‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ Ending & Spoilers Discussion

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Dawn of he Planet of the Apes ending and spoilers Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Ending & Spoilers Discussion

People are already trading their views and opinions over in our Dawn of the Planet of the Apes review, but if you really want to discussion Dawn of the Planet of the Apes in its entirety – including the ending and all spoilers – then THIS is the place to do that.

If you’ve seen Dawn of the Planet of the Apes already, then rate the movie for yourself in our poll below then head down to the comments to discuss the film with other fans. If you HAVE NOT seen the film yet, STOP READING NOW. What is being discussed here will almost certainly be filled with MASSIVE DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES SPOILERS!

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is now playing in theaters. It is 130 minutes long, and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and brief strong language.

Head over to the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes review for our official breakdown of the movie. Want to hear the editors discuss the film? Tune in to the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes episode of the #SRUnderground Podcast.

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  1. This movie was awesome, I was sitting in the theater thinking the movie was gonna go down a different story arc and was starting to think I knew what was gonna come next then BAM!!! the movie hits you with an unexpected turn.

    Its very rare that a movie takes me to school like that haha

    I really liked what they did with Koba that dude….or shall I say ape was pretty badass and gave the movie a great villian.

    I thought The humans were going to be the one that started the war but having Koba do it was brilliant.

    I can’t wait to see what they do next!!!

  2. Wow what great movie. Rise of the Planet of the apes was a human ape (Caesar) connection. Dawn has taken this to next level. This is all out Ape movie. With drama like Game of Thrones and action like sequences like Michael Bay (Sort of) this movie excels in every part.

    I was sitting in the theatre and the movie begins with Apes, Caesar and other characters you need to look out specially Koba and Blue Eyes. At the beginning I thought this was completely a Ape Story but Humans do play an important role. In the war between Apes and Humans I was confused about which side I should take. Humans are fighting for their cause and Apes too want peace. But the was was inevitable.

    I am hyped for the sequel now. I hope they don’t make that one with a gap of decade. It should continue right where Dawn ended. With Caesar readying for war with Humans looking at the Dawn and Good Guy Malcom (Jason Clarke) sadly vanishing into the shadows. It seems that there is no hope for peace now. No cause is left its a battle of survival now.

    This movie is one of the best movies released this year. Not only on the lines of action but on the lines of storytelling and drama.

    Fans. Instead of reading spoilers here go watch it in a movie hall in 3D.

  3. I loved the way the apes spoke and how it sounded, Koba sounded terrifying when he was talking about his scars from the scientists.

    • One of the best scenes! Gave me chills.

    • Human work *escalates* human work HUMAN WORK

  4. A great film, and worthy successor to Rise of the Planet of the Apes. We get to see the apes developing their own society, and their relationships between each other. Great if your cheering for the apes. The twist 3/4 of the way trough left me reeling and thought the movie was going to go down hill… and it did a bit.
    If you have seen the earlier film Battle for the Planet of the Apes, you’ll notice certain similarities, but Rise make up for with fantastic special effects.
    The film doesn’t have the same pulling on your heart strings moments as Rise did, the multiple charater plots and stories will keep you entertained. If your a Ape fan looking for answers to some questions raised in Rise and how if fits in with classic movie timeline you might be disappointed.
    Hopefully the ending is just the begining for a 3rd film War for the Planet of the Apes, and maybe a 4th.
    4 stars!

    • You hit the nail on the head in my opinion.

      I also feel like this could be more than just a trilogy.

    • You hit the nail on the head if you ask me.

      I also think this could be more than just a trilogy.

  5. What amazes me the most from this film is that they had my undivided attention using apes who only half spoke or used sign language. And I was engaged! The mocap performances are phenomenal and the cgi is nearly flawless. It’s just one of those films where you forget you’re looking at CGI. I feel like I wanna sit and have a deep conversation with Cesar. This dude’s bordering on Messiah status by the end of the film. The freaking Jesus or Buddha of apes! I can almost fast forward 30 years in this world and picture an even further evolved ape teaching his children about the great ape Cesar, who brought freedom and enlightenment to their species. It’s just an epic treatment of this genre!

  6. Last movie was Caesar’s show, and I guess this one was his show too, but Koba was a much more dynamic character onscreen. I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what he was going to do next. That shot where he burst through the flames on his horse dual wielding the assault rifles (idk which gun it was) was soooooooooo legit!!!

  7. I really didn’t enjoy this movie. People are saying that it didI the unexpected, but not for me. I immediately recognized that this film was about the apes in the first ten minutes or so. And that twist koba was recognized when he stole the gun. Almost everything was either predictable or just not impressive afterward. Especially when they injected 9-11 conspiracy plot lines after koba set the humans up. I was reaffirmed of this stupid plot line when the apes marched in human territory and koba stood on the pole of a u.s. flag. That is what lost me for the rest of the film.

    • Really? It was a movie. Why does everything need to be alluding to something else. I think you looked to deep for a reason to not like it.

      • Some people have a gift for noticing the obvious. I don’t have to look deep. I’m not taken by the beautiful cgi…I’m a story first type of critic. Tell me exactly why that story had any originality?????? The human characters, though they’re not the main stew, were poorly casted. Why was Gary Oldman giving speeches out of no where with no type of character development to precede it? If I knew that this movie was the polar opposite of the first I would have saved my 3d money. I don’t go to the movies to see how well movie makers can make smart chimps look, or how well they can ride a horse and throw a spear…tell me what else happened in that movie??? Koba betrayed Caesar and a war happened, that’s what the writers put together.

        • Von J, my wife is just like you. She catches plot stuff 10 steps ahead of time. So I understand what you’re saying. And there was a season when I was intentionally doing that, just looking for what was gonna happen ahead of time, and it actually worked. But then I didn’t enjoy the movie the same way… which is clearly your experience.

          I’ll tell you what I tell my wife. When it comes to entertainment, I’m glad I’m not that way naturally, because I like immersing myself into a movie and just going with the flow. not thinking ahead, just experiencing each step. In that context, ignorance is bliss.

          You need to stick to good novels and not waste your money on movies, my friend.

          Over and out.

          • Well said Tasm.

            I would add that it would unrealistic and time consuming to better server the character threads of the supporting cast(to your response to Oldman’s character), the movie was 2 hours long and the focus was the apes and not so much the humans(It’s Planet of the Apes not Planet of the Humans). More time spent on character development would have extended the film unnecessarily.

            Yes, the overarching character(emphasis) theme was of betrayal, Koba betrayed Caesar. Was it predictable? Yes. It could of been rushed(IMO, and most, it was not)and it could of been handled much poorly, which in based on reviews, was handled well. The betrayal was a well developed plot thread.

            The film’s focus was not “How to make chimps look smart “how well they can ride a horse and throw a spear” you missed the overarching theme. Ask yourself what you think the story was trying to depict. If your honest with yourself and hold yourself in high regard as a “story guy” as it sounds like you do, then I’d hope you’d get deeper than just horses, spears, smart apes, and Caesar verse Kopa. I believe the story writers were aiming to reflex on society and the human condition, doing so ironically with the focus on apes; which is a common theme with all PotA films and has worked well since the original. They do so through actually simple examples(Prejudice, self/race preservation, war, betrayal(I think original Caesar vs Brutus example with Dawn), and conspiracy. The examples IMO are simple but because there are so many overtones and are convoluted and complex I understand why it may go over some views heads.

            • I stopped reading after you said, “could of”.

        • If you stuck around for the movie, Oldman’s character was driven by the loss of his wife and children to protect others, he too believed it was the Ape’s fault.

          As for the Koba plot. Koba was abused by humans, so of course he will hate them, and not be loyal to Caesar. It was a great plot, because Caesar took Koba in, saddened that he was abused. It was the story of two groups of people, who learned they needed each other to reach peace for both of them to live safely.

        • There is a subtle more important lesson to be taken from Koba’s betrayel. The fact is that he lied and told his fellow apes that it was the human’s fault for the Ceasar’s death and the burning for their village. Those who are quick to follow with out educating themselves of the actual truth will be led down a road the was not their intention in the first place.

          Direct correlations between this and what is happening in today’s american society can be made and should be made. There are those today who wish to control people and use them because they know they can, due to the blind trust the public gives leadership and the media. It should be the public who seeks the truth and justice in the world and the public who give leadership to those who promote truth and justice for all and not just their own agendas.

          • Yup. WMD/Iraq came to mind.

    • Really 9/11 conspiracy plot? You must be pretty desperate to be pulling that nonsense out of nowhere, as for the flag bit, the story takes place in the U.S, so of course apes were gonna stand on a U.S flag.

      • Big_Boss….Shakespeare yes, 9/11 conspiracy?….. well that is crazy talk I cannot fathom where he got that. I question he even saw the film. There alot of us that are aware of our surroundings when viewing a film. What we viewed was brilliant.

        • I really don’t care if he loves or hates the movie, but of all the explainations he could come up with 9/11 is the one big thing that came to mind? Wth?!

  8. Impossible not to love this film, Von j obviously did not see the same film the rest of us did.

    • He is right in that the film is predictable. It is very linear and has cast members, both Apes and humans, to even help set them up in an obvious way, from beginning to end. The chicken sht human that shoots before anything out of fear. Koba and his deep, deep, distrust and hatred for humans and even the leader of the humans…willing to do anything to get the power they need no matter the consequence. It is very predictable lol.

      Even so I enjoyed the movie greatly and will be going to see it again soon.

    • No biggie, we don’t have to share similar tastes. It’s just hard for me to engage in a film once the plot is seminal, unoriginal and poorly executed. If the plot was better I’d maybe stop noticing that the monkeys aren’t real.

      • In spirit of the franchise, I must correct the use of monkey over the correct term of apes, Caesar would be very upset right now.

      • So tell us then Von J, what movie did you see this year that you felt had an original well ex exited plot.
        I kinda need to know before I can take your opinion even semi-seriously.

        • *** well executed.

        • +1

  9. Phenomenal film. Some of those shots and scenes I have no doubt will become iconic. Shown in film classes for years to come. I felt so engaged in the story and immersed in this post apocalyptic world. It’s a different kind of story depicting the next step in the apes evolutionary process. Schools, laws, and meetings. Its not trying to replicate the first film as so many sequels try to do. It took a step for the bold and it really payed off.

    Cesar was such an awesome character. I loved seeing the world he helped create. It was like watching Avatar and how one can relate to these unhuman characters. The struggle for balance against Koba’s uprising didn’t feel rushed or pointless as twists ofter are (See just about every Transformers). I too felt like I was taken to school a few times. And lets talk about some of those shots and dialogue. Even some simple sentences spoken by the apes are breathtaking. I just cant get over them!!

    The best part of the film was Malcolm and Cesar realizing that their world’s are not too different. Their problems, however different, are universal. Elements of racism, prejudice and civil rights are deep seeded in the film. I can honestly say that I am excited to see what they do with the next film (which I hope is named War for the Planet of the Apes).

    • The reflection of society and humanity in this film portrays, and the “universal” issues that spawn from intelligent yet emotional driven species, is to me what makes the entire PotA movies standout, especially with this new installment.

    • Their world’s what are not too different?

  10. Did Caesar having “Redish” eyes in the end have any significance ? Thanks!
    Awesome movie by the way. Was blown away

    • Reddish? He seemed to have that same greenish “bright” eyes thing going for him to me.

    • You mean the close-up ending? Umm, you might want to check your eyes 😀

      • It was definitely there. The color was different. These things–the close-up–are done for a reason.

    • i also noticed this at the end! they are still green but in the middle i saw some brown, in rise of the planet of the apes his eyes were bright bright green at the end not a speck of brown, but in this movie i saw brown in them i think this has some significance. i don’t think anything crazy will happen to him seeing that he was born with the virus. but it still makes me wonder what will happen next.

      • Even more interesting is the fact that his son came out with blue eyes. I was wondering about that the whole movie. Because they e made such a big emphasis about all these apes having green eyes. In Rise they have that scene where they’re walking out after Cesar exposes them to ALZ-113 and they focus in on every single ape’s green eyes.

        So… why Blue Eyes?

        • Tasm….Since he was Caesar’s Son, did you also notice how Blue Eyes stood more erect, his face was different as well. We thought this is a clue for the 3rd film and who takes over after Caesar’s long life and he is the next leader to take the apes into their long reign.

    • If you meant the red circles around his eyes, he had been crying, and sad for Koba.

      If you meant the bloodshot eyes, well, same thing, crying, and assuming the ash flying around, not sleeping to well with a bullet in his shoulder, the redness is pretty self explanatory.

    • They appeared more brown to me. This interests me greatly too. I think it’s a sign of Ceasar evolving. Becoming more human like. I also think that the son’s blue eyes is some sort of progression. It’s a really cool storyline.

  11. I am very interested in seeing how the story moves forward with more humans dying off and Apes evolving more. The H1N1 “variant” flu (H1N1 is shown/hinted) having killed off half the world’s population in 10 years would be significant. I know the movie addresses the question I have early on about how some of them are able to survive but I am hoping this is dealt with more in the next movies to come.

    I issue of “fear” on both sides was done pretty good except for some parts on the human side. If you ever need proof that idiots should not own guns this is the movie to show them.

    I also expect much from Caesar’s son as the majority of the movie ending focused on his sorting out his view of everything and where his place should be. I absolutely love the way they did his scenes at the end. His eyes were full of emotions.

    It is also interesting the Apes are slowly but surely evolving to modern times. The shaman Apes were a good addition as well as the war paint. However, Caesar’s intellect is clearly shown to be much more superior and there is no doubt he is going to be leading the Apes in their evolution. His 2nd son will most likely be the 1st generation to be “educated” and speak common “English” as we see even Caesar himself had not been speaking much for the last 10 years.

    Ah..so many subtleties in the movies to find and enjoy. Can’t wait to go back.

  12. Does anyone think that koba possibily survived the fall, a bunch if apes survived the tower exploding and he did get his fall broken by several wires. Plus after the credits the last ape sound is very similar to kobas voice. I hope he isn’t dead because then in the middle of the next movie it can show ceasar losing the war against the
    Military and koba can come back with some sort of way to beat the humans. Ceasar will have no choice but to work with him. Then at the end when they win ceasar will get betrayed again by koba this time killed and koba will round up the humans again.
    Update: what if kobas way to beat the humans is that he found out they where trying to make a drug that will have the opposite effects of the Alzheimer’s 112 and 113. So he and ceasar use it on the humans and it makes them dumb like in the original movie

    • There was a post credit sequence? What happened?

      • It wasn’t exactly a post credit scene, Evan. It was just while the credits finished rolling, audio came on subtly. You could hear debris rustling and then an ape breathing. We’re all assuming its Koba.

        • Quite possible!

    • Since we didn’t actually see Koba die, it’s entirely possible that he survived. However, the villain surviving and coming back in the next movie is pretty cliché, and I don’t think the writers would go that way. They did such a great job with making Dawn it’s own movie, and having a completely different plot than Rise. A lot of sequels fail in this aspect. Since a big part of this movie was Koba’s betrayal I highly doubt the writers would want to go that way again. I mean the plot would pretty much be the same, and that would suck. And in Dawn Caesar already had the opportunity to trust Koba and get betrayed again, but he chose to kill him. After that, there’s no way Caesar would just trust him again. Also, the original Planet of the Apes movie takes place over a thousand years from now (and the rise and dawn movies). There are plenty of ways the humans can become dumb, we don’t need to see it happen immediately and then have them be that way for a thousand years. Also, Caesar wouldn’t do that to the humans.

      • yeah i agree they probably won’t bring him back but i have been surfing the web and im definitely not the only one who thought it. though i can think of one reason to bring him back, the writers might want to end the next movie as a setup to a remake of the original. if they do it would be easier to establish a disdain or hatred for humans, for numerous reasons, so why not bring back the already developed koba instead of some new character. though i do suppose instead of having an ape overthrow ceasear you could have the military dreyfuss called do something awful to the ape community that will make apes really hate humans for generations.

    • Sounds really good, the person who I went with thought the same thing about Koba surviving the fall. Koba was awesome!

      Btw I have to say the film was a disappointment as it lacked artistic unity and was too much setting viewers up for ‘sequel.’ I think the film should stand on its own with leaving the viewers with the impression that they need to see the sequel to see the rest of the story. Two years is too long for me to see the rest of the story, besides I’m going to have forgotten the first part.

  13. Idk I think you guys are wrong and I think me wompa is right in the close ceasers eyes begin to mutate from bright green to sort of a dark red and I think it’ll mean something for the next movie if you ask me

  14. Everyone nitpicks everything now in days!!!! The movie was badass that dude comparing it to 9/11 is a party pooper, the same people who hate great movies like this probably love transformers lol

  15. OK so i went and saw the movie at the end of the film caesar’s eyes start to turn from blue to brown and i was wondering was their some scene during the credits if any body knows whats happening please reply

    • I saw that to, he seems to be loosing the stuff that gives them their intelligence

      • you might right i mean he was altered with the 112, even if he was born with it, not the 113. in rise its stated that apes have great immune systems so basically because the body developes antibodys for the 112 since it is a virus, the 113 was made so it was much harder for the body to beat, it doesn’t affect apes because of their immune systems, but it destroys human immune systems. maybe the 112 in ceasears body is only starting to wear off after 18 years because he was born with it

        • Caesar was exposed to the 113 as well. Twice actually.

          He released some of the gas when he stole it from the fridge.

          and than he was exposed again when he released it in the Ape sanctuary.

  16. Caesars eyes turning from green to brown means he is becoming immune to the ALZ-112 virus that made him so advanced in the first place. If you remember from the first movie, James Franco’s dad also became immune to the virus. The green in caesar’s eyes was due to the virus. So turning back to a natural brown means he is losing his advanced humanistic elements.

    • but the thing is, is that he was born with the virus already in him so it cant just go away can it?

  17. One of the best new films I have seen in awhile. Love that one shot single camera shot where Koba jumps on the tank…kills the people in it and takes it over…ramming into the wall. Amazing!

  18. Koba’s scene where he points at his scars stating “human work” to Caesar had to be one of the most tense parts of the movie!

  19. Is it just me or at the end where it shows caesars eyes, they seem to slowly loosing their green, and turning back to brown? Because throughout the whole movie, they’re continuously look pure green, up until that point at the end.

    • What if that’s why he’s evil in planet of the apes as in he loses his “humanity” and becomes more like Koba

    • My very thought…..

  20. So first off I’ve got to say that this movie was incredible. Loved every bit of it!

    Secondly, I’m curious about everyone’s opinion for my following question…

    Since Rise and Dawn are essentially prequels leading up what we know as the original 1968 movie, do you think at some point down the line, whether it be the next film or not, they actually do a remake of that 1968 film?

    • In Rise they had the spaceship going to Mars on the news, and later in the movie after the apes escaped the shelter it had in the front page of the paper the spaceship was missing.

      So I assume they will make the remake of that movie since they set it up in Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

    • I hope they don’t…and I don’t think they want to. They want to connect these movies with those movies, but that’s it I believe. So I assume once Icarus crashes back on the Planet of the Apes these movies will be over and done with…In fact, they will have to flash forward thousands of years to show Icarus, but I imagine they will since it was the back story in Rise.

      Not to mention, the Original really was a great movie and it should be left alone.

      Of course, if these movies keep making money, anything is possible.

  21. Such a great movie.

    I wonder how far they will jump the story in the next one? My bet is that they’ll have the astronauts come back to earth and it will be the original all over again.

    • i think they will do that in the fourth movie so this can be a prequel trilogy. at the end of the movie it is made clear that the military is traveling to san fransico to attack the apes, the next movie will probably involve that but i guarantee there will be something more just like this movie, was advertised as a war between humans and apes, but really a power struggle between koba and ceasear
      i mean i think that the plot will be more complex than apes vs military.

      also does anyone have any ideas for titles for the next movie i have war of the planet of the apes and arrival of the planet of the apes

  22. HELP!! We just saw the movie at the drive in and severe rain made us have to load up the car we couldn’t see the screen anymore we could barely hear the audio! I know the tower gets blown up and Koba(that bastard) falls down into the tower but that’s all I know!!! What happens after that??!! We missed like the last 5 minutes!!

  23. Yeah, what THEY ^^^^^ said! I agree with everyone about everything. Can’t wait to see this movie again. I’m sure my mouth will still be agape and I’ll still laugh and cry at koba.

  24. Awesome flick. The Julius Caesar take on the Koba arc was a fun ride. I had only two issues — first, the dang guns just didn’t run out of ammunition. I can suspend disbelief in the apes’ sudden marksmanship skills, but when guns just never need to be reloaded, that’s kind of a peeve. Second, Gary Oldman needs to learn how to lay C4! The building shook but the heroic sacrifice for the sake of humanity ended up being totally in vain.

    Aside from that, awesome two hours! I think I’ll see it again. What will they do in the inevitable third movie? Civil war between the sons of Caesar?

  25. Question: what happened to the black guy after the orangutan told them to run? He just disappeared, he wasn’t under the log with the others.

  26. The movie was good. It had a good story, told well with good plot points. However the plot was slightly predictable. I could see right from the first film that Caeser and Koba would turn against each other because Caeser trusts humans and Koba doesn’t.

    So while watching the sequel, when I could see that Koba was the rotten apple amongst the apes who’d mess things up, I predicted that a time would come when Koba would do anything to destroy humans, which Caeser wouldn’t approve of. That would be their biggest conflict. And that is exactly how the story unfolded.

    In fact it seemed to slightly resemble The Lion King where the bad guy got rid of the good one and took over everything. The only difference was that, there, the good guy died and the son avenged his death, while here, the good guy somehow came back to claim his place (which was slightly unconvincing. How can anyone, human or ape, have a bullet shot in the chest for one whole night and still survive?).

    Anyhow I did enjoy the movie, but just because of the predictability, it lost some of its steam, which did not happen in the first one.

    • Because of the attempted murder and overthrow premise of this movie followed by a a reclaiming of the throne so to speak, there are other famous stories that we could also compare to. To name a few popular ones…

      Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar
      Shakespeare’s Hamlet
      Man in the Iron Mask
      The Count of Monte Cristo
      Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
      Mutiny on the Bounty

    • Also, I believe he was shot in the shoulder area, not chest. So the biggest fear would be loss of blood and maybe bone/muscle damage.

      But alas, I am not a doctor so…

  27. i have a question that bugs me, remember i rise how they break the apes out of the zoo? what happened to those apes, they probably followed the other apes to the redwoods, then what. i mean i doubt the other apes wanted to deal with a group of savage apes?

    • I’m pretty sure they used the 113 from Gensys on them as well. Because they all followed suit in the end battle of Rise.

      • that’s a good point. I wish it was actually included in Rise, because I often wonder about those Apes.

        It also seems clear though that some Apes can talk and some can’t in Dawn, so I wonder if that really was the case. You would think if they were all exposed that they could all talk, or at least a good portion of them.

        I was actually wondering if the Apes were setting up a breading program where they would breed the intelligent apes with the less intelligent ones that came from the Zoo, but than I realized that’s probably too sci fi for this movie.

  28. I seen the Movie.I worked on it 23 days.Some of the better Scenes were edited.There was more human and Apes gun fights more stunts.I was surprised they removed them Jason Clarke and Cody did A scene that’s involved the Colony humans with the Apes.That was removed.Movie are weird they Scence they say are great and a Take.Any way wonder what part 3 will be like.