Warner Bros. Has 11 DC Comics Movies in Development

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dc comic book movies Warner Bros. Has 11 DC Comics Movies in Development

Warner Bros. and DC have officially confirmed that filmmaker Zack Snyder will direct a Justice League movie for the studios, as the followup to his Batman vs. Superman project and, in turn, the final installment in Sndyer’s Superman movie trilogy that began with Man of Steel. The Batman/Superman movie is currently scheduled to open in theaters in May 2016, while the Justice League feature may arrive by 2018 – though, there are conflicting claims on that front, as Snder is rumored to shoot both films back-to-back for release in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

Beyond that, however, it’s not entirely clear yet what lies ahead for the world of DC comics-based live-action cinema. David S. Goyer – who is confirmed to be working on a number of gestating DC movie/TV shows in development – has said that WB/DC doesn’t have a concrete plan for building a “cohesive” universe, unlike how Marvel Studios has its shared universe roughly mapped out to 2028. Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox and Sony have an organized timeline for Marvel movie releases on through to 2018, with additional superhero films having already been touted by executives (who’re no doubt keen to learn which of these films are of the greatest interest to the paying public).

In the past, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson has likewise name-dropped several DC comic adaptations – The Sandman, Metal Men, Fables, Justice League, and Aquaman to be exact – as (among other things) a way of gauging whether or not there’s really a significant demand for such projects – in particular, the ones based on niche properties. According to The Wall Street Journal, DC currently has a total of eleven comic book film adaptations in some form of active development right now (not including any upcoming DC TV shows, mind you).

Dwayne Johnson DC Movies Batman vs. Superman 2015 Warner Bros. Has 11 DC Comics Movies in Development

Is Dwayne Johnson being eyed to star in a ‘Shazam’ movie?

Besides Justice League and Batman vs. Superman, that list (according to WSJ) for sure includes the aforementioned Metal Men and Fables movies, as well as 100 Bullets and Shazam. That the latter is moving forward is of particular interest, as on this week’s Screen Rant Underground Podcast our editors discussed how the Shazam character – once also known as Captain Marvel – is a possibility for the DC character that Dwayne Johnson is eyed to play, going by the actor’s list of qualities for his mystery role in the DC movie universe.

Seeing how The Sandman is also confirmed to be in development right now (with Joseph Gordon-Levitt possibly directing), that leaves four other developing DC movies unaccounted for. Here are a few of the more obvious potential titles that could be on that list:

  • Justice League Dark, a film about a team of supernatural-powered superheroes and/or character associated with the occult (John Constantine, Swamp Thing, etc.) that Guillermo del Toro (HellboyPacific Rim) has been talking about making for the past couple years.
  • Wonder Woman, a movie that Gal Gadot – who is playing the titular character in Batman vs. Superman – is reported to be contracted for. Besides fans having demanded a solo vehicle for the Amazonian warrior for years, this project is one that WB executives have spoken about publicly within the past 6-7 months (no doubt, in part the name-dropping has been to test the waters for such a project).
  • Aquaman, which is another solo vehicle for a Justice League member that WB heads have been “casually” hinting at during conversations with the press in recent times. The question now is who will play the Atlantean superhero – with Jason Momoa rumored as a possibility, assuming that he has, in fact, signed on for a role in Batman vs. Superman (which isn’t confirmed yet).
Wonder Woman Art Stars Warner Bros. Has 11 DC Comics Movies in Development

Is a ‘Wonder Woman’ movie in active development?

There are other feasible titles that could be on the list of 11 DC movies in active development, such as Suicide Squad and Deathstroke – projects that were heavily rumored to be happening last year, when reports started making the rounds that WB could begin to churn out multiple lower-budgeted DC film adaptations on a yearly basis on the future. All in all, it’s quite the eclectic collection of potential DC comic book properties that might conceivably be making their way to the big screen sometime in the foreseeable future.

How about it – which DC movies are you hoping will be made over the next 5-10 years (and beyond)? Which ones do you suspect are included as part of the aforementioned 11 DC films?


Batman vs. Superman is currently scheduled to open in U.S. theaters on May 6th, 2016, followed by Justice League some time thereafter.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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  1. Well, after reading all the comments here, I could go on different tangents about some of the things I’ve read here so far.
    Basically, I believe that WB does have an intermittent plan, as to how they want things to develop. I still don’t believe tat the company wants to compete entirely with Marvel while at the same time not wanting to run their movie universe the same way, there by making it seem that they are copying them. As a big DC fan, I’m very much enjoying the little bits and pieces that are found out about future movie news from DC.
    Some of the ideas seen above are quite good and WB would do good to give them some credence. I for one love the idea of a Blackest Night film, but that’s is so involved that it wouldn’t even be able to be filmed unless there was a Green Lantern Corp film done before it setting the tone and history and revealing all the different colored corps members and powers.
    Now, as for making another Green Lantern movie, I’m all for it. I am one of those that actually liked the film. But I would rather see the Green Lantern Corp version more as the sequel. It would make more sense, and I didn’t mind Ryan Reynolds as GL, but another earthman GL would be a better idea, one that stays more with the corps than is earth based like Hal Jordan.
    For the life of me, why so many of you would want to see John Stewart as GL is unfathomable. John Stewart is so much of a one dimensional character. You need to have someone that is flamboyant and chromatic with an egotistical view of himself.
    Yes that’s right, Guy Gardner. He does spend all his time with he corps and He’s a fun jerk that doesn’t mind flaunting his power around or using an incredible amount of power to accomplish his missions.
    A GL corps movie like that could set the tone for any cross over tale they want to tell even if it wasn’t Blackest Night. It would open a new Universe for WB/DC and give them more room to space characters out and bring more obscure but good characters into play.
    Marvel did that with Guardians of the Galaxy, which I hope does good because I liked the books and it does look fun. If DC did that with a Corp film, they could really rock with some of their storylines.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Marvel movies, they are great fun and done well, I just want to see DC bring some of my favorites to the big screen. I love super heroes and tis a great time to be able to watch these films and enjoy them. I think my biggest problem here in these forms is that so many of you out there are so full of hatred for certain movies companies or films that it just takes the fun out of it all.
    For those of you that say batman vs. Superman is going to wreck everything, or that its going to be garbage and you wont go see it, you just limit yourself. Pushing those feelings out there, its like you just want these movies to fail. Why that is and what its going to prove I have no idea, I just think its completely moronic and ridiculous to even think that way.
    I just love it when people like Henry, MOZ, Hulk fan 1 and others come up with great ideas, and its a pleasure to read them.

  2. So no love for Lobo ?

    Also no Green Lantern reboot with Jon Stewart played by Chadwick Boseman ?

  3. We need a Batman Beyond movie! I’d also like to see Nightwing somewhere…

    On the topic of Shazam! I personally don’t like the idea of The Rock playing Captain Marvel, or any DC character for that matter. He’s not the best actor and I feel like he would ruin a DC movie that fans have been looking forward to for years. I haven’t seen any of his action movies, but every comedy that he’s been in has turned out cheesy and slightly dumb.

    I’d rather have someone like Brody Jenner, Ryley Lanteigne, or Joe Manganiello play Captain Marvel than The Rock because they have that dark haired, boy next door look that Shazam! has, unlike Dwayne Johnson.

    • Not a good actor! Dwyane the rock Johnson is one of the best actors out their. And as far as comedy, one of the FUNNIEST! He’s like a tall Chris Brown! And if you say you don’t like his action movies, then you must not know what action is. DC should be honored to have him aboard!

      • As well as Ben affleck lol….

        • Whats that supposed to mean?

      • Oops! I meant to say Chris Rock, not “Chris Brown”.

      • Dwayne “the rock” Johnson is one of the best actors out there? You have to be kidding, lol. Sure, he can handle the basic action film genre, but to call him one of the best actors out there is nothing short of laughable. He wouldnt even make the top 100 list in regards to best male actors. Thats like saying Arnold schwarzenegger is one of the best actors out there, lol. Both of them can handle roles in action films and action films require very little quality acting.

        • I agree. He’s a decent actor, but not the best out there.

        • I never said he was the best actor out there, read more closely. I said that he is “one of”. And as for you OrangeCrush, I think its laughable that you say he wouldn’t make the top 100 male actors. He would probably be 20 to 30, study up buddy. As well as that, you claim “action films require very little quality acting”. Hah! That’s one of the longest laughs I’ve had in a while! YOU sir, need to study up on your actors and movie genres. All I’m saying is, he is a great actor and DC should be happy to have him on board. And I’d watch what you say about the rock, otherwise he might see this joke you made and hunt you down and shove something up your candy * *! FYI, that’s a joke he uses in wrestling, in case you didn’t know.

    • I agree and disagree. I think the Rock is great, but agree he shouldn’t play Shazam also I’ve thought Manganiello would be a good Shazam for months, but the Rock as Black Adam on the other hand yes.

      • I don’t think he will play Shazam anyway I think he will be Black Adam.

    • first i had the same opinion of yours but, i looked at the bright side
      it is the only thing i wanted the rock is a wrestler so he has a loud voice so when he say
      SHAZAM! he will bring Me the goose-pumps!!!
      because the another animated movies he was saying shazam he makes me disapponted

      sorry for grammar and long talking

    • It’s now confirmed that Dwayne Johnson will be playing Black Adam.

  4. So in my opinion

    1. B v. S
    2. JL
    3. Batman trilogy (not all at once just the first movie)
    4. Aqua man
    5. Wonder Woman
    6. Green lantern
    7. MoS 3
    8. Second movie of batman trilogy
    9. JL 2
    10. Flash
    11. Green arrow and night wing
    13. Dr. Fate (introduces red tornado)
    14. Martian Manhunter: destruction of Mars
    15. Hawkman
    16. MoS 4: Krypto the super dog
    17. Aquaman 2: Aqua lad
    18. Wonder Woman 2:
    19. End of batman trilogy
    20. JL 3: acts like green lantern sequel (red lanterns and yellow lanterns attack earth)
    Young justice (new generation)

    • 22. Superboy vs Zod (suoerboy brings back suoerman) (superman owns Zod and brings back JL)
      23. JL vs YJ vs, LoD (league of doom)
      24. MoS 5.
      25. Batman 4
      26. Aqua man and Wonder Woman
      27. Flash 2
      28. Green lantern 3 (Hal resigns from JL kilowog joins JL)
      29. Young justice 2
      30. JL 4: the final battle (JL dies again YJ disbands Lex luthor new hero.
      31. (Optional) Lex Luthor hero movie

      • 32. Lex turns evil again (Krypto avenges superman in exchange for his life)
        33. Superman tries to bring back JL but can’t, (superman and superboy movie)
        34. (Jor El gets brought back to life by superman trying to get JL back)
        35. DC has enough and restarts with Batman movie

        • Side tv shows

          Shazam (during JL movie ends at YJ movie)
          Death stoke
          Night wing
          League of assassins

          • So, yeah.

    • You forgot MoS 2 BvS isn’t the sequel anymore it’s a spinoff off and MoS 4 should be two parts and based on death of superman imho

    • I like your list only a few details ‘i would argue about. The batman trilogy is a good idea, but I wouldn’t say Trilogy, just because comic book films should be treated like comics in my opinion and not be limited to a deadline. Why is the Flash so far back? The Flash is my favorite hero period. In my opinion he should be at least between Wonder Woman and Aquaman. What is Green Arrow and Nightwing? I would rather see any other character in a movie than Krypto. Why did you say Batman Trilogy and then have a Batman 4? I wouldn’t have Kilowog join JLA. I will rather it be Kyle or John Stewart.

  5. My Justice League Fancast:
    Henry Cavill as Superman
    Ben Affleck as Batman
    Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
    Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern
    Dwayne Johnson as Martian Manhunter
    Ray Fisher as Cyborg
    Stephen Amell as Arrow
    Caity Lotz as Canary
    Grant Gustin as Flash
    Danielle Panabaker as Frost
    Carlos Valdes as Vibe
    Sean Rogerson as Captain Atom
    Michael Rowe as Deadshot

    • Paul Aaron as Green Lantern, Jason Mamoa as Aquaman. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool over at Fox, directed by Tarantino.

  6. If the Justice League decision tells me anything, its that DC is in desperate need of new management. Why in gods name would you make a Justice League film this early? It makes absolutely ZERO sense. At the very least they should have a stand alone Wonder Woman film, a stand alone Flash film and reboot the Green Lantern series before they even begin to write the script for Justice League. DC doesnt even know if this recasting of Batman is going to be successful yet. Its like DC is purposely trying to do the exact opposite of Marvel, just so they can say they are doing things differently. Marvel has handed DC the perfect blue print for the modern super hero film, set in a unified universe and DC has chosen to completely throw that information to the wind.

    In all honesty, DC should be mopping the floor with Marvel as they have a much stronger line up of super heroes. The fact that Marvel is light years ahead of DC, at least in regards to the film side, really speaks to the management failures at DC, which are significant to say the least. The faster DC gets new managment in place, the better off they will be. DC current maganment team just doesnt cut it, not even close.

    • I will certainly agree with the fact that DC should be mopping the floor with Marvel, though I dislike really saying that because I do like Marvel and its movies though I only read DC comics. How ever the management issue is that Marvel is their own production company distributing under Disney. DC, being owned by Warner Bros doesn’t really have the same situation. DC’s film company is Warner. And Warner being the movie giant it is not only making DC movies but so many other things.
      If DC had their own production company like Marvel, then they could just concentrate on getting out the movies and making sure the ones they wanted to have movies did have their own. So when you have two separate situations, you cant expect the same solutions.
      With Warner producing so many movies and shows, its not exactly solely DC driven. And as much as we would love to have it that way, and some of us willing to help map it all out for them, it wont and cant happen that way. Comparing the two companies and they business of making movies cant really be compared at all. Some of you out there wont believe it or accept it, but this is the way its going to flesh itself out for DC slowly and methodically. And aside of the time frame, that can be a good thing. Patience is a virtue.

      • Its funny that you mention patience is a virtue as that is clearly the one thing DC is lacking with its current plan. Sure, WB is the studio that makes the DC films, but its still DC that is making these plans. It was DC’s decision to make Justice League this early, not WB’s. Super Hero movies are now some of the most succeful films being released so it not like DC has an uphill battle trying to get WB managment on board with making these films. WB recognizes just as much as anyone just how much potential value these characters hold. Don’t get me wrong, WB shoulders some of the blame as well, but most of it falls on DC management.

        Short of Batman and Superman, and too a FAR lesser extent with Superman, DC has not had much success with super hero films. Again, Marvel has basically handed DC the perfect blueprint for the modern super hero film. This is invaluable knowldege that took 10+ years and 2+ billion dollars to achieve. The fact that DC/WB has basically chosen to ignore this knowledge and take a completely different approach really speaks the inadequacy of current managment. At the end of the day the blame for this falls on both DC and WB, but to a much larger extent DC.

        • I’ll admit to a lot of what your saying is true, and I am as anxious as anyone to get to see these movies, I guess my patience is a little more than most in waiting for these super big movies. They could have followed Marvel’s lead in creating their universe, but I think they just might have not wanted to be seen as the company that copied their way of doing things. Even if they did, there would still be those on here that would say, “Oh look, DC can’t even do their own thing, they have to copy what Marvel is doing” and you know I’m right. So, you can’t please everyone. I wouldn’t care if they did following Marvels foot steps, but they are choosing not too.
          I try to be pretty lenient in my judgment of these movies as well as not judging ahead of time a superhero movie based on who’s in it. As long as it all comes together in the end and I have a smile on my face watching it, I’m good.
          I’ve said it before that we are in age of having movies based on comics that we have never really been able to see done this way before. So, If the movies is not great but its ok, at least it was made, which is more than can be said about years in the past where they couldn’t even begin to guess how to make it all work. Its a great time to be able to watch these things.
          Look at the very first Fantastic Four movie that was made but not released. Almost everyone has at least been able to see it once. It wasn’t that great, but you know it stayed pretty close to the original comics and Doctor Dooms costume was pretty well done right. So I try to find some redeeming points in each movie so I don’t go off the deep end.

    • Some of us are a actually happy that DC may not be going the unified setting route that Marvel’s going; crossovers are one thing, but having to have every film/comic/etc contain a crossover isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I would actually prefer that MoS2 is a crossover purely for the sake of setting up JL, and then DC goes back to separate films for each superhero, with crossovers being left to future JL movies. Sometimes it’s nice for a Batman movie to just be a Batman movie, and not a setup for a movie later with some other people.

      • Too each thier own, but I guarantee your in the minority in a BIG way on that one. Personally, I will never understand how anyone could be happy with DC’s approach as it guarantee’s significantly weaker films. There are HUGE advantages to Marvel’s approach and its why they have had such a HUGE level of success with thier films. Again, to each thier own. If you prefer DC’s approach then you are entitled to that opinion. That said, I can guarantee with 100% certainty that as long as DC sticks to its current method of making super hero films, that such films will continue to be SIGNIFICANTLY weaker films than Marvel’s and DC will continue to remain in Marvel’s shadow on the movie side of things and that is a real shame as DC could very easily eclipse everything Marvel has achieved up to this point if they followed Marvel’s overall approach. DC will always have the advantage due to having a FAR stronger roster of characters, which makes Marvel’s domination of DC in the film genre all the more disappointing.

        I simply want the best super hero films possible, especially on the DC side as most of my favorite super heros are on the DC side. Unfortunately, until DC wakes up and changes its current methodology, we will continue to get FAR weaker films on the DC side. Oh well, it is what it is. At least one of the two companies understands the movie side. Marvel’s approach has been groundbreaking and has really been nothing short of ingenious and they continue to get better and better as time goes on. Just look at the difference in quality between the Phase One films and the Phase Two films. Marvel has meticulously planned out the MCU and has had the patience and the foresight to bring that plan to the big screen. Marvel deserves all of the success they have had thus far and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for Phase 3. Supposedly, DC will be moving to a format that is far more in line with Marvel’s after Justice League. I really hope those rumors are true, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • wadaminutwadaminutwadaminut. You really think, after Batman and Superman, once they ramp up marketing and have already teased nearly all of the DC characters, that people will really look at a Justice League movie FINALLY being made, and say “meh I don’t feel like watching these, I’d rather spend my time and money elsewhere because I don’t know the characters”?? Would YOU say that?? Please.

  7. One thing I don’t see is any mention of Dr. Strange, use to love reading his comics and stories of the super-natural and as far as a series yes. I think it would work and in JL one time yes and feature movie one orgin and one sequel, now if good reviews one or two and that would be it. off topic as far as comic books, with the tech. we have now how about a Destroyer series, the martial arts assassin of the secret government org.
    Chuin was the master and taught the american who he always was putting him down with little snide remarks but really loved the student but still if anyone found out about them he would have to kill him. They did a movie years ago and I loved it but with the tech we have compared to then, the special effects would be great.

    • Dr. Strange is Marvel character, buddy. They’re working on that.

  8. I feel that WB should get the CW shows involved with this plan. WB is a partner in the CW Television Network after all. When they decide to put the characters The Flash and Arrow on the big-screen, I would like to see them utilize The Flash and Arrow from the CW TV shows instead of picking new actors to play those parts.

  9. I’m warming up to the idea of an Aquaman movie. Just for the water effects and to see how they’ll do it. Mamoa would be dope for appropriate diversity (are Hawaiians not basically the people of the sea??). And after the new Flash one I’m just really interested seeing these incarnations of these characters.

    I definitely would like to see WonderWoman (so excited about Gal Gadot since Day 1) and I think the Justice League Dark would be awesome. Bring the tv characters to the big screen! Once we’re used to them on the tv, the jump will be incredible, as long as they up the quality along with the screen size and the ante.

    Finally, someone just please please get Neill Blomkamp onto that new Green Lantern movie! Keep the CGI suit but make the mask physical with white contacts, and scale down the heavy colors/contrast). Up the grittiness to Blomkamp’s usual style and change the actor – for some reason Aaron Paul is popping up in my head. Keep Ryan Reynolds for the real Deadpool movie when they make it.

    *And imagine Deadpool Tarantino (pulp fiction/inglourious basterds) style…ahhhh….

  10. Im happy with the way dc is going but it needs to have more movies coming out year after year like Marvel. TDK trilogy was boss and so where the other 3 Batman films (Batman 66, Batman 89, and Batman Returns) same with Mos. Ive rented V for Vendetta (Vertigo or DC’s restricted section) hopefully its good, i also heard Watchmen is great too. Im just sick of Marvels far fetched, over done garbage! I want something i can believe, think about it theres a greater possibility that an alien could come here and save the world, than a man getting bitten by a spider and getting “Super Spidey Powers”. Plus the fact that half of Marvel’s characters are cheap knock offs of the Dc characters! Stan is a talented guy but he should have gotten his head out of the clouds in the 60s and see what Bob Kane and others did before him. I dont remember Bob Kane wanting to be in almost all of his Batman movies. Bob Kane ftw!!

  11. What about a Flash movie? I am a huge fan of the Flash and I want to see a movie not some dumb WB show!

  12. Teen Titans movie for sure. One based of the 2003 television show

  13. Shazam, most definitely will be worth waiting for.

  14. DC needs to catch up to Marvels film ratio. As much as i love Batman i would love for other heroes to have théir stories brought to life that are actually lined up with thé comics. If a Batman movie did get made,I’d like to see Batman with a younger robin and a redo of Thé Joker with Harley Quinn. Cyborg being added to thé JL and getting his own movie in my opinion is irritation . While other major JL members are being ignored like members from Super Friends.

  15. Anyone watching American Horror( Freak Show)lately… I haven’t seen it before but thinking Angela bassett IS the ultimate Waller … She should really give it another go in the new suicide sq movie. She played the character in green lantern already but it was a minor role thou; in a real forgettable movie…

  16. Ahh man I hope they make the suicide squad! Love Harley Quinn!

  17. Dwayne Johnson! He better be Villain. I think he’s good at it. And taking Dwayne the role of Shazam is a bit not right by his appearance. I’d say better be white man than chocolate man. But, yeah, the rock can do his role. He’s comedian.

    All in all, try Dwayne Johnson to be a Villain, or as a Cyborg. I think he could, but Shazam… then, let’s just watch it.

  18. I would like to see DC/Warner Bros. try something out of the norm, like a Doom Patrol or Legion of Superheros film. These are lesser known characters and they could really have fun with these since there would be far less of an expectation of what they should look like. My favorite DC based film ever is The Watchmen, which I think was also sort of under the radar for the average viewer.

  19. I also think that a good way to reboot the GL franchise would be to kill off Hal Jordan and have the ring select Guy Gardner, who is a far more interesting character to watch on screen. I love Hal because I grew up with him as GL, but you have to admit that he is very plain vanilla. At least Guy is something wild and crazy to work with.

  20. I cannot be the only one weeping from joy. A Fables movie? I have been reading these comics for longer then I care to remember. They got me through such hard times. I am so ready for this. Don’t mess it up. :’)