DC Entertainment: What’s The Game Plan?

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spectre DC Entertainment: Whats The Game Plan?

How about a DCE Horror/action film like 'The Spectre?'

Warner Bros., please remember that you are not Disney. While Marvel Studios may have set the bar with crossover continuity, it’s always irked me that the studio has vowed to keep things on the PG-13 side of the fence. Why do I find that call so irksome? Because there has always been plenty of room for the Marvel Universe to branch out into other genres. Look at Blade: R-rated, box office smash, action/horror flick. If any of you read the Marvel “Midnight Sons” comic books back in the 90s like I did, then you’re probably STILL wondering where your dark, horror-themed versions of Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange or Morbius are. Well, the answer to that is Marvel sold them off into the fumbling hands of third-party studios, which is why we end up with crap like Punisher: War Zone.

DC Entertainment has the chance (and freedom) to correct this misstep on Marvel’s part. DC Comics was ahead of the pack in going more adult-themed in the 80s and 90s, bringing in writers like Alan Moore, Frank Miller and creating a more adult-themed branch of their Universe, DC Vertigo. With adult-themed characters like Deadman, The Losers, Lobo and Jonah Hex headed for the big screen, DC/WB is showing some sign of knowing how to fit their properties into other cinematic slots besides “superhero movie,” but there are so many other characters (The Spectre (above), The Atom, Animal Man, Hawkman) who could grow to be big names if placed in the proper lanes (horror, sci-fi, sci-fi/fantasy). DCE, play the field in terms of genre and demographic, it’ll work for you.


robin dc comics 02 DC Entertainment: Whats The Game Plan?
Remember that Robin version of Smallville, “The Graysons” that almost was?

Want to get some of your lesser-known (or cinematic dead end) characters into the limelight, DCE? Well then, look no further than the example of Smallville. If the CW hadn’t jerked their knee so soon, that Aquaman TV show might’ve found its audience and formed a nice block of DC/WB tweener TV – but hey, that window is still open. Smallville spin-offs or new shows that tell stripped-down stories of some of the DC Universe’s lesser-known heroes? DCE, don’t be afraid of the small screen: if there is a hero or team (Robin, Legion of Superheroes) that you can fit into a viable TV market, then by all means go there.

Here’s a free thought: you Doctor Who fans fancy the sound of a Mr. Miracle series?


DCE has DC Comics snug under its ribcage, close to its heart. Those comic book writers, they’re the guys who are keep these characters alive (or at least back from the dead) every day of every year of every decade. And since this universe was born, and continues to grow on the page, when a comic book storyline tests well, or becomes a runaway success, then the whole DCE is rewarded with an opportunity.

DCE, keep an eye on your comic book division and let the writers who’ve proven they know this world best (See: Geoff Johns), do what they do best, and observe the resulting fan reaction to see where the gold nuggets might lie. The idea of this DCE venture is a more cohesive and streamlined DC/WB, and nothing is better than mining ideas from the mass focus group you already cater to – except maybe taking the hit concept you’ve already sold them and re-selling it to them in a different package (movie, TV, Video game). That almost guarantees – to quote In Living Color – “Mo Money! Mo Money! Mo Money!”

dc heroes countdown DC Entertainment: Whats The Game Plan?

Okay, so there are a few possibilities I’ve thrown out there for the future of DC Entertainment Inc. Where do you think the company needs to set it sights first (more popular film franchises? Another hit TV show? Better video game adaptations)? And which characters or properties would you like to see developed in which formats?

Let us know in the comments.

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  1. So you thought Punisher War Zone was crap, eh? I don’t think so. Homie don’t play that. Sure, the acting was so bad the actors looked afraid of having the camera on them, but that movie kicked butt. Woo it’s not some stroke of genius like Dark Knight woooo. Boo friggin hoo.

  2. Stop whining about your personal opinion on something completely irrelevant.

    More R-rated DC movies sounds great!

  3. no robby punisher warzone was ablsoute crap, nohting about it was in any way shape or form good. one of the worst if not in a tie with daredevil for worst made so far.

  4. @ kantsandya

    See Gohan’s reply above your own.

    opinions … It’s all relative folks.

  5. Personally, I think they should focus on television first. Like you said: build up their lesser known characters with good TV shows so that it’s not as big a shock when they finally start appearing in films. The networks could have the tamer heroes, and cable can snatch the more mature and higher-budget characters, like Green Arrow and Hakwman. Big names on the silver screen, smaller names in kickass TV shows with great scripts and killer special affects.

  6. its funny how no one is commenting on the actual subject of the article. haha

  7. @ Luipaard

    yup i agree. television is such a good venue to grow characters and establish a solid recognition and fan base. From comics to Tv to big screen. thats how most of todays biggest characters started.

  8. Yes, when disney buys marvel- dc have to do something. yea, if they did this before disney than ohh- new, now its oki, they have to… mm

    Anyways- the issue of Cameo`s – I allways wondered when I watch one hero film/series – why dont iron man/superman help out? – to esatablish one superhero, you need to give him some room, and its done in the new hulk, where stark is already iron man, but it happens fast and he does not inerfeer- maybe doing his own thing – The only good thing about Supergirl the movie- was that they explained that superman was off earth on some mission, therefore did not appear. In ulitimates, you have s.h.i.e.l.d comming in shortly after spiderman debutes, good thing.

    It needs to go cronologicly- if superman is first there is noone else, than batman- well, than superman has to interfeere- as he did in the dc reboot, when superman came so say, stop it- and batman tricked him, than superman saud ok and let him contine.

    If the avengers exist, they would also interfere with the goblin not just spiderman. we need to be realistix. and punsiher- the only real vigilante, killing of all crocks, would not some other marvel hero of great moral stop him?

    I love supernatural stuff, and superheroes- but there needs to be order. In green ring, of there are no other superheroes like superman – it needs to take place in space or before superman becomes superman. – like in the new animated feautre- good stuff…

  9. Get Batman and Superman in the pipe tonight! Finish this Batman trilogy, with Nolan and Bale if possible. Superman needs to break some ground and rock a foundation or two!

    Koffi, you feel that DC should take advantage of the small screen? Then they should crank out a miniseries on one of the other Justice League members. What about “Martian Manhunter?” Shoot they ought to just use that as the title! Of course casting and scripting is going to be working overtime. Pair the best that ever produced an excellent franchise character comic say of Martian Manhunter for example, with the toughest, brightest, most productive scriptwriter/s you can get your hands on. Stick them in a dorm with whatever tools they need and tell them they’re not coming out until they’ve got an Emmy winning script in hand, that will literally fly off the pages, on to the screen. Oh yeah stick the G.A.s in the same dorm to crank out the comic version which will probably double as the storyboard for the mini series. I think that should get things started…. ;)

  10. I’m not convinced that Nelson is the best option despite her success with the Harry Potter Franchise. She cares nothing for the source material so to me would be more likely to ‘improve’ things purely for ratings. That would be terrible in the majority of cases.

    I’m all for small screen adaptations as long as they don’t drop the ball (like Smallville) and produce DC 90210. If it’s smart, mature and above all fun then I think any DC character could pull off at least a season. Sort of like a year long focus panel; if the audience love it then it goes to the big screen, if it bombs then move onto the next season with a new character(s).

    FWIW I actually preferred Daredevil & Punisher: War Zone to Superman Returns. Not brilliant by any means but at least I didn’t feel violated at the end…

  11. I actually found Punisher WZ quite enjoyable….I mean apart from the acting from jigsaw and loony bin jim, which was in all fairness appauling… it was a good action movie to sit back and enjoy and not really think about.

    Back to the article:
    Giood moves by both DC and Marvel getting backing by bigger companies.

    But I dont think a justice league movie would work, I mean realistically when would superman or the green lantern ever need batmans help.

    What they need first is to get a DECENT superman movie off the ground.

    has anyone seen the animated green lantern movie yet? how is it?

  12. also nice double helix jordi :)

  13. @Shamose

    Here’s are review on the animated GL:


  14. SO you want more R-rated DC movies Kofi? Like Watchmen? I’m probably in the minority, but I’d take a PG-13 Iron Man movie over the R-rated crapfest known as Watchmen. I can’t believe how gaga everyone was about that movie and it was horrible. Too damn long, the story was messed up and I could have cared less about the characters. All it had was great SFx and a hot babe with a great naked butt. I’ll never watch that film again, or buy it, but I’ve already re-watched Iron Man twice. So if they’re going to make R-rated films, they had BETTER be a better film than Watchmen. Besides, what’s wrong with PG-13 for a COMIC BOOK FILM if an R-rated film is going to keep out a large portion of the comic book audience? I think Marvel is smart keeping things to PG-13. No reason they can’t make a good story and keep it (relatively) clean.

  15. @ Jordi: While she admits her lack of content interest I think she also admits that her role is of facilitator. I think your point has some validity in that she could be tempted to intervene in the production of the product especially if that is clearly holding up the process of bringing it to market. Hopefully though, her boss has foreseen this, and is committed to pulling on her reigns if necessary.

    @Shamose: I agree that for the most part the action was solid in “PWZ,” although the chandelier gaff was just too hard to believe. How that got into the finished product I can’t imagine.
    As far as GL and Supes needing help granted were talking about a lot of power but even combined they’re not omniscient and any problem that’s multi-pronged enough could require more hands. That does leave a giant headache for the story writer, finding a problem big enough to seem justifiable and interesting at the same time. Both DC and Marvel have the same problem and it will be interesting to see their effort to solve them.

    Andy S: “Watchman” represents the kind of product you get by trying to balance good story with action Comic book adventure. Perhaps your core disappointment lies with the fact that the subject elements weren’t agreeable. Hero’s careers winding down, despite the overarching world crisis, and the forced shunt the story uses to resolve the problems. Seeming too much like Deus Ex Ma china story telling. What I thought is that while it perhaps wasn’t the best feel good superhero film, it did present a more realistic and whole story. No one likes to admit that the hero’s have clay feet but they do exist. Their superior but still imperfect so as to be relateable. Then perhaps you can straiten my presumption, as I’ve tried to write an apology without giving you a fair hearing. Feel free to “fire away.”

  16. Old Man…

    I really can’t put my finger on exactly why I didn’t like the movie, but the length of it certainly is right up there. There were SO many scenes that probably could have been cut out to make the movie flow better AND cut the time to a more reasonable 2-2.5 hours. I am SO glad that I didn’t go to the theater to watch this mess, because I probably would have left 2x to go to the bathroom. Thank goodness for home theater and the pause button. It is also more than heroes having “clay feet.” The Comedian was a downright scumbag, P-O-S and I was wondering why he was being held up as a hero. The whole story was fairly confusing from beginning to end and the multitude of flashbacks sure didn’t help that either. Maybe it’s also that there is too much of apathy and depressing news in the REAL world, that the movie didn’t function for me for what it was supposed to do: entertainment and escapism. But hey, everyone has different tastes and that is why there are so many different films out there. I enjoyed Wolverine MUCH MUCH more than Watchmen, and most people on here thought it stunk. That is why I’d rather have a good, action packed PG-13 than an adult-themed, sexually charged R superhero flick.

  17. Thanks Andy, I guess everyone has a defining set of circumstances that can’t be tolerated. Whether it’s in film, books, their home life, or dealing with the outside world. Maybe its fair to say nothing works for everybody.

    I saw “Watchman” in I-Max and for me neither the run time or the nonlinear storytelling was an issue. The Comedian I wrote off as being something that could happen, given the circumstances of the movie. If your capable of using Adobe reader check the following file;
    http://www.cs.virginia.edu-cs588-safecracker.pdf.url Especially the first paragraph.
    This was written by one of the architects of the A-bomb. If you’ve served during a war you can understand the escalation that follows the Comedian around. I think It’s epitomized when he abruptly and objectionably burns the map at the super hero gathering. It supposed to bring into focus that even the mighty Dr. Manhattan can’t stop nuclear annihilation. The Comedian was a government contract worker, a killer. That’s what he did for the government. It profoundly effected him and the story was unapologetic in showing all the consequences of that, including his murder.

    You know prior to the Regan treaty’s the total nuclear weapons in the world topped 50,000. Really MAD still is, the only real defense against nuclear war. Even today the doomsday clock is set to 5 minutes to midnight; http://www.thebulletin.org/

    Moore’s work isn’t like most comics, produced with tongue in cheek kitsch. I only read his novel several months after I had seen the movie. My understanding about the whole subject didn’t change. Granted the story is more full in the book but Snider did succeed in translating the story to the screen. I would hire him to do a different comic, with a different sensibility, in a heartbeat. Most fans wanted that more than a convent run length, I think. They got what they asked for. But like anything else It was not for everybody.

  18. They tried to make a Robin spin off show, I think Nolan himself personally told them not to as it didn’t go with his Universe he envisinged.

  19. I dont think that Nolan doesnt think it doesnt go with his universe, but that its to hard to do successfully so he doesnt want to even try

  20. Thnks Kofi,

    I might still check it out, im not really to familiar with any DC characters besides batman so I may use it as a stepping stone to broaden my scope in the DC world

  21. @Andy S

    LOL, your sentiments toward Watchmen are almost exactly what I was thinking while watching it. And speaking of flashbacks, did you notice that there were flashbacks WITHIN flashbacks???

    I was like “what the… a flashback? But aren’t we already in a flashback???” LMAO!

    And the whole scumbag character issue is a big issue with me since I typically like to be able to relate to the main characters in order for me to fully enjoy a film, and I really can’t relate to any of them, Rorshsomething is the closest since he had the strongest moral character. I mean, The Comedian? Come on, I WANTED him dead, his “murderer” did the world a favor. Dr. Manhattan? Oh yah, he’s so full of himself he lost interest in his wife/girlfriend/fiance (I forgot, dozed off a few times watching it) because she was too normal? Ha, yah, I’m going to relate to that. That ending was utterly retarded, the guy they got to play Nixon looked NOTHING at all like him, didn’t even get his mannerisms right, he was just there so they can make fun of Nixon’s nose.

    And the concept that there will be world peace because of a common enemy?? LOL, that would have lasted somewhere around 2-5 years in real life, then people forget, and it’s back to business as usual. But yah, I love how the “ideal” America is a hippy America where everyone drives a Toyota Pius (misspelling intentional), but don’t worry, Ronald Reagan will bring back wars and killing because he’s a Republican… Very subtle morons… I hate message movies…

  22. I think that DC needs to keep the whole dark, edgy, and raunchy theme going as it clearlky seems to work. DC can stick to the more adult oriented versions of superhero and Marvel could stick to teh more kid oriented versions. I think that would ultimately help both studios. I WOULD like to see a darker version of Superman. I would also like to see an adult and dark version of Green Lantern. DC has a lot on its plates and cannot wait to see on how it will all unfold

  23. @Ken J

    This isn’t an attack on you but did you read the comics (either before or after watching the movie)? The film was (to my memory) a decent interpretation of a difficult book tbh.

    The Comedian isn’t supposed to be hero, he (I think) represents governments’ seedier side, the ‘win-at-all-costs’ attitude and rampant nationalism. He is a sociopath yet he does what he does for his country and is lauded for it. It just shows ‘masks’ as more than good or bad, just humans with human failings.

    The Dr Manhattan comment, he doesn’t get ‘full of himself and lose interest in his girlfriend because she’s normal’. He is to all intents and purposes a god. He can will things into existence and sees time in a non-linear fashion. He was losing touch with his humanity due to his power (which is what I always thought his character was about) including his love for Silk Spectre.

    The ending was pretty much the same as the comic so I’m glad that certain things happened so as not to ruin it for the people who loved the books but I can see why some might not like it.

    Not sure if you’ll even read this as the threads a bit old but couldn’t leave the above unsaid. I can see why people wouldn’t like it but maybe the explanations helped. ;)

  24. OMG Tasouli, I am with you on the dark Superman 1,000%. They can make him like the one from the other dimension in that Justice League (animated series) episode! I love him so much. The idea of an adult’s Superman is so exciting!! They would have to throw that crap Superman Returns movie in some trash bin somewhere first though. How awful was that…?

  25. I also agree with you Jordi, except the ending of the book had to deal with a giant creature and aliens. Big difference, but still a very nice change for the script. But you perfectly paraphrased the characters. Alan Moore would be proud!

    And I mean of you of course, and not the movie. I don’t like how the characters seemed to have super strength when the only character with powers was supposed to be Dr. Manhattan. I hate too that they made the characters more violent. Sure there was violence in the book, but Rorsche (forgive my spelling if its wrong) did not plant a cleaver in that man’s head. My sisters, who never read the book, were completely turned off by that and now they won’t read it. Period. And the scene where Rorsche is attacked by the dwarf and his squad was completely rewritten and horribly messed up (especially the man losing his arms or something, I had to cover my eyes). But the part with the swinging bathroom door and Rorsche poising to kill the little person completely disturbed me! That part in the book focused on Nite Owl’s comment and was funny. But that was not funny in the movie. Not funny at all!

    And my BIGGEST complaint was the Ozymandias character who was as clear a villain as a 1950′s movie could have portraited him (and congrats if that was the idea). In the book you were surprised he could even fight (and he kicks ass), much more so that he kills up an entire city of people in order to further his goal towards world piece. Those same sisters (that now won’t read the book) saw straight through him when he first showed up. That was so awful, to have the whole experience ruined like that. For shame…

  26. @Jordi

    I never made a comparison of the movie to the book. I’m criticizing the thing as a whole. So if the book is exactly like the movie, which from what I’ve heard it is, then feel free to assume what I wrote above applies to my opinion of the book as well. I don’t really care that it stuck to it 100%, doesn’t affect my gripes with it, just extends them really…

  27. @SaraDiva

    They took a lot of liberties with the film but I never imagined they would even make one, so I’m gald they did. I thought it would be too difficult to adapt for an audience that couldn’t re-read parts like I did and take the time to understand it in a typical movie run-time. It’s not perfect but I enjoyed it nonetheless and could see why some things were done differently. I think the audience would’ve probably felt short changed if the ‘superheroes’ hadn’t shown some kind of ‘power’. Agree about Ozymandias, he just needed a moustache to twirl and a cloak as he tied the damsel to the train tracks ;)

    @Ken J

    It’s not an exact copy of the books, just an adaptation. I think they messed up a bit by trying to sell it as an action movie when (certainly the original story) it’s more philosophical than smash, bang, good guys win, yay!

  28. @jordi

    Well, like I’ve said, how much it sticks to the books is irrelevent, I didn’t like the movie, didn’t like the message(s), didn’t like what most of the characters stood for, etc. etc. Just didn’t care for it. My opinion, oh well…