
            1998 BLADE
            2000 X-MEN
            2002 BLADE II
            2002 SPIDER-MAN
            2003 Daredevil
            2003 X2
            2003 Hulk
            2004 The Punisher
            2004 SPIDER-MAN 2
            2004 Blade: Trinity
            2005 Elektra
            2005 Fantastic Four
            2006 X-Men: The Last Stand
            2007 Ghost Rider
            2007 Spider-Man 3
            2007 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
            2008 IRON MAN
            2008 THE INCREDIBLE HULK
            2008 Punisher: War Zone
            2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine
            2010 IRON MAN 2
            2011 THOR
            2011 X-MEN: FIRST CLASS
            2012 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
            2012 MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS
            2012 THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN
            2013 IRON MAN 3
            2013 THE WOLVERINE (tracking as though it will be successful)

            That is 15 out of 31 films (…assuming Wolverine does well)

          • nobody…
            (appropriate name, btw)

            There is NOTHING I could say to convince you that DC has some legitimately entertaining, worthwhile properties. Judging by your comments, you have your head so far and so firmly entrenched up Marvel’s rear end that I can conceive of no reason to even bother trying. Good luck with that…

            • archaeon………

              are you DC’s public relations person? If not, you should be, as sad and tough a job as that would be.

              you seem rather informed, so give it a shot, convince me with all your intellect, as to why I should be a DC fan, or even care what they do. I’m open to hearing you out.

              Show me how DC is even relivent in the cinema anymore.
              Then show me why you are not a Marvel fan.

              Up for the challenge?

          • Well, the one point that could be made is that many of the DC films were made in the “old days” when attitudes toward and expectations of superhero films (and special effects technology) were different. Since 2000, when I consider X-Men to have changed the game, the % of good to bad has been roughly the same for both DC and Marvel, although Marvel has been far more prolific.

            While I am as annoyed as anyone with WB’s failure to get things into production, I take Man of Steel as a harbinger of possible good things to come.

        • Can you make a similar list for MANY attempts at Marvel characters butchered over the years…or at least not financially successful? DC has actually made some great films that were not Batman/Superman-related (“Watchmen”…btw, a beautifully made team-up film BEFORE “The Avengers”, “V: For Vendetta”, “RED” as examples) as well as cult-classic (and/or outright popular) live-action T.V. shows (“Wonder Woman”, “Arrow”…so far…as examples).

          The fact is that you have offered no actual evidence of why the aforementioned three films (“Sandman”, “Fables”, “The Metal Men”) CAN not be successful. You have simply stated (as if factual) that they WILL not. You’ve actually found yet another way to whine about DC.

          Try harder.

          • I made the list see above and while Marvel is more aggressive at getting their properties done, in defense of Warner Brothers, they are one studio and Marvel works through three.

            Of course I cannot guarantee that Sandman, Fables, and The Metal Men are going to fail. But the odds based on past performance favors my point of view. Can you offer any reason why you are so sure they will be successful…any at all?

            • THAT was my point. I NEVER claimed they WILL succeed. I’m simply open to the possibility that they CAN succeed. Hopefully, they will. At least I, unlike you and some others on these threads, am not automatically assuming my opinion is fact or TRUTH. If you really believe your own babble, WHY do you keep coming in to these discussions to complain even more about something you are certain will not change???

              Not only is that the definition of whining…it is also the definition of insanity.


              • Maybe you should read the comments I made just immediately before yours which states “Of course I cannot guarantee that Sandman, Fables, and The Metal Men are going to fail” which means I don’t consider my opinions are a fact.

                “WHY do you keep coming in to these discussions to complain even more about something you are certain will not change???”

                ANSWER: The same reason you keep responding to my comments if you think it is just someone “whining”

          • …don’t forget “The Flash” TV series too. It only lasted one season but wasn’t bad for 1990′s TV. I think Nathan Fillion (“Castle”) would make a good Flash or Green Lantern, but he’s a big older now.

        • When you think about it, you could almost include “Wonder Woman” although it was a TV series. It lasted three season and got decent ratings. And for a complex character with a difficult costume made back in the 1970s (while the Superman movies were drawing fans in at the box office) I think they did her justice. They didn’t make it camp like the 1960s Batman series. They still hold up well today.

          Also, thee was TV series that lasted just one season for “The Flash”. Aquaman has never been personified live action (not counting “Smallville”).

      • He doesn’t want to see a Aquaman movie so he predicts no one else will to. I’m all for a Aquaman movie and I do believe she should of been made a long time ago and be one of those classic movie’s like the Reeve superman movies and Burton Batman movies.

    • At least we’ve had live action Wonder Woman and The Flash TV series. There has never been a true live-action adult Aquaman (not counting “Smallville”). He deserves respect, dammit.

      …plus he can ride giant seahorses.

  8. This is such disappointing news. Werner Bros. simply does not have a clear idea of what they want to do. The safest bet is to just copy Disney/Marvel–create a separate DC Studios, and higher geeks to run it. I know we all want Werner to do something different, but at this point, they’re barely in the game, best thing for them to do to move forward is to copy a proven plan–Marvel’s plan, to the letter.

    I seriously don’t get there thinking. If they’re having such trouble getting their popular characters into development, what’s their thinking in making random nobodies like Metal Man and Sandman? If there’s anything they could’ve learned from Jonah Hex and GL, is to give us the popular guys first, than you can play with the nobodies, like what Marvel did with GoG. Granted JH and GL were bad movies, but still…

    And what’s this about Wonder Woman being hard to bring to the big screen? She’s literally one of the most straight forward characters that DC has. Literally. She’s a headstrong, Amazonian, warrior-princess. That’s basically her character. That’s all the general audience needs to know or will even care to know about her. That’s it, nothing more will matter to them. But I am excited they are working on her and Aquaman, he’s in my top three favorite heroes, behind Batman and the Flash, respectively.

  9. Wonder Woman would be THE movie to make. The new 52 is awesome and with some of the amazing female leads out there it IS VERY possible to get it right!

    • LMAO :) this is not Marvel we are talking about!! it’s DC, they cant get their own name straight

  10. The new JL comics are the best to adapt and Geoff John’s Aquamans is awesome!

  11. “” ‘Sandman’ is right on top. I think it could be as rich as the ‘Harry Potter’ universe. ‘Fables.’ ‘Metal Men.’ ‘Justice League.’ And yes, I’m going to say it: ‘Aquaman.’ “


    “That balance of what matters wasn’t quite right on ‘Green Lantern.’


    Regarding Wonder Woman:

    “She has been, since I started, one of the top three priorities for DC and for Warner Bros. We are still trying right now, but she’s tricky.”


    If it’s not clear from this article that DC doesn’t have a clue, then I don’t know what could be clearer.

    Sandman? Fables? Metal Men? Is this lady crazy? These properties should be the LAST on the list of things to do. DC really doesn’t have a clue after all do they? Where is Flash, Batman (reboot), Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern (reboot). What a joke. It must be heart breaking to be a DC fan with reading articles like this. What a disaster DC is right now.

    Give theses properties to Marvel, and you would have excellent movies, in their proper sequence. Why exactly is Wonder Woman so “tricky”? Look at Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, they were “tricky” and yet Thor was well done, and all anybody can talk about is the up coming Guardian’s movie.

    It is absolutly no wonder at all why DC and their movies sucks so bad.
    Good luck DC fan, you’re going to need it.

    • You mock the idea of a man who talks to fish…

      In support of a team that has a talking raccoon?

      No, GOTG is not the most talked about. Avengers 2 is. The Batman reboot that doesn’t even exist yet is more talked about.

      GOTG is speculated to be either really good or really bad. And I guess you’re so high strung on bashing DC to realize Aquaman has had some brilliant writing recently that took him out of the joke character category.

      • That’s exactly my point. Marvel can make a silly concept like a talking racoon cool and sell it. If DC had a talking racoon, or equvilent (Aquaman), they would spent 7 years trying to figure out what to do with him, how to make him cool, and how to sell him, and still not do anything with him. They’re clueless.

        As bad as DC sucks, they do have some interesting characters, but no brains on how to utilize them properly, as is evident by this woman’s blabber. I mean she, (just by her comments), is just embareassing. This is DC’s answer to Kevin Feige? LOL!!

        They got somewhat lucky with Nolan,(although Bale was just awful),then blew that in the end. Green Lantern was a train wreck, as was Cat Woman, J. Hex, Superman Returns,etc. The list goes on. Don’t even get me started on the flaming pile of poo that was Man of Steel, I mean come on, really?

        DC has no direction, no clue, and no idea. The more they talk, and the more garbage movies they make, (Man of Steel), the more they prove it.

        I can’t wait until DC releases Metal Men!!

        WHAT A JOKE!

        • So, you’re a Marvel fanboy in other words.

          That’s all you needed to say

          • I guess, if that’s what you want to call me. But really, who couldn’t be a fan of Marvel? They give fans everything they want, plus some suprises along the way. They know what they’re doing, they have a plan, they listen to thier fans. Yes, I’m a huge fan of Marvel, because they give me everything I want as a fan, and more.

            What has DC done in the cimema to make me even want to be a fan of thier’s? Give me mediocre Batman movies, two bad Superman movies, and now you have to wait another what, 3-4 years for anything new from them, which will again be mediocre at best?

            Then on top of that, you get an article from their president that clearly defines how clueless they are? Really, seriously, what am I supposed to be a fan of exactly when it comes to DC?

            Better yet, let me ask you, why are you a fan of DC? What exactly is it that makes you like them so much? No sarcasm I really want to know. How can you be and why are you a fan of DC? They offer you nothing.

            • I like DC because of their content. There was a time where I liked Marvel more because DC sort of “vanished” for a while after “Superman Returns” (I loved “Batman Begins”, but I don’t like TDK or TDKR) and there was no competition.

              First they had “Iron Man”, then “The Incredible Hulk” (one of my favorite superhero movies of all time), the underrated “Iron Man 2″, “Captain America”, etc. I didn’t mention “Thor” because I despise everything about his character and it’s enough to make me not enjoy the movie, therefore making me unable to criticize it fairly.

              “The Avengers” arrives. First viewing, everyone went nuts because it’s epic to see this all for the 1st time. Second viewing, I was not impressed and actually regretted passing to see it again. To me, it’s not on the level of any of the other Phase 1 films. It’s average, IMO.

              “Iron Man 3″ arrives. First viewing, I hated it. That is not me being a DC fanboy, I thought the film was terrible regardless of the “twist”. I don’t read Marvel enough to know about Iron Man so I have no expectations.

              “Man of Steel” arrives. First viewing, I actually really enjoyed it. Once again, I wasn’t even a fan of Superman, in fact I hated the character a lot. But unlike “Thor”, it changed my perspective.

              I grew up watching the DCAU, Raimi’s SM films, pretty much anything prior to Nolan and Marvel Studios. I’m a mixed bag when it comes to both Marvel and DC aside from animation and comics, DC crushes them in those areas IMO. But movies? I’m sticking with DC because I just spent money being let down and almost disgusted by Marvel’s last 2 films, and it also doesn’t help that the hero I hate the most in their universe is the next guyi line for Phase 2.

              I’m not gonna pick favorites. I just don’t see any reason to like Marvel as of right now.

          • Ultimate…

            WELL said.

            After all, there is no reason to argue with nobody. ;)

        • How dare you, Ch’p of the Green Lantern corps. is DC’s Raccoon. In all serious though besides Aquaman and Wonder Woman these do seem like terrible priorities to make first.

    • I have been saying this for quite a while now!! DC is a mess, WB should sell DC to Disney and we would get the heros we really want to see!
      I honestly think this lady is stoned, These movies would be HUGE B.O.
      fails and then we would NEVER get the real superheros we want

    • Have you not read Fables or Sandman? I mean, Sandman is only considered one of the greatest comic books TO EVER EXIST. Personally, I’m getting a bit burnt out on superhero movies. I’d much prefer to see comic books like this adapted.

      Marvel has certainly made good movies – Iron Man, The Avengers – but Thor? Just as bad as Green Lantern, if you ask me.

      • THANK you, Ben.

  12. I think Nelson sounds like a good person to manage an expanded DC comics universe, she really sounds like she wants to work hard and make the characters as good as they can be for the big screen. I think she was right about Green Lantern when she said they didn’t have the proper balance between art and science fiction. What i find interesting is that the individual character films won’t be the typical JLA characters like Sandman if he’s in the JLA he wasn’t an original member of the JLA and if they use his solo film to lead up to the JLA it will be interesting. I hope that they do an Aquman movie, what i want to see if that happens is a very powerful Aquman i guess i always struggled taking him seriously because of the Orange Goldfish shirt which i know is supposed to look like Armor but it just never really did it for me. She got me really excited for Wonder Woman, she’s a great super hero and they need to focus a lot on her in my opinion. I like Nelson’s opinion and enthusiasm.

    • It’s all rainbows and sunshine to SAY all these nice things, but unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if they’re actually DOING anything.

      Enthusiasm is good, but when you’re managing an entire company on “step-by-step” basis (which it seems DC is busy doing) and half-@$$ing your way through productions (most of which end end up getting canned early on), “enthusiasm” doesn’t count for much.

      DC (and Nelson) need to start focusing on the important things. They need to strategize and get teams in place to start !@#$%^& doing things.

      DC is a multi-billion dollar company. If you ask me, it’s about time for someone to start managing it like one.

      • And just to make it clear: I’m not saying Nelson is the cause of all this (I didn’t even know who was in charge of DC Ent. until this article), and from what I understand now, she’s a very successful business person, but something isn’t working.

        It comes across as if DC as a company is overwhelmed – without clear direction or goal. Any company that doesn’t know what’s doing, or what it wants to do, is doomed to fail.

        Maybe Nelson can get DC back on top, or maybe she’s the cause of it being so dysfunctional as of late.
        Whichever way it goes, I hope the future of DC looks brighter. Man Of Steel was epic. The New 52 has been very good imo, Arrow is good (some great episodes, some not so great) and their animated feature film line-up is looking promising, so I’m hopeful all-in-all.

      • +1

        It’d be a wonder if they announce a movie at comic-con, anything for that matter besides Man of Steel 2. There’s so much potential in DC and the technology is there now, it’s the perfect time.

  13. Flash, then Wonder Woman, then Aquaman in my book.

  14. Honestly, if all of these movies are given the greenlight and do well then that’s great for comic book fans, regardless which “side” you wanna take.

  15. 1. green lantern failed because hardly no one except comic book fans
    knew who he was.
    2. the movie gets bashed alot because of its box office gross, but nelson
    failed to mention that reynolds cant carry a big franchise nor has the charisma to do so.
    3. the movie was very close to comic book and special and visual effects
    were excellent.
    4. green lantern was basically just a stand alone movie. never was promoted as a stepping stone to a bigger universe, but then again dc did not wakeup until huge success of avengers.

    • it failed because it was a bad movie

      • This.

        Bad movie, terrible script, seemed to jump around a lot and cover too much ground for its running time.

        To say Reynolds can’t carry a franchise and doesn’t have charisma is where the person saying it loses all credibility and no longer has the right to be taken seriously when critiquing a Ryan Reynolds movie. Has probably never even seen a Reynolds movie and most likely just dislikes him due to the way he looks.

        • I’ve seen every RR movie. He speaks the same way in every movie: the wise acre reluctant hero who thinks he is God’s gift to woman.

          Funny enough, he speaks exactly like this in real life too.

          He got good reviews for his movie-long cameo in “Van Wilder”.

          BUT BUT BUT. Nobody even cares who he was until he took his shirt of for “Blade 3″, which is a really bad movie.

          This is the only reason he has a career. He took his shirt off.

          And you’re talking about charisma?

        • DAZZ,
          What really has RR done that was HUGE??
          NOTHING, I also don’t think he can carry a franchise movie!
          I Don’t dislike him either, but he is just not the right guy for a movie like GL!
          ALSO have you seen the commercials for this STUPID R.I.P.D Movie??
          Cmon this guy just cannot pick a good role for himself!! HE appeals to the 15 band under crowd NOT the Comic book readers or YEARS past!!


      • I second that. It was simply bad and cheesy.

      • Yeah. Compare Green Lantern to Iron Man. Both were relatively obscure to mainstream audiences. Now, 5 or 6 years after his film debut, Iron Man is the biggest box-office draw outside of Batman. Because they cast the right person to play the lead, and made a good film, both major fails for GL.

        • iron man was never a b character in the comic book brother. ratner once
          made this idiotical statement. anyone who read iron man back in 80′s
          and 90′s knew a live action film would do well.. green lantern has
          never been as huge as iron man in the comic books. iron man had advantage of getting bigger during civil war. if iron man made same money as green lantern everyone would be bashing it calling it trash.
          green lantern made a bad choice with casting ryan and the other human
          actors were terrible. but kilowog and the rest of cgi cast nailed their
          roles really well.

          • Uh, sorry, but you’re just categorically wrong. Iron Man was a B character for a very long time. Before RDJ came along, his claim to fame was that he was an alcoholic. Green Lantern, on the other hand, had a number of big-time comic book stories, especially the initial Parallax story. When Geoff Johns came along, Green Lantern was one of the highest selling comic books for YEARS, higher than Iron Man even after RDJ.

            • In any event, I was referring to the perception of the two characters by *general audiences* i.e. people who don’t read comic books. The only way that IM3 makes a billion dollars is by attracting lots of those people to theaters. Most avid comic readers probably went to see Green Lantern and Iron Man both, regardless of what the reviews said, but that is not enough to make a smash mainstream success.

            • No, that’s not what you said at all. Allow me to use your own words to remind you:

              “iron man was never a b character in the comic book brother. ratner oncemade this idiotical statement. anyone who read iron man back in 80′s and 90′s knew a live action film would do well.. green lantern has never been as huge as iron man in the comic books. ”

              Iron Man was never a b character in the COMIC BOOK (sic). Green Lantern has never been as huge as Iron Man in the COMIC BOOKS.

              I agree with your latter point. Comic book popularity is irrelevant (well, mostly) when it comes to box office success.

  16. I think they’re are some DC people snooping on screenrant. They probably read that article on why a Aquaman movie would work

    • Wouldn’t surprise me.

      I knew a major billion dollar company looked at a particular message board years ago and kept referring to something under a name I coined and then kept repeating it in the hope the company would see it and use that name themselves.

      They did.

  17. I haven’t read all the comments here but I agree with those who say WW movie should be next. She is more important than Aquaman’s character in grand scheme of things. Supes, Bats and WW are the trinity base of J L. Aquaman is no doubt cool and should get his own movie but it should be later down the road. And as for WW story bring hard to adapt for the big screen, that just sounds like a poor excuse. It can’t be that difficult.

    Along with WW, the Flash’s movie should be developed as well. It only makes sense to have the next big hero get his own movie. And unless, movies like Metal Men, Sandman & Fable are going to be a mid to low budget movies, they shouldn’t be made just yet. I agree with those who say that establish your major/ core heroes first and then go for the lesser known or unknown comic book characters. WB have better learned from the disasters like Jonah Hex and The Losers. It does seem like WB dies not know what they wanna do and how for that matter.


    • I think the problems with Wonder Woman go beyond the story itself. I think just converting story to film would be an easy undertaking for a good director and a good script. The problems are more societal. What does WW wear? If you put her in the usual outfit, there will be screams of sexism and appealing only to the fanboys and teenagers. If you change the costume too much there could be backlash (see MoS and yes the costume worked but initially there was a huge uproar about the cape and no trunks). Do you try to find someone who will match the comic body of WW? There aren’t that many good actresses out there who fill those measurements. Or do you go for acting and hope it will be believable that today’s thinner actresses can be an almost indestructible warrior?

      I personally think this character will get her time on the big screen and I hope it’s great. But I think those are the problems they talk about instead of direct difficulty of the character/story itself on film.

      • Despite the trunks Man of Steel was still a success, so modifying the outfit shouldn’t be too big of a problem. When it comes to acting they just need someone to exercise and get some martial arts training, like Jennifer Garner did for Elektra in Daredevil. Wonder Woman also has been rebooted or revamped so many times the only thing that ever remained constant was her being from Paradise Island. But hey if an animated Wonder Woman movie can be made and be awesome, so can a live action one.

  18. WTF is that picture of?? the only one recognize is Michael Jackson all the way to the right! WTF

    • That pic is of the Endless, characters in the extremely smartly written, beautifully conceived “Sandman” series in the DC Vertigo line. The series brought in mystery, mythology, science fiction, history, horror, pop culture, and even a bit of superheroics to an intriguing, fun comic read.

      Judging by your above comment(s) and other just as snarky ones on other threads, “Sandman” very likely is beyond you…your loss.

  19. Cool but, where’s my Flash movie ?

  20. What she said makes sense for the most part. But it’s action we’re all interested in, not talk. Hopefully we will get an official announcement of something soon, beyond MoS2.

    I could write an essay about what specifically was wrong with Green Lantern, but in any case I think Man of Steel demonstrated that WB/DC has learned from their mistakes, and finally has the right idea moving forward. Now they jus have to actual DO something with that knowledge. I absolutely agree about Wonder Woman being tricky, but that is not an excuse for just not doing anything.

    • Added comment: Fables is not a good idea. That has been played out too much, including as the article mentions by the ABC show, Once Upon a Time. I would not greenlight a Fables film if I was in charge.

  21. That picture looks like the group that heads up Warner Bros.- DC’s division, dumb and clueless.

    I can’t quite make out which one is Diane Nelson, but i’m thinking she’s the tall one in the middle.

    • Yikes…

      The scary thing is: You aren’t pretending to be this dense.

    • Please, stop embarrassing yourself. Marvel would KILL to have Sandman under its banner – it sells in trade and hardcover in numbers Marvel could only DREAM of selling.

    • I’m beginning to wonder if you operate under “nobody”, “Miles Morales”, and “Bruce Banner”. And then just give them slightly different styles of writing

  22. Wonder Woman & Auqaman

  23. Mongul may not be a good idea as the main villain because mainstream people will have no clue who he is

    • Sometimes you have to create a story that is good enough to make people care. Nobody knew who Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader were before Star Wars and now they’re known worldwide. These companies just need to hire good screenwriters and directors instead of just pumping all the cash into CGI and poor marketing.

  24. I just hope DC announces some fresh news on the cinema front. like, we know about MOS 2, we’ve heard about the justice league. but how about filling in the gaps. this plan to spawn other films from a JL offering sounds gold, but in execution they could be urinating on the spark set from MOS.

    keep the public engaged. show a pair and take risks, as in adapting wonder woman, cyborg, the flash, etc. as many have stated already, marvel is strutting with a swagger so dense, they are producing an intergalactic marvel film with a talking raccoon, the collector,and a kree politician. plus a film about a guy that deals with ants.

    what, warner’s next announced move will be a film about Smallville’s mall cops?

  25. I just want DC/WB to push the boat out and make a badass Aquaman movie, it has so much potential if done right, DC fans have been screaming for Aquaman for what seems an eternity now..

  26. Keep in mind this is the post-Nolan era and he has no connection to any DC movies moving forward. Thats not to say they could still use the Man of Steel production house on other movies and perhaps Zach Snyder and fit into the mentoring role if he comes of age with the next Man of Steel flick. I’m automatically looking past all of Diane Nelson’s shortcomings as a Harry Potter lover with no background how to manage a comic book business using the weak rebranding of New 52 and relying on her “experts” (Lee/Didio/Harras.

  27. New 52 Aquaman would be an awesome source for inspiration and I think (just saying) that dc/warner bros. should produce adaptations of their wider known characters and THEN the lesser known ones and maybe use that as an opportunity to dive into the dc multiverse (cough, cough, Earth-2). . .

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