‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ Ending & Spoilers Discussion

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Dawn of he Planet of the Apes ending and spoilers Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Ending & Spoilers Discussion

People are already trading their views and opinions over in our Dawn of the Planet of the Apes review, but if you really want to discussion Dawn of the Planet of the Apes in its entirety – including the ending and all spoilers – then THIS is the place to do that.

If you’ve seen Dawn of the Planet of the Apes already, then rate the movie for yourself in our poll below then head down to the comments to discuss the film with other fans. If you HAVE NOT seen the film yet, STOP READING NOW. What is being discussed here will almost certainly be filled with MASSIVE DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES SPOILERS!

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is now playing in theaters. It is 130 minutes long, and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and brief strong language.

Head over to the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes review for our official breakdown of the movie. Want to hear the editors discuss the film? Tune in to the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes episode of the #SRUnderground Podcast.

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  1. Anyone else notice the scene with the navy ship from the final trailer was cut?

    • Yeah, I was wondering about that too…

  2. Hmmm… So they run diesel generators which generate electricity… But the radios (that they use to try to communicate with the military group) only work on electricity that comes from a hydroelectric dam? Seriously?

    And I know it was already said, but 30 bullets go pretty fast… I didn’t see any one reload a gun.

    And why didn’t any of the apes quickly run down to the gunshot that hit Ceasar?

    • On the whole ‘nobody reloaded their rifles’ thing

      It’s those pesky Hollywood endless magazines that any movie involving guns use
      - even in a movie like Lone Survivor or Black Hawk Down, the actors get to fire so much more than 30 bullets before reloading and these examples are largely based on things that actually happened
      Almost any action movie, might show one or 2 reloads but definitely not every 30 bullets (which as you say do go quickly)
      Also not all the guns in play were using 30 shot magazines – there were more than a few light machine guns used

      Is this really a big deal for people? or is it just a nitpick that comes up when someone is dead set on trying to not enjoy a movie

      Why didn’t the apes run down to the gunshot that killed Caesar – probably for the same reason that normal people don’t run towards the gunshot when they see someone nearby get shot (panic) add the fact that their home had just been set on fire and its fair to say that they were hardly in an investigative mind set
      - finally throw in the fact that Koba came up saying ‘this is the gun that shot Caesar’ and I doubt many of the apes were thinking ‘I had best double check his story before we go get revenge’

      With the radios it could simply be that the radio antennae required more power than the diesel generators could put out – which is why they rerouted the power lines to connect to the damn (Jason Clarkes character does mention the power lines thing)

      I assume you did see the film? Cos with the exception of the reloading thing all your questions were either answered or very simple to ascertain by what the movie itself showed

      • So the diesel generator did not have enough power to charge an iPad?

        • Why would he keep his ipad charged? What survival purpose does it serve?

          Charging an iPad is not of the same level of importance in this situation as keeping lights on or providing a little heat for a small population
          Did you notice how nobody in the human compound was playing angry birds on their iPhones either or taking selfies with their cameras?

          just think about it a little
          - do you really think that in an ‘end of the world’/apocalypse scenario that has gone on for 10 years (long enough that humanity’s existence has been called into question by the apes) that people are just going to be charging their iPads and mobile phones on a whim

          no they won’t be because power in their situation will be strictly rationed, probably just as much as food – (the generator only generates so much, we only have so much fuel so it is only switched on during certain times and only critical things are allowed to use the power generated – like the lights and maybe a few heaters)

          As a result, people won’t be able to or allowed to use the limited power to indulge in the little things like iPads or music players (which is why the scene with the shop and the music playing was included and was such a big deal to the characters, cos they haven’t had access to something so simple as a CD player to listen to music since the outbreak and hearing it made them feel like things were finally turning around)

          It sounds like you haven’t quite got how bad things had become for the humans in the film
          - either that or you simply would not have lasted as long as they did as you would have been keeping your ipad charged rather than using what little resources you had left to survive

          • Obviously this is the first time he’s used his Ipad in ten years. And by the tears seen in his eyes, his wife and child are dead. He was only charging when they got the hydroelectric power, as that is a renewable energy source. Hence, he was charging his Ipad to see the faces of his loved ones for the first time in a decade.

    • Thats very easy to explain, if you noticed, they only had power for basic emergency things, not even real lighting, which you see when they know that the hydro power reached the city because the lights went on. The radio they were using was a high power long range radio which they wouldn’t have had the luxury of even trying to run before.

  3. Ceasar and the rest as I’ve said need to receive any Award for MOCAP and Character Any one who can bring other Actors to Believe yahs this guys are fricking Awesome to see.And I and the rest who worked this was Blessed to even work any part of it.Right on hope to be in Part 3.

    • What the hell are you saying?

  4. So is San Francisco the only part of the world that has these intelligent apes? because it seems like it. In the original planet of the apes the films are set in New York, so eventually do all apes progress? Also are they just going to keep the story set in San Francisco and only with these specific characters, i just dont understand how the world progresses from this?

  5. I don’t know, but some movies now days start slow, but you know it will get bigger, but this movie moved slow the whole time.

    I enjoyed the first one more, than this one. I got out of the movie theater with mixed feelings, because I don’t agree with most of the critics with this movie. Also many things didn’t make sense..

    I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

  6. I thought the film was awesome. One of the best I have seen in a while. The only thing that bothered me was the ending. Why, after all that, did Caesar decide to go to war with the humans?

    I was fully expecting a peaceful ending with a kind of “war is over….for now” kind of vibe, then maybe with the military base people from up North discovering them in the next film. The apes could have just fled to another part of the forest. It just doesn’t fit with Caesar’s character and everything he has stood for throughout the movie. He fought the war mongering Koba just to lead a war himself?! Is he just going to hunt down and re-imprison all those humans the good apes just released? Just found it weird and could have been avoided with a few tweaks – I don’t think it would have been that naive to imagine the humans not pursuing the apes if they fled. They have other problems after all. And even if it was naive it might have fitted Caesar’s character better….

    • He wasn’t saying he wanted a war but that humans would not forgive the attack on the colony so war was now inevitable. Interesting character development because it shows he has learned–from Koba– not to be too trusting any more.

    • I really disliked some parts, starting first with the ending. Really made me pissed when instead of making a bit more of filming where it would show some kind of peaceful ending.. no. They really made me mad in some situations of the film.

  7. Did anyone else get the whole Caesar is ape Jesus? He rose from the dead after three days when blue eyes returned with his followers from the city there was twelve and all the apes ask for caesars forgivness

  8. Lol, good observation. But still, my question remains; why did Jesus decide to go to war?! Jesus forgave!

    • He doesn’t want to he knows that humans wont forgive him so its all or nothing creating the ape heaven (the kingdom of god) on earth (if we continue the ape Jesus metaphor) Koba being Judas (finally rmps is actually useful)

  9. so I see alot of sideskirting, but I seriously have to know, was it me or did Caesar’s eyes turn back to brown in the last scene as they zoomed to his eyes. because to me it looked like they started green at the beginning of the scene and as the camera zoomed in you could see the green fade from his eyes. the last splitsecond you could see the last glimpse of green dissapear from his eyes. could that mean that he maintains his intelligence still or do you think that that signals the loss of his enhanced intelligence? also if this is the case do you think that maurice (the orangutang) will know how to restore the intelligence? I really hope that I was not the only one who saw that and thought “crap” Ceasar just lost his “humanity”.

    • I remember that only half of his eyes turned black… Maybe it was only like a metaphor of what was coming, you know? a real struggle between men and apes. I don’t know, that’s just my opinion…

  10. Yeah, I noticed that. Don’t think it means he lost intelligence. Humanity, maybe.

    • Or maybe gained his humanity

  11. Now that they have totally screwed up the timeline, does anyone think the writers will see the one and only way to fix this going forward ?

    The apes have to lose the next fight when that military unit arrive. and then have the humans take them as slave labor since there are so few humans left.

    Doing so would set up for a next film where they could revamp Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, and would give the apes the required training in plumbing, electrical, building, smithing and medical they would need to set up the ape culture Heston landed in. Before anyone says they made a whole new timeline, the dipshit writers said they are trying to set it up so it reaches the Heston timeline, and are just playing with what came between. If so, they need to do something along the lines I just said, which in turn would set up Ceaser’s utopia of humans and apes living together, which is broken by the renegade human crew like in Battle for the Planet of the Apes. They would just have to leave out the Gorilla general betraying Ceasar since they basically raoed that already with the Koba storyline, although this time it wasn’t a militant gorilla and it wasn’t Ceasar’s son that died, but one of his friends.

  12. My question is, how did ceasar and kobas English improve so drastically over the period of a day or two. At first it appeared that they could barely speak and then by the end they seemed to be speaking near perfect Sounding English. My theory is that it was a combination of hearing human voice and the language again as well as practice and ceasar dumbing himself down for the rest of the apes. Thoughts?

    • Probably fr interacting with humans more then they ever did before

  13. So koba fell off the tower? But my friend said in the premier in London you see his hand come out the rubble?

    Can anyone clarify this?

    • Yes, Koba survived the fall for some reason, you can hear him gasping for air as he tried to get out of the rubble. Still dont know how…
      But I don’t think you can see his hands come out of the rubble.

  14. At the end does all the apes die or is what the happens

  15. I downloaded this movie on my PS3 & I just got done watching the movie & at the end with his eyes turning brown, its the stuff that makes him talk covering his eyes. i watched it in slow motion & you can see him getting more intelligent or worthless on humans. I just know i feel bad for the humans.

  16. What I am curious about is why Cesar’s eyes turned to brown at the end of the movie and what did it mean? I have a few theories but nothing that i can prove on my own. Did the ALZ-112 serum ware off in Cesar’s DNA? But then again he inherited the serums beneficial effects from his mother. Even if it did ware off Cesar would still be intelligent, his brain is already greatly improved, plus he breathed in the ALZ-113 serum when he increased the other apes intelligence before.

  17. The Movie has to continue.as part of the Apes go.they become more violent and hate full. Retalation is gonna happen.They want to fight for whats left.AND THERE NOT JUST GONNA HAND IT THE HELL OVER to the Apes.So Military is always the Answer in a movie

  18. Has anyone noticed the iris of colour change of ceaser in the trailer and the end of the movie..In trailer his iris color was pure green but in the movie end it was changed to light orange. what hint they trying to reveal?

  19. I thought at the end of the movie when it zoomed into ceasers face he looked very Human?

  20. I kinda enjoyed this movie.

    First off, when I first went to see this I had only had 2 hours of sleep and the cinema projector was wonky, which really annoyed me, and I hated the film. Just today I watched the film again.

    I have to say, I don’t hate the film anymore. I think it’s a really great film, but I don’t think it was as good as some people make out. I still prefer rise, mostly because I think Rise had perfect pacing, and thats where Dawn fails for me. It had a very slow start, middle, and only picked up at the end.

    Also, this film is character driven. All the ape character’s where amazing and three-dimensional. But the human characters were stereotypes. A character-driven film, where half the characters are kinda awful. Not that good.

    I still think the film is good, just not a masterpiece like the first.

  21. can somebody give me the review about the dawn of the planet of the apes 2 please

    i really need it…..
    btw its my assignment and i really want to get good marks in this

  22. This movie was really good! I felt so bad for ceasar and it would have been fine, untill kuba started war and I couldn’t believe he killed his own apes when they wasn’t on his side!! I love the baby! So cute!!!LOL

  23. Well… They better make another movie and let the apes kill the soldiers from the north or make peace with them… And also, why didn’t Malcolm and his buddies inform the city so they would not prepare the weapons? And how the f*** is this a sequel to planet of the apes? The guy from the spaceship crashed next to the Lincoln monument and THAT is how it happened… No b******* with some guy parenting ceasar… Also in the previous movie, it was impossible to kill him… Now 1 bullet kills him.. LOGIC.. Good movie :3