Should Fans Have Faith That More DC Movie & TV Show Announcements Are on the Way?

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dc growing tv movie universe justice league Should Fans Have Faith That More DC Movie & TV Show Announcements Are on the Way?

The comparisons between Marvel and DC will never stop, moving from the panel and page world to film and television as the two companies increasingly launch their characters toward a greater swath of the pop culture pie with movies and TV shows.

But while Marvel has flourished over the last decade and change – launching their own movie universe alongside successful Spider-Man and X-Men franchises over at Sony and FOX – DC has delivered only a new and regaled Batman franchise beside the twin failures of the Green Lantern and Superman Returns. That was before the financial success of Man of Steel and the buzz-making return of the DCU to TV with Arrow on the CW, though, and now it appears as if DC’s parent company, Warner Bros., has finally found (or, re-found) an eagerness to play catch-up.

Last week, we told you what Warner Bros.’ CEO Kevin Tsujihara’s said about the latest incarnation of the Dark Knight in the upcoming Batman/Superman film during a presentation at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications and Entertainment Conference, but he also spoke about DC’s overall place in Warner’s business plan and specifically called the Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman.

“We have Batman Vs. Superman coming out in 2015, but there are going to be in the coming months a lot of announcements regarding the future movie, television, games and consumer product pieces that are going to be coming from DC. [...] DC really does touch a lot of parts of our business and is an important part of the strategy in how we are going to grow going forward,”

The knock against Warner Bros. has always been that they aren’t ambitious enough with regard to their use of the potential cash cow that is the DC roster while they happily take risks on films like Sucker Punch and Jack the Giant Slayer, or they cling to the security blanket that is the Harry Potter franchise, so this is good news – assuming it comes to pass.

Ryan Reynolds Talks Justice League Return Should Fans Have Faith That More DC Movie & TV Show Announcements Are on the Way?

The sad fact is, that while Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash all pose their own unique batch of risks and rewards, for the most part, Warner Bros.’ development of those characters on screens big and small has been filled with public starts and stops (various Wonder Woman projects, back and forth over the Justice League project, etc), promises, and disappointments over the years.

One could choose to believe that the Batman/Superman team-up film signifies change with regard to the DCU; a bit of ambition that shows us that there is, in fact, a plan. But as much as adding a “tired and weary” Batman into the mix seems like a step towards a Justice League film, it’s also a bit of reinforcement to make sure that Superman stays off the ground.

The same thing can be said about the decision to add The Flash to Arrow. The latter was CW-successful, but not generally successful, and it gets a lot of buzz because anything comic book related usually does, but is Barry Allen coming to Star City along with a few DCU spare parts in an effort to convert that buzz to viewers, or is it that and DC’s attempt to build a blended and wide world for DC characters on television? Right now, we don’t know, because DC won’t even fully commit to making The Flash a standalone series in 2014.

Stephen Amell as Green Arrow in Justice League Should Fans Have Faith That More DC Movie & TV Show Announcements Are on the Way?

We want to believe that it will be, and that Warner Bros. is world building and that they are finally ready to fully utilize this amazing resource that they have at their disposal; but that history of teases, whispers, and starts and stops damns them. Marvel gets away with teasing us because we know that eventually, they will deliver. In many ways, DC has yet to establish that.

The funny thing is, TV isn’t even that much of a risk (comparatively speaking). With Arrow and Smallville (which was also CW-successful) there is an established audience, and if a show fails, it’s a slight black mark on the chin for DC properties, but it’s not as steep a financial hit. Besides that, Warner Bros. could easily use television as a proving ground, joining their televised world and their film world in the way that Marvel is trying to do with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., only DC could do it with their superheroes, doing it in a way that would surely be more cost effective and a boon to their shows.

Maybe one of those upcoming announcements that Tsujihara teased will be something along those lines or a director and a roster for the Justice League. Maybe they’ll emulate Marvel and put their own Whedon-like all-father in place to serve as the connective force within a movie and TV universe that they are truly and publicly committed to. Maybe they’ll gamble on themselves as Marvel does, but until they do, a lack of faith begets a lack of faith.


Keep an eye on Screen Rant for more on the expanding DC Movie and TV universe.

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  1. It makes me so sad that penny-pinching, play-it-safe WB owns DC.

    • Lol yeah, where’s Disney at to buy DC comics from Warner Bros. Marvel/DC Cinematic shared universe. With Star Wars.

      • Lol
        Like time Warner will sell one of their asset to their rival Walt Disney
        But it’s a shame that we will never get a justice league movie
        Batman and superman till the end of time

  2. I’ve seen all the Marvel vs DC franchise rants earlier on ScreenRant but I have to say – purely as a long term strategy, Marvel just pummeled DC to the floor. They used logical business strategies with what few franchise were left in their pockets back in 2005 after selling their big guns (Spiderman, Xmen, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Hulk) and they still have reached a stage today where DC is playing catch up.

    Right now, maybe going via TV to launch superheroes may actually be a brilliant way to make a comeback and let the non-comic reading world know the nuances of many characters. I would definitely prefer an Arrow/Flash show over Agents of SHield. Could DC finally relaunch their franchises this way?

    • Marvel didn’t pummeled DC. Disney pummeled WB.

      • Marvel had companies releasing movies with their characters before Disney came into picture.

        • Marvel wouldnt have survived without disney. They are suppling all the money

          • Since 2009, yes. They released Iron Man and filmed a lot of The Incredible Hulk before Disney came into the picture.

            • Im just saying they sold rights for a reason, disney saw an oppertunity and more backing finacially never hurts. Idk if they would be at this point without disney

            • Its funny, cuz they initially sold rights to popular characters since they were going bankrupt, and now that everyone’s sold on Marvel, I keep hearing complaints about how Marvel gave away Spider-Man and stuff like that.

          • Doesn’t matter how it happened or who’s backing. The end result is still the same, oh and Avengers and Iron Man 3 are the only Disney distributed Marvel films thus far.

            Doesn’t matter how anybody feels about the movies. What Marvel have accomplished from a business, marketing and brand recognition standpoint is nothing short of incredible, and even more so for doing it without the X-Men, Fantastic 4 or Spider-Man.

            This article is100% spot-on, what DC lacks publicly is vision and commitment. I desperately want them to succeed.

            • I agree. I remember hearing about the Avengers plan and being completely skeptical about their chances of pulling it off. I even had doubts about Iron Man. It’s pretty amazing what they’ve done, and like you said, without FF, Spidey, and X-men. In fact, if Marvel had those properties we’d probably be seeing ONLY those properties, and constant reboots.

              • @Nostelg-O – That’s the major difference between these studios. Marvel/Disney doesn’t have those big name characters so they have to change it up with their characters. Whereas, the DC/WB has two of the biggest names in the comic book world that all they have to do is reboot and reboot again and the money flows in. They’ve tried other titles: Jonah Hex, Catwoman, Green Lantern, the Watchmen, and a few Vertigo titles…and none of those were financially successful (V for Vendetta is the only one to barely make back its production budget). If I was a studio executive, I’d keep rebooting and not risk creating new character films.

                But…I’m not a studio executive. I’m a fan. And I want a Justice League movie! Take a risk Warner Brothers!

    • I’m sure WB felt like they got pummeled by Disney when their films(Argo) are winning best picture.

      • Because that really matters to shareholders?

      • Oscars don’t mean squat to businessmen. Argo didn’t even make more than The Incredible Hulk worldwide.

  3. Lets just wait for the announcement Nd we’ll see where we will go from there

  4. i think they should use TV for their heroes(also have different heroes do crossovers/cameos/etc) then use movies for major team-ups(Justice League)

    • Make a series for each hero to expand our view on them, make some crossovers from time to time between series, make JL and big crossovers a movie format.

      The idea in vacuum is ok but in real world it won’t work unless its animation.

  5. Honestly, I’d like to see something like a detective show featuring Detective Dick Grayson on TV and then the same actor in modestly budgeted Nightwing movies to show the superhero side to his life.

    That way, we can get more stories out of the character without spending too much time in a movie working on his daytime activities in Bludhaven’s police force and everyone is happy.

    That’s something no other studio has done yet and I feel it could really work out great, not just audiences with tighter movies and shorter running times plus more from the deeper world away from the costumed heroics but also for the studio.

    You could even have a Suicide Squad TV show with their adventures and then have them show up in a movie as a villainous team.

    Possibilities are endless.

    • I agree. There really should be a detective-oriented television show using Batman-related characters such as Nightwing. I could be interesting and fan-pleasing within the logistical confines of the small screen.

  6. I just wished WB would step up and announce Flash or Wonder Woman. I mean really, its not like those movies would be box office bombs. Flash and Wonder Woman have huge audiences, they’re like Superman and Batman in a way. Its hardwired into peoples brains. Even people who know nothing or have seen nothing of those characters will be like “that’s Wonder Woman!” I have to see that!” Those characters are so hardwired into the culture zeitgeist people will turn out for them. And I know those 2 characters are hard to translate on film but c’mon, Marvel is making Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy. Why can’t WB do Flash or Wonder Woman? Or hell, even Aquaman or Green Lantern…properly.

    • +1. When Marvel decides to make a movie about a talking tree and a talking raccoon and you haven’t even made a Flash or Wonder Woman movie yet, you need to reevaluate your priorities.

      • LOL…true.

    • “I just wished WB would step up and announce Flash or Wonder Woman. I mean really, its not like those movies would be box office bombs. Flash and Wonder Woman have huge audiences, they’re like Superman and Batman in a way.” …AMEN Brother !

    • Isn’t Flash in the works already? And to make WW and Aquaman good you need to work through the idea very slowly and make it as quality as possible, so that it wouldn’t look cheesy. Alot will be forgiven to Superman and Batman but not for them.

      • It was a rumor though I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended u[ being true, especially with the CEO’s comments on there being announcements in the coming months. Forgot about that rumor.

      • I’m hoping that Glee guy isn’t cast for movie though.

      • This should give you hope that a Wonder Woman film could be very awesome. (in any time period)

  7. A really well done Aquaman movie would be awesome.

    • Hellz Yeah! Geoff Johns New 52 Aquaman, thats the movie right there. And the Throne of Atlantis story arc. Aquaman is basically Thor in many ways. And Wonder Woman as well/

    • I would like to see Aquaman appear on the Big Screen and also I casted Sam Worthington to play “The King of Atlantis” and also teaming up in the JUSTICE LEAGUE (film). Peter Jackson will be a good choice to direct an Aquaman Movie.

      AQUAMAN – Casting Call
      “Aquaman/Arthur Curry”
      (a)Sam Worthington (My choice)
      (b)Paul Walker
      (c)Chris Pine
      (d)Garret Hedlund
      (e)Ryan Phillipe

      “Princess Mera”
      (a)Kate Hudson
      (b)Sarah Michelle Gellar
      (c)Kirsten Dunst
      (d)Amanda Seyfried
      (e)Reese Witherspoon

      (a)Alexander Ludwig
      (b)Jake Cherry
      (c)Taylor Lautner
      (d)Josh Hutchinson
      (e)Logan Lerman

      “Ocean Master”
      (a)Chris Isaacs
      (b)Hugh Laurie
      (c)Hugo Weaving
      (d)Willem Dafoe
      (e)Gary Sinise

      “Tom Curry”
      (a)Dennis Quaid
      (b)Dylan Walsh
      (c)Bill Paxton
      (d)Ray Liotta
      (e)Cary Elwes

      “Atlanna Curry”
      (a)Marcia Cross
      (b)Cameron Diaz
      (c)Rebecca Perkins
      (d)Penelope Ann Miller
      (e)Daryl Hannah

      • Those are some good pics. I would pick Liam McIntyre as a older more experienced Aquaman. But you forgot the real deal, Black Manta! Since I can’t think of any other actors off my head, I’m gonna pick Idris Elba or Jamie Foxx. But Ocean Master, good picks, but I’d throw my man Benedict Cumberbatch in there. Not my final choice but a heavy consideration.

        • If the movies aren’t connected to the TV shows, the guy who plays Diggle in Arrow could be a decent choice for Black Manta, with Captain Neville from Revolution as his dad in flashback.

          I’m still hoping for Kaiwei Lyman as a “King of Atlantis” Aquaman though.

          • I was actually thinking about Ryan Gosling as Aquaman aha. Don’t even know Aquaman all the much to be honest, I just know Ryan Gosling is blonde, built and is a damn good actor lol.

            • Gosling could work. I also like Hedlund, and Pine is great, although I might like to see him as Flash, honestly.

              For Mera, I would also suggest Bryce Dallas Howard. I think she could be great…although the Lady in the Water connection might be a turnoff. *sigh*

              • I like to see Mark-Paul Gosselaar play “The Fastest Man Alive” on the big screen and teaming up with the Hall of Justice in Zack Snyder’s JUSTICE LEAGUE. Mark-Paul Gosselaar who starred in RAISING THE BAR & SAVED BY THE BELL can make a great casting role playing Barry Allen of Central City, stepping into the Running Yellow shoes wearing a Red Costume with Lightning symbols around his waste. Will Arnett can also play Professor Zoom (The Evil Flash). The Flash’s arch enemy.

            • But I choose Sam Worthington and looks good for the part

        • If Cumberbatch is Black Manta, that would mean he couldn’t be Martian Manhunter or Darkseid.

  8. Prior to Iron Man, Disney’s marvel properties were unknown to mainstream and non comic book readers. WB banked to much on Batman and HP. They should’ve branched out sooner.

    • Disney’s Marvel properties were so unknown prior to Iron Man, they were non-existant.

      Probably because Disney didn’t actually purchase Marvel Entertainment until 2009, a full year AFTER Iron Man’s release.

    • What exactly are you referring to because Disney didn’t acquire Marvel until about 4 years ago.

    • Yeah, they could have done it sooner. I mean having 2 Batman in 2 different universes….but it would work only for people with brains, the other will complain that they have two different characters and WB is going crazy, sheep(aka average moviegoer) won’t be happy and WB would lose money.

  9. Uhmmmmm…yeaah ! been waiting for Justice League movie all my life

  10. You know with all the films Marvel have put out, I hardly rate any of them, the only ones I like are the first Spiderman man films, Ironman 1, and the latest Xmen, That’s it, maybe im just not into marvel that much I don’t know but quantity doesn’t mean quality, Avengers is the most overrated film ever, so im glad Disney don’t own DC, they would make there movies more like kiddie films like they do with marvel character’s, The Dark knight trilogy and MOS still smashes anything marvel have done imo, I terms of action and special effects though, MOS is the new benchmark, but I would love to see the same sort of effort put into a Aquaman movie, this what needs to be done, Aquaman would be epic!!

    • I find Marvel and Disney are doing great with the Marvel franchise! They set up the first shared universe, which is a huge leap in filmmaking if you ask me. Though I have to admit, I’ve never necessarily gotten excited over the Marvel films ahead of release, not even The Avengers. Not that I don’t enjoy them, I thought both The Avengers and Iron Man one of the best comic book movies. I think it’s just the tone and audience they’re going for that doesn’t really include me. The films are very family friendly, nothing wrong with that by any means, it’s just not for me. Nowadays, the only superhero films I’m really looking forward to are Superman, Spider-Man and X-Men.

      • See, I didn’t see any Avengers promotion in the media until a week before release, went in pretty excited having enjoyed all the other movies other than Iron Man 2 (I remember sitting in the cinema feeling like the movie was dragging on) and walking out thinking “Well, that was ok but wasn’t that good”.

        Weirdest part was that I’d never seen or heard about Thanos before but as soon as he appeared on screen, his name popped into my head somehow and I figured he may not be the villain if they made an Avengers sequel and would probably be saved for a third movie (this was at a time when everyone posting on Screen Rant’s comments assumed a week later when the movie opened in the US that Thanos would be the main villain in Avengers 2).

        Anyway, for me, I love Dredd, love the Marvel movies other than IM2 and Avengers, love the Dark Knight trilogy, love Amazing Spider-Man, love The Wolverine, enjoyed Ghost Rider and Thomas Jane’s Punisher movie, was disappointed at Man Of Steel and didn’t much like the previous superhero movies (other than Blade, Blade Trinity, Spawn, The Shadow and Tim Burton’s first Batman movie).

        Hell, even Tank Girl had its moments.

        I just think it’s a great time to be a comic book fan and a movie fan and even get to argue over which movies you think were good or crap.

        Still hoping we get more Dredd, a rebooted Tank Girl movie (shame Lori Petty’s aged, she was perfect for the role) and The Shadow remade with the kind of pulpy style that could be a cross between Se7en and Batman Begins as far as tone.

        • I didn’t even know Thanos either, he seems like he’ll be one badass villain for the Avengers 3 though. It’s actually one thing that griped me about The Avengers. How they teased a villain that most likely won’t be in a Marvel film for another 5 or 6 years lol. Unless he ends up making an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy.

          Honestly, I was never a comic book movie kind of guy but the genre stepped up its game and supplied us with some intense movies with a lot of variety from one comic book film to the next. If it wasn’t for The Dark Knight Trilogy, I don’t think I would have ever gotten into comic books, or even films actually.

          I hope we get another Dredd as well, it was a welcome surprise. Didn’t even know Karl Urban was behind the helmet until I looked up the film after watching it lol.

        • I agree with a lot of what you said, except one small detail:

          How in the world did you enjoy Ghost Rider?

          • Haha I thought Ghost Rider was bad but still sort of enjoyable. It was fun and Cage’s performance was just…well fun lol.

          • It was a good, fun movie.

            Blackheart wasn’t a very good villain but the rest was pretty damn solid.

            Less said about the awful sequel, the better.

  11. I don’t think we’ll be getting any news until early next year, around when Man of Steel 2 starts filming maybe. I have to admit, Warner Bros is heavily lacking in the announcement territory. Though, the CEO stating there will be announcements for not only films but TV shows and video games is pretty intriguing to me. Is WB planning a huge DC push? I just hope, when he says games, he doesn’t mean the probable Arkham 3 announcement, which I won’t be surprised about at all. Or news about TV shows ends up being about the Flash TV show, which I’m not too excited about or an announcement about films just being more information on Man of Steel 2. While I’d happy to have more news on all these, it’s nothing necessarily new. Come on WB! Step up your game.

    • I imagine they’ll wait until Batman Vs Superman starts filming like you suggested because hell, if they waited until this April to announce Batman: Arkham Origins and kept Batman Vs Superman a surprise for however long then I expect some big things coming.

    • Well now there’s a Gotham show and a Constatine show in the works and that was just this week.

  12. I hate hearing how awful WB is everytime a post about dc comes out. Give me a break WB has been extremely successful and hold many of the most successful trilogies and series including harry potter, lord of the rings and the dark knight. For once cant we give them an ounce of credit,, they are obviously moving in the right direction and trying a diffrent approach than what marvel did. Lets be positive for once.

    • It’s the same as people who complain about how terrible The New 52 is on every DC Facebook post. That gets really annoying. As a lifelong fan of DC (more so than Marvel just slightly but also enjoying some 2000AD and Vertigo titles), it makes me wonder why people even bother to continue reading about DC’s latest developments or take the time to complain if they don’t like it.

      • The New 52 Batman is actually the second comic book series I ever got into (Ultimate Spider-Man being the first). I never really liked how all the comic book series’ were running for 70 years, I like to start at the beginning but I find it hard to read the older comics. So I’m glad they revamped everything.

        • I’d say the same thing.

          I read comic books as a kid in the early 90s but the only ones I actually owned were 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine titles.

          The first DC comic books I owned were Batman: Harley Quinn and The Batman Adventures: Mad Love (both of which were pretty highly priced due to rarity) while the rest are graphic novel style collections (Hush, Green Arrow: Year One, The Thanos Imperative, Red Son and several Suicide Squad, Aquaman and Voodoo books from The New 52 range).

          That’s why I love The New 52, new versions of old characters and revamped origins instead of having to ask around for reading orders and such.

          I’m on my way to collecting all of the books in the Tank Girl, Hellblazer, Preacher and Sandman series.

          • Hush has to be one of my favorite, great story! I’m really hoping they bring both him and Black Mask into a Batman film soon.

      • Well, new 52 isn’t that bad but they did screw up some characters. And people are still reading those because they know that authors will be changed at some point. Comics aren’t like books, storytelling may fluctuate from good to bad to incredibly good all the time.

        • “Comics aren’t like books, storytelling may fluctuate from good to bad to incredibly good all the time”.

          Sooo…..just like books then?

          I also don’t think they screwed up any characters. It’s just different takes. Like in the movies, Keaton’s Batman is nothing like Kilmer’s, nothing like Clooney’s, nothing like Bale’s and nothing like Affleck’s will be.

          Nobody complains much, we all have our favourite. Same with the comic books.

    • Warner Bros is pretty damn successful and you’re right, they don’t get enough credit for it. But I have to say, they aren’t handling DC the best they could. Not that I’m surprised though, I may have cold feet with the properties as well. Superman Returns looked to be in good hands with Singer but that ended up not necessarily working out. Green Lantern looked to be in good hands as well, that ended up being a dud (I still can’t figure out how it ended up the way it did though. I thought everyone working on the film were solid, was it the chemistry between all of them?). People can’t say WB haven’t been trying because they obviously have, it’s just things don’t turn out the way they hoped it would. And when I say it didn’t turn out the way they hoped it would, I mean the outcome was the complete opposite of what they were hoping (ex. Green Lantern, Jonah Hex).

      • They can afford to have cold feet because they understand that they dont need to play catch up. They are still compiling the hobbit series which is a gold mind. They dont want to rush it and im fine with it.

    • Regarding Lord Of The Rings, WB stepped in after Jackson and New Line Cinema had all three movies in the can. Look it up.

      And I give all the credit for The Dark Night to Legendary Pictures…… Which has since parted ways with WB. No surprise.

      Harry Potter? That would have been successful no matter which studio owned the rights. I could imagine that Disney would have made the HP series just as good if not better than WB.

      • Are you seriously not giving any credit to WB for these franchises? lmao

      • Are you series look at disney from 2000-2013 their live action releasea are very poor. Outside of animated films and marvel (which is pretty much on it own) their series and solo outing dont even compare to WB or universal. Pirates had 1 great film, natiomal treasure had 1 solid film, they hold both john carter and the lone ranger along with a bunch of average films. Its been a long long time since disney was a force in the live action game.

      • You should also maybe do a little research as well. Several individual films Warner Bros backed up are pretty incredible and have gone on to win several Oscars.

        • 22 Oscar winners to be exact. With the possibility this year for another with gravity

  13. after green lantern WB seems to be checkin to see if the waters warm before diving in…must be nice for marvel having a big war chest in disney

  14. While DC can’t get it together on the big screen on the small screen it’s flourished elsewhere especially in animation. The DC Direct to DVD movies are FANTASTIC. Some of them are better than live action comic book movies. Recent shows like Young Justice, Green Lantern TAs and even the new Beware the Batman are better than anything Marvel’s producing on television. Arrow is doing big things on CW while Agents of Shield though highly anticipated has a lot to prove especially on Network television. WB also has video games such as the Batman Arkham Series and the recent Injustice Gods Among Us all of which are fantastic. If WB/DC could just get their freaking movies together they’d dominate the stable.

    • Yeah, I agree about the animated films. I have not loved every one that I’ve seen, but at least they exist and are ambitious. Green Lantern: First Flight and Justice League: The New Frontier both absolutely blow the live-action Green Lantern film out of the water as origin stories for the character.

      It is strange how prolific WB is with animation and television, relative to the scarcity of their theatrical film output (although granted, that “scarcity” is mostly relative to Marvel).

  15. As long as Snyder’s involved. Although I still think solos are a bad idea.

    • Thank You. I hope Snyder’s involved as well.

      • I hate Snyder as a director and writer but damn, keep him on board for the visuals at least. WB could have some beautiful looking DC movies.

        • I’d love to see what he’d do with Wonder Woman.

          • Could you imagine!? It’d be Man of Steel and 300 combined! And I mean that in a good way.

            • It would look amazing!

        • Oh yeah visuals definitely. I’ll agree he’s not that great a writer but I think he’s a talented director. I thoroughly enjoy all his films, I think he’s real great at just making films catered to geek culture and I really dig his action and imagery.

        • Totally agree, Dazz. Snyder’s movies ALWAYS look good and I appreciate that. I just think someone else should be directing this go around.

        • His screenplays are pretty sh*t but I’d say his writing is above average. As a director I’d say he’s “different”, weird but “different”.

          • Which is funny you should say that because Terry Gilliam was originally going to direct Watchmen until he said “this would be better as a TV series”, got kicked out, replaced then Snyder replaced the replacement while the replacement director was still on set about to start filming the first scene.

            One different and visual director to another.

            I wouldn’t say his writing is above average though. That’s an insult to actual writers. He has some decent ideas now and then and a good eye for costumes and visuals but I wouldn’t trust him with anything beyond that.

            • I’m not trying to argue he’s a good writer but in fairness most of his films don’t require good writing. Dawn of the Dead and 300 are just awesome action fests, I thought Watchmen was very well handled and the writing was fine. Sucker Punch well…. you got me there, even though I proudly admit I enjoyed that film. Man of Steel had some questionable dialogue but that was Goyer.

  16. I honestly think that an Aquaman movie that utilizes bio luminescence makeup, animatronics, and actual underwater filming would be pretty bad ass. They need to do more without CGI because while it may look good in Pixar movies, on live action movies (Oz the Great and Powerful comes to mind here) it just looks cartoony.

    • I would love to see a really visually unique Aquaman film. I could be a whole new type of experience.

      And I agree about Oz – with a few exceptions, I think that the old 1930s film actually looks better, amazingly.

  17. I just hope they finally realize you can do more than 1 movie at a time.
    Hopefully they will announce more movies before Mos 2. If they do Im hoping for:

    1. Justice league (Darkseid need a major villain to get them together)
    2. Flash (Reverse flash, Gorilla Grodd, or the Rogues Gallery)
    3.. Aquaman (new 52 version)(Black Manta)
    4. Wonder Woman (Cheetah)
    5. Green Lantern Corps (So they can have more than 1 GL established)(Yellow or Red Lanterns )
    6. Batman Arkham city
    7. Mos 3 (Doomsday)
    8. Superman Batman Public Enemies
    9. Young Justice Movie
    9. Justice league 2 (Crime Syndicate, or Justice lords or Legion of Doom)

    Its so many ways they can go If they wanted to do TV shows they can do Hawkman, Dr Fate, Captain Atom, Power girl,or Captain marvel. I know its just wishful thinking but I can still hope.

  18. These things now!!!!

    Doctor Fate and Hourman team-up!
    Green Lantern #2!
    Flash flick!
    Green Lantern abd Flash team-up!
    Legion of Super-Heroes flick!
    Deadman TV show or flick!
    The Spectre TV show or flick!
    Martian Manhunter, Atom, Hawkman team-up!

    There..planned what DC & Warner need to work on immediately…..!
    And it’s more work than they’ve done recently, almost.

    • Wouldn’t they need to make a Green Lantern 1 before making a sequel?

      *doesn’t count that crappy one from a few years ago as existing*

  19. I against gut feeling based on past experience, I expect WB to start rolling out DC films annually after 2015. If they do not have Flash and/or Wonder Woman set for 2016 or 2017 at the least, then they really are incompetent. I suspect…though, that there are actually big plans in the works.

    If WB can get it together, it makes sense to develop certain characters on TV (Green Arrow, Black Canary, Flash I guess) and others via solo theatrical films (Superman, Batman, WONDER WOMAN!!!) – and then combine all of them in Justice League films.

    Green Lantern will probably be reintroduced in a Justice League film. I hope that GL eventually gets another shot at a solo film, because it is a fantastic sci-fi franchise waiting to happen ***if*** approached the right way.

  20. After all these years of trying to get something going well, DC still feels like they are flailing around.


    Ben Affleck finally addresses the reaction! Hilarious dude too, he actually made me laugh.

  22. It would be nice if WB/DC had atleast 2 films a year or very two years o be made instead of only one release 2 or 3 years apart.

  23. Ben Affleck from his own mouth talks Batman. Skip to 1:44


      • Seriously…it’s gotten old.

        …and it was NEVER particularly funny.

        Try something else.

        • +1

          Agreed, totally.

          Hell, Bale’s Batman voice was easy to understand too. If you’re gonna make an attempt at a joke account about not being able to understand what someone is saying, make one about Vin Diesel.

    • I’m surprised no one has dubbed up a Hitlers reaction to the news of Ben Affleck being cast as Batman.

      • Someone did.

  24. I bet it bothered Affleck if he spewed about it on late night tv. Even his wife was bothered by the reaction & defended him. He waited a month to laugh about how it didn’t bother him. Sure it didn’t.

    • It must suck to be you. Sorry, don’t want to be offensive, but you come off as a miserable pri€k.

  25. I agree with the point about DC’s facebook posts. while there’s no need for a legion of yes men, it’s like, if you detest the new 52 so much, move along. criticism is fine, but at some point it’s become the equivalent of ” hate watching “.

    as for WB and DC, it boggles the mind they can produce such high quality animated material, at a decent clip, and yet it hasn’t translated that well cinematically. then to make it worse, there’s the half hearted approach, kind-of-sort-of wanting to succeed, but showing astounding trepidation and playing it beyond safe.

    I would watch a wonder woman movie. as well as aquaman, young justice, an a.r.g.u.s. film, etc. just commit to quality, as they do with their animated stuff, and let the audience decide once we have something tangible. I can’t really buy diane nelson telling me wonder woman is an ultra tough sell yet game of thrones and the hunger games, two of the biggest issues she sold as WB having in developing a wonder woman movie have flourished.

    in game of thrones case, it’s a series, so audiences have made a weekly commitment to a high cost fantasy production. hunger games has shown that with quality came viewers. and business was good for lord of the rings, the alien franchise, etc.

  26. I made it clear I never liked The New 52 comics. Some of the stories could’ve been used in the old ones. What boggles me is WB/DC using old comic stories in their cinematic universe which I thought would be inspired by the New 52 comics.

    • It’s probably because they have new fans on board with The New 52 and decided to use older stories for the movies rather than expect new fans to find them on their own on the shelves.

      Makes a lot of sense if you ask me.

      • It makes me think they don’t have faith to make films inspired by the New 52 comics which I thought they were going for in the first place. Can’t say I blame them I guess. Like I said before, DC Comics best years are behind them.

  27. Not a lot of faith in the DC Universe these days…They throw away great talent just because they think they know better than the fans.

    • @ Michael adams

      I think that’s a valid point.

  28. Across the board I think Marvel super heroes are far more interesting than DC.

    That is other than Superman and Batman, the two king daddies of all super heroes.

    So from that perspective DC for tv me thinks and Marvel for the big screen.

    And just go with Batman Superman team ups for the movies. The scope for more detailed stories with just two super heroes plus the added realism of not having twenty super powered beings on the planet make this avenue a winner imo.

    I think a good analogy is Star Trek. Because the original series was so low budget they had to create drama within the dynamic of the character relationships and that translated well to the big screen.

    Next gen were actually fricken boring in terms of their character relationships and as such could not translate to the big screen with the exception if facing of a great enemy like the Borg.

    Yes DC can write their characters to be more interesting and that might work asi ti did with iron Man but i’m not convinced.

    Maybe Charlie Sheen could be DC’s answer to Robert Downie Jr and breath life into what has been a hitherto mundane character in the lineup of heroes.

    • Charlie Sheen? How about Miley Cyrus as Wonder Woman?

      • I’m down.

    • @ Chris Fawkes

      I think Marvel’s super heroe’s have more interesting stories than DC. I think they’re both the same when they’re heroes are interesting but DC imo has better villains. DC’s heroes are godlike, more respected that way while it’s the other way around with Marvel’s heroes that are more grounded.

      I agree DC rules the small screen while Marvel owns the big screen.

  29. How would this be. Josh Brolin plays Batman and Ben Affleck plays Robin.

    Now that could work.